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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
(corrections/additions are welcome)
The Descendants of Guy de Dampierre
Count of Flanders and Namur
(1 generation)

       Guy de Dampierre
       Count of Flanders 1278-1304, Count of Namur 1263
       Born circa 1226
       Died 7 March 1304
       Married (1) June 1246
       Mathilde de Bethune, Heiress of Bethune, Dendermonde,
       Richebourg, daughter of Robert VII, Seigneur de Bethune and
       Elisabeth de Morialmez
       Died 8 November 1264
       Married (2) March 1265
       Isabelle de Luxembourg, heiress of Namur, daughter of
       Heinrich II "the Blond", Count of Luxembourg & Namur and
       Margarethe de Bar, Dame de Ligny
       Died September 1298
                 Children, Generation I 
       Generation I
        (1) 1  Margarethe of Flanders
               Died 3 July 1285
               Married 1273
               Jan I, Duke of Brabant 1267-1294, and Limburg 1287-1294,
               son of Hendrik III, Duke of Brabant 1248-1261 and Adelheid
               (Alix/Adelaide) de Bourgogne
               Born circa 1252 Bruxelles
               Died 3 May 1294 Liere
        (2) 2  Beatrix of Flanders
               Died 1307
               Married circa 1287
               Hugues II de Chatillon, Comte de Blois et Dunois, son of
               Guy II de Chatillon, Comte de St.Pol and Mathilde of
               Died 1307
      (2)   3  Marguerite of Flanders
               Died circa 1328
               Married (1) 14 November 1282 Roxburgh
               Alexander of Scotland, son of Alexander III, King of Scots
               1249-1286 and Margaret of England
               Born 21 January 1264 Jedburgh
               Died 28 January 1284 Lindores Abbey
               Married (2) 3 July 1286 Namur
               Reinald I, Count of Gelre and Zutphen 1271-1326, son of
               Otto II, Count of Gelre and Philippa de Dammartin
               Born circa 1255
               Died 9 October 1326 Montfort
      (2)   4  Isabelle of Flanders
               Married 1307
               Jean de Fiennes, Chatelain de Bourbourg, Seigneur de
               Tingry, son of William (Guillaume II) de Fiennes, Lord of
               Wendover and Blanche de Brienne

       (2)  5  Philippa de Dampierre
               Died May 1306
       (2)  6  Guy de Dampierre
               Died 13 October 1311 Pavia
       (2)  7  Jeanne de Dampierre
               Died 1296
        (1) 8  Marie of Flanders
               Died 1297
               Married (2) 1285
               Simon II de Chateauvillain, Seigneur de Bremur, son of Jean I
               de Chateauvillain, Seigneur d'Arc and Jeanne de Luzy
               Died 28 June 1305
       (1)  9  Guillaume IV de Dampierre
               Heer van Dendermonde & Crevecoeur
               Born 1248 / 1249
               Died 1311
               Married 1286
               Alix de Clermont, daughter of Raoul II-III de Clermont,
               Seigneur de Nesle and Alix (Yolande) de Dreux, Vicomtesse
               de Chateaudun
       (1)  10 Robert III
               Count of Flanders 1305-1322
               Born circa 1249
               Died 17 September 1322
               Married (1) before 30 June 1266
               Blanche d'Anjou, daughter of Charles I Etienne, King of
               Naples and Sicily 1265-1285 and Beatrice de Provence
               Died 1269
               Married (2) March 1272
               Yolande de Bourgogne, Comtesse de Nevers, daughter of Eudes
               de Bourgogne, Comte de Nevers and Mahaut II de Dampierre,
               Dame de Bourbon
               Born December 1247
               Died 2 June 1280
               Buried Nevers, St.Francois
       (1)  11 Jean de Dampierre
               Bishop of Metz and Luik
               Born 1250
               Died 14 October 1291
        (1) 12 Baudouin de Dampierre
               Born 1252
               Died 1296
        (1) 13 Beatrix of Flanders
               Born circa 1260
               Died 5 April 1291
               Floris V, Count of Holland 1256-1296, son of Willem II,
               Count of Holland 1234-1256, Emperor-Elect and Duchess
               Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lueneburg
               Born July 1254 Leiden
               Died 27 June 1296 Muiderberg (murdered)
        (2) 14 Jean I de Dampierre
               Comte de Namur
               Born circa  October 1267
               Died January 1330
               Married (2) 6 May 1309 Paris
               Marie d'Artois, daughter of Philippe d'Artois, Sire de
               Conches, de Nonancourt, de Damfront, and Blanche de
               Born circa 1291
               Died 22 January 1365

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