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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
(corrections/additions are welcome)
The Descendants of Philippe *The Good*
Duke of Bourgogne
(3 generations)

       Philippe "the Good"
       Duke of Bourgogne 1419-1467
       Born 30 June 1396 Dijon
       Died 15 June 1467 Brugge
       Married (1) June 1409 Paris
       Michelle de Valois, Princess of France, daughter of Charles
       VI, King of France 1380-1422 and Isabeau of Bavaria
       Born 11 January 1395 Paris
       Died 8 July 1422 Gent
       Buried Gent, St.Bavo
       Married (2) 30 November 1424 Moulins-les-Engilbert
       Bonne d'Artois, daughter of Philippe d'Artois, Comte d'Eu
       and Marie de Berry
       Born circa 1396
       Died 17 September 1425 Dijon
       Married (3) 7 January 1430 Sluis, Flanders
       Isabella of Portugal, daughter of Joao I, King of Portugal
       1385-1433 and Philippa of Lancaster
       Born 21 February 1397 Evora
       Died 17 December 1471 Aire
       Child by (a) Catharina Scaers
       Child by (b) NN
       Child by (c) Jeanne de Presles, daughter of Louis/Raoul de
       Presles and Jeanne de Lisy
       Child by (d) NN
       Child by (e) Jacqueline van Steenbergen
       Child by (f) Jeanne Catelaine
       Child by (g) Nicoletta de Bosquiel
       Child by (h) Isabella de la Vigne
       Child by (i) NN
       Child by (j) NN
       Child by (k) NN Mercatel
       Child by (l) Marguerite Scupelins
       Child by (m) NN
       Child by (n) Catharina de Tiesferies
       Child by (o) NN
       Child by (p) Celie
       Child by (q) Margaretha Post
                 Children, Generation I   
       Generation I 
        (3) 1  Antoine de Bourgogne
               Born 30 September 1430 Bruxelles
               Died 5 February 1432
            2  Josef de Bourgogne
               Born 24 April 1432 Gent
               Died after 6 May 1432
            3  Charles "the Bold"
               Duke of Bourgogne 1467-1477
               Born 11 November 1433 Dijon
               Died 5 January 1477 Nancy (in battle)
               Married (1) 19 May 1440
               Catharine de Valois, Princess of France, daughter of
               Charles VII, King of France 1422-1461 and Marie d'Anjou
               Born 1428
               Died circa 30 July 1446 Bruxelles
               Married (2) 30 October 1454 Rijssel
               Isabelle de Bourbon, daughter of Charles I, Duc de Bourbon
               and Agnes de Bourgogne
               Born circa 1435
               Died 25 September 1465 Antwerpen
               Married (3) 3 July 1468 Damme, Flanders
               Margaret of York, daughter of Richard, 3rd Duke of York and
               Cicely Nevill, 'The Rose of Raby'
               Born 3 May 1446 Fotheringay
               Died 28 November 1503 Malines
                         Children, Generation II-1
        (a) 4  Cornelis batard de Bourgogne
               Heer van Beveren
               Died 16 June 1452 Rupelmonde (in battle)
        (b) 5  Philippe batard de Bourgogne
               Died young
        (c) 6  Antoine "le Grand batard" de Bourgogne
               Heer van Beveren, Comte de La Roche
               Born 1421
               Died 5 May 1504 Chateau Tournehem nr Calais
               Married 26 June 1459 Bruxelles
               Marie de La Vieville, Vicomtesse d'Aire, Dame de La
               Vieville, daughter of Pierre de La Vieville, Sire de
               Tournehem and Isabella de La Preure
               Illegitimately (a) Maria de Bruan
               Illegitimately (b) NN
                         Children, Generation II-2 
        (d) 7  Cateline batarde de Bourgogne
               Abbess of Galilee in Gent
               Died after 1515
        (e) 8  Anne batarde de Bourgogne
               Died 18 January 1508 Chateau Souburg
               Married (2) 21 June 1470 Brugge
               Adolf of Cleves, Count of Ravenstein, son of Adolf I, Duke
               of Cleves 1394-1448 and Marie de Bourgogne
               Born 28 June 1425
               Died 18 September 1492
        (f) 9  Marie de Bourgogne
               Born circa 1426
               Died 1462
               Married 12 November 1447 Bruxelles
               Pierre de Bauffremont, Comte de Charny, son of Henri de
               Bauffremont, Seigneur de Scey and Jeanne de Vergy, Dame de
               Mirebeau, de Bourbonne et de Charny
               Died 1473
                         Children, Generation II-3
        (g) 10 David batard de Bourgogne
               Bishop of Utrecht
               Born circa 1427 Atrecht
               Died 16 April 1496 Wijk bij Duurstede
        (h) 11 Marguerite batarde de Bourgogne
        (i) 12 Yolande batarde de Bourgogne
               Died 3 November 1470
               Married 1 June 1456 's-Gravenhage
               Jean d'Ailly, Seigneur de Picquigny, son of Raoul d'Ailly,
               Seigneur de Raingeval et de Picquigny and Jacqueline de
               B�thune, Vidamesse d'Amiens
               Died 1492
                         Children, Generation II-4
        (j) 13 Catherine batarde de Bourgogne
               Married 28 June 1460
               Humbert de Luyrieux, Sire de La Quelle, son of Guillaume de
               Luyrieux and Anne de La Chambre
               Died 1483 Savigny
                         Children, Generation II-5
        (k) 14 Rafael batard de Bourgogne
               Bishop of Rhosus
               Died 3 August 1508 Brugge
        (l) 15 Jean batard de Bourgogne
               Died 25 January 1499 Bruxelles
               child by Isabeau du Pre
                         Children, Generation II-6
        (m) 16 Cornelia batarde de Bourgogne
               Married Adriaan van Toulongeon
        (n) 17 Baudouin de Bourgogne
               Sire de Falais
               Born 1445 Rijssel
               Died May 1508 Bruxelles
               Married circa 1488
               Marie Manuel de La Cerda, daughter of Juan Manuel de La
               Cerda, Sire de Belmonte and Jeanne de Figueroa
               Children by (a) Catharina Gaure
               Born circa 1477
               Died 1558
               Child by (b) Catherine d'Ayelle
                         Children, Generation II-7

