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Noble Dutch 
death announcements 

September+October 2003
Maurits Baron van Randwyck
Born: Leusden, August 17, 1922
Died: September 4, 2003
Widower of Edith Emma Gertrud Wasilewski
Jonkheer Mr. David Johan Frédéric van der Does
(son of Jonkheer Mr. Hendrik John van der Does and Marianne Henriette Michèle van der Does née Neuhoff)
and Natascha Brantjes,
Rheden, September 6th 2003

Jonkvrouwe Florentine Anne Marieke van Buttingha Wichers,
born The Hague, September 8th 2003,
daughter of Jonkheer Nicolaas (Nic) Lucas Jan van Buttingha Wichers
(son of Jonkheer Petrus Adrianus van Buttingha Wichers and Wilhelmina Elisabeth Gustavine van Buttingha Wichers née Jonkvrouwe Baud)
and Marina van Buttingha Wichers née Renaud

Jonkheer Herman Joan Greven,
born The Hague, March 2nd 1931,
died Marbella (Spain), September 9th 2003,
(son of Jonkheer Ernestus Johannes Christiaan Greven
and Mary Wilhelmina Henriette Greven née Polvliet)

Jonkvrouwe Elisabeth Jacqueline Marie van Geen (aunt Paep),
born Den Helder, March 4th 1911,
died Amersfoort, September 11th  2003,
(daughter of Jonkheer Mathieu Lambert van Geen and Elisabeth Cornelie Cecile van Geen
nee Jonkvrouwe van den Bosch of the Counts Van den Bosch)

Jonkheer Drs. Cai John Philip von Mühlen,
(son of Jonkheer Johan Carel Ferdinand von Mühlen
and Annette Danielle von Mühlen née Dorhout Mees)
and Maria Virginia Pico,
Amsterdam, August 23rd 2003, Buenos Aires (Argentina), September 13th 2003

Hugo Johannes Antonius Peek,
born Breda, September 11th 2003,
son of Mr. J. Hans Peek
and Alexandra Saskia Peek née Jonkvrouwe van den Bosch
(daughter of Jonkheer Johan Louis Constant van den Bosch of the Counts van den Bosch
and Agnes Marie van den Bosch née van Dam),
brother of Willem and Carlijn

Berend C. Bosman
and Jonkvrouwe Drs. Clarine Odette van Karnebeek
(daughter of Jonkheer Mr. Herman Adriaan van Karnebeek  and Maria Paulina van Karnebeek née van Lede ,which
is Lady-in-Waiting of H.M. Queen Beatrix  of The Netherlands)
Sao Paolo (Brazil), September 13th 2003

Wytse Lourens Rempt,
born The Hague, September 15th 2003,
son of Mr. Jan Willem Eduard Rempt
(son of Herman Eduard Rempt and Elsje Rempt née Faling)
and Drs. Alexandra Rempt née Baroness Mackay
(daughter of Eric Joan Maurits Baron Mackay of the Barons Reay of Reay
and Susan Jane Baroness Mackay née McNeill),
brother of Ties and Annejet
Annekarien Lydia Madeleine Jonkvrouwe van Rappard,
born Naarden, September 16th 2003,
daughter of Diederik W. Chevalier van Rappard
and Natascha van Rappard née Lammers,
sister of Coen and Emilie

Mr. J.J. Kröner
and Jonkvrouwe Mr. L.A. van Rappard,
September 19th 2003

Maria (Marijke) Johanna Baroness van Asbeck née van der Gronden,
born Weltevreden, December 27th 1921,
died The Hague, September 19th 2003,
(daughter of Otto van der Gronden
and Christina Maria van der Gronden née Bonnerman),
married 1st (divorced)
Ir. Jan Louis Paul Bouman,
married 2nd London, May 31st 1951
Ir. Hendrik Baron van Asbeck,
(son of Herman Erwin Baron van Asbeck
and Cornelia Maria Baroness van Asbeck née de Beaufort),
he married 1st (divorced) Yvonne Adelaïde Labouchere
Arthur C. de Kanter
and Clarien (Claar) Boudewien Baroness van Ittersum
(daughter of Drs. Boudewijn Franciscus Baron van Ittersum
and Karin Regina Wilhelmina Baroness van Ittersum née van der Ven),
The Hague, September 20th 2003

