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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
(corrections/additions are welcome)
The Descendants of Obizzo Visconti,
Lord of Massino
(7 generations)

       Obizzo Visconti
       Lord of Massino
       Married Florine Mandelli, daughter of Ruffino Mandelli
                 Children, Generation I  
       Generation I   
            1  Teobaldo Visconti
               Died 1274
               Married Anastasia Pirovana
               Died 1276
                         Children, Generation II-1 
       II-1 (I-1)
            1  Matteo I Visconti
               Lord of Milan
               Born 15 July 1250 Invorio
               Died 24 June 1322 Crescenago
               Married 1269
               Bonacosta Borri, daughter of Squarcino Borri
               Died 15 January 1321 Milano
                         Children, Generation III-1   
      III-1 (II-1-1)
            1  Catharina Visconti
               Married 1298
               Alboino I della Scala, Lord of Verona, son of Alberto I
               della Scala, Lord of Verona and Verde de Salizolo
               Born circa 1284 Verona
               Died 28 October 1311 Verona
            2  Galeazzo I Visconti
               Born 21 January 1277
               Died 6 August 1328
               Married 24 June 1300
               Beatrice d'Este, daughter of Markgrave Obizzo II d'Este and
               Jakobine Fieschi
               Died 1 September 1334
               Child by (a) NN
                         Children, Generation IV-1
            3  Stefano Visconti
               Lord of Milan and Arona
               Born circa 1282
               Died 4 July 1337 Milan
               Married 1318
               Valentina Doria, daughter of Barnabo Doria, Lord of Sasello
               and Logoduro and Eliana Fieschi
               Born 1290 Genoa
               Died 1359 Milan
                         Children, Generation IV-2 
            4  Giovanni Visconti
               Cardinal, Archbishop of Milan, Doge of Venice
               Born 1290
               Died 5 October 1354
       IV-1 (III-1-2)
            1  Azzo Visconti
               Lord of Milan 1328-1339
               Born 7 December 1302
               Died 16 August 1339
               Married 1 October 1330 Milan
               Catherine de Savoie, daughter of Louis II de Savoie, Baron
               de Vaud, Regent of Savoie 1343-1348 and Isabelle de Chalon
               Died 18 June 1388
            2  Riccarda Visconti
               Married Tommaso II, Marchese di Saluzzo, son of Federigo,
               Marchese di Saluzzo
               Died 1357
        (a) 3  Cattarina Visconti
               Married Alaone Spinola
       IV-2 (III-1-3)
            1  Bernabo Visconti
               Lord of Milan, Bergamo, Cremona, Lodi, Bologna
               Born 1319 Milan
               Died 18 December 1385 Trezzo (poisoned)
               Buried Milano
               Married 27 September 1350 Verona
               Beatrice della Scala, daughter of Mastino II della Scala,
               Lord of Verona, Vicenzo, Brescia, Parma and Lucca and
               Taddea da Carrara
               Born circa 1331 Verona
               Died 18 June 1384 Milano
               Buried Milano
               Child by (a) Regina de Salcalle
               Child by (b) NN
               Child by (c) Beltameda Cassa
                         Children, Generation V-1 
            2  Galeazzo II Visconti
               Born circa 1320
               Died 4 August 1378

               Married 10 September 1350
               Blanche Maria de Savoie, daughter of Aymone, Count of
               Savoie 1329-1343 and Yolande de Monferrato
               Died 31 December 1387
                         Children, Generation V-2  
            3  Matteo II Visconti
               Lord of Milan 1354-1355
               Died 29 September 1355
        V-1 (IV-2-1)
            1  Agnese Visconti
               Died 1391
            2  Taddea Visconti
               Born circa 1351 Milano
               Died 28 September 1381
               Buried Muenchen
               Married 13 October 1364
               Stefan III, Duke von Bayern-Ingolstadt, son of Stefan II
               "mit der Hafte", Duke von Bayern 1347-1375 and
               Elisabeth/Isabella of Sicily
               Born circa 1337
               Died 25 September 1413
            3  Lucy Visconti
               Died 14 April 1424
               Buried London, Austin Friars
               Engaged (1) 2 August 1384 Milano
               Louis II, Duc d'Anjou, son of Louis I, Duc d'Anjou and
               Marie de Chatillon de Blois
               Born 7 October 1377 Toulon
               Died 29 April 1417 Angers
               Married (2) 24 January 1407 Southwark
               Edmund Holand, 4th Earl of Kent, Baron Wake, Woodstock and
               Holand, son of Thomas de Holand, 2nd Earl of Kent and Lady
               Alice Fitzalan
               Born 6 January 1383 ?
