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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
(corrections/additions are welcome)
The Descendants of Ludwig I
Count of Oettingen
(partial list)

     Ludwig I
       Count von Oettingen
       mentioned 1141
                 Children, Generation I
       Generation I
            1  Ludwig II
               Count von Oettingen
               mentioned 1150
               Died before 1225
               Married before 1193
               Died after 5 April 1242
                         Children, Generation II-1
       II-1 (I-1)
            1  Ludwig III
               Count von Oettingen
               Died 24 April 1279
               Buried Kirchheim
               Married (1) before 28 June 1241
               NN von Burgau
                         Children, Generation III-1 
      III-1 (II-1-1)
        (1) 1  Konrad IV
               Count von Oettingen
               Died before 15 February 1279
               Married before 7 May 1275
               Agnes von Wuerttemberg, daughter of Ulrich I "mit dem
               Daumen", Count von Wuerttemberg and Agnes von
               Died 27 September 1305
                         Children, Generation IV-1
            2  Ludwig V
               Count von Oettingen
               Died 9 November 1313
               Buried Kirchheim
               Married before 28 July 1263
               Maria von Nuernberg, daughter of Friedrich I-III, Burggraf
               von Nuernberg1260-1297 and Elisabeth von Meran
               Died before 28 March 1299
                         Children, Generation IV-2  
       IV-1 (III-1-1)
            1  Konrad V "der Schrimpf"
               Count von Oettingen
               Died 1313
               Married Adelheid von Hohenlohe-Weikersheim, daughter of
               Kraft I, Count von Hohenlohe-Weikersheim and Willibirg von
               Died 1340 ?
      IV-2 (III-1-2)
            1  Ludwig VI
               Count von Oettingen
               Died 29 September 1346 Wien
               Married circa 1300 (before 3 March 1313)
               Agnes von Wuerttemberg, daughter of Ulrich III, Count von
               Wuerttemberg 1325-1344 and Sophie von Pfirt-Mousson
               Died 1317
                         Children, Generation V-1
            2  Friedrich I
               Count von Oettingen
               Died 5 November 1313 / 3 March 1313
               Married before 2 February 1291
               Elisabeth, Herrin von Dornberg, daughter of Wolfram, Vogt
               von Dornberg and Rycza
               Died 28 July 1309 / 11 Oct.1311
               Buried Kirchheim
                         Children, Generation V-2
            3  Elisabeth von Oettingen
               Died after 30 January 1313
               Married before 1 May 1313
               Konrad von Hohenlohe-Weikersheim, son of Kraft I, Count von
               Hohenlohe-Weikersheim and Willibirg von Wertheim
               Born circa 1270
               Died 1329
        V-1 (IV-2-1)

