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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corrections/additions are welcome

Descendants of
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
(4 generations)

       Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria 
       Born 18 December 1863 Graz 
       Died 28 June 1914 Serajevo (murdered)
       Married 1 July 1900 Reichstadt, Bohemia
       Countess Sophie Chotek von Chotkowa und Wognin, Duchess von
       Hohenberg, daughter of Count Bohuslaw Chotek von Chotkowa
       und Wognin and Countess Wilhelmine Kinsky von Wchinitz und
       Born 1 March 1868 Stuttgart
       Died 28 June 1914 Serajewo (murdered)
                 Children, Generation I 

       Generation I 
            1  Fuerstin Sophie von Hohenberg
               Born 24 July 1901 Konopischt
               Married 8 September 1920 Castle Tetschen
               Count Friedrich von Nostitz-Rieneck, son of Count Erwein
               von Nostitz-Rieneck and Countess Amalia
               Born 1 November 1893 Prag
               Died 29 December 1973 Graz

            2  Maximilian
               2.Herzog und Fuerst von Hohenberg
               Born 29 September 1902 Wien
               Died 8 January 1962 Wien
               Married 16 November 1926 Wolfegg
               Countess Elisabeth von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee,
               daughter of Maximilian, F?rst von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und
               Waldsee and Princess Sidonie von Lobkowicz
               Born 10 August 1904 Waldsee
                         Children, Generation II-1 

            3  Fuerstin NN von Hohenberg
               Born 1903 Castle Konopitsch
               Died 1903 Castle Konopitsch

            4  Fuerst Ernst Alphons von Hohenberg
               Born 27 May 1904 Konopischt
               Died 5 March 1954 Graz
               Married 25 May 1936 Wien
               Marie-Therese Wood, daughter of George Jervis Wood and
               Countess Rosa Lonyay de Nagy-Lonya et Vese ros-Nameny
               Born 9 May 1910 Wien
                         Children, Generation II-2 

            5  Fuerst NN von Hohenberg
               Born 7 November 1908 Castle Konopitsch
               Died 7 November 1908 Castle Konopischt

       II-1 (I-2)
            1  Franz Ferdinand
               3.Herzog und F?rst von Hohenberg
               Born 13 September 1927 Arstetten
               Died 15 August 1977 Ried in der Riedmark, Austria
               Married 9 May 1956 Luxembourg
               Princess Elisabeth von Luxemburg, von Nassau und von
               Bourbon-Parma, daughter of Charlotte, Grand Duchess of
               Luxemburg 1919-1964 and Prince Felix von Luxemburg, Prince
               de Bourbon-Parma
               Born 22 December 1922 Castle Berg
                         Children, Generation III-1 

            2  Georg
               4.Herzog und Fuerst von Hohenberg
               Born 25 April 1929 Artstetten
               Married 4 July 1960 Wien
               Princess Eleonore von Auersperg-Breunner, daughter of
               Prince Karl von Auersperg-Breunner and Countess Henriette
               von Meran
               Born 12 September 1928 Goldegg
                         Children, Generation III-2 

            3  Fuerst Albrecht von Hohenberg
               Born 4 February 1931 Artstetten
               Married 12 May 1962 Wien
               Countess Leontine von Cassis-Faraone, daughter of Count Leo
               von Cassis-Faraone and Flora Fentener van Vlissingen
               Born 3 August 1933 Vught, The Netherlands
                         Children, Generation III-3

            4  Fuerst Johannes von Hohenberg
               Born 3 May 1933 Artstetten
               Married 11 October 1969 Salzburg
               Elisabeth Meilinger-Rehrl, daughter of Franz Meilinger and
               Lily Diensthuber
               Born 30 May 1947 Bramberg, Land Salzburg
                         Children, Generation III-4 

            5  Fuerst Peter von Hohenberg
               Born 26 March 1936 Artstetten
               Married 16 May 1970 Salzburg Div.14-7-1980
               Christine-Maria Meilinger-Rehrl, daughter of Franz
               Meilinger and Lily Diensthuber
               Born 17 April 1945 Bramberg, Land Salzburg
                         Children, Generation III-5 

