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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corrections/additions are welcome

Descendants of Mary Tudor,
Princess of England
(generations 1 - 5 of 19 gen)

       Mary Tudor 
       Princess of England 
       Born 18 March 1496 Richmond Palace 
       Died 24 June 1533 Westhorpe, Suffolk 
       Married (1) 9 October 1514 Abbeville 
       Louis XII, King of France 1498-1515, son of Charles, Duc 
       d'Orlans and Marie of Cleves 
       Born 27 June 1462 Blois 
       Died 1 January 1515 Paris 
       Married (2) 3 March 1515 Paris (in secret) 
       Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, son of Sir William 
       Brandon and Elizabeth Bruyn 
       Born 1484 
       Died 22 August 1545 Guildford Palace 
       Buried Windsor 
                 Children, Generation I 

       Generation I 
        (2) 1  Henry Brandon 
               Earl of Lincoln 
               Born 11 March 1516 London, Bath Place 
               Died 8 March 1534 Suffolk House, Southwark 

            2  Lady Frances Brandon 
               Born 16 July 1517 Hatfield, Hertfordshire 
               Died 11 November 1559 London, Charterhouse 
               Married (1) May 1533 
               Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk, 3rd Marquess of Dorset, 
               son of Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquess of Dorset and Margaret 
               Born 17 January 1517 
               Died 23 February 1554 Tower Hill (beheaded) 
               Married (2) 9 March 1554 
               Adrian Stokes 
                         Children, Generation II-1 

            3  Lady Eleanor Brandon 
               Born circa 1520 
               Died 27 September 1547 Brougham Castle 
               Buried Skipton 
               Married June 1537 Southwark 
               Henry Clifford, 2nd Earl of Cumberland, son of Henry 
               Clifford, 1st Earl of Cumberland, 11th Lord de Clifford and 
               Lady Margaret Percy 
               Born circa 1517 
               Died January 1570 Brougham Castle 
               Buried Skipton 
                         Children, Generation II-2 

       II-1 (I-2) 
        (1) 1  Lord NN Grey 

            2  Lady NN Grey 

            3  Lady Jane Grey 
               Queen of England 10-19 July 1553 
               Born October 1537 Bradgate, Leicestershire 
               Died 12 February 1554 Tower Green (beheaded) 
               Married 21 May 1553 London, Durham House 
               Lord Guildford Dudley, son of John Dudley, 1st Duke of 
               Northumberland and Jane Guildford 
               Died 12 February 1554 Tower Hill (beheaded) 

            4  Lady Catherine Grey 
               Born circa 1539 
               Died 27 January 1568 Cockfield Hall, Suffolk 
               Married (1) 21 May 1553 Durham House 
               Henry Herbert, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, son of William 
               Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke and Anne Parr 
               Born after 1538 
               Died 19 January 1601 Wilton 
               Buried Salisbury Cathedral 
               Married (2) November 1560 Canon Row, Westminster 
               Edward Seymour, 1st Earl of Hertford, son of Edward 
               Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset and Anne Stanhope 
               Born 12 October 1537 
               Died 6 April 1621 Netley 
               Buried Salisbury Cathedral 
                         Children, Generation III-1 

            5  Lady Mary Grey 
               Born 1545 
               Died 20 April 1578 London 
               Married 10 August 1565 Westminster 
               Thomas Keyes 

        (2) 6  Elizabeth Stokes 
               Born 1554 

       II-2 (I-3) 
            1  Lady Margaret Clifford 
               Born 1540 
               Died 29 September 1596 Cleveland Row, Midx. 
               Married 7 February 1555 Royal Chapel, Whitehall 
               Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby, son of Edward Stanley, 
               3rd Earl of Derby and Lady Dorothy Howard 
               Born September 1531 
               Died 25 September 1593 Lathom 
               Buried Ormskirk 
                         Children, Generation III-2 

