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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corrections/additions are welcome

Descendants of Mary Tudor,
Princess of England
(generation 6)

       VI-1 (V-1-4) 
            1  William Seymour 
               3rd Duke of Somerset 
               Born 17 April 1652 
               Died 12 December 1671 London 
               Buried Great Bedwyn 

            2  The Hon. Elizabeth Seymour 
               Born circa 1654 
               Died 12 January 1697 Tower of London 
               Buried Maulden, Beds. 
               Married 31 August 1676 
               Thomas Bruce, 3rd Earl of Elgin, 2nd Earl of Ailesbury, son 
               of Robert Bruce, 1st Earl of Ailesbury, 2nd Earl of Elgin 
               and Lady Diana Grey 
               Born 1656 
               Died 16 December 1741 Bruxelles 
               Buried Bruxelles, Belgium 
                         Children, Generation VII-1 

       VI-2 (V-1-5) 
            1  Lady Frances Finch 
               Born 1650 
               Died 17 April 1712 
               Buried Longbridge Deverill, Wilts. 
               Married circa 1672 
               Thomas Thynne, 1st Viscount Weymouth, son of Sir Henry 
               Frederick Thynne, of Caus Castle,Salop, 1st Baronet and 
               Mary Coventry 
               Born 1640 
               Died 28 July 1714 London 
               Buried Longbridge Deverill 
                         Children, Generation VII-2 

            2  William Finch 
               Lord Maidstone 
               baptised 20 January 1651 / 1652 Eastwell, Kent 
               Died 28 May 1672 o/b Royal Charles (sea battle) 
               Married February 1665 London 
               Elizabeth Windham, daughter of Sir Thomas Windham, of 
               Feldbridgehall and Elizabeth Meade 
               Died 10 May 1696 
               Buried Eastwell 
                         Children, Generation VII-3 

            3  Heneage Finch 
               5th Earl of Winchilsea 
               Born 3 January 1656 / 1657 
               Died 30 September 1726 
               Married 14 May 1684 London 
               Anne Kingsmill, daughter of Sir William Kingsmill and Anne 
               Born April 1661 
               Died 5 August 1720 Cleveland Row, London 

       VI-3 (V-1-8) 
            1  Lady Elizabeth Boyle 
               baptised 13 February 1662 
               Died before  June 1706 
               Married James Barry, 4th Earl of Barrymore 
               Born 1667 
               Died 5 January 1748 
               Buried Castle Lyons, co. Cork 

            2  Henry Boyle 
               Lord Carlton 
               Died 14 March 1725 

            3  Lady Mary Boyle 
               Born circa 1670 
               Died 2 October 1709 London, Bond St. 
               Married 1 December 1685 
               James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry and of Dover, son of 
               William Douglas, 1st Duke of Queensberry and Lady Isabel 
               Born 18 December 1662 Sanquhar Castle 
               Died 6 July 1711 London, Albemarle Str. 
               Buried Durisdeer 
                         Children, Generation VII-4 

            4  Charles Boyle 
               3rd Earl of Cork, 2nd Earl of Burlington 
               Born before 1674 
               Died 9 February 1704 Chiswick, Midx. 
               Buried Londesborough 
               Married 26 January 1688 
               Juliana Noel, daughter of Hon. Henry Noel, of Luffenham and 
               Elizabeth Wale 
               Born 19 May 1672 
               Died 17 October 1750 Pall Mall, Midx. 
               Buried Londesborough 
                         Children, Generation VII-5 

            5  Lady Arabella Boyle 
               Died October 1750 High Wycombe 
               Married 1699 
               Henry Petty, Earl of Shelburne, son of Sir William Petty 
               and Elizabeth Waller, Baroness Shelburne 
               Born 22 October 1675 
               Died 17 April 1751 London 

       VI-4 (V-2-1) 
        (1) 1  Frances Seymour 
               Married Sir George Hungerford 

            2  Edward Seymour 
               Died in infancy 

            3  Catherine Seymour 

        (2) 4  Francis Seymour 
               5th Duke of Somerset 
               Born 17 January 1658 Preshute, Wiltshire 
               Died 20 April 1678 Lerici, Italy (shot) 

            5  Honora Seymour 
               Born circa 1659 
               Buried 11 May 1731 Harrow 
               Married 9 February 1676 
               Sir Charles Gerard, of Flamberds, 3rd Baronet, son of Sir 
               Francis Gerard, of Flamberds, 2nd Baronet and Isabel Cheke 
               Born circa 1654 
               Died 1701 Harrow 
                         Children, Generation VII-6 

            6  Charles Seymour "the Proud Duke" 
               6th Duke of Somerset 
               Born 13 August 1662 Preshute 
               Died 2 December 1748 Petworth 
               Buried Salisbury Cathedral 
               Married (1) 30 May 1682 Montagu House 
               Lady Elizabeth Percy, daughter of Josceline Percy, 11th 
               Earl of Northumberland and Lady Elizabeth Wriothesley 
               Born 26 January 1667 
               Died 23 November 1722 Northumberland House 
               Buried Salisbury Cathedral 
               Married (2) 4 February 1726 London, Bloomsbury Square 
               Lady Charlotte Finch, daughter of Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl of 
               Nottingham, 7th Earl of Winchilsea and Anne Hatton 
               Died 21 January 1773 Sutton Court, Chiswick 
                         Children, Generation VII-7 

