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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
(corrections/additions are welcome)
The Descendants of
Adele/Ermensinde de Namur
(3 generations)

       Adele/Ermensinde de Namur
       Died July 1168
       Married circa 1130
       Baudouin IV, Count of Hainault 1120-1171, son of Baudouin
       III, Count of Hainault 1098-1120 and Yolande van Wassenberg
       Born circa 1110
       Died 8 November 1171
                 Children, Generation I

       Generation I
            1  Laurence de Hainault
               Died 9 June 1181
               Married (1) Thierry van Aalst, Heer van Aalst, Dronghen &
               Deynze, son of Iwan, Count van Aalst and Lauretta of
               Born 1144
               Died 20 April 1166
               Married (2) January 1173
               Baron Bouchard IV de Montmorency, son of Baron Matthieu I
               de Montmorency, Connetable de France and Alice bastard of
               Died 1189 in France
               Buried Abbeye du Val
                         Children, Generation II-1   
            2  Agnes de Hainault
               Died before 1174
               Married before 1168
               Raoul de Coucy, Sire de Coucy et Marle, son of Enguerrand
               II de Coucy, Sire de Coucy et Marle and Agnes de Beaugency
               Born 1134
               Died November 1191 Acre (in battle)
               Buried Foisny
                         Children, Generation II-2 
            3  Jolande de Hainault
               Married (1) 1151 / 1152
               Ives II de Nesle, Count de Soissons, son of Radulf,
               Seigneur de Nesle and Rainurde
               Died August 1178
               Married (2) circa 1179
               Hugues IV, Count de St.Pol, son of Anselme, Count de St.Pol
               and Eustache de Champagne
               Died 1205
                         Children, Generation II-3 
            4  Baudouin V-VIII
               Count of Flanders & Hainault
               Born circa 1150
               Died circa 17 December 1195
               Married April 1169
               Margarethe of Flanders, daughter of Thierry d'Alsace, Count
               of Flanders 1128-1168 and Sibylla d'Anjou
               Died 15 November 1194
                         Children, Generation II-4
       II-1 (I-1)
        (2) 1  Baron Matthieu II de Montmorency
               Connetable de France
               Died 1230
               Married (1) Gertrude de Soissons, daughter of Raoul de
               Nesle, Count de Soissons, Ch�telain de Noyon and Alix
               (Adelheid) de Dreux, Dame de Montjay
               Married (2) Emme de Laval, daughter of Guy VI, Sire de
               Laval and Avoise de Craon, Dame de Craon et de Chatelais
               Died 1265
                         Children, Generation III-1 
            2  Thibaut de Montmorency
               mentioned 1220
            3  Alix de Montmorency
               Died 24 February 1221
               Married circa 1190
               Simon V de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester, Duke of
               Narbonne, son of Simon IV de Montfort, Count de Montfort et
               de Rochefort and Amicie de Beaumont
               Died 25 June 1218 Toulouse (in battle)
                         Children, Generation III-2
            4  Jeanne de Montmorency
               mentioned 1220
            5  Eve de Montmorency
       II-2 (I-2)
            1  Yolande de Coucy
               Died 18 March 1222
               Buried Abbey of St.Ived de Braine
               Married 1184
               Robert II, Comte de Dreux, son of Robert I, Comte de Dreux,
               du Perche, de Braine-sur-Vesle and Agnes de Baudement, Dame
               de Braine, de Fere-en-Tardenois, de Nesle,
               Born circa 1154
               Died 28 December 1218
               Buried Abbey of St.Ived de Braine
                         Children, Generation III-3 
            2  Ade de Coucy
               mentioned 1166
               Married Diederik III, Heer van Beveren, son of Diederik II,
               Heer van Beveren and NN
               Died after 1194
                         Children, Generation III-4
            3  Isabeau de Coucy
               Married (1) Raoul, Comte de Roucy
               Married (2) Henri III, Comte de Grandpre, son of Henri II,
               Comte de Grandpre and Liutgard von Luxemburg
               Died 1211
                         Children, Generation III-5  
       II-3 (I-3)
        (2) 1  Elisabeth
               Comtesse de St.Pol
               Died 1240
               Married (1) 1197
               Gaucher III de Chatillon, Comte de St.Pol, son of Gui II de
               Chatillon, Seigneur de Chatillon-sur-Marne and Alix
               (Adelheid) de Dreux, Dame de Montjay
               Died 1219 (in battle)
               Married (2) 1231
               Jean de Bethune, son of Guillaume II, Seigneur de Bethune
               and Mathilde de Dendermonde
               Died before 1240
