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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
(additions/corrections are welcome)

with special thanks to Isabelle Maltais and Ursula Sabrowske

Descendants of 
Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria
and Duchess Elisabeth *Sissi* in Bavaria
(gen 1-3 of 6 generations)

      Franz Joseph 
      Emperor of Austria 1848-1916, King of Hungary 
      Born 18 August 1830 Schoenbrunn 
      Died 21 November 1916 Schoenbrunn 
      Married 24 April 1854 Wien 
      Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria, daughter of Duke Maximilian 
      in Bavaria and Princess Ludovica of Bavaria 
      Born 24 December 1837 Muenchen 
      Died 10 September 1898 Geneve (murdered) 
                Children, Generation I 

       Generation I 
           1   Archduchess Sophie of Austria 
               Born 5 March 1855 Laxenburg 
               Died 29 May 1857 Budapest 

           2   Archduchess Gisela of Austria 
               Born 12 July 1856 Laxenburg 
               Died 27 July 1932 Muenchen 
               Married 20 April 1873 Wien 
               Prince Leopold of Bavaria, son of Luitpold, Prince-Regent 
               of Bavaria 1886-1912 and Archduchess Auguste of Austria, 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 9 February 1846 Muenchen 
               Died 28 September 1930 Muenchen 
                         Children, Generation II-1 

           3   Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria 
               Born 21 August 1858 Laxenburg 
               Died 30 January 1889 Mayerling 
               Married 10 May 1881 Wien 
               Princess Stephanie of Belgium, daughter of Leopold II, King 
               of The Belgians 1865-1909 and Archduchess Maria Henriette 
               of Austria 
               Born 21 May 1864 Laeken 
               Died 23 August 1945 Pannonhalma, Hungary 
               Affaire with Freiin Maria von Vetsera, daughter of 
               Freiherr Albin Johannes von Vetsera and Elena Baltazzi 
               Born 19 March 1871 Wien 
               Died 30 January 1889 Mayerling 
                         Children, Generation II-2 

           4   Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria 
               Born 22 April 1868 Ofen 
               Died 6 September 1924 Castle Wallsee 
               Married 31 July 1890 Ischl 
               Archduke Franz Salvator of Austria, Prince of Tuscany, son 
               of Archduke Karl Salvator of Austria, Prince of Tuscany and 
               Princess Maria Immacolata of The Two Sicilies 
               Born 21 August 1866 Alt-Muenster, Austria 
               Died 20 April 1939 Wien 
                         Children, Generation II-3 

       II-1 (I-2) 
            1   Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria 
               Born 8 January 1874 Muenchen 
               Died 4 March 1957 Castle Stiebar 
               Married 2 December 1893 Genoa 
               Graf Otto von Seefried auf Buttenheim, Freiherr zu 
               Hagenbach, son of Freiherr Ludwig von Seefried auf 
               Buttenheim, Freiherr von Hagenbach and Emilie von Schmaltz 
               Born 26 September 1870 Bamberg 
               Died 5 September 1951 Castle Stiebar 
                         Children, Generation III-1 

           2   Princess Auguste of Bavaria 
               Born 28 April 1875 Muenchen 
               Died 25 June 1964 Regensburg 
               Married 15 November 1893 Muenchen 
               Archduke Joseph of Austria, Palatine of Hungary, son of 
               Archduke Joseph of Austria, Palatine of Hungary and 
               Princess Maria Adelheid of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess 
               of Saxony 
               Born 9 August 1872 Alscut 
               Died 6 July 1962 Rain nr Straubing 
                         Children, Generation III-2 

           3   Prince Georg of Bavaria 
               Born 2 April 1880 Muenchen 
               Died 31 May 1943 Rome 
               Married 10 February 1912 Schoenbrunn Annulled 1913 
               Archduchess Isabella of Austria, daughter of Archduke 
               Friedrich of Austria, Duke of Teschen and Princess Isabelle 
               von Croy 
               Born 17 November 1888 Pressburg 
               Died 6 December 1973 La Tour de Peilz 
               Child by (a) NN 
                         Children, Generation III-3 