      III-1 (II-1-4) 
        (2) 1  Edward Seymour 
               Lord Beauchamp 
               Born 21 September 1561 The Tower 
               Died circa 13 July 1612 Wick, Wiltshire 
               Buried Bedwyn Magna, Wiltshire 
               Married before 1 July 1582 
               Honora Rogers, daughter of Sir Richard Rogers, of Bryanston 
               and Cecilia Luttrell, of Dunster 
               Died after 28 February 1608 
                         Children, Generation IV-1 

            2  Thomas Seymour 
               Born February 1563 The Tower 
              Died circa 1600 

      III-2 (II-2-1) 
            1  Ferdinando Stanley 
               5th Earl of Derby 
               Born circa 1559  London 
               Died 16 April 1594 
               Buried Ormskirk 
               Married before 1580 
               Alice Spencer, daughter of Sir John Spencer, of 
               Wormleighton and Catherine Kitson 
               Died 23 January 1637 Harefield, Midx. 
                         Children, Generation IV-2 

            2  William Stanley 
               6th Earl of Derby 
               Born circa 1561 Cannon Row, Westminster 
               Died 29 September 1642 
               Buried Ormskirk 
               Married 26 June 1594 Greenwich 
               Lady Elizabeth de Vere, daughter of Edward de Vere, 17th 
               Earl of Oxford and Anne Cecil 
               Born 10 July 1575 Theobalds 
               Died circa 10 March 1626 Richmond, Surrey 
               Buried Westminster Abbey 
                         Children, Generation IV-3 

       IV-1 (III-1-1) 
            1  Edward Seymour 
               Baron Beauchamp 
               Born 1586 
               Buried 15 September 1618 London, St.Bride's 
               Married 1 June 1609 London, St.Bride's 
               Lady Anne Sackville, daughter of Robert Sackville, 2nd Earl 
               of Dorset and Lady Margaret Howard 

            2  William Seymour 
               2nd Duke of Somerset 
               Born 1 September 1587 
               Died 24 October 1660 Essex House, The Strand 
               Married (1) 22 June 1610 Greenwich Palace 
               Lady Arabella Stuart, daughter of Charles Stuart, Earl of 
               Lennox and Elizabeth Cavendish 
               Born circa 1575 
               Died 27 September 1615 Tower of London 
               Married (2) 3 March 1617 Drayton Basset, co Stafford 
               Lady Frances Devereux, daughter of Robert Devereux, 2nd 
               Earl of Essex, 3rd Viscount Hereford and Frances Walsingham 
               Born 1599 
               Died 24 April 1674 
               Buried Great Bedwyn, Wilts. 
                         Children, Generation V-1 

            3  Francis Seymour 
               1st Baron Seymour of Trowbridge 
               Born circa 1590 
               Died 12 July 1664 Marlborough 
               Buried Great Bedwyn Church 
               Married (1) circa 1620 
               Frances Prinne, daughter of Sir Gilbert Prinne/Pryne and 
               Mary Davys 
               Died 6 September 1626 Allington 
               Buried Marlborough 
               Married (2) 1635 
               Catherine Lee, daughter of Sir Robert Lee, of Billesley and 
               Anne Lowe 
               Buried 5 March 1701 
                         Children, Generation V-2 

            4  Honora Seymour 
               Married 9 July 1610 
               Sir Ferdinando Sutton, son of Edward Sutton, 5th Lord 
               Dudley and Theodocia Harington 
               Born 1588 
               Died 22 November 1621 
                         Children, Generation V-3 

       IV-2 (III-2-1) 
            1  Lady Anne Stanley 
               Born 1580 
               Buried 11 October 1647 Harefield 
               Married (1) 28 February 1608 
               Grey Brydges, 5th Lord Chandos 
               Married (2) 22 July 1624 Harefield, Midx. 
               Mervyn Touchet, 2nd Earl of Castlehaven, son of George 
               Touchet, 1st Earl of Castlehaven, 18th Lord Audley and Lucy 
               Born circa 1593 
               Died 14 May 1631 London (beheaded) 