               Died 15 September 1407 Isle of Briac, Brittany
               Buried Bourne Abbey, co Lincoln

            4  Verde Visconti
               Born 1352 Milano
               Died before 11 March 1414
               Buried Sittich, Karnten
               Married 23 February 1365 Milano
               Leopold III, Duke of Steiermark, son of Albrecht II, Duke
               of Austria and Johanna von Pfirt
               Born 1 November 1351
               Died 9 July 1386 Sempach (in battle)
            5  Anglesia Visconti
               Died 12 October 1439 Reggio
               Married after  January 1400 (Annulled 1407/9)
               Janus de Lusignan, King of Cyprus and Armenia, son of
               Jacques I de Lusignan, King of Cyprus 1382-1398, titular
               King of Armenia and Helvis/Helisia of Brunswick
               Born circa 1374 Genoa
               Died 29 June 1432 Nicosia, Cyprus
            6  Giammastino Visconti
               Married 1385
               Cleofa della Scala, daughter of Antonio della Scala and
               Samaritana da Polenta
            7  Antonia Visconti
               Born 1360 Milano
               Died 26 March 1405
               Buried Stiftskirche, Stuttgart
               Married 27 October 1380 Urach
               Eberhard IV "der Milde", Count von Wuerttemberg 1392-1417,
               son of Ulrich IV, Count von Wuerttemberg and Elisabeth of
               Born 1364
               Died 16 May 1417 Goeppingen am Sauerbrunnen
            8  Caterina Visconti
               Born circa 1360
               Died 17 October 1404
               Married 2 October 1380
               Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan, Count of Pavia, son
               of Galeazzo II Visconti and Blanche Maria de Savoie
               Born November 1351
               Died 3 September 1402
            9  Maddalena Visconti
               Born circa 1366 Milano
               Died 17 July 1404 Burghausen, Bavaria
               Buried Kloster Raitenhaslach
               Married 2 September 1381 Landshut
               Friedrich, Duke von Bayern-Landshut 1392-1393, son of
               Stefan II "mit der Hafte", Duke von Bayern 1347-1375 and
               Elisabeth/Isabella of Sicily
               Born circa 1339
               Died 4 December 1393 Budweis
            10 Elisabetta Visconti
               Born circa 1374 Milano
               Died 2 February 1432 Muenchen
               Married 26 January 1395 Pfaffenhofen
               Ernst, Duke von Bayern 1397-1402, son of Johann II, Duke
               von Bayern 1375-1397 and Katharina von Goerz
               Born 1373
               Died 2 July 1438 Muenchen
               Buried Muenchen
            11 Valenza Visconti
               Died before  September 1393
               Married September 1378
               Peter II de Lusignan, King of Cyprus, son of Peter I de
               Lusignan, King of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia and
               Eleonora de Aragon, Regent of Cyprus
               Born circa 1357
               Died 13 October 1382
        (a) 12 Carlo Visconti
               Lord of Parma
               Born circa 1357 Milano
               Died 1391 (or 1403)
               Married 1382
               Beatrice d'Armagnac, daughter of Jean II, Comte de Armagnac
               and Jeanne de Perigord
                         Children, Generation VI-1   
        (b) 13 Lodovico Visconti
               Lord of Lodi
               Died 1385
               Married 18 April 1381
               Violante Visconti, daughter of Galeazzo II Visconti and
               Blanche Maria de Savoie
               Born 1354
               Died November 1386 Pavia
        (c) 14 Isotta Visconti