           4   Prince Konrad of Bavaria 
               Born 22 November 1883 Muenchen 
               Died 6 September 1969 Hinterstein 
               Married 8 January 1921 Chateau d'Aglie, Piedmont 
               Princess Maria Bona de Savoie, daughter of Tommaso, Duke of 
               Genoa, Prince of Savoie and Princess Marie Elisabeth of 
               Born 1 August 1896 Chateau d'Aglie, Piedmont 
               Died 2 February 1971 Rome 
                         Children, Generation III-4 

       II-2 (I-3) 
           1   Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria 
               Born 2 September 1883 Laxenburg 
               Died 22 March 1963 Wien-Huetteldorf 
               Married (1) 23 January 1902 Wien Div.26-3-1924 
               Prince Otto zu Windisch-Graetz, son of Prince Ernst zu 
               Windisch-Graetz and Princess Kamilla zu Oettingen-Oettingen 
               und Oettingen-Spielberg 
               Born 7 October 1873 Graz 
               Died 25 December 1952 Lugano 
               Married (2) 4 May 1948 Wien 
               Leopold Petzneck, son of Franz Petzneck and Maria Lackmayer 
               Born 30 June 1881 Bruck a.d.Leitha 
               Died 27 July 1956 Wien 
                         Children, Generation III-5 

       II-3 (I-4) 
           1   Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 27 January 1892 Wien 
               Died 29 January 1930 Syrgenstein 
               Married 19 September 1912 Niederwallsee 
               Graf Georg von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems, son of Graf Klemens 
               von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems and Princess Klementine zu 
               Oettingen-Oettingen und Oettingen-Spielberg 
               Born 7 January 1878 Hohenems 
               Died 26 October 1955 Castle Syrgenstein 
                         Children, Generation III-6 

           2   Archduke Franz of Austria 
               Prince of Tuscany 
               Born 17 February 1893 Lichtenegg 
               Died 10 December 1918 Castle Wallsee 

           3   Archduke Hubert Salvator of Austria 
               Prince of Tuscany 
               Born 30 April 1894 Lichtenegg 
               Died 24 March 1971 Persenbeug 
               Married 25 November 1926 Castle Anholt 
               Princess Rosemary zu Salm und Salm-Salm, Wild- und 
               Rheingr�fin, daughter of Hereditary Prince Emanuel zu Salm 
               und Salm-Salm, Wild- und Rheingraf and Archduchess Maria 
               Christina of Austria 
               Born 13 April 1904 Potsdam 
               Died 3 May 2001 
                         Children, Generation III-7 

           4   Archduchess Hedwig of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 24 September 1896 Ischl 
               Died 1 November 1970 Hall, Tirol 
               Married 24 April 1918 Castle Wallsee 
               Graf Bernhard zu Stolberg-Stolberg, son of Graf Leopold zu 
               Stolberg-Stolberg and Mary Elizabeth Eddington 
               Born 20 January 1881 Mankato, USA 
               Died 22 September 1952 Hall, Tirol 
                         Children, Generation III-8 

           5   Archduke Theodor Salvator of Austria 
               Prince of Tuscany 
               Born 9 October 1899 Castle Wallsee 
               Died 8 April 1978 Amstetten 
               Married 28 July 1926 Castle Zeil 
               Graefin Maria Theresia von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg, 
               daughter of Georg, 5.Fuerst von Waldburg zu Zeil und 
               Trauchburg and Altgraefin Marie Therese zu Salm- 
               Born 18 October 1901 Neutrauchburg 
               Died 17 July 1967 Muenchen 
                         Children, Generation III-9 

