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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corrections/additions are welcome

Descendants of
James IV, King of Scots
(1 generation)

      James IV
      King of Scots 1488-1513 
      Born 17 March 1473 Stirling Castle 
      Died 9 September 1513 Flodden (in battle) 
      Married 8 August 1503 Holyrood 
      Margaret Tudor, Princess of England, daughter of Elizabeth 
      of York and Henry VII , King of England 1485-1509 
      Born 29 November 1489 Westminster Palace 
      Died 18 October 1541 Methven Castle 
      Buried 24 November 1541 St.John's Abbey, Perth 
      Children by (a) Margaret Boyd, daughter of Archibald Boyd, 
      of Bonshaw and Christian Mure 
      Died before 31 August 1559 
      Child by (b) Margaret Drummond, daughter of John Drummond, 
      1st Baron Drummond and Lady Elizabeth Lindsay 
      Born circa 1475 
      Died 1501 Drummond Castle (poisoned) 
      Child by (c) Janet Kennedy, daughter of John Kennedy, 2nd 
      Lord Kennedy and Lady Elizabeth Seton-Gordon 
      Died before 1 June 1500 
      Child by (d) Agnes Stewart, daughter of James Stewart, 1st 
      Earl of Buchan and Mrs. Margaret Murray 
      Died February 1557 
                Children, Generation I

       Generation I
           1   James Stewart 
               Duke of Rothesay 
               Born 21 February 1507 Holyrood 
               Died 27 February 1508 Stirling Castle 

           2   NN Stewart 
               Born 15 July 1508 Holyrood 
               Died 15 July 1508 Holyrood 

           3   Arthur Stewart 
               Duke of Rothesay 
               Born 20 October 1509 Holyrood 
               Died 14 July 1510 Edinburgh Castle 

           4   James V 
               King of Scots 1513-1542 
               Born 10 April 1512 Linlithgow Palace 
               Died 14 December 1542 Falkland Castle 
               Buried Holyroodhouse Abbey 
               Married (1) 1 January 1537 Notre Dame, Paris 
               Madeleine de Valois, Princess of France, daughter of 
               Francois I, King of France 1515-1547 and Claude de France 
               Born 10 August 1520 St.Germain-en-Laye 
               Died 7 July 1537 Holyrood 
               Married (2) 9 May 1538 St.Andrews 
               Marie de Lorraine, daughter of Claude de Lorraine, Duc de 
               Guise and Antoinette de Bourbon 
               Born 22 November 1515 Bar-le-Duc 
               Died 10 June 1560 Edinburgh Castle 
               Child by (a) Elizabeth Shaw 
               Child by (b) Margaret Erskine, daughter of James Erskine, 
               5th Lord Erskine and Lady Margaret/Elizabeth Campbell 
               Died 5 May 1572 
               Child by (c) Christina Barclay 
               Child by (d) Euphemia Elphinstone, daughter of Alexander 
               Elphinstone, 1st Baron Elphinstone and Elizabeth Barlow 
               Born 11 May 1509 Elphinstone, East Lothian 
               Child by (e) Elizabeth Carmichael, daughter of Sir John 
               Child by (f) Lady Helen Stewart, daughter of John Stewart, 
               12th Earl of Lennox and Lady Elizabeth Stewart 
               Died before 25 November 1564 in Flanders 
               Child by (g) Elizabeth Beatoun, daughter of Sir John 
               Beatoun, of Creich, Hereditary Keeper of Falkland 
               Child by (h) NN 

           5   NN Stewart 
               Born 1513 
               Died 1513 

           6   Alexander Stewart 
               Duke of Ross 
               Born 30 April 1514 Stirling Castle 
               Died 18 December 1515 Stirling Castle 

       (a) 7   Alexander Stewart 
               Born 1493 
               Died 9 September 1513 Flodden (in battle) 

           8   James Stewart 

           9   Lady Katherine Stewart 
               mentioned 5 July 1554 
               Married before 10 December 1507 
               James Douglas, 3rd Earl of Morton, son of John Douglas, 2nd 
               Earl of Morton and Janet Crichton 
               Died before 4 November 1550 
       (b) 10  Lady Margaret Stewart 
               Born 1497 
               Married (1) November 1512 
               John Gordon, Lord Gordon, son of Alexander Gordon, 3rd Earl 
               of Huntly and Lady Janet Stewart 
               Died 5 December 1517 Abbey of Kinloss 
               Buried Abbey of Kinloss 
               Married (2) 20 January 1531 * 
               Sir John Drummond, of Innerpeffry, son of Sir John 
               Drummond, of Innerpeffry 

       (c) 11  James Stewart 
               Earl of Moray 
               Born circa 1499 
               Died 12 June 1544 Darnaway 
               Married August 1529 
               Lady Elizabeth Campbell, daughter of Colin Campbell, 3rd 
               Earl of Argyll and Lady Jean Gordon 
               Died before 15 May 1548 
               Child by (a) Marion Stewart 
               Child by (b) NN 

       (d) 12  Lady Janet Stewart 
               Died before 20 February 1563 
               Married circa 28 February 1524 
               Malcolm Fleming, 3rd Lord Fleming, son of John Fleming, 2nd 
               Lord Fleming and Eupheme Drummond 
               Born circa 1494 
               Died 10 September 1547 Pinkie (in battle) 
               Child by (a) Henri II, King of France 1547-1559, son of 
               Francois I, King of France 1515-1547 and Claude de France 
               Born 31 March 1519 St.Germain en Laye 
               Died 10 July 1559 Paris 
               Buried St.Denis 

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