                         Children, Generation III-6  
       II-4 (I-4)
            1  Isabelle of Flanders
               Countess of Artois
               Born April 1170 Valenciennes
               Died 15 March 1190 Paris
               Married 28 April 1180 Bapaume
               Philippe II August, King of France 1180-1223, son of Louis
               VII, King of France 1137-1180 and Alix de Blois-Champagne
               Born 22 August 1165 Gonesse
               Died 14 July 1223 Mantes
                         Children, Generation III-7
            2  Baudouin VI-IX
               Count of Flanders, Emperor of Constantinople
               Born July 1171
               Died 11 July 1205
               Married 6 January 1186
               Marie de Champagne, daughter of Henri I, Comte de Champagne
               1152-1181 and Marie de France
               Born 1174
               Died 9 August 1204
                         Children, Generation III-8
            3  Philippe
               Comte de Namur
               Born March 1174
               Died 12 October 1212
               Married 1 August 1206 (or 1210)
               Marie de France, daughter of Philippe II August, King of
               France 1180-1223 and Agnes de Meran
               Born 1198
               Died 15 August 1224
               Buried Affligem
            4  Yolande of Flanders
               Died August 1219
               Married June 1193
               Pierre II de Courtenay, Emperor of Constantinople, son of
               Pierre I de France, Sire de Courtenay and Elisabeth de
               Born circa 1155
               Died before  January 1218
                         Children, Generation III-9   
            5  Henri of Flanders
               Emperor of Constantinopel 1206-1216
               Died 11 July 1216
               Married (1) February 1207
               Agnes de Monferrato, daughter of Boniface I, Marchese de
               Monferrato and Elena di Busca
               Died 1208
            6  Sibylle of Flanders
               Married 1196 / 1198
               Guichard IV 'le Grand', Sire de Beaujeu, son of Humbert IV,
               Sire de Beaujeu and Agnes de Thiern, Dame de Montpensier
               Died 27 September 1216
                         Children, Generation III-10
      III-1 (II-1-1)
        (2) 1  Havoise de Montmorency
               Married Jacques de Chateaugonthier
            2  Guy VII
               Sire de Laval
               Died 1267
               Married (1) 1219
               Philippe de Vitre, Dame de Vitre, daughter of Andre III de
               Vitre, Sire de Vitre and Catherine de Thouars
               Died 16 September 1254
               Married (2) before  October 1257
               Thomasse de Pouance, Dame de Mareuil, daughter of Geoffroy
               de Pouance, Sire de La Guerche
        (1) 3  Baron Bouchard VI de Montmorency
               Died 1 February 1243
               Married Isabeau de Laval, daughter of Guy VI, Sire de Laval
               and Avoise de Craon, Dame de Craon et de Chatelais
               Died 1244
        (2) 4  Jeanne de Montmorency
               mentioned 1265
            5  (Alix ?) de Montmorency
               mentioned 1247 and 1268
               Married Roger de Rozoy, Sire de Rozoy, son of Roger de
              Rozoy, Seigneur de Rozoy and Alix d'Avesnes
               Died 8 February 1250 Mansurah (in battle)
      III-2 (II-1-3)
            1  Amaury VII de Montfort
               Duke of Narbonne, Count de Toulouse
               Died 1241 Otranto
               Married 1214 / 1222 Carcassonne
               Beatrix de Viennois, daughter of Guigues VI, Dauphin de
               Viennois and Beatrix de Sabran
               Born circa 1205
               Died after 18 September 1248

            2  Guy de Montfort
               Died July 1220 nr Castelnaudary (in battle)
               Married 6 November 1216 Tarbes
               Petronille de Comminges, Comtesse de Bigorre, Vicomtesse de
               Marsan, daughter of Bernard IV, Comte de Comminges, Sire de
               Muret et de Samatan and Stephanie dite Beatrix , Comtesse
               de Bigorre, Vicomtesse de Marsan
               Died after 3 November 1251 (Date will)
            3  Simon VI de Montfort
               6th Earl of Leicester
               Born 1208 / 1209
               Died 4 August 1265 Evesham (in battle)
               Married 7 January 1238 Westminster
               Eleanor of England, daughter of John, King of England
               1199-1216 and Isabella d'Angouleme
               Born 1215
               Died 13 April 1275 Montargis, France
            4  Robert de Montfort
               mentioned 1218 and 1226
            5  Perronelle de Montfort
               Died before 1237 St.Antoine-des-Champs nr Paris
            6  Amicie de Montfort
               Died 20 February 1253
               Married before  May 1226
               Gaucher de Joigny, Seigneur de Chateaurenard, son of
               Renard, Comte de Joigny and Adele de Nevers