           6   Archduchess Gertrud of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 19 November 1900 Castle Wallsee 
               Died 22 December 1962 Wangen, Allgau 
               Married 29 December 1931 Bad Ischl 
               Graf Georg von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems, son of Graf Klemens 
               von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems and Princess Klementine zu 
               Oettingen-Oettingen und Oettingen-Spielberg 
               Born 7 January 1878 Hohenems 
               Died 26 October 1955 Castle Syrgenstein 
                         Children, Generation III-10 

           7   Archduchess Maria Elisabeth of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 19 November 1901 Wallsee 
               Died 29 December 1936 Innsbruck 

           8   Prince Clemens von Altenburg 
               Born 6 October 1904 Castle Wallsee 
               Died 20 August 1974 Salzburg 
               Married 20 February 1930 Wien 
               Graefin Elisabeth Resseguier de Miremont, daughter of Graf 
               Friedrich Resseguier de Miremont and Graefin Christiane von 
               Wolkenstein, Freiin von Trostburg und Neuhauss 
               Born 28 October 1906 Nisko, Galicia 
                         Children, Generation III-11 

           9   Archduchess Mathilde of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 9 August 1906 Ischl 
               Married 10 April 1947 Hall 
               Ernst Hefel 
               Born 25 November 1888 Schruns, Vorarlberg 
               Died 21 March 1974 Salzburg 

           10  Archduchess Agnes of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 26 June 1911 Ischl 
               Died 26 June 1911 Ischl 

      III-1 (II-1-1) 
           1   Freiin Gisele von Seefried auf Buttenheim 
               Born 4 January 1895 Troppau/Opava, Silesia 
               Died 19 January 1895 Troppau 
               Buried Troppau 

           2   Graefin Elisabeth von Seefried auf Buttenheim 
               Born 10 June 1897 Znaim, Maehren 

           3   Graefin Auguste von Seefried auf Buttenheim 
               Born 20 June 1899 Znaim 
               Died 21 January 1978 Muenchen 
               Married 12 June 1919 Salzburg 
               Prince Adalbert of Bavaria, son of Prince Ludwig Ferdinand 
               of Bavaria and Infanta Maria de La Paz of Spain 
               Born 3 June 1886 Nymphenburg 
               Died 29 December 1970 Muenchen 
                         Children, Generation IV-1 

           4   Graefin Valerie von Seefried auf Buttenheim 
               Born 20 August 1901 Znaim 
               Died 23 March 1972 Vancouver, B.C., Canada 
               Married (1) 24 June 1923 Muenchen Div.1931/Ann.1933 
               Freiherr Rudolf Carl von Stengel, son of Freiherr Hermann 
               von Stengel and Elisabeth Oldenburg 
               Born 7 December 1899 Muenchen 
               Died 21 September 1969 Rieden 
               Married (2) 17 May 1933 Muenchen 
               Wilhelm Otto von Riedemann, son of Julius Wilhelm von 
               Riedemann and Carmen Eichmann 
               Born 6 April 1903 Hamburg 
               Died 19 September 1940 Porto, Portugal 
                         Children, Generation IV-2 

           5   Graf Franz Joseph von Seefried auf Buttenheim 
               Freiherr zu Hagenbach 
               Born 29 July 1904 Rozsahegy, Hungary 
               Died 15 May 1969 Madrid 
               Married 9 August 1941 Frankfurt am Main 
               Gabrielle von Schnitzler, daughter of Dr. Georg von 
               Schnitzler and Lilly von Mallinckrodt 
               Born 3 November 1918 Muenchen 
                         Children, Generation IV-3 

      III-2 (II-1-2) 
           1   Archduke Joseph Franz of Austria 
               Born 28 March 1895 Brunn 
               Died 25 September 1957 Carcavelos, Portugal 
               Married 4 October 1924 Castle Sybillenort 
               Princess Anna of Saxony, daughter of Friedrich August III, 
               King of Saxony and Archduchess Luise of Austria, Princess 
               of Tuscany 
               Born 4 May 1903 Lindau 
               Died 9 February 1976 Muenchen 
                         Children, Generation IV-4 

