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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
(corrections/additions are welcome)
The Descendants of Mathilde of Brabant
(2 generations)

       Mathilde of Brabant
       Born circa 1224
       Died 29 September 1288
       Buried Chercamp
       Married (1) 14 June 1237 Compiegne
       Robert I, Comte d'Artois, son of Louis VIII, King of France
       1223-1226 and Blanche of Castile, Regent of France
       Born September 1216
       Died 9 February 1250 Manssura, Egypt (in battle)
       Married (2) circa 31 May 1254
       Guy II de Chatillon, Comte de St.Pol, son of Hugues de
       Chatillon, Comte de St.Pol and Marie d'Avesnes, Comtesse de
       Died 12 March 1289
                 Children, Generation I 
       Generation I
        (1) 1  Blanche d'Artois
               Regent of Navarre
               Born circa 1245 /1250
               Died 2 May 1302 Paris
               Married (1) 1269
               Enrique I, King of Navarre, son of Thibaut IV-I, King of
               Navarre 1234-1253 and Marguerite de Bourbon
               Died circa 22 July 1274 Pamplona
               Buried Cathedral of Pamplona
               Married (2) circa 3 February 1276 Paris
               Edmund "Crouchback", Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Leicester,
               son of Henry III, King of England 1216-1272 and Eleanor de
               Born 16 January 1245 London
               Died 5 June 1296 Bayonne
                         Children, Generation II-1  
            2  Robert II
               Comte d'Artois
               Born after  August 1250
               Died 11 July 1302 Kortrijk (in battle)
               Buried Abbey de Maubuisson
               Married (1) 1262
               Amicie de Courtenay, Heiress of Conches, Mehun-sur-Yevre,
               daughter of Pierre I de Courtenay, Seigneur de Conches, de
               Mehun-sur-Yevre and Perenelle de Joigny, Dame de
               Chateaurenard et d'Amilly
               Born circa 1250
               Died 1275 Rome
               Buried Rome, St.Peter
               Married (2) 1277
               Agnes de Dampierre, Dame de Bourbon, daughter of Archambaud
               IX de Dampierre, Seigneur de Bourbon and Yolande de
               Chatillon, Heiress of Nevers, Auxerre and Tonnerre
               Born 1237
               Died 7 September 1288
               Married (3) October 1298
               Margaretha of Holland, daughter of Jan II d'Avesnes, Count
               of Holland 1299-1304 and Hainault 1280-1304 and Philippine
               de Luxembourg
               Died 18 October 1342
                         Children, Generation II-2  
        (2) 3  Hugues II de Ch�tillon
               Comte de Blois et Dunois
               Died 1307
               Married circa 1287
               Beatrix of Flanders, daughter of Guy de Dampierre, Count of
               Flanders 1278-1304, Count of Namur 1263 and Isabelle de
               Luxembourg, heiress of Namur
               Died 1307
                         Children, Generation II-3   
            4  Guy III de Chatillon
               Comte de St.Pol
               Died 6 April 1317
               Married 22 July 1292
               Marie de Bretagne, daughter of Jean II, Duc de Bretagne
               1286-1305 and Beatrice of England
               Born 1268
               Died 5 May 1339
                         Children, Generation II-4 
            5  Beatrix de Chatillon
               Died 1304 Saint Pol
               Buried Abbey of Cercamps, Artois
               Married Jean I de Brienne, Comte d'Eu, son of Alfons/Aufons
               de Brienne, Comte d'Eu and Marie de Lusignan, Comtesse d'Eu
               Died 12 June 1294 Clermont-en-Beauvaisis
               Buried Abbey of Foucarmont
                         Children, Generation II-5
            6  Jacques I de Chatillon
               Seigneur de Leuze de Cond�
               Died 11 July 1302 Kortrijk (in battle)
               Married Catherine de Carency, Heiress of Buquoy, Duisant &
                         Children, Generation II-6 