       VI-5 (V-3-1) 
            1  Hon. William Ward, of Willingsworth 
               Died 1713 
               Married Anne Parker, Heiress of Willingsworth 
                         Children, Generation VII-8 

       VI-6 (V-4-1) 
            1  John Cecil 
               4th Earl of Exeter 
               baptised 26 October 1628 Ketton, Rutland 
               Died 1 February 1678 Burghley House nr Stamford 
               Married (1) 8 December 1646 London, St.Bride's 
               Lady Frances Manners, daughter of John Manners, 8th Earl of 
               Rutland and Frances Montagu 
               Born 2 December 1630 Haddon, co Derby 
               Died 2 December 1660 
               Buried St.Martin's, Stamford 
               Married (2) 24 January 1670 Ashwell 
               Lady Mary Fane, daughter of Mildmay Fane, 2nd Earl of 
               Westmorland and Grace Thornhurst 
               Born 1639 
               Died 16 October 1681 
               Buried Stamford, St.Martin's 
                         Children, Generation VII-9 

            2  Lady Frances Cecil 
               baptised 14 August 1633 St.George's, Stamford 
               Died 31 December 1652 
               Buried Wimborne St.Giles 
               Married 15 April 1650 St.Anne's, Blackfriars 
               Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury, son of Sir 
               John Cooper, of Rockbourne, 1st Baronet and Anne Ashley 
               Born 22 July 1621 Wimborne St.Giles 
               Died 21 January 1683 Amsterdam, Holland 
                         Children, Generation VII-10 

            3  The Hon. Thomas Cecil 
               Buried 20 May 1641 Tinwell, co. Rutland 

       VI-7 (V-4-2) 
            1  Alicia Herbert 
               Married John Buzzard 

            2  Florence Herbert 
               Married Richard Herbert, of Oakley Park 
                         Children, Generation VII-11 

            3  Edward Herbert 
               3rd Lord Herbert of Cherbury 
               Born circa 1633 
               Died 9 December 1678 
               Buried Westminster Abbey 
               Married (1) before 1660 
               Anne Middleton 
               Married (2) 20 August 1673 
               Hon. Elizabeth Brydges, daughter of George Brydges, 6th 
               Baron Chandos and Lady Susan Montagu 
               baptised 25 March 1651 Harefield, Midx. 
               Died 3 February 1718 St.Julian's, co Monmouth 

            4  Henry Herbert 
               4th Lord Herbert of Cherbury 
               Born circa 1640 
               Died 21 April 1691 
               Buried St.Giles's-in-the-Fields 
               Married 14 December 1681 * 
               Lady Catherine Newport, daughter of Francis Newport, 1st 
               Earl of Bradford and Lady Diana Russell 
               Born circa 1653 
               Died 24 April 1716 
               Buried Wroxeter, Salop 

       VI-8 (V-4-3) 
            1  Philippa Hobart 
               baptised 12 October 1635 Blickling 
               Buried 19 January 1655 Blickling 
               Married Sir John Hobart, 3rd Baronet, son of Sir Miles 
               Hobart, of Plumstead and Frances Peyton 
               baptised 20 March 1628 Ditchingham 
               Died 22 August 1683 

       VI-9 (V-4-8) 
            1  John Egerton 
               3rd Earl of Bridgwater 
               Born 9 November 1646 
               Died circa 19 March 1700 St.James's 
               Buried Little Gaddesden, Herts. 
               Married (1) 17 November 1664 Bridgewater House, Barbican 
               Lady Elizabeth Cranfield, daughter of James Cranfield, 2nd 
               Earl of Middlesex and Lady Anne Bourchier 
               Born circa 1647 
               Died 3 March 1669 
               Buried Little Gaddesden 
               Married (2) 2 April 1673 Charter House Chapel, Midx. 
               Lady Jane Paulet, daughter of Charles Paulet, 1st Duke of 
               Bolton and Mary Scrope 
               Born circa 1655 
               Died 23 May 1716 
               Buried Little Gaddesden, Herts. 
                         Children, Generation VII-12 

            2  Hon. William Egerton 
               Born 15 August 1649 
               Married Honora Leigh 
                         Children, Generation VII-13 

            3  Hon. Thomas Egerton, of Tatton Park 
               Married NN 
                         Children, Generation VII-14 

            4  Lady Elizabeth Egerton 
               Born 24 August 1653 
               Died 1709 
               Buried Penshurst 
               Married 1672 
               Robert Sydney, 4th Earl of Leicester, son of Philip Sydney, 
               3rd Earl of Leicester and Lady Catherine Cecil 
               Born 1649 
               Died 11 November 1702 
               Buried Penshurst 
                         Children, Generation VII-15 

