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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corrections/additions are welcome

Descendants of
Richard de Beauchamp
(3 generations)

       Richard de Beauchamp
       1st Earl of Worcester, 2nd Baron Abergavenny 
       Born circa 1397 
       Died 18 March 1422 Meaux, France (in battle) 
       Buried Tewkesbury Abbey 
       Married 27 July 1411 Tewkesbury 
       Isabel Despencer, daughter of Thomas Le Despencer, Earl of 
       Gloucester, 6th Baron Le Despencer and Constance of York 
       baptised 26 July 1400 
       Died 27 December 1439 
                 Children, Generation I 

       Generation I
            1  Lady Elizabeth de Beauchamp 
               Heiress of Burghersh, Despencer and Abergavenny 
               Born 16 September 1415 Castle Hanley, Worcester 
               Died 18 June 1448 
               Married before 18 October 1424 
               Sir Edward Nevill, 1st and 3rd Baron Abergavenny, son of 
               Ralph Nevill, 1st Earl of Westmoreland and Joan Beaufort 
               Died 18 October 1476 
                         Children, Generation II-1 

       II-1 (I-1) 
            1  Richard Nevill 
               Died Raby 
               Buried Staindrop 

            2  George Nevill 
               2nd & 4th Baron Abergavenny 
               Born circa 1440 Raby Castle 
               Died 20 September 1492 
               Buried Lewis Priory 
               Married (1) Margaret Fenne, daughter of Sir Hugh Fenne, of 
               Sculton Bordeleys 
               Died 28 September 1485 
               Married (2) Elizabeth 
               Died 1500 
                         Children, Generation III-1 

            3  Alice Nevill 
               Married Sir Thomas Grey, son of Sir Ralph Grey and 
               Elizabeth FitzHugh 

            4  Catherine Nevill 
               Married NN Iwarby 

            5  NN Nevill 
               Died young 

      III-1 (II-1-2) 
        (1) 1  George Nevill 
               3rd & 5th Baron Abergavenny 
               Born circa 1471 
               Died after 4 June 1535 
               Buried Birling, Kent 
               Married (1) Lady Joane Fitzalan, daughter of Thomas 
               Fitzalan, 16th Earl of Arundel and Margaret Widville 
               Married (2) Margaret Brent, daughter of William Brent 
               Married (3) circa  June 1519 
               Lady Mary Stafford, daughter of Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke 
               of Buckingham and Lady Eleanor Percy 
               Married (4) Mary Brooke 

            2  Sir Edward Nevill 
               Died 8 December 1538 Tower of London (beheaded) 
               Married before 6 April 1529 
               Eleanor Windsor, daughter of Andrews Windsor, Baron Windsor 
               of Stanwall and Elizabeth Blount 

            3  Thomas Nevill 
               Born circa 1480 
               Died 29 March 1542 
               Buried Mereworth 
               Married (1) Catherine Dacre, daughter of Humphrey Dacre, 
               1st Baron Dacre of Gillesland and Mabel Parr 
               Married (2) Elisabeth 

            4  William Nevill 

            5  Richard Nevill 

            6  Jane Nevill 
               Died before 26 October 1538 
               Married before  May 1520 
               Henry Pole, 1st Baron Montagu, son of Sir Richard Pole and 
               Margaret , Countess of Salisbury 
               Born circa 1492 
               Died 9 January 1539 Tower Hill (beheaded) 

            7  Elizabeth Nevill 
               Married (1) Edward Berkeley, son of Edward Berkeley and 
               Alice Cock 
               Died 1506 
               Married (2) Richard Covert, son of Thomas Covert and 
               Elizabeth Sidney 
               Died 7 June 1547 
               Buried Slangham

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