               Died before  November 1237
            7  Laure de Montfort
               Died before 1227
               Married Gerard II de Picquigny, Vidame d'Amiens, son of
               Enguerrand de Picquigny, Vidame d'Amiens and Marguerite de
               Died circa 1248
      III-3 (II-2-1)
            1  Pierre I
               Duc de Bretagne 1213-1250
               Died 22 June 1250
               Married (1) 1213
               Alix de Thouars, Duchesse de Bretagne, daughter of Guy de
               Thouars, Duc de Bretagne and Constance , Duchesse de
               Born 1201
               Died 21 November 1221
               Married (2) before  January 1235
               Marguerite de Montagu, daughter of Brient de Montagu
            2  Philippe de Dreux
               Dame de Torcy en Brie, de Quincy
               Died 17 March 1242
               Married 12 November 1218 *
               Henri II, Comte de Bar, son of Thibaud I, Comte de Bar et
               Luxembourg and Ermesinde de Bar
               Born 1190
               Died 13 November 1239 nr Gaza, Palestine
            3  Alix de Dreux
               Dame de Traves, de Scey-sur-Saone et de Frotey
               Died after 1258
               Married (1) circa 1200
               Gaucher IV de Vienne, Sire de Salins et de Bracon, son of
               Gerard I, Comte de Macon et de Vienne and Guyonne de
               Married (2) circa  November 1221
               Renard II de Choiseul, Sire de Faucogney et de Choiseul,
               son of Foulques II, Sire de Choiseul and Mahaud-Alix de
               Died 1239
            4  Yolande de Dreux
               Died 1239
               Married Raoul de Lusignan, Comte d'Eu, son of Raoul de
               Lusignan dit d'Issoudun, Comte d'Eu, seigneur de Melle et
               Chize and Alice/Aaliz , Comtesse d'Eu, Lady of Hastings
               Died circa 1 September 1246
               Buried Abbey of Foucarmont
            5  Robert III
               Comte de Dreux
               Born circa 1185
               Died 3 March 1234
               Buried Saint Ived de Braine
               Married 1210 / 1211
               Aenor de St.Valery, daughter of Thomas de St.Valery and
               Adele de Ponthieu
               Born circa 1192
               Died after 15 November 1250
      III-4 (II-2-2)
            1  Diederik IV
               Heer van Beveren
               mentioned 1210
               Married Beatrix van Dixmuiden
      III-5 (II-2-3)
        (2) 1  Henri IV
               Comte de Grandpre
               Died 1229
               Married before  April 1217
               Marie de Garlande, daughter of Guillaume IV de Garlande,
               Sire de Livry and Adele de Chatillon
               Died after 1259
      III-6 (II-3-1)
        (1) 1  Hugues de Chatillon
               Comte de St.Pol
               Died 9 April 1248
               Married (1) Agnes de Bar, daughter of Thibaud I, Comte de
               Bar et Luxembourg and Ermesinde de Bar
               Married (2) April 1226
               Marie d'Avesnes, Comtesse de Blois, daughter of Gautier II
               d'Avesnes, Seigneur d'Avesnes, Guise, Conde and Marguerite
               de Blois
               Died 1241
               Married (3) Mahaut de Guines, daughter of Arnould II, Comte
               de Guines, Chatelain de Bourbourg and Beatrix de Bourbourg,
               Chatelaine de Bourbourg
               Died 1262
            2  Guy I de Chatillon
               Comte de St.Pol
               Died August 1226 (in battle)
               Married 1221
               Agnes de Donzy, Dame de Donzy, daughter of Herve IV de
               Donzy, Sire de Donzy and Mahaut de Courtenay, Comtesse de
               Died 1225
            3  Eustache de Chatillon-St.Pol
               mentioned 1215
               Married (2) Robert II de Wavrin, knight, Seneschall de
               Flandre, son of Hellin II de Wavrin, Seneschall de Flandre
               and Felicie de Montmirail, Dame de La Ferte-Gaucher
      III-7 (II-4-1)
            1  Louis VIII
               King of France 1223-1226
               Born 5 September 1187 Paris
               Died 8 November 1226 Montpensier
               Married 23 May 1200 Pont-Audemer, Normandy
               Blanche of Castile, Regent of France 1226-1236, daughter of
               Alfonso VIII, King of Castile 1158-1214 and Eleanor of
               Born before 4 March 1188 Palencia
               Died 27 November 1252 Paris
            2  NN de France
               Born 14 March 1190
               Died 18 March 1190
            3  NN de France
               Born 14 March 1190
               Died 18 March 1190
      III-8 (II-4-2)
            1  Johanna
               Countess of Flanders, Hainault and Namur
               Born 1188
               Died 5 December 1244
               Married (1) 1212
               Ferrante of Portugal, son of Sancho I "the City builder",
               King of Portugal 1185-1212 and Dulcia of Barcelona
