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 Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corections/additions are welcome
The Descendants of Hermann I
Markgraf von Verona, Count im Breisgau
(7 generations)

((Far from complete but it shows the main lines.
Most likely many other children are missing.))

     Hermann I
       Markgraf von Verona, Count im Breisgau
       Born circa 1040
       Died 26 April 1074 Abbey of Cluny
       Married Judith von Backnang, daughter of Hesso, Count im
       Suedlichgau, Herr zu Backnang
       Died 27 September 1091 Salerno
                 Children, Generation I 

       Generation I
            1  Hermann II
               Markgraf von Verona, Herr von Baden
               Died 7 October 1130
               Buried Backnang
               Married Judith (von Hohenberg)
               Died 7 October 1121
               Buried Backnang
                         Children, Generation II-1
       II-1 (I-1)
            1  Hermann III 'der Grosse'
               Herr von Baden und Lintburg, Markgraf of Verona
               Died 16 January 1160
               Buried Backnang
               Married before 1134
               Bertha de Lorraine, daughter of Simon I, Duke of Lorraine
               1115-1138 and (Adelheid ?) de Hainault
               Died after 1162
                         Children, Generation III-1
      III-1 (II-1-1)
            1  Hermann IV
               Markgraf von Baden und Verona
               Died 13 September 1190 Antiochia (in battle)
               Married before 1162
               Bertha (von Tuebingen)
               Died 24 February 1169
               Buried Backnang
                         Children, Generation IV-1
            2  Heinrich I
               Markgraf von Hachberg
               Died 2 July 1231
               Married Agnes
                         Children, Generation IV-2 

       IV-1 (III-1-1)
            1  Hermann V
               Markgraf von Baden, Verona zu Hachberg
               Died 16 January 1243
               Married before 13 July 1219
               Irmengard, Pfalzgraefin am Rhein, daughter of Heinrich I,
               Pfalzgraf am Rhein 1195-1227 and Agnes von Hohenstaufen
               Born circa 1200
               Died 24 February 1260
                         Children, Generation V-1  
            2  Friedrich von Baden
               Died before 1231
            3  Heinrich I
               Markgraf von Baden-Hachberg
               Died 2 July 1231
               Married Agnes
                         Children, Generation V-2 
       IV-2 (III-1-2)
            1  Heinrich II
               Markgraf von Hachberg
               Died 1297 / 1298
               Married Anna
                         Children, Generation V-3
        V-1 (IV-1-1)
            1  Mathilde von Baden
               Died 1259
               Married before 4 April 1251
               Ulrich I "mit dem Daumen", Count von Wuerttemberg son of NN
               von Wuerttemberg
               Born circa 1226
               Died 25 February 1265
            2  Rudolf I
               Markgraf von Baden
               Died 19 November 1288
               Married 1259
               Kunigunde von Eberstein, daughter of Otto, Count von
               Eberstein and Countess Kunigunde von Freiburg
               Died 22 April 1284
                         Children, Generation VI-1 
            3  Hermann VI
               Markgraf von Baden, Duke of Austria & Steiermark
               Died 4 October 1250
               Married 1248
               Gertrud von Babenberg, daughter of Heinrich, Duke of
               Austria and Agnes von Thueringen
               Born 1226
               Died 24 April 1299
                         Children, Generation VI-2
            4  Markgraefin Elisabeth von Baden
               Died 20 March
               Married before 1243
               Ludwig II, Herr von Lichtenberg, son of Ludwig I von
               Lichtenberg, Vogt von Neuweiler and Elisabeth
               Died before 1271
        V-2 (IV-1-3)
            1  Heinrich II
               Markgraf von Baden-Hachberg
               Died 1297 / 1298
               Married Anna
                         Children, Generation VI-3
        V-3 (IV-2-1)
            1  Heinrich III
               Markgraf von Hachberg
               Died 1330
               Married Agnes von Hohenberg
               Died 9 April 1310
                         Children, Generation VI-4
       VI-1 (V-1-2)
            1  Markgraefin Kunigunde von Baden
               Died 22 July 1310
               Married before 20 December 1281
               Friedrich VI, Count von Zollern, son of Friedrich V, Count
               von Zollern and Udilhild von Dillingen
               Died circa 4 May 1298
            2  Markgraefin Adelheid von Baden
               Abbess in Lichtenthal
               Died 18 August 1295
            3  Hermann VII "der Wecker"
               Markgraf von Baden, Count von Eberstein
               Died 15 July 1291
               Buried Lichtenthal
               Married before 6 October 1278
               Agnes von Truhendingen, daughter of Friedrich, Count von
               Truhendingen, Count von Dillingen and Margarethe von Meran
               Died after 15 March 1301
                         Children, Generation VII-1

