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Submitted by Leo van de Pas

The Descendants of Victoria
Queen of Great Britain and Ireland

       IV-1 (III-1-1) 
            1  Prince Wilhelm of Prussia 
               Born 4 July 1906 Marmorpalais, Potsdam 
               Died 26 May 1940 Nivelles (in battle) 
               Married 3 June 1933 Bonn 
               Dorothea von Salviati, daughter of Alexander von Salviati 
               and Helene Crasemann 
               Born 10 September 1907 Bonn 
               Died 7 May 1972 Bonn-Bad Godesberg 
                        Children, Generation V-1

            2  Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia 
               Born 9 November 1907 Marmorpalais, Potsdam 
               Married 2 May 1938 Potsdam 
               Grand Duchess Kira Kyrillovna of Russia, daughter of Grand 
               Duke Kyrill Vladimirovitch of Russia and Princess Victoria 
               Melita of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony 
               Born 9 May 1909 Paris 
               Died 8 September 1967 St.Briac-sur-Mer 
                        Children, Generation V-2

            3  Prince Hubertus of Prussia 
               Born 30 September 1909 Marmorpalais, Potsdam 
               Died 8 April 1950 Windhoek, South West Africa 
               Married (1) 29 December 1941 Oels, Silesia Div.1943 
               Freiin Maria Anna von Humboldt-Dachroeden, daughter of 
               Freiherr Alexander von Humboldt-Dachroeden and Katharina 
               Born 9 July 1916 Bromberg 
               Married (2) 5 June 1943 Castle Prillwitz, Mecklenburg 
               Princess Magdalene Reuss, daughter of Prince Heinrich XXXVI 
               Reuss and Princess Hermine von Schoenburg-Waldenburg 
               Born 20 August 1920 Leipzig 
                        Children, Generation V-3

            4  Prince Friedrich of Prussia 
               Born 19 December 1911 Berlin 
               Died 20 April 1966 Reinhartshausen (drowned) 
               Married 30 July 1945 Little Hadham 
               Lady Brigid Guinness, daughter of Rupert Guinness, 2nd Earl 
               of Iveagh and Lady Gwendolen Onslow 
               Born 30 July 1920 London 
                        Children, Generation V-4

            5  Princess Alexandrine of Prussia 
               Born 7 April 1915 Berlin 
               Died 2 October 1980 Starnberg, Bavaria 

            6  Princess Cecilie of Prussia 
               Born 5 September 1917 Castle Cecilienhof 
               Died 21 April 1975 Castle Koenigstein, Taunus 
               Married 21 June 1949 Burg Hohenzollern 
               Clyde Kenneth Harris, son of Bert Harris and Aurora 
               Born 18 April 1918 Maud, Oklahoma 
               Died 2 March 1958 Amarillo, Texas 
                        Children, Generation V-5

       IV-2 (III-1-3) 
            1  Princess Viktoria Marina of Prussia 
               Born 4 September 1915 Berlin 
               Died 4 September 1915 Berlin 

            2  Princess Viktoria Marina of Prussia 
               Born 11 September 1917 Kiel 
               Died 22 January 1981 Taos, New Mexico, USA 
               Married 26 September 1947 Springfield Div.1962 
               Kirby William Patterson, son of Orin Patterson and Emily 
               Born 24 July 1907 Springfield, Missouri 
               Died 4 June 1984 Springfield, Missouri 
                        Children, Generation V-6

            3  Prince Wilhelm Viktor of Prussia 
               Born 15 February 1919 Kiel 
               Died 7 February 1989 Muenchen 
               Married 20 July 1944 Donaueschingen 
               Countess Marie-Antoinette Hoyos, Freiin zu Stichsenstein, 
               daughter of Count Friedrich Hoyos, Freiherr zu 
               Stichsenstein and Wilhelmine von Wuthenau 
               Born 27 June 1920 Hohenthurm 
                        Children, Generation V-7

       IV-3 (III-1-4) 

            1  Prince Alexander Ferdinand of Prussia 
               Born 26 December 1912 Berlin 
               Died 12 June 1985 Wiesbaden 
               Married 19 December 1938 Dresden 
               Irmgard Weygand, daughter of Friedrich Weygand and Karla 
               Franziska Oheim 
               Born 22 August 1912 Mainz 
                        Children, Generation V-8

