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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
(corrections/additions are welcome)
The Descendants of Charles II
King of England, Scotland and Ireland
(1 generation)

      Charles II
       King of England, Scotland and Ireland 1660-1685
       Born 29 May 1630 St.James's, London
       Died 6 February 1685 Palace of Whitehall
       Buried Westminster Abbey
       Married 21 May 1662 Portsmouth
       Princess Catherine de Braganca, Infanta of Portugal,
       daughter of Joao IV, King of Portugal 1640-1656 and Dona
       Luisa de Guzman, Regent of Portugal 1650-1662
       Born 25 November 1638 Villa Vicosa
       Died 30 November 1705 Palace of Bemposta, Lisbon
       Buried Santa Maria de Belem
       Affaire with (a) Marguerite Carteret, daughter of Sir
       George Carteret
       Born circa 1626
       Child by (b) Lucy Walter, daughter of William Walter, of
       Roch Castle and NN
       Born circa 1630
       Died 1658 Paris
       Child by (c) Elizabeth Killegrew
       baptised 16 May 1622 St.Margaret's, Lothbury
       Buried 4 January 1681 Westminster Abbey
       Affaire with (d) Eleanor Needham
       Died 26 January 1664 Chester
       Affaire with (e) Elisabeth Angelique de Montmorency,
       Baronne de Meilou, daughter of Francois de Montmorency,
       Seigneur de Bouteville, Comte de Luxe and Elisabeth
       Angelique de Vienne
       Born March 1627 Paris
       Died 24 January 1695 Paris
       Child by (f) Catherine Peg
       Children by (g) Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland,
       daughter of William Villiers, 2nd Viscount Grandison and
       The Hon. Mary Bayning
       Born circa 1641
       Died 9 October 1709 Chiswick, Midx.
       Buried Chiswick
       Children by (h) Eleanor Gwyn, daughter of Thomas Gwyn and
       Born February 1650
       Died 14 November 1687 London, 79 Pall Mall, Midx.
       Buried St.Martin's-in-The-Fields
       Child by (i) Louise de Penancoet de Kerouaille, Duchess of
       Portsmouth, Duchesse d'Aubigny, daughter of Guillaume de
       Penancoet, Sieur de Kerouaille and Marie de Ploeuc de
       Born September 1649 Kerouaille
       Died 14 November 1734 Paris
       Child by (j) Moll Davis
       Affaire with (k) Hortense Mancini, daughter of Michaele
       Lorenzo Mancini and Girolama Mazzarini
       Born 6 June 1646 Rome
       Died 16 July 1699 Chelsea, England
       Affaire with (l) Mrs. Margaret Hughes
       Affaire with (m) Jane Roberts
       Affaire with (n) Mary Knight
       Affaire with (o) Winifred Wells
                 Children, Generation I  
       Generation I 
        (b) 1  James Scott
               Duke of Monmouth
               Born 9 March 1649 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
               Died 15 July 1685 Tower Hill (beheaded)
               Married 20 April 1663 London
               Anne Scott, Countess & Duchess of Buccleuch, daughter of
               Francis Scott, 2nd Earl of Buccleuch and Lady Margaret Leslie
               Born 11 February 1651
               Died 6 February 1732 Dalkeith Castle
               Buried Dalkeith
               Children by (a) Eleanor Needham, daughter of Sir Robert
               Affaire with (b) Henrietta Maria Wentworth, Baroness
               Wentworth, daughter of Thomas Wentworth, Lord Wentworth and
               Philadelphia Carey
               Born 11 August 1660 London
               Died 23 April 1686
        (c) 2  Charlotte Jemima Henrietta Boyle
               Born circa 1650
               Died 28 July 1685 London, Pall Mall
               Buried Westminster Abbey
               Married (1) James Howard, son of Hon. Thomas Howard and
               Werburge van den Kerkchoven
               Died 1669
               Buried 6 July 1669 Chiswick
               Married (2) 17 July 1672
               William Paston, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth, son of Robert Paston,
               1st Earl of Yarmouth and Rebecca Clayton
               Born circa 1653
               Died 25 July 1732
        (f) 3  Charles FitzCharles
               Earl of Plymouth
               Born circa 1657
               Died 17 October 1680 Tangiers
               Married 19 September 1678 Wimbledon
               Lady Bridget Osborne, daughter of Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke
               of Leeds and Lady Bridget Bertie
               Died 9 May 1718
               Buried Hereford Cathedral
        (g) 4  Lady Anne Palmer-Fitzroy
               Born 25 November 1661
               Died 16 May 1722
               Buried Linsted, Kent
               Married 16 May 1674 Hampton Court
               Thomas Lennard, 1st Earl of Sussex, 15th Baron Dacre, son
               of Francis Lennard, 14th Lord Dacre and Hon. Elizabeth
               Bayning, Countess of Sheppey
               Born 13 May 1654
               Died 30 October 1715 Chevening
               Buried Chevening
               Affaire with Ralph Montagu, 1st Duke of Montagu, son of
               Edward Montagu, 2nd Lord Montagu, of Boughton and Anne
               baptised 24 December 1638 London, St.Barth.-the-Less
               Died 9 March 1709 Bloomsbury, Montagu House
               Buried Warkton, co Northampton
            5  Charles Fitzroy
               Duke of Southampton, Duke of Cleveland
               baptised 18 June 1662 London
               Died 9 September 1730 London
               Married (1) 1671
               Mary Wood, daughter of Sir Henry Wood, Baronet and Mary
               Born 1663
               Died 15 November 1680
               Married (2) 1694
               Anne Pulteney, daughter of Sir William Pulteney and Grace
               Born 25 November 1663
               Died 28 February 1745 / 1746
            6  Henry Fitzroy
               1st Duke of Grafton
               Born September 1663
               Died 9 October 1690 nr Cork, Ireland (in battle)
               Married 1 August 1672 Goring House
               Lady Isabella Bennet, 2nd Countess of Arlington, daughter
               of Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington, Viscount Thetford
               and Elisabeth van Nassau
               Born circa 1667
               Died 7 February 1722 Euston
               Buried 15 February 1722 Euston
               Child by (a) NN
            7  Lady Charlotte Fitzroy
               Born 5 September 1664
               Died 17 February 1718 London
               Buried Spelsbury
               Married 6 February 1677
               Edward Henry Lee, 1st Earl of Lichfield, 5th Baronet, son
               of Sir Francis Henry Lee, of Quarrendon, 4th Baronet and
               Lady Elizabeth Pope
               Born 4 February 1663
               Died 14 July 1716 Greenwich
               Buried Spelsbury
            8  George Fitzroy
               Duke of Northumberland
               Born 28 December 1665 Oxford
               Died 28 June 1716 Epsom
               Married (1) before 15 March 1686
               Catherine Wheatley
               Married (2) circa 10 March 1715
               Mary Dutton, daughter of Henry Dutton
               Died 27 August 1738 Frogmore, nr Windsor
               Buried 11 September 1738 Westminster Abbey
        (h) 9  Charles Beauclerk
               1st Duke of St.Albans
               Born 8 May 1670 Lincoln's Inn Fields
               Died 10 May 1726 Bath
               Married 17 April 1694
               Lady Diana de Vere, daughter of Aubrey de Vere, 20th Earl
               of Oxford and Diana Kirke
               Died 15 January 1742
               Buried Windsor, St.George's Chapel
            10 Lord James Beauclerk
               Born 25 December 1671
               Died September 1680 Paris
        (i) 11 Charles Lennox
               1st Duke of Richmond
               Born 29 July 1672 London
               Died 27 May 1723 Goodwood, Sussex
               Married circa 8 January 1693
               Anne Brudenell, daughter of Francis Brudenell, Lord
               Brudenell and Lady Frances Savile
               Born circa 1672
               Died 9 December 1722 Whitehall
               Buried Deene, Northants.
        (j) 12 Mary Tudor
               Born 16 October 1673
               Died 5 November 1726 Paris
               Married (1) 18 August 1687
               Edward Radclyffe, 2nd Earl of Derwentwater
               Born 9 December 1655
               Died 29 April 1705 London
               Married (2) 23 May 1705 Knightbridge Chapel
               Henry Graham, of Levens
               Married (3) 26 August 1707 Twickenham
               James Rooke

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