Claudine Jeanne Henny née Jonkvrouwe van der Wyck,
born Soerabaja, June 20th 1923,
died Zeist, September 21st 2003,
(daughter of Jonkheer Mr. Constantijn Ignatius van der Wyck
and Sinemie Elisabeth Henriette Constance van der Wyck née Baroness van Ittersum),
married The Hague, June 30th 1944 (divorced February 20th 1962)
Max Henny,
(son of Mr. Gerrit Jan Henny
and Jeanette Pauline Nelly Johanna Henny née van Andel),
he remarried Leersum, September 9th 1966 Elisabeth Catharina Vis

Jonkvrouwe Sophia Therese Eugenie de Roy van Zuidewijn,
born Amsterdam, September 22nd 2003,
daughter of Jonkheer Barend Willem Joseph Marie de Roy van Zuidewijn
(son of Jonkheer Adam Jan Frans Jozef Maria de Roy van Zuidewijn
and Cecile Marie Josephine de Roy van Zuidewijn née Jonkvrouwe van de Poll)
and Susanne de Roy van Zuidewijn née Rive,
sister of Barend and Willem
W. Frederik van Welderen Baron Rengers
(son of Ir. Albert Joan Jacob van Welderen Baron Rengers
and Cornelia Francisca van Welderen Baroness Rengers née Jonkvrouwe Beelaerts van Blokland)
and Samantha M. Deane,
(daughter of Robin Deane
and Miranda Green, of Buenos Aires, Argentina),
September 22nd 2003
( Samantha Deane was witness for H.R.H. Princess Maxima of The Netherlands in the Church ceremony of her wedding with H.R.H. the Prince of Orange.)
Born :
Jonkvrouwe Zita Françoise Angelica Hooft Graafland,
born London, September 29th 2003,
daughter of Jonkheer Burchard Folef Hooft Graafland
(son of Jonkheer Willem Folef Hooft Graafland
and Emilie Sophia Hooft Graafland née Jonkvrouwe Elias)
and Anna Wilhelmina Theodora Hooft Graafland née Jonkvrouwe Schorer,
(daughter of Jonkheer Drs. David Meinard Schorer
and Françoise Theodora Cunegonda Schorer née Baroness Taets van Amerongen)

Constance Leopoldine Schneider née Jonkvrouwe van Suchtelen van de Haare,
born Rotterdam, May 27th 1923,
died Rotterdam, September 29th 2003,
(daughter of Jonkheer August Karel Jan van Suchtelen van de Haare
and Gerarda Dina van Suchtelen van de Haare née van der Heiden),
married Rotterdam, January 30th 1946
Pieter Grades Schneider,
born Rotterdam, February 1st 1910,
died Rotterdam, June 18th 1967,
(son of  Anton Johan Schneider and Maria Cornelia Schneider née Kleinschmidt)

Jonkheer Gijsbert (Gijs) Christiaan Six,
born Hilversum, September 30th 2003,
son of Jonkheer Simon Adriaan Six
(son of Jonkheer Mr. Jan Pieter Six
and Geertje Elizabeth Six née Huizenga)
and Margot Six née Draaijer,
sister of Leonoor

Félix Marin Colomb de Daunant,
born Arles, October 3rd 2003,
son of Marc-Antoine Colomb de Daunant
and Philippa Catherine Colomb de Daunant née Jonkvrouwe van Loon
(daughter of Prof. Jonkheer Mr. Maurits Nanning van Loon
and Ghislaine Jeanne Marie van Loon née de Vallois)
Her step-mother Mr. Martine Louise Amélie van Loon née Labouchere is Grand Mistress of H.M. Queen Beatrix.

