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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
(corrections/additions are welcome)
The Descendants of Philipp von Hohenstaufen
King of The Romans
(2 generations)

     Philipp von Hohenstaufen
       King of The Romans
       Born 1176
       Died 21 June 1208 Bamberg (murdered)
       Married 25 May 1197
       Irene Angela, daughter of Isaac II Angelos, Emperor of
       Byzantium 1185-1195, 1203-1204 and NN
       Born 1172
       Died 27 August 1208
                 Children, Generation I 
       Generation I
            1  Beatrix von Hohenstaufen
               Born 1198
               Died 11 August 1212 Nordhausen
               Buried St.Blasii, Braunschweig
               Married 2 July 1212
               Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor 1209-1218, son of Heinrich "the
               Lion", Duke of Saxony 1142-1195 and Bavaria 1154-1195 and
               Matilda of England
               Born 1177
               Died 19 May 1218 Harzburg
            2  Kunigunde von Hohenstaufen
               Born 1200
               Died 13 September 1248
               Married 1224
               Wenceslas I, King of Bohemia, son of Przemysl Ottokar I,
               King of Bohemia 1198-1230 and Konstanze of Hungary
               Born 1205
               Died 22 September 1253
                         Children, Generation II-1
            3  Maria von Hohenstaufen
               Born 1201
               Died 1235 Louvain
               Married before 22 August 1215
               Hendrik II, Duke of Brabant 1235-1248, son of Hendrik I,
               Duke of Brabant 1183-1235 and Mathilde de Boulogne
               Born 1207
               Died 1 February 1248 Louvain
                         Children, Generation II-2 
            4  Elisabeth von Hohenstaufen
               Born circa 1202
               Died 30 November 1235 Toro
               Married 30 November 1219 Burgos
               St. Fernando III, King of Castile 1217-1252 and Leon
               1230-1252, son of Alfonso IX, King of Leon 1188-1230 and
               Berengaria of Castile
               Born August 1201
               Died 30 May 1252 Sevilla
                         Children, Generation II-3
       II-1 (I-2)
            1  Beatrix of Bohemia
               Died 25 May 1286
               Married June 1243
               Otto III, Markgraf von Brandenburg 1220-1267, son of
               Albrecht II, Markgraf von Brandenburg and Markgraefin
               Mathilde von der Nieder-Lausitz
               Died 9 October 1267
            2  Przemysl Ottokar II
               King of Bohemia 1253-1278
               Born circa 1230
               Died 26 August 1278 Durnkrut (in battle)
               Married (2) 25 October 1261 Pressburg
               Kunigunde of Halicz, daughter of Rosztiszlo, Grand Duke of
               Kiev, King of Bulgaria and Anna of Hungary
               Died 9 September 1285
               Child by (a) 'Palczierzik', Lady in waiting
       II-2 (I-3)
            1  Mathilde of Brabant
               Born circa 1224
               Died 29 September 1288
               Buried Chercamp
               Married (1) 14 June 1237 Compiegne
               Robert I, Comte d'Artois, son of Louis VIII, King of France
               1223-1226 and Blanche of Castile, Regent of France
               Born September 1216
               Died 9 February 1250 Manssura, Egypt (in battle)
               Married (2) circa 31 May 1254
               Guy II de Chatillon, Comte de St.Pol, son of Hugues de
               Chatillon, Comte de St.Pol and Marie d'Avesnes, Comtesse de
               Died 12 March 1289
            2  Beatrix of Brabant
               Born circa 1225
               Died 11 November 1288
               Married (1) 10 March 1241
               Heinrich Raspe, Landgraf von Thueringen 1226-1247, Emperor
               Elect, son of Hermann I, Landgraf von Thueringen 1190-1217
               and Sophie of Bavaria
               Born circa 1202
               Died 16 February 1247
               Married (2) November 1247
               Guillaume III de Dampierre, Count of Flanders 1246-1251,
               son of Guillaume de Dampierre and Margarethe , Countess of
               Flanders and Hainault 1244-1280
               Born 1224
               Died 6 June 1251
            3  Hendrik III
               Duke of Brabant 1248-1261
               Died 28 February 1261 Louvain
               Married 1251
               Adelheid (Alix/Adelaide) de Bourgogne, daughter of Hugues
               IV, Duke of Bourgogne 1218-1272 and Yolande de Dreux,
               Comtesse d'Auxonne
               Died 23 October 1273
               Buried Louvain
            4  Maria of Brabant
               Born circa 1226
               Died 18 January 1256 Donauwoerth (beheaded)
               Married 2 August 1254 (Landshut?)
               Ludwig II, Duke von Bayern 1253-1294, son of Otto II, Duke
               von Bayern 1231-1253 and Agnes , Pfalzgraefin am Rhein
               Born 13 April 1229 Heidelberg
               Died 2 February 1294 Heidelberg

            5  Margarete of Brabant
               Abbess of Herzogenthal
               Died 14 March 1277
            6  Philippe of Brabant
               Died young
       II-3 (I-4)
            1  Alfonso X
               King of Castile and Leon 1252-1284
               Born 23 November 1221 Toledo
               Died 4 April 1284 Sevilla
               Married 26 November 1246
               Yolande of Aragon, daughter of Jaime I "the Conqueror",
               King of Aragon 1213-1276 and Violante of Hungary
               Died circa 1300
               Children by (a) Maria Guillen de Guzman, daughter of
               Guillen Perez de Guzman and Maria Gonzalez Giron
               Died 1262
               Child by (b) Maria Alfonso, daughter of Alfonso IX, King of
               Leon 1188-1230 and Teresa Gil de Sousa
            2  Manuel of Castile
               Senor de Escalona, Penafiel y Villena
               Born 1234 Carrion
               Died December 1283 Penafiel
               Married Beatrix de Savoie, daughter of Amadeo IV, Count of
               Savoie, Duke of Chablais & Aosta and Cecile de Baux
               Died 23 February 1292

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