           2   Archduchess Gisela of Austria 
               Born 5 July 1897 Kistapolcsany 
               Died 30 March 1901 Volosca 

           3   Archduchess Sophie of Austria 
               Born 11 March 1899 Volosca 
               Died 19 April 1978 Innsbruck 

           4   Archduke Laszlo of Austria 
               Born 3 January 1901 Volosca 
               Died 29 August 1946 Budapest 

           5   Archduke Matyas of Austria 
               Born 26 June 1904 Budapest 
               Died 7 October 1905 Kistapolocsany 

           6   Archduchess Magdalena of Austria 
               Born 6 September 1909 Kistapolocsany 
               Died 11 May 2000 Muenchen 

      III-3 (II-1-3) 
       (a) 1   Franz Wittelsbach von Bayern 
               Born 1919 
               Died 24 October 1999 Freiwaldau 

      III-4 (II-1-4) 
           1   Princess Amalie of Bavaria 
               Born 15 December 1921 Muenchen 
               Died 28 March 1985 Milano 
               Married 25 August 1949 Lugano 
               Umberto Poletti Galimberti de Assandri 
               Born 21 June 1921 Milano 
                         Children, Generation IV-5 

           2   Prince Eugen of Bavaria 
               Born 16 July 1925 Muenchen 
               Died 1 January 1997 Grasse, France 
               Married 16 November 1970 Muenchen 
               Graefin Helene von Khevenhueller-Metsch, daughter of Franz, 
               8.Fuerst von Khevenhueller-Metsch and Princess Anna zu 
               Born 4 April 1921 Wien 

      III-5 (II-2-1) 
       (1) 1   Prince Franz Joseph zu Windisch-Graetz 
               Born 22 March 1904 Prag 
               Died 1 January 1981 Nairobi, Kenya 
               Married 3 January 1934 Bruxelles 
               Comtesse Ghislaine d'Arschot Schoonhoven, daughter of Comte 
               Guilleaume d'Arschot-Schoonhoven and Eva Nuber Zarouki 
               Born 10 March 1912 Bruxelles 
               Died 6 March 1997 Namur 
                         Children, Generation IV-6 

           2   Prince Ernst Weriand zu Windisch-Graetz 
               Born 21 April 1905 Praha, Bohemia 
               Died 23 December 1952 Wien 
               Married (1) 17 October 1927 Wien Div.17-6-1938/Ann.1940 
               Helena Skinner, daughter of Henry Skinner and Mary 
               Born 6 April 1906 Scheibbs, NOsterr. 
               Died 11 May 1982 Wien 
               Married (2) 11 May 1947 Schwarzenbach a.d.Pilach 
               Freiin Eva von Isbary, daughter of Freiherr Lothar von 
               Isbary and Freiin Aloisia Klepsch-Kloth von Roden 
               Born 5 April 1921 Wien 
                         Children, Generation IV-7 

           3   Prince Rudolf zu Windisch-Graetz 
               Born 4 February 1907 Ploschkowitz 
               Died 9 June 1939 Wien 

           4   Princess Stephanie zu Windisch-Graetz 
               Born 9 July 1909 Ploschkowitz 
               Married (1) 22 July 1933 Bruxelles 
               Comte Pierre d'Alcantara de Querrieu, son of Comte Jean 
               d'Alcantara de Querieu and Baronne Marie-Louise t'Kint de 
               Born 2 November 1907 Chateau d'Oydonek, Poland 
               Died 14 October 1944 Oranienburg Concentration camp 
               Married (2) 14 November 1945 Boitsford-Bruxelles 
               Carl Axel Bjorklund 
               Born 21 December 1906 Hogsjo, Sweden 
               Died 26 February 1986 Anderlecht, Belgium 
                         Children, Generation IV-8 

