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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corrections/additions are welcome

Descendants of
Alfonso V *The Magnanimous*
(2 generations)

       Alfonso V "the Magnanimous"                                                              
       King of Aragon 1416-1458 and Naples                                                      
       Born circa 1394                                                                          
       Died 27 June 1458                                                                        
       Married 12 June 1415 Valencia                                                            
       Maria of Castile, daughter of Enrique III "the Infirm",                                  
       King of Castile and Leon 1390-1406 and Catherine of                                      
       Born 14 November 1401 Segovia                                                            
       Died 4 September 1458 Valencia                                                           
       Child by (a) Margarita de Hijar, daughter of Juan Fern ndez                              
       de Hijar, 1.Duque de Hijar, 1.Duque de Aliaga and Catalina                               
       de Beaumont                                                                              
       Children by (b) Giraldona Carlino                                                        
                 Children, Generation I                                                         
       Generation I                                                                       
        (a) 1  Ferrante I of Aragon                                                             
               King of Naples 1458-1494                                                                 
               Born 1423                                                                                
               Died 25 January 1494                                                                     
               Married (1) 1444                                                                         
               Isabella di Chiaramonte, daughter of Tristan di                                          
               Chiaramonte, Conte di Copertino and Caterina Orsini del                                  
               Died 1465                                                                                
               Married (2) 5 October 1476                                                               
               Juana of Aragon, daughter of Juan II, King of Aragon                                     
               1458-1479 and Navarre 1441-1479 and Juana Enriquez                                       
               Died 9 January 1517                                                                      
               Children by (a) Diana Guardato                                                           
               Child by (b) Eulalia Ravignano                                                           
               Children by (c) Giovanna Caracciolo                                                      
                         Children, Generation II-1                                                      
        (b) 2  Maria d'Aragona                                                                  
               Died 9 December 1449                                                                     
               Married 20 May 1444                                                                      
               Leonello d'Este, Markgrave of Modena, son of Niccolo III                                 
               d'Este, Markgrave of Modena and Stella dell 'Assassino                                   
               Born 21 September 1407                                                                   
               Died 1 October 1450                                                                      
            3  Eleonora d'Aragona                                                               
               Married May 1444                                                                         
               Mariano Marzano, 1.Principe di Rossano, 3.Duca de Sessa,                                 
               son of Giovanni Antonio Marzano, 2.Duca de Sessa and                                     
               Cobella Ruffo, Duchessa di Sessa, Signora di Montalto                                    
               Died 1494 Ischia (murdered)                                                              
                         Children, Generation II-2                                                      
       II-1 (I-1)                                                                         
        (c) 1  Arrigo d'Aragona                                                                 
               Marchese di Gerace                                                                       
               Died 11 May 1478                                                                         
            2  Cesare d'Aragona                                                                 
               Marchese de St.Agathe                                                                    
               Died 1501                                                                                
            3  Leonor d'Aragona                                                                 
        (a) 4  Giovanna d'Aragona                                                               
               Married 1472                                                                             
               Leonardo della Rovere, 1.Duca di Sora, son of Raffaele                                   
               della Rovere and Teodora Marinola                                                        
               Died 1475                                                                                
        (c) 5  Lucrezia d'Aragona                                                               
               Married November 1493                                                                    
               Onorato III Caetani, Duca di Traetto, Conte di Fondi, son                                
               of Pietro-Bernardino Caetani and Constanza Orsini                                        
               Died August 1528                                                                         
            6  Ferrante d'Aragona                                                               
               Conte di Arsena                                                                          
        (a) 7  Ferdinando d'Aragona                                                             
               1.Duca di Montalto, Grandee of Spain                                                     
               mentioned 1535                                                                           
               Married (1) Anna Sanseverino, daughter of Bernardino                                     
               Sanseverino, 3.Principe di Bisignano and Eleonora                                        
               Married (2) Castellana de Cardona, daughter of Ramon de                                  
               Cardona, 1.Duca di Somma and Isabel de Requesens, Condesa                                
               de Palamos                                                                               
            8  Maria d'Aragona                                                                  
               Born 1440                                                                                
               Died 1460 / 1461                                                                         
               Married 1458                                                                             
               Antonio Todeschini-Piccolomini, 1.Duca di Amalfi, Marques                                
               de Capistrano, son of Nunio Todeschini and Laudemia                                      
               Died circa 1493                                                                          
        (1) 9  Alfonso II of Arag¢n                                                             
               King of Naples 1494-1495                                                                 
               Born 1448                                                                                
               Died 19 November 1495                                                                    
               Married 10 October 1465                                                                  
               Ippolita Maria Sforza, daughter of Francesco I Alessandro                                
               Sforza, Duke of Milan, Count of Pavia and Blanche Maria                                  
               Born 18 April 1446                                                                       