        (o) 18 Magdalena batarde de Bourgogne
               Married Bompar de Aage, Sire de Aage et de Cournon, Baron
        (p) 19 Marion batarde de Bourgogne
        (q) 20 Philippe batard de Bourgogne
               Admiral of Flanders, Lord of Sommelsdijk
               Born 1464
               Died 7 April 1524 Wijk bij Duurstede
       II-1 (I-3)
        (2) 1  Marie "the Rich"
               Heiress of Bourgogne
               Born 13 February 1457 Bruxelles
               Died 27 March 1482 Brugge
               Married 19 August 1477 Gent
               Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor 1493-1519, son of
               Friedrich III, Holy Roman Emperor 1440-1493 and Eleonore of
               Born 22 March 1459 Wiener Neustadt
               Died 12 January 1519 Wels
                         Children, Generation III-1
       II-2 (I-6)
            1  Philippe de Bourgogne
               Heer van Beveren
               Died 4 July 1498 Brugge
               Married 4 July 1485
               Anna van Borselen, Vrouwe van Vere, Vlissingen, Zandenburg,
               daughter of Wolfert VI van Borselen, Comte de Grandpre,
               Earl of Buchan and Charlotte de Bourbon
               Born circa 1471
               Died 8 December 1518 Castle Zandenburg
                         Children, Generation III-2
            2  Jeanne de Bourgogne
               Died 9 February 1511 Hoogstraten
               Buried Culemborgen
               Married 27 February 1470 Brugge
               Jasper II van Culemborg, Lord of Hoogstraten and Borselen,
               son of Gerard II, Heer van Culemborg and Elisabeth van
               Died 21 November 1504
                         Children, Generation III-3
            3  Marie de Bourgogne
               Died young
        (a) 4  Anton van Bourgougne
               Heer van Wakkene en Kapelle
               Died 4 April
               Buried Brugge
               Married Clara van Wakkene, daughter of Andries Andrieszoon
               van Wakkene, Heer van Wakkene and Agnes van Haveskerke
               Died after 31 August 1519 /before 6 January 1525
        (b) 5  Nicolaas de Bourgogne
       II-3 (I-9)
            1  Jeanne de Bauffremont
               Dame de Mirebeau, de La Borde, de Ruigny
               Died 1508
               Married (1) Jacques Rolin d'Aymeries, Seigneur de Pr�silly
               Married (2) 4 October 1481
               Philippe de Longvy, Seigneur de Pagny, Givry et
               Longepierre, son of Jean III de Longvy, Seigneur de Givry
               and Jeanne de Vienne, Dame de La Fontaine-Francaise, de
               Born 1447
               Died 1493
               Married (3) before 23 June 1494
               Helyon de Grandson, Seigneur de Puits de Lamarche
               Died 8 October 1505 Lamarche
                         Children, Generation III-4
            2  Antoinette de Bauffremont
               Comtesse de Charny et de Montfort
               Married 15 March 1472
               Antoine de Luxembourg, Comte de Brienne de Ligny et de
               Roussy, son of Louis, Count of Luxembourg, Ligny and St.Pol
               and Jeanne de Bar, Comtesse de Marle et Soissons
               Died 1519
                         Children, Generation III-5
            3  Philiberte de Bauffremont
               Married 18 March 1476 Dijon
               Jean de Longvy, Seigneur de Fontaine-Francaise
               Died 25 January 1510 / 5 March 1510
       II-4 (I-12)
            1  Isabeau d'Ailly
               Married 13 October 1479
               Jean IV, Baron de Mailly, Comte d'Agimont, son of Jean III,
               Baron de Mailly and Catherine , Dame de Mammez
               Died 27 May 1505
                         Children, Generation III-6
            2  Charles d'Ailly
               Baron de Picquigny, Vidame d'Amiens
               Died 1522
               Married Philippe de Crevecoeur, Dame de Dours, daughter of
               Antoine de Crevecoeur, Seigneur de Crevecoeur and
               Marguerite de La Tremouille
                         Children, Generation III-7