      III-6 (II-3-1) 
           1   Graefin Marie Valerie von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems 
               Born 28 June 1913 Wallsee 
               Married 29 April 1936 St.Gilgen 
               Archduke Georg of Austria, Prince of Tuscany, son of 
               Archduke Peter Ferdinand of Austria, Prince of Tuscany and 
               Princess Maria Cristina of The Two Sicilies 
               Born 22 August 1905 Parsch nr Salzburg 
               Died 21 March 1952 Altshausen 
                         Children, Generation IV-9 

           2   Graefin Klementine von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems 
               Born 5 October 1914 Wallsee 
               Died 21 September 1941 Syrgenstein 

           3   Graefin Elisabeth von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems 
               Born 23 February 1917 Wallsee 
               Died 18 June 1979 Salzburg 

           4   Graf Franz Josef von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems 
               Born 7 February 1927 Chur 
               Married 21 June 1956 Pommersfelden 
               Graefin Priscilla von Schoenborn-Wiesentheid, daughter of 
               Graf Clemens von Schoenborn-Wiesentheid and Graefin Dorothea 
               zu Pappenheim 
               Born 5 February 1934 Muenchen 
                         Children, Generation IV-10 

      III-7 (II-3-3) 
           1   Archduke Friedrich Salvator of Austria 
               Prince of Tuscany 
               Born 27 November 1927 Wien 
               Died 26 March 1999 Amstetten, Austria 
               Married 13 June 1955 Wien 
               Graefin Margarete Kalnoky von Korospatak, daughter of Graf 
               Alexander Kalnoky von Korospatak and Princess Maria 
               Theresia von Schoenburg-Hartenstein 
               Born 13 May 1926 Csicso 
                         Children, Generation IV-11 

           2   Archduchess Agnes of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 14 December 1928 Castle Persenbeug 
               Married 17 February 1949 Castle Persenbeug 
               Prince Karl Alfred von und zu Liechtenstein, son of Prince 
               Aloys von und zu Liechtenstein and Archduchess Elisabeth of 
               Born 16 August 1910 Frauenthal, Steiermark 
               Died 17 November 1985 Hainburg 
                         Children, Generation IV-12 

           3   Archduchess Maria Margaretha of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 29 January 1930 Wien 

           4   Archduchess Maria Ludowika of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 31 January 1931 Castle Persenbeug 
               Died 17 April 1999 Wien 
                         Child, Generation IV-13 

           5   Archduchess Maria Adelheid of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 28 July 1933 Castle Persenbeug 

           6   Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 18 March 1935 Castle Persenbeug 
               Died 9 October 1998 Ybbs, Austria (car accident) 
               Married 6 July 1959 Castle Persenbeug 
               Prince Heinrich von Auersperg-Breunner, son of Prince Karl 
               von Auersperg-Breunner and Graefin Henriette von Meran 
               Born 21 May 1931 Ainodt 
                         Children, Generation IV-14 

           7   Archduke Andreas Salvator of Austria 
               Prince of Tuscany 
               Born 28 April 1936 Castle Persenbeug 
               Married (1) 22 April 1986 San Lorenzo de Escorial Madrid 
               Maria de la Piedad Espinosa de los Monteros y Rosillo, 
               daughter of Eugenio Espinosa de los Monteros y Dato and 
               Maria de la Piedad Rosillo y Martos 
               Born 13 January 1953 Madrid 
               Married (2) 2001 
               Graefin Valerie Podstatzky-Lichtenstein, daughter of Graf 
               Christoph Podstatzky-Lichtenstein and Lydia Gertrud Maria 
               Born 12 January 1967 Grieskirchen 
               Child by (a) Anne Marie Adrienne de Choubersky 
                         Children, Generation IV-15 

           8   Archduchess Josepha of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 2 September 1937 Castle Persenbeug 
               Married 3 September 1969 Persenbeug 
               Graf Clemens von Waldstein, Herr zu Wartenberg, son of Graf 
               Eugen von Waldstein, Herr zu Wartenberg and Princess Marie 
               Elisabeth von Croy 
               Born 17 June 1935 Wien 
               Died 20 April 1996 Horn 
                         Children, Generation IV-16 