            7  Jeanne de Chatillon
               Married circa 1272
               Guillaume III de Chauvigny, Seigneur de Chateauroux, son of
               Guillaume II de Chauvigny, Seigneur de Chateauroux and
               Agnes (Agathe) de Lusignan
               Died 2 May 1322
                         Children, Generation II-7
       II-1 (I-1)
        (2) 1  Mary of Lancaster
        (1) 2  Jeanne I
               Queen of Navarre, Comtesse de Champagne
               Born circa 14 January 1271 Bar-sur-Aube
               Died 2 April 1304 Vincennes
               Buried Cordeliers de Paris
               Married 16 August 1284 Paris, Notre Dame
               Philippe IV "le Bel", King of France 1285-1314, son of
               Philippe III "le Hardi", King of France 1270-1285 and
               Isabelle of Aragon
               Born 1268 Fontainebleau
               Died 29 November 1314 Fontainebleau
               Buried St.Denis
        (2) 3  Thomas
               2nd Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Lincoln
               Born circa 1279
               Died 22 March 1322 Pontefract (beheaded)
               Married circa 1310
               Alice de Lacy, Countess of Lincoln and Salisbury, daughter
               of Henry de Lacy, 3rd Earl of Lincoln and Margaret
               Born 25 December 1281
               Died 2 October 1348
               Buried Barlings Abbey
            4  Henry
               3rd Earl of Lancaster and Leicester
               Born circa 1281 Grosmont Castle
               Died 22 September 1345 Leicester
               Married circa 2 March 1297
               Maud de Chaworth, daughter of Sir Patrick de Chaworth and
               Isabel de Beauchamp
               Born 1282
               Died 3 December 1322
            5  John
               Lord of Beaufort and Nogent Lartauld
               Born circa  May 1286
               Died circa 1327 in France
       II-2 (I-2)
        (1) 1  Mathilde d'Artois
               Heiress of Artois
               Born circa 1268
               Died 27 October 1329 Paris
               Buried Abbey of Maubuisson
               Married before 1 May 1291
               Otto V, Count Palatine of Bourgogne, son of Hugues 'de
               Chalons', Count Palatine of Bourgogne and Alix de Meran
               Born before 1248
               Died 17 March 1302
            2  Philippe d'Artois
               Sire de Conches, de Nonancourt, de Damfront,
               Born circa 1269
               Died 11 September 1298
               Buried Paris, St. Jacques
               Married after  November 1281
               Blanche de Bretagne, daughter of Jean II, Duc de Bretagne
               1286-1305 and Beatrice of England
               Born circa 1270
               Died 19 March 1327 Chateau de Bois-de-Vincennes
               Buried Paris, St. Jacques
            3  Robert d'Artois
       II-3 (I-3)
            1  Guy I de Chatillon
               Comte de Blois
               Died before 12 August 1342
               Married after 6 October 1310
               Marguerite de Valois, daughter of Charles, Comte de Valois
               and Marguerite d'Anjou
               Born 1295
               Died July 1342
            2  Jean de Chatillon
               Seigneur de Chateaurenault
               Died 1329
       II-4 (I-4)
            1  Mahaut de Chatillon
               Died 3 October 1358
               Married June 1308
               Charles, Comte de Valois, son of Philippe III "le Hardi",
               King of France 1270-1285 and Isabelle of Aragon
               Born 12 March 1270 Carenne
               Died 16 December 1325 Le Perray, nr.Rambouillet
            2  Jean de Chatillon
               Comte de St.Pol
               Died 1344
               Married December 1329
               Jeanne de Fiennes, daughter of Jean de Fiennes, Chatelain
               de Bourbourg, Seigneur de Tingry and Isabelle of Flanders
               Died after 7 June 1353
            3  Marie de Chatillon
               Died March 1377 Denny
               Buried Denny
               Married July 1321
               Aymer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke, son of William de
               Valence, Seigneur de Valence, Lord of Pembroke and Joan de
               Born circa 1270
               Died 23 June 1324 in France
       II-5 (I-5)
            1  Marguerite de Brienne
               Died 20 May 1310
               Married Guy II, Vicomte de Thouars, Seigneur de Talmond,
               son of Aimery IX de Thouars, Vicomte de Thouars and
               Marguerite de Lusignan
               Died 21 September 1308
            2  Isabelle de Brienne
               Died before 11 November 1307
               Married Jean II de Dampierre, Seigneur de Dampierre et de
               Saint-Dizier, son of Jean de Dampierre, Sire de St.Dizier,
               de Dampierre-sur-l'Aube and Lauretta de Lorraine
               Died before 11 November 1307
            3  Jean II de Brienne
               Comte d'Eu
               Died 1302 (in battle)
               Married Jeanne de Guines, Comtesse de Guines, daughter of
               Baudouin de Guines, Chatelain de Bourbourg, Seigneur
               d'Ardres and Jeanne de Montmorency
               Died 1331

       II-6 (I-6)
            1  Hugues de Chatillon
               Seigneur de Leuze de Cond� de Carency de Buquoy
               Died 1329
               Married after 1316
               Jeanne de Dargies, daughter of Renaud de Dargies
               Died 1348
            2  Beatrix de Chatillon
               Died after 1350
               Married 1315
               Jean de Dampierre, Seigneur de Crevecoeur et d'Aleux, son
               of Guillaume IV de Dampierre, Heer van Dendermonde &
               Crevecoeur and Alix de Clermont
               Died 2 May 1325 (in battle)
            3  Isabeau de Chatillon
               Died 19 May 1360
               Married May 1311 *
               Guillaume de Coucy, Seigneur de Coucy, son of Enguerrand V
               de Guines, Seigneur de Coucy and Christian Baillol
               Died 1335
       II-7 (I-7)
            1  Andre II de Chauvigny
               Vicomte de Brosse
               Died after 7 May 1358
               Married before 25 May 1314
               Jeanne, Vicomtesse de Brosse, daughter of Pierre, Vicomte
               de Brosse and NN
               Died after 24 October 1348 (date will)

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