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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corrections/additions are welcome

Descendants of
Alexander Afif, Prince de Gessaphe
(2 generations)

       Alexander Afif 
       Prince de Gessaphe 
       Born 24 December 1883 Beyrouth 
       Died 21 June 1971 Beyrouth 
       Married Maria Atthye 
       Born 8 February 1888 Bkassin 
       Died 23 January 1982 Paris 
                 Children, Generation I 

       Generation I

            2  Roberto Afif 
               Prince de Gessaphe 
               Born 30 November 1916 Mexico City 
               Died 13 December 1978 Mexico City 
               Married 1 May 1952 Paris 
               Princess Maria Anna Josepha of Saxony, daughter of Prince 
               Friedrich Christian of Saxony, Markgraf von Meissen and 
               Princess Elisabeth Helene von Thurn und Taxis 
               Born 13 December 1929 Bad Woerishofen 
                         Children, Generation II-1

            1  Selim Afif 
               Prince de Gessaphe 
               Born 25 May 1918  Puebla, Mexico
               Died 2 February 1976 Beirut, Lebanon (murdered)

             3  Alexandra Afif 
                Princess de Gessaphe
               Born 16 November 1919 Beirut, Lebanon 
               Died 25 June 1996 Hechingen 
               Married 15 August 1951 Rome 
               Prince Karl Anton von Hohenzollern, son of Prince Franz 
               Joseph von Hohenzollern-Emden and Princess Maria Alix of 
               Born 28 January 1922 Muenchen 
               Died 3 November 1993 Hechingen 

            4  Carmen Afif 
                Princess de Gessaphe
                Died 1942 in Lebanon
                Married NN Villedieu 

            5  Josephine Afif 
                Princess de Gessaphe
                Born 23 November 1922 in Mexico
                Died in Lebanon

            6  Marie Therese Afif 
                Princess de Gessaphe
               Born 11 November 1926 Puebla, Mexico 
               Married 12 July 1948 Paris 
               Rene Marie Olivier de Damas, son of Maxence, Baron de Damas 
               and Elisabeth des Courtils 
               Born 6 September 1922 Anlezy 
                         Children, Generation II-2 

            7  Yvette Afif 
                Princess de Gessaphe
                Born 30 April, 1929 Puebla, Mexico
                Married  22 June 1950 Sartrouville, France
                Edgard Jean Hubert Janin
                son of Francois Janin and Corinne Marie Annette Falanga
                Born 13 May 1924 Antioche, Syria
                Died 21 June 1979 Argenteuil, France
                         Children, Generation II-3 

       II-1 (I-2) 
            1  Prince Alexander of Saxony 
               Duke of Saxony 
               Born 12 February 1954 Muenchen 
               Married 28 September 1987 Andechs 
               Princess Gisela of Bavaria, daughter of Prince Rasso of 
               Bavaria and Archduchess Theresia of Austria, Princess of 
               Born 10 September 1964 Leutstetten 
                         Children, Generation III-1 

            2  Prince Friedrich Wilhelm von Sachsen-Gessaphe 
               Born 5 October 1955 Mexico City 

            3  Prince Charles August von Sachsen-Gessaphe 
               Born 1 January 1958 Mexico City 

       II-2 (I-6) 
            1  Carmen Marie Elisabeth de Damas 
               Born 3 August 1949 Therines, Oise 
               Married 21 September 1974 
               Elie de La Motte de La Motte-Rouge 

            2  Etienne Marie Yves Gabriel de Damas 
               Born 13 November 1950 Therines 

            3  Chantal Marie Catherine de Damas 
               Born 30 April 1952 Paris 
               Married 14 October 1977 Limassol, Cyprus 
               Francois Jean, Marquis d'Amat, son of Jean, Marquis d'Amat 
               and Marie Therese Dulac 

            4  Anne Marie Therese de Damas 
               Born 1 October 1954 Paris 

            5  Elisabeth de Damas 
               Born 16 June 1956 Paris 

       II-3 (I-7) 
            1  Yves Marie Francois Alexandre Janin
                Born 5 November 1951 Paris, France

            2  Hugues Marie Bernard Janin
                Born 1 April 1953 Beirut, Lebanon

            3  Francois Marie Hubert Janin
                Born 15 June 1956 Beirut, Lebanon

            4  Danielle Marie Carmen Janin
                Born 1 November 1958, Beirut, Lebanon

      III-1 (II-1-1) 
            1  Prince Georg Philipp Antonius of Saxony 
               Duke of Saxony 
               Born 24 May 1988 Mexico 

            2  Prince Mauricio Gabriel Roberto of Saxony 
               Duke of Saxony 
               Born 14 September 1989 Mexico 

            3  Prince Paul Clemens Bernhard of Saxony 
               Duke of Saxony 
               Born 23 March 1993 Mexico 

            4  Princess Teresita of Saxony 
               Duchess of Saxony 
               Born 7 July 1999 Dresden 


            Many thanks for the assistance of Hugues Janin                                           
           The Royal House of Stuart                                                                
           London, 1969,1971,1976, 3 volumes.                                                       
                                    by A. C. Addington                                              
           Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels                                                        
           Fuerstliche Haeuser                                                                      
           La Maison de Damas, 1977.                                                                
                                     by Hubert Lamant,                                              
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           Immatrikulierten Adels                                                                   
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           La Descendance de Marie-Therese                                                          
           de Habsburg, Reine de Hongrie                                                            
           Paris, 1996.                                                                             
                                     by Nicolas Enache

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