       II-5 (I-13)
            1  Philippe Francoise de Luyrieux
               Married Francois II Marechal, Baron de M�ximieux et de
               Montanay, son of Claude Marechal, Seigneur de M�ximieux and
               Gabrielle de La Queille
                         Children, Generation III-8
       II-6 (I-15)
            1  Jacques batard de Bourgogne
               Died after 20 October 1525
       II-7 (I-17)
            1  Marguerite Madeleine de Bourgogne
               Died 14 January 1511
               Buried Solre-le-Ch�teau
               Married 20 October 1508
               Philippe de Lannoy, Seigneur de Molembais, son of Baudouin
               II de Lannoy, Seigneur de Molembais and Michele d'Esne,
               Dame de Cavroy
               Born 1487
               Died 12 September 1543 Louvain
                         Children, Generation III-9

        (b) 2  Marine batarde de Bourgogne
               Died 2 March 1567 Champlitte
               Married Guillaume V de Vergy, Seigneur de Montferrand,
               d'Autrey et Champlitte, son of Guillaume IV de Vergy,
               Seigneur de Vergy, de Saint Dizier et de Champvent and Anne
               de Rochechouart
               Died 26 July 1531 Bruxelles
                         Children, Generation III-10
        (a) 3  Francois de Bourgogne
               Died circa 1563 /1564
               Married circa 1544 /1545
               Jeanne de Chalon, daughter of Philibert de Chalon, Prince
               d'Orange et de Melfi and NN
               Died after 4 October 1570
                         Children, Generation III-11
            4  Charles de Bourgogne
               Sire de Bredam, Han-sur-Sambre, Baudour
               Born circa 1491
               Died 1538
               Buried Bruxelles
               Married Marguerite de Werchin, daughter of Baron Nicolas de
               Werchin and Yolande de Luxembourg, Heiress of Roubaix and
               Died 1558
                         Children, Generation III-12
      III-1 (II-1-1)