           9   Archduchess Valerie of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 23 May 1941 Wien 
               Married 23 September 1966 Salem 
               Prince Maximilian von Baden, Markgraf von Baden, Herzog von 
               Zaehringen, son of Prince Berthold von Baden, Markgraf von 
               Baden, Herzog von Zaehringen and Princess Theodora of Greece 
               and Denmark 
               Born 3 July 1933 Castle Salem 
                         Children, Generation IV-17 

           10  Archduchess Maria Alberta of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 1 June 1944 Castle Persenbeug 
               Married 10 May 1969 Persenbeug 
               Freiherr Alexander von Kottwitz-Erdoedy, son of Freiherr 
               Konrad von Kottwitz and Ruth Nieders 
               Born 24 September 1943 Goettingen 
                         Children, Generation IV-18 

           11  Archduke Markus of Austria 
               Prince of Tuscany 
               Born 2 April 1946 Castle Persenbeug 
               Married 30 December 1982 Wien 
               Hildegard Jungmayr, daughter of Friedrich Jungmayr and 
               Eleonore Ritzberger 
               Born 6 August 1955 Linz 
                         Children, Generation IV-19 

           12  Archduke Johann of Austria 
               Prince of Tuscany 
               Born 18 September 1947 Castle Persenbeug 
               Married 28 May 1977 Altmuenster 
               Annemarie Stummer, daughter of Johann Stummer and Maria 
               Born 15 June 1950 Gmunden 
                         Children, Generation IV-20 

           13  Archduke Michael of Austria 
               Prince of Tuscany 
               Born 2 May 1949 Castle Persenbeug 
               Married 12 November 1992 Persenbeug 
               Eva-Antonia von Hofmann, daughter of Norbert von Hofmann 
               and Dona Maria Manuela Fernandez-Dulcet y Frias de Remisa 
               Born 25 February 1961 Linz 
                         Children, Generation IV-21 

      III-8 (II-3-4) 
           1   Graefin Marie Elisabeth zu Stolberg-Stolberg 
               'Mother Maria Bonifacia' 
               Born 21 May 1919 Innsbruck 

           2   Graf Franz Joseph zu Stolberg-Stolberg 
               Born 30 April 1920 Wallsee 
               Died 29 June 1986 Wien 
               Married 5 August 1957 Kremsmuenster 
               Graefin Elisabeth Christiane Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau, 
               daughter of Graf Rudolf Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau and 
               Freiin Elisabeth Herring von Frankensdorf 
               Born 16 May 1936 Maehrisch-Kromau 
                         Children, Generation IV-22 

           3   Graf Friedrich Leopold zu Stolberg-Stolberg 
               Born 23 May 1921 Wallsee 
               Married 24 March 1948 Werfen bei Salzburg 
               Aloysia von Pachmann, daughter of Ernst, Ritter von 
               Pachmann and Graefin Elma von Galen 
               Born 24 July 1923 Zell am See 
                         Children, Generation IV-23 

           4   Graf Bernhard zu Stolberg-Stolberg 
               Born 30 August 1922 Stams, Tirol 
               Died 6 October 1958 nr Wien 

           5   Graefin Therese zu Stolberg-Stolberg 
               Born 11 October 1923 Linsen, Schlesien 
               Died 25 December 1982 Heppingen, Eifel 
               Married 7 August 1945 Hall, Tirol 
               Graf Paul Joseph Wolff-Metternich zur Gracht, son of Graf 
               Joseph Wolff-Metternich zur Gracht and Freiin Maria Zorn 
               von Bulach 
               Born 4 June 1916 Strassburg 
               Died 16 January 1993 Castle Heppingen 
                         Children, Generation IV-24 