       IV-4 (III-1-5) 
            1  Prince Oskar of Prussia 
               Born 12 July 1915 Potsdam 
               Died 5 September 1939 Widawka River (in battle) 

            2  Prince Burchard of Prussia 
               Born 8 January 1917 Potsdam 
               Died 12 August 1988 Hof nr Salzburg 
               Married 20 January 1961 Muenchen 
               Countess Eleonore Fugger von Babenhausen, daughter of Count 
               Leopold Fugger von Babenhausen and Countess Vera Czernin 
               von und zu Chudenitz 
               Born 31 January 1925 Babenhausen 

            3  Princess Herzeleide-Ina of Prussia 
               Born 25 December 1918 Bristow 
               Died 22 March 1989 Muenchen 
               Married 15 August 1938 Potsdam 
               Karl, Prince Biron von Curland, son of Gustav, Prince Biron 
               von Curland and Francoise Levisse de Montigny de Jaucourt 
               Born 15 June 1907 Castle Wartenberg 
               Died 28 February 1982 Muenchen 
                        Children, Generation V-9

            4  Prince Wilhelm Karl of Prussia 
               Born 30 January 1922 Potsdam 
               Married 1 March 1952 Destedt nr Braunschweig 
               Armgard von Veltheim, daughter of Friedrich von Veltheim 
               and Ottonie von Alvensleben 
               Born 7 February 1926 Destedt 
                        Children, Generation V-10

          IV-5 (III-1-6) 
            1  Prince Franz Josef of Prussia 
               Born 15 December 1916 Potsdam 
               Died 23 January 1975 Arica, Chili 
               Married (1) 5 October 1940 Berlin Div.1946 
               Princess Henriette von Schoenaich-Carolath, daughter of 
               Prince Johann Georg von Schoenaich-Carolath and Princess 
               Hermine Reuss zu Greiz 
               Born 25 November 1918 Berlin 
               Died 16 March 1972 Neuendettelsau 
               Married (2) 9 November 1946 Hamburg Div.1959 
               Luise Dora Hartmann, daughter of Max Emil Theodor Hartmann 
               and Dora Wandel 
               Born 5 September 1909 Hamburg 
               Died 23 April 1961 Hamburg 
               Married (3) 20 July 1959 Lima, Peru 
               Eva Maria Herrera y Valdeavellano, daughter of Norberto 
               Herrera y Carraczco and Juana Valdeavellano y Otero 
               Born 12 June 1922 Lima 
               Died 6 March 1987 Lima 
                       Children, Generation V-11

       IV-6 (III-1-7) 
            1  Prince Ernst August von Hannover 
               Duke von Braunschweig und Lueneburg 
               Born 18 March 1914 Braunschweig 
               Died 9 December 1987 Hannover 
               Married (1) 31 August 1951 Castle Marienburg 
               Princess Ortrud von Schleswig-Holstein- 
               Sonderburg-Gluecksburg, daughter of 
               Prince Albrecht von Schleswig-Holstein- 
               Sonderburg-Gluecksburg and Princess 
               Hertha zu Ysenburg und Buedingen in Buedingen 
               Born 19 December 1925 Flensburg 
               Died 6 February 1980 Kalenberg nr Schulenburg 
               Married (2) 16 July 1981 Laubach 
               Countess Monika zu Solms-Laubach, daughter of Georg 
               Friedrich, Count zu Solms-Laubach and Princess Johanna zu 
               Born 8 August 1929 Laubach 
                       Children, Generation V-12

            2  Prince Georg Wilhelm von Hannover 
               Born 25 March 1915 Braunschweig 
               Married 23 April 1946 Salem 
               Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark, daughter of Prince 
               Andrea of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice von 
               Born 26 June 1914 Corfu 
                       Children, Generation V-13

            3  Princess Friederike von Hannover 
               Born 18 April 1917 Blankenburg 
               Died 6 February 1981 Madrid 
               Buried Tatoi, Athens 
               Married 9 January 1938 Athens 
               Pavlos I, King of Greece 1947-1964, son of Konstantinos I, 
               King of Greece 1913-1917, 1920-1922 and Princess Sophie of 
               Born 14 December 1901 Athens 
               Died 6 March 1964 Athens 
                       Children, Generation V-14