Marguérite Marie Mathilde Octavie Ghislaine Baroness van Boetzelaer née Jonkvrouwe Bosch van Drakestein,
born Houten, May 6th 1915,
died Zwolle, October 2nd 2003,
(daughter of Jonkheer Johannes Ludovicus Paulus Bosch van Drakestein, lord of the manor of Nieuw-Amelisweerd
and Lucie Adèle Cornélie Bosch van Drakestein née Jonkvrouwe Serraris),
married Peking, January 21st 1947
Mr. Constant Wilhelm Baron van Boetzelaer, lord of the manor of Asperen,
orn  Batavia (Dutch Indies), June 22nd 1915,
died (unknown date),
(son of Dr. Carel Wessel Theodorus Baron van Boetzelaer, lord of the manor of Asperen,
and  Willemine Elisabeth Baroness van Boetzelaer née Thomassen á Thuessink van der Hoop van Slochteren)

Jonkheer Alexander Gilles van Buttingha Wichers,
born London, October 1st 2003,
son of Jonkheer Gerard van Buttingha Wichers
and Justine van Buttingha Wichers née Francis

Tex Jeppe Kleijngeld,
born Rotterdam, October 2nd 2003,
son of Alexander Kleijngeld
and Drs. Elisabeth Anna Maria Kleijngeld née Jonkvrouwe Beelaerts van Blokland,
(daughter of Jonkheer Drs. Pieter Adriaan Cornelis Beelaerts van Blokland
and Ulrica Catharina Baroness Bentinck)
brother of Quinten and Marit

Engaged? ( not confirmed by the grandducal court) :
H.R.H. Jean Félix Marie Guillaume Prince of Luxembourg, Prince de Bourbon de Parme, Prince of Nassau,
born Castle Betzdorf, May 15th 1957,
(son of H.R.H. Jean I Benoît Guillaume Robert Antoine Louis Marie Adolphe Marcus dAviano, Grandduke of Luxembourg 1964-2000, Duke of Nassau, Prince de Bourbon de Parme, etc.,and H.R.H. Joséphine Charlotte Ingeborg Elisabeth Maria Josepha Margarethe Astrid Princess of Belgium)
and Diane de Guerre,born 1962,
daughter of Claude Gaston de Guerre (himself a son of André de Guerre and Germaine la Rivière)
and Eugenie Maria Mechtildis Huberta Theodora Thaddaeus Countess Wolff Metternich,
(herself a daughter of Herman Joseph Ferdinand Aloysius Hubertus Maria Anna Count Wolff Metternich, Lord of the manor of Hillenraad, Swalmen, Asselt and Schackum, he was incorperated in the Dutch nobility with his descendants in 1925, and Amalie Mathilde Maria Aloysia Josepha Leopoldine Appolinaria Huberta Countess Wolff Metternich née Countess von Schall-Riaucour)
Jean married 1st  morganatically Paris May 27th 1987 (divorced ?)
Hélène Suzanne Vestur, styled Countess of Nassau,
born St. Germain-en-Laye, May 31rd 1958

Helena Clara de Ranitz née van der Garden,
born Leeuwarden, April 2nd 1915,
died Amsterdam, October 3rd 2003,
(daughter of Christiaan Gerardus van der Garden
and Clara van der Garden née de Boer),
married Amsterdam, November 24th 1944
Jonkheer Willem Arnold Eduard de Ranitz,
born Winsum, October 10th 1906,
died (unknown date),
(son of Jonkheer Mr. Cornelis de Ranitz
and Sara Magdalena Jacoba Catharina de Ranitz née van Os),
she was a partner of the late C.H.W. Suit

Jonkheer Ocker Govert Constantijn Repelaer van Driel,
born Amsterdam, October 9th 2003,
son of Jonkheer Ocker Repelaer van Driel
and Constance Repelaer van Driel née Delprat