            1  Archduke Philip of Austria
               King of Castile 1504-1506
               Born 22 June 1478 Brugge
               Died 25 September 1506 Burgos
               Married 12 November 1496 Lier
               Infanta Juana of Arag¢n, daughter of Fernando II "the
               Catholic", King of Arag¢n 1479-1516 and Isabella I "the
               Catholic" , Queen of Castile 1474-1504
               Born 6 November 1479 Toledo
               Died 12 April 1555 Castle Tordesillas, Valladolid
               Buried Capilla Real, Granada

             2  Archduchess Margaretha of Austria
               Born 10 January 1480 Bruxelles
               Died 1 December 1530 Mechelen
               Married (1) 3 April 1497 Burgos
               Juan, Crown Prince of Aragon and Castile, son of Fernando
               II "the Catholic", King of Aragon 1479-1516 and Isabella I
               "the Catholic" , Queen of Castile 1474-1504
               Born 28 June 1478
               Died 4 October 1497 Salamanca
               Married (2) 2 December 1501 Romainmotier
               Philibert II, Duke of Savoie 1497-1504, son of Philippe I,
               Duke of Savoie 1496-1497, Comte de Bresse and Marguerite de
               Born 10 April 1480 Pont d'Ain
               Died 10 September 1504 Pont d'Ain
            3  Franz of Austria
               Born 10 September 1481 Bruxelles
               Died 26 December 1481
      III-2 (II-2-1)
            1  Adolf de Bourgogne
               Heer van Beveren, Vere, Vlissingen
               Born 1489 Castle Zandenburg
               Died 7 December 1540 Beveren
               Married 18 June 1509
               Anna de Glymes, daughter of Johan III de Glymes, Marquis
               van Bergen-op-Zoom and Adrienne de Brimeu
               Born 16 September 1492
               Died 15 February 1541
               child by (a) Anna de Ranter
      III-3 (II-2-2)
            1  Magdalena van Culemborg
               Married Guillaume de Noyelles
            2  Aleida van Culemborg
               Died after 1563
               Married Francois de Bailleul
            3  Anna van Culemborg
               Born circa 1481
               Died 1538
               Married 1506
               Johann von Pallant, Herr zu Kinzweiler, Wildenburg,
               Witthem, son of Dietrich von Pallant, Herr zu Kinzweiler,
               Wildenburg & Witthem and Apollonia de La Marck-Arenberg
               Died 1514
            4  Cornelia van Culemborg
               Born 14 March 1486
               Died 23 June 1541 Kempen
               Married 1507
               Wilhelm II, Count von Rennenberg, son of Hermann V, Herr
               von Rennenberg and Amely von Erbach
               Born 1470
               Died 18 July 1546 Zuylen
      III-4 (II-3-1)
        (2) 1  Claude de Longvy
               Cardinal, Duc de Langres
               Born 1481
               Died 9 August 1561 Mussy
            2  Jean IV de Longvy
               Seigneur de Givry, Baron de Pagny et de Mirebeau
               Died 1520 / 1521
               Married Jeanne legitimee d'Angouleme, 1.Comtesse de
               Bar-sur-Seine, daughter of Charles d'Orleans, Comte
               d'Angouleme and Antoinette de Polignac
               Died after 1531
            3  Antoine de Longvy
               Seigneur de Rhaon
            4  Christophe de Longvy
               Seigneur de Longuepierre
               Died circa 1528
               Married circa 1515
               Anne de Neufchatel, Heiress of Neufchatel, Montaigu,
               Amancee, daughter of Ferdinand de Neufchatel, Sire de
               Narnay, Montaigu and Claude de Vergy
               Died 30 June 1530 Bayon
            5  Etienne de Longvy
               Seigneur de Choix
            6  Charlotte de Longvy
               Married Charles de Beauffremont, Seigneur de Scey et de
               Died 1513

