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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corrections/additions are welcome

Descendants of
Robert Bruce "the Competitor", Lord of Annandale
(5 generations)

      Robert Bruce "the Competitor"
      Lord of Annandale
      Born circa 1210
      Died 3 May 1294 Lochmaben Castle
      Married May 1240
      Isabella de Clare, daughter of Gilbert de Clare, 5th Earl
      of Hertford, 1st Earl of Gloucester and Isabel Marshal
      Born 2 November 1226
      Died before 10 May 1275
                Children, Generation I

       Generation I
           1   Isabel Bruce
               Married Sir John FitzMarmaduke, of Horden, Sheriff of North
               Durham, son of Marmaduke FitzGeoffrey, of Horden

           2   Robert Bruce
               Lord of Annandale, Earl of Carrick
               Born 1253
               Died circa 14 June 1304
               Married 1271 Turnberry Castle
               Margaret, Heiress of Carrick, daughter of Neil, 2nd Earl of
               Carrick and Margaret Stewart
               Died circa 27 October 1292
                         Children, Generation II-1

           3   William Bruce
               Married Elizabeth de Sully

           4   Sir Bernard Bruce, of Conington
               Married (1) Alicia de Clare
               Married (2) Constance de Morleyn
                         Children, Generation II-2

           5   Richard Bruce
               Died circa 26 January 1287

       II-1 (I-2)
           1   Isabella Bruce
               Married 1293 Bergen
               Eirik III Magnusson, King of Norway 1280-1299, son of
               Magnus IV Lagabote, King of Norway 1263-1280 and Ingeborg
               of Denmark
               Born 1268
               Died 13 July 1299 Bergen
               Buried Bergen, Kristkirche

           2   Robert I The Bruce
               King of Scots 1306-1329, Earl of Carrick
               Born 11 July 1274 Writtle nr Chelmsford (?)
               Died 7 June 1329 Cardross, Dumbartonshire
               Married (1) circa 1295
               Isabel of Mar, daughter of Donald, 6th Earl of Mar and
               Helen ferch Llywelyn of Wales
               Died 1302
               Married (2) 1302
               Lady Elizabeth de Burgh, daughter of Richard de Burgh, 2nd
               Earl of Ulster and Margaret de Burgh
                         Children, Generation III-1

           3   Edward Bruce
               King of Ireland, Earl of Carrick
               Died 14 October 1318 Dundalk (in battle)
               Child by (a) Isabel of Strathbogie
               Child by (b) NN
                         Children, Generation III-2

           4   Sir Thomas Bruce
               Died 9 February 1307 Carlisle (executed)

           5   Mary Bruce
               Died circa 1323
               Married (1) circa 1312
               Sir Nigel Campbell, son of Sir Colin 'Mor' Campbell, of
               Lochow and NN St.Clair
               Died before 1316
               Married (2) 1316
               Sir Alexander Fraser, of Touchfraser, Lord Chamberlain, son
               of Sir Andrew Fraser, of Touchfraser, Sheriff of Stirling
               and Beatrix
               Died 12 August 1332 Dupplin (in battle)

           6   Christian Bruce
               Married (1) circa 1292
               Gratney, 7th Earl of Mar, son of Donald, 6th Earl of Mar
               and Helen ferch Llywelyn of Wales
               Died before  September 1305

           7   Alexander Bruce
               Dean of Glasgow
               Died 9 February 1307 Carlisle (executed)

           8   Maud/Matilda Bruce
               Died after  September 1323
               Married Hugh de Ross, 4th Earl of Ross, son of William, 3rd
               Earl of Ross and Euphemia
               Died 19 July 1333 Halidon Hill (in battle)

           9   Nigel Bruce
               Died September 1306 Berwick (executed)

           10  Margaret Bruce
               Married Sir William de Carlyle

       II-2 (I-4)
           1   Sir John Bruce, of Exton
               Married NN
                         Children, Generation III-3

      III-1 (II-1-2)
       (1) 1   Marjorie Bruce
               Died 2 March 1316 Paisley, Renfrewshire
               Married 1315
               Walter, 6th High Steward of Scotland, son of James Stewart,
               5th Lord High Steward of Scotland and Gille/Jill de Burgh,
               of Ulster
               Born 1292
               Died 9 April 1327

       (2) 2   Matilda Bruce
               Died 20 July 1353 Aberdeen
               Buried Dunfermline
               Married Thomas Isaac

           3   Margaret Bruce
               Died 30 March 1346 / 9 November 1347
               Married circa 28 September 1345
               William, 5th Earl of Sutherland, son of Kenneth, 4th Earl
               of Sutherland and Mary of Mar
               Born before 1312
               Died before 19 June 1371

           4   David II
               King of Scots 1329-1371
               Born 5 March 1324 Dunfermline
               Died 22 February 1371 Edinburgh Castle
               Married (1) 17 July 1328 Berwick-on-Tweed
               Joan of England, daughter of Edward II, King of England
               1307-1327 and Isabelle de France
               Born 5 July 1321 Tower of London
               Died 7 September 1362 Hertford
               Married (2) 20 February 1364 Div.20-3-1370
               Margaret Drummond, daughter of Sir Malcolm Drummond and NN
               Died after 31 January 1375

           5   John Bruce

      III-2 (II-1-3)
       (a) 1   Alexander Bruce
               'Earl of Carrick'
               Died 19 July 1333 Halidon Hill (in battle)
               Married Eleanor Douglas, daughter of Sir Archibald Douglas,
               Regent of Scotland and Beatrix Lindsay
                         Children, Generation IV-1

       (b) 2   Thomas Bruce
               Married Marjory Charteris
                         Children, Generation IV-2

      III-3 (II-2-1)
           1   Jane Bruce
               Married Sir Nicholas Green

       IV-1 (III-2-1)
           1   Eleanor Bruce

       IV-2 (III-2-2)
           1   Robert Bruce, of Clackmannan
               Gartlet and Rate
               mentioned 1359 and 1368
               Married Isabel Stewart
                         Children, Generation V-1

        V-1 (IV-2-1)
           1   Sir Robert Bruce, of Clackmannan
               mentioned 1393
               Married NN Scrimgeour, daughter of Sir John Scrimgeour

           2   Sir Edward Bruce
               Married before 1417
               Agnes Airth, daughter of Sir William Airth, of Airth

           3   James Bruce
               Bishop of Dunkeld, Chancellor of Scotland

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