            4  Prince Christian von Hannover 
               Born 1 September 1919 Gmuenden 
               Died 10 December 1981 Lausanne, Switzerland 
               Married 23 November 1963 Salzburg Div.1976 
               Mireille Dutry, daughter of Armand Dutry and Tinou Soinne 
               Born 10 January 1946 London 
                       Children, Generation V-15

            5  Prince Welf-Heinrich von Hannover 
               Born 11 March 1923 Gmuenden 
               Married 21 September 1960 Buedingen 
               Princess Alexandra zu Ysenburg und Buedingen in 
               Waechtersbach, daughter of Otto Friedrich, Fuerst zu Ysenburg 
               und Buedingen in Waechtersbach and Princess Felizitas Reuss 
               Born 23 October 1937 Frankfurt am Main 

       IV-7 (III-3-2) 
            1  Princess Barbara of Prussia 
               Born 2 August 1920 Hemmelmark 
               Died 31 May 1994 Hemmelmark 
               Married 11 July 1954 Castle Gluecksburg 
               Duke Christian Ludwig von Mecklenburg-Schwerin, son of 
               Friedrich Franz IV, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and 
               Princess Alexandra von Hannover, Princess of Great Britain 
               and Ireland 
               Born 29 September 1912 Ludwigslust 
               Died 18 July 1996 Eckernforde 
                       Children, Generation V-16

            2  Prince Alfred of Prussia 
               Born 17 August 1924 Finca Santa Sofia, Guatamala 
               Married 15 December 1984 Southampton, New York 
               Maritza Farkas de Zaladorgicse et Kiskapornok, daughter of 
               Julius Farkas de Zaladorgicse et Kiskapornok and Ilona 
               Born 6 August 1929 Gombaszog, Czechoslovakia 

       IV-8 (III-4-2) 
            1  Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark 
               Born 25 March 1921 Athens 
               Died 30 January 1993 Burges Hills nr Lewes, England 
               Married 20 March 1944 London 
               Petar II, King of Yugoslavia 1934-1945, son of Alexander I, 
               King of Yugoslavia and Princess Marie of Roumania 
               Born 6 September 1923 Belgrad 
               Died 3 November 1970 Denver, Colorado 
                       Children, Generation V-17

       IV-9 (III-4-3) 
            1  Mihai I 
               King of Roumania 1927-1930, 1940-1947 
               Born 25 October 1921 Castle Foischor, Sinaia 
               Married 10 June 1948 Athens 
               Princess Anne de Bourbon-Parma, daughter of Prince Rene de 
               Bourbon-Parma and Princess Margrethe of Denmark 
               Born 18 September 1923 Paris 
                       Children, Generation V-18

      IV-10 (III-4-4) 
            1  Princess Sofia of Greece and Denmark 
               Born 2 November 1938 Psychiko 
               Married 14 May 1962 Athens 
               Juan Carlos I, King of Spain 1975-, son of Infant Don Juan 
               of Spain, Count of Barcelona and Princess Mercedes de 
               Borbon, Infanta of Spain 
               Born 5 January 1938 Rome, Italy 
                       Children, Generation V-19

            2  Konstantinos II 
               King of Greece 1964-1967 
               Born 2 June 1940 Psychiko 
               Married 18 September 1964 Athens 
               Princess Anne Marie of Denmark, daughter of Fredrik IX, 
               King of Denmark 1947-1972 and Princess Ingrid of Sweden 
               Born 30 August 1946 Castle Amalienborg 
                       Children, Generation V-20

            3  Princess Yreny of Greece and Denmark 
               Born 11 May 1942 Cape Town, South Africa 

      IV-11 (III-4-5) 
            1  Prince Amadeo de Savoie 
               5.Duke of Aosta 
               Born 27 September 1943 Firenze 
               Married (1) 22 July 1964 Cintra, Portugal Div.1976-82 
               Princess Claude d'Orleans, daughter of Prince Henri 
               d'Orleans, Comte de Paris and Princess Isabel de Orleans 
               and Braganca 
               Born 11 December 1943 Larache, Morocco 
               Married (2) 30 March 1987 Bagheria nr Palermo 
               Marquesa Donna Silvia Paterno di Spedalotto, daughter of 
               Don Vincenzo Paterno, dei Marchesi Regiovanni, Conti di 
               Prades and Rosanna Bellardo 
               Born 31 December 1953 Palermo, Sicily 
                       Children, Generation V-21

