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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corrections/additions are welcome

Descendants of
Pedro, Duke of Cantabria
(12 generations)

       Duke of Cantabria 
       Married NN 
                 Children, Generation I 

       Generation I 
            1  Alfonso I "El Catolico" 
               King of Asturias & Galicia 
               mentioned 739 and 757 
               Married Hermesinda de Asturias, daughter of Pelayo I, King 
               of Asturias and Gaudiosa 
                         Children, Generation II-1 

            2  Fruela 
               Duca di Cantabria 
               Died circa 765 
               Married NN 
                         Children, Generation II-2 

       II-1 (I-1) 
            1  Fruela I 
               King of Asturias 
               Born circa 740 
               mentioned 768 
               Married Munia 
                         Children, Generation III-1 

       II-2 (I-2) 
            1  Vermudo I "el Diacono" 
               King of Asturias 
               Born circa 750 
               Died 797 
               Married Usenda 
                         Children, Generation III-2 

      III-1 (II-1-1) 
            1  Alfonso II "el Casto" 
               King of Asturias 
               Born circa 765 
               Died 20 March 842 
               Married (Bertha of Franken) 

      III-2 (II-2-1) 
            1  Ramiro I 
               King of Asturias 
               Born circa 790 
               Died 1 February 850 
               Married (1) NN 
                         Children, Generation IV-1 

       IV-1 (III-2-1) 
        (1) 1  Ordo¤o I 
               King of Asturias & Galicia 
               Born circa 830 
               Died 27 May 866 
               Married Munia 
                         Children, Generation V-1 
        V-1 (IV-1-1) 
            1  Munio 
               Died after 870 
               Married NN 
                         Children, Generation VI-1 

            2  Alfonso III 
               King of Asturias, Galicia & L�on 
               Born 848 
               Died 20 December 910 
               Married 869 / 870 
               Jimena Garc�s de Navarre, daughter of Garcia I Iniguez, 
               King of Pamplona and Uracca 
               Died before  June 912 
                         Children, Generation VI-2 

       VI-1 (V-1-1) 
            1  Vermudo Nu¤ez 
               Conde de Cea 
               Died after 958 
               Married Velasquita 

       VI-2 (V-1-2) 
            1  Ramiro I 
               Titular-King of Asturias 
               Died 31 March 929 
               Married Urraca 
                         Children, Generation VII-1 

            2  Ordo¤o II 
               King of Asturias, Leon & Galicia 
               Born circa 873 
               Died January 924 
               Married (1) 890 / 900 
               Elvira Menedez, daughter of Hermenegildo Menedez and 
               Hermesinda Gatonez 
               Died circa  October 921 
               Married (3) March 923 
               Sancha Sanchez de Navarre, daughter of Sancho I Garc�s, 
               King of Navarre and Toda Aznares 
               Born after 900 
               Died December 959 
                         Children, Generation VII-2 

      VII-1 (VI-2-1) 
            1  Muniadomna Ramirez 
               Died after 5 August 935 
               Married before 912 
               Gonzalo Fernandez de Lara, Count of Castile, Count of Lara, 
               son of Fernando Gonzalez and Gutina Nunez 
               Died 932 

      VII-2 (VI-2-2) 
        (1) 1  Ramiro II 
               King of Leon 931-951 
               Born circa 900 
               Died 1 January 951 
               Married (1) circa 925 Div.930 
               Adosinda Gutierrez, daughter of Count Gutierre Osorez and 
               Ildoncia Gutierrez 
               Married (2) circa 932 
               Urraca Sanchez de Navarre, daughter of Sancho I Garc�s, 
               King of Navarre and Toda Aznares 
               Died 23 June 956 
                         Children, Generation VIII-1 

     VIII-1 (VII-2-1) 
        (1) 1  Teresa of Leon 
               Married before 943 
               Garcia III Sanchez, King of Navarre 931-970, son of Sancho 
               I Garc�s, King of Navarre and Toda Aznares 
               Born 919 
               Died 970 