            4  Rudolf II
               Markgraf von Baden
               Died 14 February 1295
               Married 2 May 1285
               Adelheid von Ochsenstein
               Died 17 May 1314
            5  Hesso von Baden
               Died 14 February 1293 / 1297
               Married Klara von Klingen, daughter of Walter von Klingen
               and Sophie von Froburg
               Died after 1297
                         Children, Generation VII-2  
            6  Rudolf III
               Died 2 February 1332
               Married before  March 1306
               Jutta von Strassberg, daughter of Count Bertold von
               Died 27 March 1327
            7  Markgraefin Kunigunde von Baden
               Died after 2 July 1310
               Married circa 1288
               Rudolf II, Count von Wertheim, son of Poppo III, Count von
               Wertheim and Kunigunde von Rieneck
               Died 13 November 1306
            8  Markgraefin Irmgard von Baden
               Died after 8 February 1301
               Married before 21 June 1293
               Eberhard II "der Erlauchte", Count von Wuerttemberg
               1279-1325, son of Ulrich I "mit dem Daumen", Count von
               Wuerttemberg  and Agnes von Schlesien-Liegnitz
               Born 13 March 1265
               Died 5 June 1325 Stuttgart
       VI-2 (V-1-3)
            1  Friedrich I
               Markgraf von Baden
               Born 1249
               Died 29 October 1268
            2  Markgraefin Agnes von Baden
               Born 1250
               Died 2 January 1295
               Married (1) 1263
               Duke Ulrich III von Kaernten
               Died 27 October 1269
               Married (2) 1270 / 1271
               Ulrich III, Count von Heunburg, son of Wilhelm IV 'der
               Juengere'  , Count von Malta, Count von Laas and Elisabeth
               Died 1308
       VI-3 (V-2-1)
            1  Rudolf I
               Markgraf von Baden-Sausenberg
               Died before 10 January 1314
               Married Agnes
                         Children, Generation VII-3  
            2  Markgraf Friedrich von Baden-Hachberg
       VI-4 (V-3-1)
            1  Heinrich IV
               Markgraf von Hachberg
               Died circa 1369
               Married circa 1336
              Anna von Usenberg
               Died after 12 July 1356
                         Children, Generation VII-4 
      VII-1 (VI-1-3)
            1  Rudolf IV
               Markgraf zu Baden
               Died 25 June 1348
               Married   1325       Died 1 December 1399
               Countess Marie von Oettingen, daughter of Friedrich I,
               Count von Oettingen and Elisabeth , Herrin von Dornberg
               Died 10 June 1369
            2  Friedrich II
               Markgraf von Baden
               Died 22 June 1333
               Married (1) Agnes von Weinsberg
               Died 2 May
               Married (2) Margarete von Vaihingen
      VII-2 (VI-1-5)
            1  Hermann VIII von Baden
               Died 1338
            2  Markgraf Rudolf Hesso von Baden
               Died 17 August 1335
               Married circa 1325
               Jeanne von Moempelgard, Dame d'Hericourt, daughter of
               Reinald, Count von Moempelgard and Guillemette von
               Neuenburg, Countess von Moempelgard
               Died 26 August 1347 / 11 September 1349
      VII-3 (VI-3-1)
            1  Rudolf II
               Markgraf von Baden-Hochberg
               Died 1352 / 1356
               Married circa 11 September 1343
               Katharina von Tierstein, daughter of Walram II, Count von
               Tierstein, Pfalzgraf von Basel and Agnes von Arberg
               Died 21 March 1385
      VII-4 (VI-4-1)
            1  Hesso I
               Markgraf von Hachberg
               Died 12 May 1410
               Married (2) 1381
               Margarete von Thueringen
               Died 1 December 1399

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