            2  Lady Frances Stanley 
               Born May 1583 
               Died 11 March 1636 
               Buried Little Gaddesden, Herts. 
               Married circa 1601 
               John Egerton, 1st Earl of Bridgwater, 2nd Viscount 
               Brackley, son of Thomas Egerton, 1st Viscount Brackley and 
               Elizabeth Ravenscroft 
               Born circa 1579 
               Died 4 December 1649 
               Buried Little Gaddesden, Herts. 
                         Children, Generation V-4 

            3  Lady Elizabeth Stanley 
               baptised 6 January 1588 Knowsley 
               Died 20 January 1633 London 
               Married 15 January 1601 
               Henry Hastings, 5th Earl of Huntingdon, son of Francis 
               Hastings, Lord Hastings and Sarah Harington 
               Born 24 April 1586 
               Died 14 November 1643 Ashby-de-la-Zouch 
                         Children, Generation V-5 

       IV-3 (III-2-2) 
            1  Lady Anne Stanley 
               Born circa 1600 Hackney, Midx. 
               Buried 15 February 1657 Westminster Abbey 
               Married (1) 20 July 1615 St.Margaret's, Westminster 
               Sir Henry Portman, 2nd Baronet, son of Sir John Portman, of
               Orchard, 1st Baronet and Anne Gifford 
               Born circa 1595 
               Died February 1624 
               Married (2) after 6 November 1621 
               Robert Kerr, 1st Earl of Ancram, son of William Kerr, of 
               Ancram and Margaret Dundas 
               Born 1578 
               Died after 9 December 1654 Amsterdam 
                         Children, Generation V-6 

            2  James Stanley 
               7th Earl of Derby 
               Born 31 January 1607 Knowsley, co.Lancaster 
               Died 15 October 1651 Bolton, Lancs. (beheaded) 
               Married 26 June 1626 's-Gravenhage, The Netherlands 
               Charlotte de La Trmouille, daughter of Claude de La 
               Trmouille, 2.Duc de Thouars, 1.Duc de La Trmouille and 
               Countess Charlotte Brabantina von Nassau 
               Born circa 1602 
               Died 31 March 1664 Chester 
               Buried Ormskirk 
                         Children, Generation V-7 

            3  Sir Robert Stanley 
               Married Elizabeth Gorges 

        V-1 (IV-1-2) 
        (2) 1  Lady Frances Seymour 
               Buried 5 January 1681 Westminster Abbey 
               Married (1) 28 October 1652 Essex House, The Strand 
               Richard Molyneux, 2nd Viscount Molyneux, son of Sir Richard 
               Molyneux, 1st Viscount Molyneux and Mary Caryll 
               Born circa 1620 
               Buried 2 July 1654 Sefton 
               Married (2) 7 May 1659 * 
               Thomas Wriothesley, 4th Earl of Southampton, son of Henry 
               Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton and Elizabeth Vernon 
               Born 10 March 1607 
               Died 16 May 1667 Southampton House, Bloomsbury 
               Married (3) 1676 
               Conyers d'Arcy, 2nd Earl of Holderness, son of Conyers 
               d'Arcy, 1st Earl of Holderness, 2nd Baron d'Arcy and Grace 
               Born circa 1620 
               Died 13 December 1692 Aston, co York 

            2  William Seymour 
               Lord Beauchamp 
               Born 1621 
               Died 16 June 1642 

            3  Robert Seymour 
               Lord Beauchamp 
               Born 1622 
               Buried 30 January 1646 

            4  Henry Seymour 
               Baron Beauchamp 
               Born 1626 
               Died 14 March 1654 Tilsy 
               Married 27 June 1648 Little Hadham, Herts. 
               The Hon. Mary Capell, daughter of Arthur Capell, 1st Baron 
               Capell and Elizabeth Morrison 
               baptised 16 December 1630 Hadham Parva, Herts 
               Died 7 January 1715 Chelsea 
               Buried Badminton 
                         Children, Generation VI-1 