               Died 20 August 1484 (or 1488)                                                            
               Child by (a) Truzia Gazella                                                              
            10 Eleonore of Arag¢n                                                               
               Born 22 June 1450                                                                        
               Died 11 October 1493                                                                     
               Buried Corpus Domini, Ferrara                                                            
               Married 3 July 1473 Ferrara                                                              
               Ercole I d'Este, Duke of Modena, Ferrara and Reggio, son of                              
               Niccolo III d'Este, Markgrave of Modena and Ricciarda di                                 
               Born 26 October 1431                                                                     
               Died 15 June 1505                                                                        
               Buried S.Maria degli Angeli, Ferrara                                                     
            11 Federigo IV of Aragon                                                            
               King of Naples 1496-1501                                                                 
               Born 19 April 1452                                                                       
               Died 9 November 1504 Plessis-les-Tour                                                    
               Married (1) 11 September 1478                                                            
               Anne de Savoie, daughter of Amadeo IX, Duke of Savoie                                    
               1465-1472 and Yolande de Valois, Princess of France                                      
               Died February 1480                                                                       
               Married (2) 28 November 1486 Andria                                                      
               Isabella del Balzo, daughter of Pietro del Balzo, 4.Duca                                 
               d'Andria, 1.Principe di Altamura and Maria Donata Orsini                                 
               del Balzo                                                                                
               Died 1537 ?                                                                              
            12 Giovanni de Arag¢n                                                               
               Cardinal, Archbishop of Tarente                                                          
               Born 25 June 1456                                                                        
               Died 17 October 1485                                                                     
            13 Beatrice of Aragon                                                               
               Born 1457                                                                                
               Died 23 September 1508 Ischia                                                            
               Married (2) 4 October 1490 Div.1500                                                      
               Wladislaw Jagiello, King of Hungary 1490-1516 and Bohemia                                
               1471-1516, son of Kazimierz IV Jagiello, King of Poland                                  
               1445-1492, Grand Duke of Lithuania and Elisabeth of Austria                              
               Born 1 March 1456 Krakow                                                                 
               Died 13 March 1516 Buda                                                                  
            14 Francesco de Arag¢n                                                              
               Duke of Mont Saint Angelo                                                                
               Born 16 December 1461                                                                    
               Died 26 October 1486                                                                     
        (b) 15 Maria d'Aragona                                                                  
               Born 1473                                                                                
               Died 1513                                                                                
               Married 10 November 1487                                                                 
               Gian Giordano Orsini                                                                     
        (2) 16 Giovanna of Arag¢n                                                               
               Born circa 1478                                                                          
               Died 27 August 1518                                                                      
               Married 1496                                                                             
               Ferrante II of Aragon, King of Naples 1495-1496, son of                                  
               Alfonso II of Aragon, King of Naples 1494-1495 and Ippolita                              
               Maria Sforza                                                                             
               Born 26 July 1469                                                                        
               Died 7 October 1496                                                                      
            17 Carlo de Aragon                                                                  
               Born circa 1480                                                                          
               Died 26 October 1486                                                                     
       II-2 (I-3)                                                                         
            1  Luisa Marzano d'Aragona                                                          
               Married before 16 September 1476                                                         
               Bernardin Frangepan, Count Frangepan in Modrus, son of                                   
               Istvan Frangepan, Count de Veglia and Isotta d'Este                                      
               Died after 3 November 1527                                                               
            2  Giovanni Battista Marzano d'Aragona                                              
               4.Duca de Sessa, 2.Duca de Squilache                                                     
               Died 1508                                                                                
               Married Constanzia d'Avalos, Principessa di Francovilla                                  
            3  Francesca Marzano d'Aragona                                                      
               Died after 5 October 1493                                                                
               Married 1477                                                                             
               Leonardo III di Tocco, Duca di Leucade, Conte di Zante                                   
               Cephalonia, son of Carlo II di Tocco, Conte di Zante and                                 
               Ramondina di Ventimiglia                                                                 
               Died before  August 1503 Rome                                                            
            4  Caterina Marzano d'Aragona                                                       
               Married 1479                                                                             
               Antonio Basso della Rovere                                                               
            5  Camilla Marzano d'Aragona                                                        
               Regent of Pesaro                                                                         
               Died in Germany                                                                          
               Married 1475                                                                             
               Costanzo Sforza d'Aragona, Signore di Pesaro                                             
               Died 19 July 1483                                                                        
            6  Maria Marzano d'Aragona                                                          
               Married 1461                                                                             
               Antonio Todeschini-Piccolomini, 1.Duca di Amalfi, Marques                                
               de Capistrano, son of Nunio Todeschini and Laudemia                                      
               Died circa 1493   

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