            2  Ordo¤o III 
               King of Leon 
               Born circa 926 
               Died 30 August 955 / 13 November 955 
               Married Urraca Fern ndez, daughter of Fernan Gonz lez, 
               Count de Lara, Count of Castile and Sancha Sanchez de 
               Died after 1007 
               Child by (a) Aragonta Pelaez, daughter of Pelayo Gonz lez 
               and Hermesinda Gutierrez 
                         Children, Generation IX-1 

            3  Vermudo of Leon 
               Born before 930 
               Died after 941 

        (2) 4  Sancho I "the Fat" 
               King of Leon 955-958, 960-966 
               Born circa 933 
               Died December 966 (murdered) 
               Married 960 
               Teresa Ansurez, daughter of Conde Ansur Fern ndez and 
               Died after 997 
                         Children, Generation IX-2 

            5  Elvira of Leon 
               Regent of L�on 966-975 
               Born circa 935 
               Died circa 986 

       IX-1 (VIII-1-2) 
            1  Ordo¤o of Leon 
               Died young 

            2  Teresa of Leon 

        (a) 3  Vermudo II "el Gotoso" 
               King of Leon 
               Born circa 953 
               Died September 999 
               Married (1) (Div.988) 
               Velasquita Ramirez, daughter of Conde Ramiro 
               Died after 1024 
               Married (2) November 991 
               Elvira Garcia of Castile, Regent of Leon, daughter of 
               Garcia I Fern ndez, Count of Castile and Ava de Ribagorza 
               Died December 1017 
                         Children, Generation X-1 
       IX-2 (VIII-1-4) 
            1  Ramiro III Flavio 
               King of Leon 966-985 
               Married before  January 979 
               Sancha Gomez, daughter of Gome Diaz, Conde de Salda¤a y 
               Carri¢n and Munia Fern ndez 
               Died after 983 
                         Children, Generation X-2 

        X-1 (IX-1-3) 
        (1) 1  Cristina of Leon 
               Married Ordo¤o Ramirez, son of Ramiro III Flavio, King of 
               Leon 966-985 and Sancha Gomez 
               Died before 1020 

        (2) 2  Pelayo of Leon 
               Died after 1006 

            3  Teresa of Leon 
               Born circa 992 
               Died 25 April 1039 
               Married 995 
               Abu Amir Muhammed Ibn Abi, 'al-Mansur' 
               Died 10 August 1002 

            4  Alfonso V 
               King of Leon 999-1028 
               Born 996 
               Died 7 August 1028 (in battle) 
               Married (1) 1015 
               Elvira Menendez, daughter of Count Menende Gonz lez and 
               Died 2 December 1022 
               Married (2) 1023 
               Urraca Garc�s de Navarre, daughter of Garcia IV Sanchez "el 
               Tremulo", King of Navarre 994-999 and Jimena Fern ndez 
                         Children, Generation XI-1 

        X-2 (IX-2-1) 
            1  Ordo¤o Ramirez 
               Died before 1020 
               Married Cristina of Leon, daughter of Vermudo II "el 
               Gotoso", King of Leon and Velasquita Ramirez 
                         Children, Generation XI-2 

       XI-1 (X-1-4) 
        (2) 1  Jimena of Leon 
               Married Conde Fernando Gundemariz 

        (1) 2  Infanta Sancha of Leon 
               Born 1013 
               Died 7 November 1067 
               Married 1032 
               Fernando I, King of Castile, son of Sancho III "el Mayor", 
               King of Navarre, Count of Aragon and Castile and Munia 
               Mayor of Castile 
               Born 1016 / 1018 
               Died 27 December 1065 

       XI-2 (X-2-1) 
            1  Conde Alfonso Ordo¤ez 
               Died 1057 (in battle) 
               Married Fronilde 
                         Children, Generation XII-1 

      XII-1 (XI-2-1) 
            1  Cristina Alfonso 

            2  Anderquina Alfonso 

                                   Source Listing 

           Europaeische Stammtafeln, 
           J.A. Stargardt Verlag 
                         by Detlev Schwennicke, Editor

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