      IV-12 (III-4-6) 
            1  Paul Brandram 
               Born 1 April 1948 London 
               Married 12 February 1975 London (Sep.1993) 
               Jennifer Diane Steele, daughter of Lt.Col. Robert Steele 
               and Gyllian Diane Greville-Williams 
               Born 23 August 1951 London 
                       Children, Generation V-22

      IV-13 (III-5-3) 
            1  Prince Moritz von Hessen 
               Landgraf von Hessen 
               Born 6 August 1926 Racconigi, Italy 
               Married 1 June 1964 Kronberg, Taunus (Div.1974) 
               Princess Tatiana zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, daughter 
               of Gustav Albrecht, 5.Fuerst zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg 
               and Margareta Fouche d'Otrante 
               Born 31 July 1940 Giessen 
                       Children, Generation V-23

            2  Prince Heinrich von Hessen 
               Born 30 October 1927 Rome 

            3  Prince Otto von Hessen 
               Born 3 June 1937 Rome 
               Married (1) 5 April 1965 Muenchen Div.3-2-1969 
               Angela von Doering, daughter of Bernd von Doering, General 
               Major and Eleonore Wrede 
               Born 12 August 1940 Goslar 
               Married (2) 28 December 1988 
               Elisabeth Wittler, daughter of Wilhelm Wittler and 
               Elisabeth Nagel 
               Born 31 January 1944 

            4  Princess Elisabeth von Hessen 
               Born 8 October 1940 Rome 
               Married 26 February 1962 Frankfurt am Main 
               Count Friedrich Carl von Oppersdorff, son of Count Wilhelm 
               von Oppersdorff and Princess Marie Luise von Isenburg 
               Born 30 January 1925 Oberglogau, Upper Silesia 
               Died 11 January 1985 Gravenbruch-Neu Isenburg 
                       Children, Generation V-24

      IV-14 (III-5-6) 
            1  Princess Christina von Hessen 
               Born 10 January 1933 Kronberg 
               Married (1) 1 August 1956 Kronberg Div.1962 
               Prince Andrej of Yugoslavia, son of Alexander I, King of 
               Yugoslavia and Princess Marie of Roumania 
               Born 28 June 1929 Bled 
               Married (2) 3 December 1962 London Div.1986 
               Robert van Eyck, son of Pieter Nicolaas van Eyck and Nelly 
               Estelle Benjamins 
               Born 3 May 1916 's-Gravenhage 
                       Children, Generation V-25

            2  Princess Dorothea von Hessen 
               Born 24 July 1934 Panker 
               Married 1 April 1959 Muenchen 
               Prince Friedrich zu Windisch-Graetz, son of Hugo, Fuerst zu 
               Windisch-Graetz and Princess Leontine zu Fuerstenberg 
               Born 7 July 1917 Heiligenberg 
                       Children, Generation V-26

            3  Prince Karl von Hessen 
               Born 26 March 1937 Berlin 
               Married 18 April 1966 's-Gravenhage 
               Countess Yvonne Szapary de Muraszombath, Szechysziget et 
               Szapar, daughter of Count Bela Szapary de Muraszombath, 
               Szechysziget et Szapar and Freiin Ursula von Richthofen 
               Born 4 April 1944 Budapest 
                       Children, Generation V-27

            4  Prince Rainer von Hessen 
               Born 18 November 1939 Kronberg 

            5  Princess Clarissa von Hessen 
               Born 6 February 1944 Kronberg 
               Married 20 July 1971 Paris Div.21-6-1976 
               Claude-Jean Derrien, son of Jean Guillaume Derrien and 
               Jacqueline Laine 
               Born 12 March 1948 Boulogne-sur-Seine 
             Child by (a) NN 
                       Children, Generation V-28