Hugo James Schultze,
born Zeist, October 12th 2003,
son of Bas Schultze and Johanna Elisabeth Jacoba Schultze née Jonkvrouwe Reuchlin,
(her greatgrandfather Jonkheer Johan George Reuchlin died on board of  the Titanic),
brother of Otto and Pieter

Joost Egbert Jan Waller,
born Amsterdam, October 14th 2003,
son of Martijn Waller
and Mr. Quirine Albertine Waller née Jonkvrouwe Witsen Elias,
(daughter of Jonkheer Joost Jacob Witsen Elias
and Margreet Witsen Elias née de Leur)

Finn Christiaan Willigenburg,
born Soest, October 15th 2003,
son of Arthur Willigenburg,
and Jeanine Cornelie Willigenburg née Jonkvrouwe de Serière
(daughter of Jonkheer Mr. Alfred de Serière
and Femmy Francine de Serière née Snepvangers)

Married :
Jonkheer Marcus Frederick Loudon
(son of Jonkheer George Ernest Loudon
and Angela Mary Loudon née Goldsborough)
and Juliet Cordelia Diana Darell-Brown
(daughter of Anthony Darell-Brown
and the Hon. Christina Louise Darell-Brown née Vanneck of the Barons Huntingfield),
September 27th 2003

Jonkheer Octave Eugene Carel Marie Ignatius van Nispen tot Pannerden,
born Groesbeek, January 20th 1922,
died Ede, October 12th 2003,
(son of Jonkheer Otto Jan Marie van Nispen tot Pannerden
and Clara Eugenia Maria Ignatia van Nispen tot Pannerden née Baroness van Hövell tot Westerflier),
married Haarlemmermeer, April 21st 1961
Jonkvrouwe Walburgis Josephine Huberta Geertruida Anna Maria van Grotenhuis van Onstein, born Amsterdam, April 15th 1922,
(daughter of Jonkheer Titus Willem Marie van Grotenhuis van Onstein
and Walburgis Gertrudis Johanna van Grotenhuis van Onstein née Jonkvrouwe van Grotenhuis van Onstein)

Jonkheer Noud Hugo Marinus Hooft Graafland,
born Amsterdam, October 20th 2003,
son of Jonkheer Reinoud Roderick Hooft Graafland
(son of Jonkheer Cypriaan Gerard Carel Hooft Graafland
and Geertruida Romelia Hooft Graafland née de Kanter
and Judith Hooft Graafland née Kolvenbach, brother of Hanne

Jonkvrouwe Ariane Aylva van den Brandeler
(daughter of Jonkheer Mr. Martinus van den Brandeler
and Swana Helen Hope van den Brandeler née Baroness van Pallandt)
and Philippe E.A.G. Stille,
Amsterdam, October 25th 2003

Mr. Gerard Marius Leonard Kam,
born s-Gravenhage, April 18th 1919,
died s-Gravenhage, October 21st 2003,
(son of Gerard Marius Kam
and Sophina Lodewina Kam née Noordwijk),
married Leiden, September 28th 1946
Henriette Jacoba Kam née Jonkvrouwe van Eysinga,
born Leiden, March 7th 1920,
(daughter of Prof. Jonkheer Mr. Dr. Willem Jan Mari van Eysinga
and Coralie Leopoldine van Eysinga née Baroness van Hogendorp of the Counts van Hogendorp)

Louise Liberta Myriam van Dijck,
born Alberta (Canada), October 22nd 2003,
daughter of Luc van Dijck
and Caroline Wesselien Theodora van Dijck née Baroness van Boetzelaer,
(daughter of Lodewijk Carel Baron van Boetzelaer
and Ciska Baroness van Boetzelaer née Dudok van Heel)

Emmeline Margaretha Beekenkamp,
born London, October 22nd 2003,
daughter of Pancras Beekenkamp
and Mariska Beekenkamp née Jonkvrouwe Wladimiroff, sister of Juliana and Maximilian

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