           6   Graf Carl zu Stolberg-Stolberg 
               Born 7 June 1925 Reichen, Schlesien 
               Married (1) 22 August 1951 Maria-Woerth, Kaernten Div.1967 
               Edina Winkelbauer, daughter of Prof. Dr. Adolf Winkelbauer 
               and Graefin Eduardine von Clam und Gallas 
               Born 25 May 1923 Wien 
               Married (2) 9 November 1967 Hamburg Div.1968 
               Ute Sommerlatte, daughter of Dr. Herbert Sommerlatte and 
               Thea Traut 
               Born 16 August 1939 Koeln 
                         Children, Generation IV-25 

           7   Graf Ferdinand zu Stolberg-Stolberg 
               Born 8 December 1926 Reichen, Schlesien 
               Married 23 April 1966 Bodenburg bei Elze Div.1988 
               Freiin Jutta von Cramm, daughter of Freiherr Adalbert von 
               Cramm and Elfriede Nieders 
               Born 15 March 1938 Berlin-Charlottenburg 
                         Children, Generation IV-26 

           8   Graefin Anna Regina zu Stolberg-Stolberg 
               Born 20 December 1927 Bad Ischl 
               Married 9 October 1954 Hall, Tirol 
               Dr. Jack, Chevalier de Spirlet, son of Ing. Jean, Chevalier 
               de Spirlet and Beatrix Heuskin 
               Born 3 April 1930 Bruxelles 
                         Children, Generation IV-27 

           9   Graefin Magdalena zu Stolberg-Stolberg 
               Born 19 December 1930 Hall, Tirol 
               Married 8 September 1958 Hall, Tirol 
               Freiherr Dr. Martin von Kripp zu Prunberg und Krippach, son 
               of Freiherr Dr. Paul von Kripp zu Prunberg und Krippach and 
               Graefin Maria von Mamming, Freiin zu Steinachheimb 
               Born 25 December 1924 Krippach 
               Died 21 May 1990 Innsbruck 
                         Children, Generation IV-28 

      III-9 (II-3-5) 
           1   Archduke Franz Salvator of Austria 
               Prince of Tuscany 
               Born 10 September 1927 Wallsee 
               Married (1) 24 April 1962 Hochburg nr Ach 
               Princess Anna Amelie von Schoenburg-Waldenburg, daughter of 
               Prince Georg Ulrich von Schoenburg-Waldenburg and Graefin 
               Pauline zu Castell-Castell 
               Born 22 January 1936 Frankfurt a.d.Oder 
               Died 7 October 1966 Frankenmarkt 
               Married (2) 2 May 1980 Wallsee 
               Hedwig Lichem von Loewenburg, daughter of Heinrich, Ritter 
               Lichem von Loewenburg and Margarethe Kroier 
               Born 12 March 1939 Innsbruck 
               Died 28 October 2000 Schloss Wallsee 
                         Children, Generation IV-29 

           2   Archduchess Theresia of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 9 January 1931 Castle Wallsee 
               Married 17 October 1955 Castle Wallsee 
               Prince Rasso of Bavaria, son of Prince Franz of Bavaria and 
               Princess Isabella von Croy 
               Born 24 May 1926 Leutstetten 
                         Children, Generation IV-30 

           3   Archduchess Maria Immakulata of Austria 
               Princess of Tuscany 
               Born 7 December 1933 Castle Wallsee 
               Married 14 May 1959 Koslar 
               Graf Reinhart von und zu Hoensbroech, son of Graf Lothar 
               von und zu Hoensbroech and Barones Helene de Loe 
               Born 15 October 1926 Castle Kellenberg 
                         Children, Generation IV-31 

           4   Archduke Carl Salvator of Austria 
               Prince of Tuscany 
               Born 23 June 1936 Castle Wallsee 
               Married 25 July 1970 Uttenheim 
               Edith Wenzl, Freiin von Sternbach, daughter of Lothar 
               Wenzl, Freiherr von Sternbach and Lucy Schnetzer 
               Born 10 June 1943 Bruneck, Bozen 
                         Children, Generation IV-32 