            7  Jeanne/Catherine de Longvy
               Married Guy II, Seigneur de Scepeaux
      III-5 (II-3-2)

            1  Philiberte de Luxembourg
               Comtesse de Charny
               Died 1495
               Married 16 March 1495 * Pougy
               Jean II de Chalon, Prince d'Orange, son of Guillaume VIII
               de Chalon, Prince d'Orange and Catherine de Bretagne
               Died 9 April 1502
      III-6 (II-4-1)
            1  Antoine
               Baron de Mailly, Comte d'Agimont
               Died 1518
               Married 15 July 1508
               Jacqueline d'Astarac, daughter of Jean, Comte d'Astarac and
               Jeanne de Chambes
               Died 1531
            2  Adrien de Mailly
               Seigneur de Ravensbergh
               mentioned 1491 and 1553
               Married 19 October 1503
               Francoise de Bailleul, Heiress of Haucourt, daughter of
               Jacques de Bailleul, Seigneur de Saint Leger and Jeanne
            3  Antoinette de Mailly
               Married Foulques Fautreau, Seigneur de
            4  Jacques de Mailly
               Died 1553
      III-7 (II-4-2)
            1  Antoine d'Ailly
               Vidame d'Amiens, Baron de Picquigny
               Died 1548
               Married 29 October 1518 *
               Marguerite de Melun, Dame de Fressenveil, daughter of
               Hugues de Melun, Burggraaf van Gent, Sire de Caumont,
               Carency and Johanna van Hoorne, Heiress of Brimeux
            2  Marguerite d'Ailly
               Married Louis III Bournel, Baron de Thiembronne
               Died 1549
      III-8 (II-5-1)

            1  Isabelle Marechal
               Baronne de Meximieux
               Died after 10 March 1547
               Married before 16 April 1534
               Charles de La Chambre, Baron et Seigneur de Sermoye, son of
               Louis de Seyssel dit de la Chambre, Comte de la Chambre and
               Anne de La Tour d'Auvergne
               Died after 5 December 1565
      III-9 (II-7-1)
            1  Jean de Lannoy
               Seigneur de Molembais, de Solre-le-Chateau
               Born circa 1509
               Died 31 October 1559
               Married 13 September 1530
               Jeanne de Ligne, daughter of Louis de Ligne, Seigneur de
               Barbancon and Marie de Glymes
               Died 24 September 1569
     III-10 (II-7-2)
            1  Francois de Vergy
               Comte de Champlitte
               Born 1530
               Died 5 December 1591
               Married (1) 13 June 1553
               Claudine de Pontailler, daughter of Jean de Pontailler,
               Seigneur de Flagey
               Died 1576

     III-11 (II-7-3)
            1  Alienor de Bourgogne
               Heer van Half Nieuwerve
               Died June 1580 / October 1581
               Married Catharina de Simonetti
               Died after 1588
     III-12 (II-7-4)
            1  Helene de Bourgogne
               Died 1546
               Married 1542
               Adrien de Lille, son of Jacques de Lille, Sire d'Aines and
               Jacqueline de Ligne
            2  Charles de Bourgogne
               Heer van Sommelsdijk
               Died 19 December 1581 Goes
               Married Johanna van Culemborg, Vrouwe van Zoetermeer,
               daughter of Jan van Culemborg, Heer van Renswoude &
               Drakesteijn and Agathe van den Coulster, Heiress of Opmeer
               Died February 1581 Leiden
            3  Jacques de Bourgogne
               Heer van Souburg, Bredam, Lovendeghem
               Born circa 1520
               Died 1557 Straatsburg
               Married (1) 15 October 1543 *
               Yolande van Brederode, daughter of Walraven II, 10.Heer van
               Brederode, Vianen en Ameide and Anna von Neuenahr
               Born after 20 June 1525
               Died after 1 February 1553 Vaud, Switzerland
               Married (2) Elisabeth van Reimerswaal
            4  Anton de Bourgogne
               Sire de Bredam, St.Laurens
               Born circa 1526
               Died 1564
               Married Michelle de Gavre, daughter of Louis de Gavre, Heer
               van Fresin, Ollignies, Mussain, Inchy and Jeanne de
               Rubempre, Vrouwe van Wavrechin
               Died 27 July 1611 ?

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