            5  Lady Mary Seymour 
               Born 1628 
               Died 20 November 1672 Eastwell 
               Buried Eastwell 
               Married circa 1649 
               Heneage Finch, 3rd Earl of Winchilsea, son of Thomas Finch, 
               2nd Earl of Winchilsea and Cecilie Wentworth 
               Died September 1689 
                         Children, Generation VI-2 

            6  Edward Seymour 
               Died in infancy 

            7  John Seymour 
               4th Duke of Somerset 
               Died 29 April 1675 Amesbury, Wiltshire 
               Buried Salisbury Cathedral 
               Married 1656 Sep.-10-1672 
               Sarah Alston, daughter of Sir Edward Alston and Susan 
               Born circa 1642 
               Died 25 October 1692 
               Buried Westminster Abbey 

            8  Lady Jane Seymour 
               Born 6 July 1637 
               Died 23 November 1679 
               Buried Westminster Abbey 
               Married 7 May 1661 
               Charles Boyle, Viscount Dungarvan, son of Richard Boyle, 
               2nd Earl of Cork, 1st Earl of Burlington and Elizabeth 
               Clifford, Baroness Boyle 
               baptised 12 September 1639 The Savoy, London 
               Died 12 October 1694 Londesborough 
               Buried Londesborough 
                         Children, Generation VI-3 

        V-2 (IV-1-3) 
        (1) 1  Charles Seymour 
               2nd Baron Seymour of Trowbridge 
               Born 1621
               Died 25 August 1665 
               Buried Trowbridge Church 
               Married (1) 4 August 1632 Preshute, Wiltshire 
               Mary Smith 
               Married (2) circa 1654 
               Hon. Elizabeth Alington, daughter of William Alington, 1st 
               Baron Alington and Elizabeth Tollemache 
               baptised 16 September 1635 Bottisham, co Cambridge 
               Buried 30 October 1691 Horseheath co Cambridge 
                         Children, Generation VI-4 

            2  Frances Seymour 
               Born 1635 
               Buried 20 September 1679 Great Bedwyn 
               Married 23 June 1662 
               Sir William Ducie, Viscount Downe, 3rd Baronet, son of Sir 
               Robert Ducie and Elizabeth Pyott 
               Died 9 September 1679 

        V-3 (IV-1-4) 
            1  Frances Sutton 
               6th Baroness Dudley 
               Born 23 July 1611 Dudley Castle 
               Buried 11 August 1697 Himley 
               Married 17 February 1628 * 
               Humble Ward, 1st Baron Ward, son of William Ward, of Heal 
               and Elizabeth Humble 
               Born circa 1614 
               Died 14 October 1670 
                         Children, Generation VI-5 

        V-4 (IV-2-2) 
            1  Lady Elizabeth Egerton 
               Buried 24 March 1688 St.Martin's, Stamford,Northan. 
               Married David Cecil, 3rd Earl of Exeter, son of Sir Richard 
               Cecil, of Wakerley and Elizabeth Cope 
               Born circa 1604 
               Died 18 April 1643 London 
                         Children, Generation VI-6 

            2  Lady Mary Egerton 
               Died 1659 
               Buried Montgomery Church 
               Married 19 November 1627 Bridgewater House, Barbican 
               Richard Herbert, 2nd Lord Herbert of Cherbury, son of 
               Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury and Mary 
               Died 13 May 1655 
                         Children, Generation VI-7 

            3  Lady Frances Egerton 
               Died 27 November 1664 Chapplefield, Norwich 
               Married February 1621 
               Sir John Hobart, 2nd Baronet, son of Sir Henry Hobart, 1st 
               Baronet and Dorothy Bell 
               Born 19 April 1593 Norwich 
               Died 20 April 1647 Norwich 
                         Children, Generation VI-8 

            4  Lady Alice Egerton 
               Buried 19 July 1689 Westminster Abbey 
               Married before 20 July 1652 
               Richard Vaughan, 2nd Earl of Carbery, son of John Vaughan, 
               1st Earl of Carbery and Margaret Meyrick 
               Died 3 December 1686 