     III-10 (II-3-6) 
           1   Graefin Sophie von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems 
               Born 5 December 1932 Innsbruck 
               Married 7 May 1957 Maria-Thann bei Hergatz 
               Freiherr Wessel von Loe, son of Felix, Graf von Loe and 
               Princess Isabelle zu Salm und Salm-Salm, Wild- und 
               Born 8 August 1928 Wissen 
                         Children, Generation IV-33 

           2   Graf Josef von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems 
               Born 12 April 1934 Syrgenstein 
               Married 8 May 1960 Hutting 
               Freiin Maria Benedikta von Redwitz, daughter of Freiherr 
               Alfons von Redwitz and Graefin Helga von Moy de Sons 
               Born 12 April 1937 Wertheim am Main 
                         Children, Generation IV-34 

     III-11 (II-3-8) 
           1   Princess Marie Valerie von Altenburg 
               Born 16 January 1931 Wien 
               Married 20 July 1959 Unterach am Attersee 
               Graf Mario von Ledebur-Wicheln, son of Graf Karl von 
               Ledebur-Wicheln and Beatrice von Riedemann 
               Born 28 July 1931 St.Moritz 
                         Children, Generation IV-35 

           2   Prince Clemens von Altenburg 
               Born 8 February 1932 Wien 
               Married 16 October 1964 St.Gilgen nr Salzburg 
               Laurence Costa de Saint-Genix de Beauregard, daughter of 
               Henri Costa, Marquis de Saint-Genix de Beauregard and 
               Genevieve Poupart de Neuflize 
               Born 3 July 1942 Neuilly 
                         Children, Generation IV-36 

           3   Prince Georg von Altenburg 
               Born 23 September 1933 Wien 
               Married 9 February 1963 Salzburg 
               Maria Roswitha Wickl, daughter of Dr. Anton Wickl and Maria 
               Born 2 March 1941 Praha, Bohemia 
                         Children, Generation IV-37 

           4   Prince Peter von Altenburg 
               Born 18 September 1935 Wien 
               Married 30 September 1965 Retz 
               Graefin Juliane von Waldstein-Forni, daughter of Graf Eugen 
               von Waldstein, Herr zu Wartenberg and Princess Marie 
               Elisabeth von Croy 
               Born 22 May 1940 Buchberg am Kamp 
                         Children, Generation IV-38 

           5   Prince Christoph von Altenburg 
               Born 28 April 1937 Wallsee 
               Married 7 February 1970 Mona nr.Braidwood 
               Kirsty Mackay, daughter of Jan Farquart Mackay and Jeanette 
               Born 8 November 1946 Braidwood, NSW, Australia 
                         Children, Generation IV-39 

           6   Princess Elisabeth von Altenburg 
               Born 11 December 1938 Wien 

           7   Prince Franz Joseph von Altenburg 
               Born 15 March 1941 Ischl 
               Married 3 May 1969 Klagenfurt 
               Freiin Christa von Haerdtl, daughter of Freiherr Dr. Thomas 
               von Haerdtl and Elisabeth von Burger-Scheidlin 
               Born 29 January 1945 St.Veit an der Glan, Kaernten 
                         Children, Generation IV-40 

           8   Prince Nikolaus von Altenburg 
               Born 22 May 1942 Ischl 
               Married 28 April 1973 Salzburg Div.13-1-2000 
               Suzanne Madeleine Robinow, daughter of Franz Robinow and 
               Madeleine Suzanne Lebkicher 
               Born 1946 Washington 
                         Children, Generation IV-41 

           9   Prince Johannes von Altenburg 
               Born 21 January 1949 Gmunden 
               Married 26 August 1978 Wien 
               Eugenie Fundulus, daughter of Herbert Fundulus and Graefin 
               Eva Marie von Schoenfeldt 
               Born 22 September 1953 Wien 
                         Children, Generation IV-42 


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