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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corrections/additions are welcome

Descendants of
Jean V, Duke de Bretagne
(one generation)

       Jean V
       Duc de Bretagne 1364-1378, 1380-1399
       Born 1339
       Died 1 November 1399 Nantes
       Married (1) 1361 Woodstock
       Mary of England, daughter of Edward III, King of England
       1327-1377 and Philippa of Holland & Hainault
       Born October 1344 Waltham nr Winchester
       Died 1361 / 1362
       Married (2) May 1366 London
       Lady Joan de Holand, daughter of Sir Thomas de Holand, 1st
       Earl of Kent, Baron Wake and Joan "the Fair Maid of Kent" ,
       Countess of Kent
       Died after 25 December 1384
       Married (3) 2 September 1386
       Jeanne de Navarre, daughter of Charles II "the Bad", King
       of Navarre 1349-1387 and Jeanne de France
       Born circa 1370 Pamplona
       Died 9 July 1437 Havering Bower, Essex
                 Children, Generation I

       Generation I
        (3) 1  Jeanne de Bretagne
               Born 12 August 1387
               Died 7 December 1388

            2  Jean VI
               Duc de Bretagne 1399-1442
               Born 24 December 1389 Chateau de l'Hermine, Vannes
               Died 29 August 1442 La Touche nr Nantes
               Married 19 September 1396 Paris, Hotel St.Paul
               Jeanne de France, daughter of Charles VI, King of France
               1380-1422 and Isabeau of Bavaria
               Born 24 January 1391 Melun
               Died 27 September 1433 Vannes
               Buried Vannes, St.Pierre
               Child by (a) NN

            3  Marie de Bretagne
               Born 18 February 1391
               Died 18 December 1446
               Married 26 June 1396 Chateau de l'Hermine,Brittany
               Jean I, Duc d'Alencon, son of Pierre II "le Noble", Comte
               d'Alencon and Marie Chamaillart, Vicomtesse de Beaumont
               Born 9 May 1385 Chateau d'Essay
               Died 25 October 1415 Azincourt (in battle)

            4  Marguerite de Bretagne
               Dame de Guillac
               Born 1392
               Died 13 April 1428
               Married 26 June 1407
               Alain IX de Rohan, Vicomte de Rohan et de Leon, son of
               Alain VIII de Rohan, Vicomte de Rohan and B�atrix de
               Clisson, Comtesse de Porhoet
               Died 20 March 1462
               Buried Abbey de Bonrepos

            5  Arthur III
               Duc de Bretagne 1457-1458
               Born 24 August 1393 Chateau Succinio nr Vannes
               Died 26 December 1458 Chateau Nantes
               Married (1) 10 October 1423 Dijon
               Marguerite de Bourgogne, daughter of Jean "the Fearless",
               Duke of Bourgogne 1404-1419 and Margaretha of Bavaria
               Died 2 February 1441 Paris
               Married (2) circa 29 August 1442 Nerac
               Jeanne d'Albret, daughter of Charles II d'Albret, Comte de
               Dreux and Anne d'Armagnac
               Died September 1444
               Married (3) 2 July 1445
               Catherine de Luxembourg, daughter of Pierre de Luxembourg,
               Comte de St.Pol, Brienne and Conversano and Margherita del
               Died 1489
               Child by (a) NN

            6  Gilles de Bretagne
               Born 1394
               Died 19 July 1412

            7  Richard de Bretagne
               Comte d'Etampes et de Vertus
               Born 1395
               Died 2 June 1438
               Married 1423
               Marguerite d'Orleans, daughter of Louis, Duc d'Orleans and
               Valentine Visconti
               Born 1406
               Died 2 June 1438

            8  Blanche de Bretagne
               Born circa 1395
               Died before 1419
               Married 26 June 1407 Nantes
               Jean IV, Comte d'Armagnac, de Fezensac et de Rodez, son of
               Bernard VII d'Armagnac, Comte de Charolais, Comte de Rodez
               and Bonne de Berry
               Born 15 October 1396 Convent des Cordeliers Rodez
               Died 5 November 1450 L'Isle-Jourdain

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