               Died 1388
               Married Ludwig I (Lutz), Count von Landau, son of Eberhard
               III, Count von Laudau and Guta von Gundelfingen
               Died 30 September 1398
        V-2 (IV-2-2)
            1  Gian Galeazzo Visconti
               Duke of Milan, Count of Pavia
               Born November 1351
               Died 3 September 1402
               Married (1) June 1360
               Isabelle de France, daughter of Jean II "the Good", King of
               France 1350-1364 and Judith of Bohemia
               Born 1 October 1348 Vincennes
               Died 11 September 1372 Pavia
               Buried Pavia, San Francesco
               Married (2) 2 October 1380
               Caterina Visconti, daughter of Bernabo Visconti, Lord of
               Milan, Bergamo, Cremona, Lodi, Bologna and Beatrice della
               Born circa 1360
               Died 17 October 1404
                         Children, Generation VI-2  
            2  Violante Visconti
               Born 1354
               Died November 1386 Pavia
               Married (1) 28 May 1368 Milano, Italy
               Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence, Earl of Ulster, son of
               Edward III, King of England 1327-1377 and Philippa of
               Holland and Hainault
               Born 29 November 1338 Antwerpen
               Died 17 October 1368 Alba, Piedmont
               Married (2) 2 August 1377
               Secondotto, Marchese de Montferrato 1372-1378, son of Jean
               II Paleologue, Marchese de Monferrato 1338-1372 and Isabel
               of Aragon, titular-Queen of Mallorca
               Born 1361
               Died 16 December 1378 Parma
               Married (3) 18 April 1381
               Lodovico Visconti, Lord of Lodi, son of Bernabo Visconti,
               Lord of Milan, Bergamo, Cremona, Lodi, Bologna and NN
               Died 1385
       VI-1 (V-1-12)
            1  Giovanni Carlo Visconti
            2  Viridis Visconti
               Died young
            3  Bonne Visconti dite de Milan
               Died after 1433
               Married 1414
               Guillaume, Seigneur de Montauban, son of Olivier V,
               Seigneur de Montauban and Mahaud d'Aubigne, Dame de Landal
               Died 1432
               Buried Carmes, Dol
       VI-2 (V-2-1)
        (1) 1  Valentine Visconti
               Born 1366
               Died 4 December 1408 Orleans
               Married 17 August 1389
               Louis, Duc d'Orleans, son of Charles V, King of France
               1364-1380 and Jeanne de Bourbon
               Born 13 March 1372 Paris
               Died 23 November 1407 Paris (murdered)
        (2) 2  Giovanni Maria Visconti
               Duke of Milan
               Born 1389
               Died 16 May 1412
            3  Philippe Marie Visconti
               Duke of Milan
               Born 23 September 1392
               Died 13 August 1447
               Married (2) 2 December 1427
               Marie de Savoie, daughter of Amadeo VIII, Duke of Savoie
               1391-1434 and Marie de Bourgogne
               Born January 1411 Chambery
               Died 22 February 1479
               Child by (a) Agnes del Maino
               Died after  August 1447
                         Children, Generation VII-1 
      VII-1 (VI-2-3)
        (a) 1  Blanche Maria Visconti
               Born 31 March 1425
               Died October 1468 Cremona
               Married 25 October 1441
               Francesco I Alessandro Sforza, Duke of Milan, Count of
               Pavia, son of Jacopo Mucius Attendolo Sforza and Lucia di
               Born 23 July 1401 San Miniato, Tuscany
               Died 6 March 1466

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