            5  Lady Arabella Egerton 
               Buried 1669 Melton Mowbray 
               Married before  March 1628 
               Oliver St.John, Lord St.John, son of Oliver St.John, 1st 
               Earl of Bolingbroke and Elizabeth Paulet 
               Died 23 October 1642 Edgehill (in battle) 

            6  James Egerton 
               Viscount Brackley 
               Born 21 September 1616 
               Buried 31 December 1620 St.Giles's, Cripplegate 

            7  Charles Egerton 
               Viscount Brackley 
               Buried 19 April 1623 St.Giles's, Cripplegate 

            8  John Egerton 
               2nd Earl of Bridgwater 
               Born June 1623 
               Died 26 October 1686 Barbican, Midx. 
               Buried Little Gaddesden, Herts. 
               Married 22 July 1641 St.James's, Clerkenwell 
               Lady Elizabeth Cavendish, daughter of William Cavendish, 
               1st Duke of Newcastle and Elizabeth Basset 
               Born 1627 ? 
               Died 14 June 1663 Westminster 
                         Children, Generation VI-9 

        V-5 (IV-2-3) 
            1  Lady Alice Hastings 
              Buried 29 March 1667 St.Giles's-in-the-Fields, Midx 
               Married 17 December 1656 London 
               Sir Gervase Clifton, of Clifton Hall, 1st Baronet, son of 
               George Clifton and Winifred Thorold 
               Born 1587 
               Died 28 June 1666 
               Buried Clifton 

            2  Ferdinando Hastings 
               6th Earl of Huntingdon 
               Born 18 January 1608 
               Died 13 February 1655 Donnington Park, co.Leicester 
               Married 7 August 1623 Englefield 
               Lucy Davies, daughter of Sir John Davies and Lady Eleanor 
               Died 14 November 1679 
               Buried Ashby 
                         Children, Generation VI-10 

            3  Lady Elizabeth Hastings 
               Married Sir Hugh Calveley, of Lea 

            4  Henry Hastings 
               Baron Loughborough 
               Died 1666 

        V-6 (IV-3-1) 
        (2) 1  Stanley Kerr 
               mentioned 1666 

        V-7 (IV-3-2) 
            1  Charles Stanley 
               8th Earl of Derby 
               Born 19 January 1628 
               Died 21 December 1672 
               Buried Ormskirk 
               Married 1650 
               Helena Dorothea van den Kerckhoven, daughter of Mr. 
               Johannes Polyander gn. van den Kerckhoven, Heer van 
               Kerckhoven, Heenvliet en Sassenheim and Katherine Wotton, 
               Countess of Chesterfield 
               Died 6 April 1703 Ormskirk 
                         Children, Generation VI-11 

            2  Lady Henriette Mary Stanley 
               Born 17 November 1630 
               Died 27 December 1685 London 
               Buried York Minster 
               Married 27 February 1654 
               William Wentworth, 2nd Earl of Strafford, son of Thomas 
               Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford and Lady Arabella Holles 
               Born 8 June 1626 Wentworth Woodhouse 
               Died 16 October 1695 in County York 
               Buried York Minster 

            3  The Hon. Edward Stanley 

            4  The Hon. William Stanley 

            5  Lady Amelia Ann Sophia Stanley 
               Died 22 February 1702 
               Buried Dunkeld 
               Married 5 May 1659 
               John Murray, 1st Marquess of Atholl, son of John Murray, 
               1st Earl of Atholl and Jean Campbell 
               Born 2 May 1631 
               Died 6 May 1703 
               Buried Dunkeld 
                         Children, Generation VI-12 

            6  Lady Catherine Stanley 
               Married September 1652 
               Henry Pierrepont, Marquess of Dorchester, son of Robert 
               Pierrepont, 1st Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull and Gertrude 
               Born March 1607 
               Died 8 December 1680 London, Charterhouse Yard 


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