               Born 24 March 1188
               Died 27 July 1233
               Married (2) October 1237
               Tommaso II de Savoie, son of Thomas I, Count of Savoie
               1189-1233 and B�atrice de Geneve
               Born 1199
               Died 1 February 1259
            2  Margarethe
               Countess of Flanders and Hainault 1244-1280
               Born circa 1202
               Died 10 February 1280
               Married (1) 23 July 1212 (Divorced 1221)
               Bouchard d'Avesnes, son of Jacques d'Avesnes, Seigneur
               d'Avesnes, Cond� et de Leuze and Ameline de Guise
               Born after 1180
               Died 7 September 1244 Estroeungt
               Buried Clairefontaine
               Married (2) 1223
               Guillaume de Dampierre, son of Guy II de Dampierre,
               Seigneur de Bourbon, de Montlucon and Mahaut I , Dame de
               Died 3 September 1231
      III-9 (II-4-4)
            1  Yolande de Courtenay
               Died 1233
               Married 1215
               Andras II, King of Hungary 1205-1235, son of Bela III, King
               of Hungary 1173-1196 and Agnes de Ch�tillon
               Born 1176
               Died 26 October 1235
            2  Agnes de Courtenay
               Died after 1247
               Married 1217
               Geoffrey II de Villehardouin
               Died 1245
            3  Eleonore de Courtenay
               Died before 1230
               Married Philippe I de Montfort, Seigneur de Castres, son of
               Guy de Montfort, Seigneur de La Fert�-Alais and Helvis
               Died 17 March 1270 (murdered)
            4  Henri de Courtenay
               Comte de Namur
               Died 1229
            5  Robert I de Courtenay
               Emperor of Constantinopel
               Died 1228
            6  Marguerite de Courtenay
               Died 17 July 1270
               Married (2) before 1217
               Heinrich I, Count von Vianden, son of Friedrich III, Count
               von Vianden and Mechtild von der Neuerburg
               Died circa 19 November 1253
            7  Constance de Courtenay
               mentioned 1210
            8  Philippe II de Courtenay
               Comte de Namur
               Died 1226
            9  Pierre de Courtenay
               mentioned 1210
            10 Sybille de Courtenay
               Born 1197
               Died 1210
            11 Elisabeth de Courtenay
               Born circa 1199
               Died after 1269
               Married (1) Gaucher de Bar-sur-Seine
               Died 1219
               Married (2) 1220
               Eudes I de Montagu, Seigneur de Montagu, de Chagny, de
               Gergy, son of Alexandre de Bourgogne, Seigneur de Montagu
               and B�atrix de Rion, Dame de Gergy
               Born circa 1196
               Died 1243 / 1247
           12 Marie de Courtenay
               Born 1204
               Died September 1222
               Married 1219
               Theodoros I Komnenos Laskaris, Emperor of Nicea 1204-1222,
               son of Manuel Laskaris and Ioanna (Karatzas, Phokaina)
               Born circa 1175
               Died August 1222
            13 Baudouin II de Courtenay
               Emperor of Constantinopel
               Born 1218
               Died after 15 October 1273
               Married 19 April 1229 * Perugia
               Marie de Brienne, daughter of Jean de Brienne, King of
               Jerusalem and Berengaria of Leon & Castile
               Died after 5 May 1275
               Buried Assisi, Italy
     III-10 (II-4-6)
            1  Humbert V
               Sire de Beaujeu
               Died 25 July 1250 in Egypt
               Married 15 July 1219
               Marguerite de Baug�, Dame de Miribel, daughter of Guy de
               Bauge, Sire de Baug� and NN
               Died before  March 1252
            2  Guichard II de Beaujeu
               Sire de Montpensier
               Died before 1256
               Married February 1224 * Melun
               Catherine Dauphine de Clermont, Dame de Montferrand et
               d'Herment, daughter of Guillaume II, Dauphin et Comte de
               Clermont and Isabeau de Montlucon
               Died after 19 May 1240
            3  Agnes de Beaujeu
               Died 11 July 1231
               Buried Clairvaux
               Married 1222 (Divorced 1227)
               Thibaut IV-I, King of Navarre 1234-1253, son of Blanca I,
               titular Queen of Navarre and Thibaut III , Comte de
               Champagne 1197-1201
               Born 1201
               Died 8 July 1253
            4  Sibylle de Beaujeu
               Died 1265
               Buried St.Vincent de Macon
               Married (1) 1 January 1229
               Raynald IV de Bauge, Sire de Baug� et de Bresse, son of
               Ulric II de Bauge, Sire de Brosse and Alexandrine de Vienne
               Died after 29 March 1250 (date will)

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