            1  Irmgard von Oettingen
               Born circa 1304
               Died 6 November 1399 Liebenau nr Worms
               Buried Kloster Liebenau
               Married August 1320
               Adolf, Pfalzgraf am Rhein 1319-1327, son of Rudolf I 'der
               Stammler', Duke von Obern-Bayern, Pfalzgraf bei Rhein and
               Countess Mathilde von Nassau
               Born 27 September 1300
               Died 29 January 1327
        V-2 (IV-2-2)
            1  Countess Marie von Oettingen
               Died 10 June 1369
               Married (1) circa 1312
               Rudolf, Count von Habsburg
               Married (2) 1325
               Rudolf IV, Markgraf zu Baden, son of Hermann VII "der
               Wecker", Markgraf von Baden, Count von Eberstein and Agnes
               von Truhendingen
               Died 25 June 1348
            2  Friedrich II
               Count von Oettingen
               Died 14 October 1357
               Buried Kirchheim
               Married before 1317
               Imagina (Adelheid) von Werd, Heiress of Landgrafschaft im
               Elsass, daughter of Ulrich, Landvogt im Elsass and Susanna
               von Lichtenberg
               Died 22 January 1387
               Buried Kirchheim
                         Children, Generation VI-1
       VI-1 (V-2-2)
            1  Ludwig X
               Count von Oettingen
               Died 1 March 1370
               Married 22 April 1351
               Countess Imagina von Schaunberg, daughter of Heinrich V,
               Count von Schaunberg and Anna von Truhendingen, Heiress of
               Died 5 November 1377
                         Children, Generation VII-1
      VII-1 (VI-1-1)
            1  Friedrich III
               Count von Oettingen
               Died 23 January 1423
               Married (2) 1397
               Euphemia von Muensterberg, daughter of Bolko III, Duke von
               Muensterberg and Euphemia von Kosel
               Died 17 November 1447
                         Children, Generation VIII-1
            2  Countess Elisabeth von Oettingen
               Died 1406
               Married 10 February 1377
               Albrecht, Landgraf von Leuchtenberg, son of Ulrich II,
               Landgraf von Leuchtenberg and Margarete von
               Died 1404
            3  Ludwig XI
               Count von Oettingen
               Died 28 October 1440
               Buried Kirchheim
               Married (1) 15 December 1374 *
               Beatrix von Helfenstein, daughter of Ulrich V, Count von
               Helfenstein and Maria of Bosnia
               Died 1385
                         Children, Generation VIII-2  
            4  Countess Margarethe von Oettingen
               mentioned 1360 and 1393
               Married before 14 September 1352
               Heinrich, Count von Eberstein, son of Heinrich, Count von
               Eberstein and Clara von Frundsberg
               Died before 1367
            5  Countess Anna von Oettingen
               Heiress of Aufhausen
               Died before 5 May 1411
               Married before 3 March 1363
               Ulrich VII, Count von Helfenstein, son of Ulrich VI, Count
               von Helfenstein and Beatrix von Schluesselberg
               Died before 3 July 1375
            6  Friedrich "der Juengere" von Oettingen
               Born 1360
               Died 19 September 1415
     VIII-1 (VII-1-1)
        (2) 1  Countess Margarethe von Oettingen
               Died 24 February 1472
               Married 1431
               Kraft V, Count von Hohenlohe-Weikersheim, son of Albrecht
               I, Count von Hohenlohe-Weikersheim and Countess Elisabeth
               von Hanau, Heiress of Ziegenhain
               Born circa 1415
               Died 21 March 1472
            2  Ulrich
               Count von Oettingen-Flockberg
               Died 28 April 1477
               Married 8 February 1466
               Barbara von Cunstatt
               Died 20 September 1474
            3  Imagina von Oettingen
               Died 8 September 1450
               Married 21 July 1409
               Hannemann II, Count von Zweibruecken-Bitsch, son of
               Hannemann I, Count von Zweibruecken-Bitsch and Countess
               Elisabeth von Leiningen
               Died circa 1418
            4  Wilhelm
               Count von Oettingen-Oettingen
               Died 13 April 1467
               Married 1431
               Beatrice della Scala, daughter of Paolo della Scala and
               Amelia von Fraunberg
               Died 14 February 1466
            5  Johann I
               Count von Oettingen zu Wallerstein
               Died 10 May 1449 Riva
               Married before 7 October 1433
               Margareta von Goerz, daughter of Heinrich VI, Count von
               Goerz, Count von Kirchberg and Elisabeth von Cilli
               Died 8 January 1450

            6  Countess Anna von Oettingen
               Died 3 December 1461
               Married 14 October 1415
               Georg I, Count von Wertheim, son of Johann II, Count von
               Wertheim and Countess Mathilde von Schwarzburg
               Died 1454
     VIII-2 (VII-1-3)
        (1) 1  Anna von Oettingen
               Died 9 November 1436
               Married before 15 September 1397
               Bernhard I "der Grosse", Markgraf von Baden und Hachberg,
               son of Rudolf VI "der Lange", Markgraf und Pfalzgraf von
               Baden and Mechtild von Sponheim
               Born 1364
               Died 5 May 1431 Baden

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