      VI-10 (V-5-2) 
            1  Henry Hastings 
               Lord Hastings 
               Born 16 January 1630 
               Died 24 June 1649 
               Buried Ashby 

            2  Lady Elizabeth Hastings
               Died 28 March 1664 
               Married 18 November 1662 
               Sir James Langham, of Cottesbrooke, 2nd Baronet, son of Sir 
               John Langham, 1st Baronet and Mary Bunce 
               Born 1620 
               Died August 1699 

            3  Lady Mary Hastings 
               Married Sir William Jolliffe, of Caverswell Castle 

            4  Theophilus Hastings 
               7th Earl of Huntingdon 
               Born 10 December 1650 Donnington Park 
               Died 30 May 1701 Charles Str., St.James Sq. 
               Married (1) 19 February 1671 
               Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of Sir John Lewis, of Ledston, 
               1st Baronet and Sarah Foote 
               Born 1654 
               Died 24 December 1688 
               Married (2) 8 May 1690 Westminster Abbey 
               Frances Fowler, daughter of Francis Leveson Fowler and Anne 
               Died 27 December 1723 Bath 
                         Children, Generation VII-16 

      VI-11 (V-7-1) 
            1  William Richard George Stanley 
               9th Earl of Derby 
               Born 18 March 1656 
               Died 5 November 1702 
               Buried Ormskirk 
               Married 10 July 1673 
               Lady Elizabeth Butler, daughter of Thomas Butler, Earl of 
               Ossory, 'Gallant Ossory' and Emilia van Nassau 
               Born 1660 
               Died 5 July 1717 
               Buried Westminster Abbey 
                         Children, Generation VII-17 

            2  James Stanley 
               10th Earl of Derby 
               Born 3 July 1664 
               Died 1 February 1736 Knowsley 
               Buried Ormskirk 
               Married February 1705 Halnaker nr Chichester 
               Mary Morley, daughter of Sir William Morley and Anne Denham 
               Born 8 September 1667 
               Died 29 March 1752 Chichester 
                         Children, Generation VII-18 

      VI-12 (V-7-5) 
            1  John Murray 
               1st Duke of Atholl "Ian Cam" 
               Born 24 February 1660 Knowsley 
               Died 14 November 1724 Huntingtower, co Perth 
               Buried Dunkeld 
               Married (1) 24 May 1683 
               Lady Catherine Douglas-Hamilton, daughter of William 
               Douglas, Duke of Hamilton, 1st Earl of Selkirk and Anne 
               Hamilton, Duchess of Hamilton 
               Born 1662 
               Died 11 January 1707 
               Buried Hamilton 
               Married (2) 26 June 1710 * 
               Mary Ross, daughter of William Ross, 12th Lord Ross and 
               Agnes Wilkie 
               Born 18 July 1687 
               Died 17 January 1767 Huntingtower 
               Buried Dunkeld 
                         Children, Generation VII-19 

            2  Lord Charles Murray 
               1st Earl of Dunmore 
               Born 28 February 1661 Knowsley 
               Died 19 April 1710 
               Buried Chapel of Holyrood House 
               Married 8 December 1682 London 
               Catherine Watts, daughter of Richard Watts, of Great 
               Munden, Herts. and Catherine Werden 
               Died before 22 January 1711 
                         Children, Generation VII-20 

            3  Lord James Murray 
               Born 8 May 1663 
               Died 29 December 1719 
               Married Anne Murray, of Glenmuir, daughter of Sir Robert 
               Murray, of Glenmuir and Castle Murray 
                         Children, Generation VII-21 

            4  Lord William Murray 
               2nd Lord Nairne 
               Born 10 December 1664 
               Died 3 February 1726 
               Buried Auchtergaven 
               Married February 1690 
               Margaret Nairne, daughter of Robert Nairne, 1st Baron 
               Nairne and Margaret Graham 
               Born 16 December 1669 
               Died 14 November 1747 
                         Children, Generation VII-22 

            5  Lady Charlotte Murray 
               Died 1735 
               Married 1690 
               Thomas Cooper 

            6  Lady Amelia Murray 
               Born 2 January 1666 
               Died 6 May 1743 Perth 
               Married 1685 
               Hugh Fraser, 9th Lord Lovat, son of Hugh Fraser, 8th Lord 
               Lovat and Anne Mackenzie 
               Born 28 September 1666 
               Died 14 September 1696 
                         Children, Generation VII-23 

            7  Lord Mungo Murray 
               Born 29 February 1668 
               Died 1700 (murdered) 

            8  Lord Edward Murray 
               Born 28 February 1669 
               Married Katherine Skene, daughter of John Skene 
               Died 1743 
               Buried 14 February 1743 
                         Children, Generation VII-24 

            9  Lord Henry Murray 
               Born 23 February 1670 
               Died died young 

            10 Lady Jane Murray 
               Died 1670 

            11 Lady Katherine Murray 
               Died 14 April 1686 

            12 Lord George Murray 
               Born 26 April 1673 
               Died 21 November 1691

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