            6  Fuerst Gerhard von Hohenberg
               Born 23 December 1941 Wien

       II-2 (I-4)
            1  F?rst Ferdinand von Hohenberg
               Born 14 March 1937 Wien
               Died 8 August 1978 Graz
               Married 17 October 1964 Gmunden
               Heidi Zechling, daughter of Johann Zechling and Margarethe
               Born 4 January 1941 Eisenerz
                         Children, Generation III-6 

            2  Fuerst Ernst von Hohenberg
               Born 1 March 1944 Wien
               Married 31 August 1973 Radmer
               Patricia Annette Caesar, daughter of Arthur Melvin Caesar
               and Selma Anne Maguire
               Born 12 June 1950 New York
                         Children, Generation III-7 

      III-1 (II-1-1)
            1  Fuerstin Anna Charlotte von Hohenberg
               Born 18 August 1958 Colmar Berg
               Married 22 July 1978 Artstetten
               Rom´┐Że, Comte de La Poeze d'Harambure, son of Bertrand,
               Comte de La Poeze d'Harambure and Jeanne Guigues de Moreton
               de Chabrillan
               Born 15 July 1949 Duesseldorf

            2  Fuerstin Sophie von Hohenberg
               Born 5 May 1960 Colmar Berg
               Married 18 June 1983 Artstetten
               Jean-Louis de Potesta, son of Charles, Baron de Potesta and
               Nicole Gaiffier d'Hestroy
               Born 8 February 1951 Louvain

      III-2 (II-1-2)
            1  Fuerst Nikolaus von Hohenberg
               Born 3 July 1961 Boulogne sur Seine
               Married 6 May 1989 Fuerstenberg
               Countess Elisabeth von Westphalen zu Fuerstenberg, daughter
               of Count Clemens von Westphalen zu Fuerstenberg and Countess
               Johanna von Galen
               Born 7 August 1963 Muenster, Westfalen
                         Children, Generation IV-1

            2  Fuerstin Henriette von Hohenberg
               Born 9 November 1962 Boulogne sur Seine

            3  Fuerst Maximilian von Hohenberg
               Born 25 January 1970 Buenos Aires

      III-3 (II-1-3)
            1  F?rstin Margarete von Hohenberg
               Born 19 June 1963 Wien
               Married 28 December 1990 Muenchen
               Archduke Joseph of Austria, son of Archduke Joseph Arpad of
               Austria and Princess Maria zu Loewenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg
               Born 18 March 1960 Muenchen

            2  Fuerst Leo von Hohenberg
               Born 28 September 1964 Wien

            3  Fuerstin Johanna von Hohenberg
               Born 29 April 1966 Wien
               Married 15 June 1995 Strobl am Wolfgangsee
               Count Andreas Henckel von Donnersmarck, son of Count Carl
               Josef Henckel von Donnersmarck and Princess Marie Adelaide
               von Luxemburg, von Nassau und von Bourbon-Parma
               Born 30 March 1959 Castle Berg

            4  Fuerstin Katharina von Hohenberg
               Born 9 March 1969 Wien

      III-4 (II-1-4)
            1  Fuerstin Sophie von Hohenberg
               Born 26 May 1970 Salzburg

            2  Fuerst Stephan von Hohenberg
               Born 3 July 1972 Salzburg

            3  Fuerst Georg von Hohenberg
               Born 3 February 1975 Salzburg

            4  Fuerstin Isabella von Hohenberg
               Born 13 May 1976 Salzburg

      III-5 (II-1-5)
            1  Fuerstin Marie-Christine von Hohenberg
               Born 25 November 1970 Salzburg

            2  Fuerstin Marie-Therese von Hohenberg
               Born 31 July 1972 Salzburg

      III-6 (II-2-1)
            1  Fuerst Franz von Hohenberg
               Born 24 May 1969 Graz

      III-7 (II-2-2)
            1  Fuerstin Eva von Hohenberg
               Born 1 December 1974 Graz

       IV-1 (III-2-1)
            1  Fuerst Karl Georg von Hohenberg
               Born 24 June 1991 Frankfurt am Main

            2  Fuerstin Johanna von Hohenberg
               Born 13 June 1993 Meschede

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