      IV-15 (III-6-2) 
            1  Elizabeth II 
               Queen of Great Britain and N-Ireland 1952- 
               Born 21 April 1926 London 
               Married 20 November 1947 London 
               Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, son of Prince Andrea of 
               Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice von Battenberg 
               Born 10 June 1921 Corfu, Greece 
                       Children, Generation V-29

            2  Princess Margaret of Great Britain and N-Ireland 
               Born 21 August 1930 Glamis Castle 
               Married 6 May 1950 London (Dis.24-5-1978) 
               Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon, 
               Viscount Linley, son of Ronald Owen Lloyd Armstrong-Jones 
               and Anne Messel 
               Born 7 March 1930 London 
                       Children, Generation V-30

      IV-16 (III-6-3) 
            1  George Lascelles 
               7th Earl of Harewood 
               Born 7 February 1923 London, Chesterfield House 
               Married (1) 29 September 1949 London Div.1967 
               Marion Stein, daughter of Erwin Stein and Sofie Bachmann 
               Born 18 October 1927 Wien 
               Married (2) 31 July 1967 New Canaan, Connecticut 
               Patricia Elizabeth Tuckwell, daughter of Charles Tuckwell 
               and Elizabeth Jane Norton 
               Born 24 November 1926 Melbourne, Vic. Australia 
                       Children, Generation V-31

            2  The Hon. Gerald David Lascelles 
               Born 21 August 1924 Goldsborough Hall co York 
               Married (1) 15 July 1952 London Div.1978 
               Angela Dowding, daughter of Charles Stanley Dowding and 
               Lilian Lawlor 
               Born 20 April 1919 Hanwell 
               Married (2) 17 November 1978 Wien 
               Elizabeth Evelyn Collingwood, daughter of Brig. Sydney 
               Collingwood and Charlotte Annie Oughterson 
               Born 23 April 1924 Wimbledon 
                       Children, Generation V-32

      IV-17 (III-6-4) 
            1  Prince William of Gloucester 
               Prince of Great Britain and Ireland 
               Born 18 December 1941 Barnet 
               Died 28 August 1972 Halfpenny-Green (plane-crash) 

            2  Prince Richard of Great Britain and Ireland 
               2nd Duke of Gloucester 
               Born 26 August 1944 Northampton 
               Married 8 July 1972 Barnwell 
               Brigitte Eva van Deurs, daughter of Vivian van Deurs and 
               Asger Henriksen 
               Born 2 June 1946 Odense, Denmark 
                       Children, Generation V-33

      IV-18 (III-6-5) 
            1  Prince Edward of Great Britain and Ireland 
               2nd Duke of Kent 
               Born 9 October 1935 London 
               Married 8 June 1961 York Minster, York 
               Katharine Worsley, daughter of Sir William Arthington 
               Worsley, of Hovingham Hall, 4th Baronet and Joyce Morgan 
               Born 22 February 1933 Hovingham Hall, York 
                       Children, Generation V-34

            2  Princess Alexandra of Kent 
               Princess of Great Britain and Ireland 
               Born 25 December 1936 London 
               Married 24 April 1963 London, Westminster Abbey 
               Sir Angus Ogilvy, son of David Lyulph Gore Wolseley Ogilvy, 
               9th Earl of Airlie and Lady Alexandra Marie Bridget Coke 
               Born 28 September 1928 London 
                       Children, Generation V-35

            3  Prince Michael of Kent 
               Prince of Great Britain and N-Ireland 
               Born 4 July 1942 Coppins, Iver, Bucks. 
               Married 30 June 1978 Wien 
               Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz, daughter of Freiherr 
               Guenther-Hubertus von Reibnitz and Countess Maria Anna 
               Szapary de Muraszombath, Szechysziget et Szapar 
               Born 15 January 1945 Karlsbad 
                       Children, Generation V-36

      IV-19 (III-7-2) 
            1  = III-19-1 

      IV-20 (III-7-3) 
            1  James Carnegie 
               3rd Duke of Fife 
               Born 23 September 1929 London 
               Married 11 September 1956 Perth Div.1966 
               Hon. Caroline Dewar, daughter of Alexander Dewar, 3rd Lord 
               Forteviot and Cynthia Monica Starkie 
               Born 12 February 1934 Bardowie Castle, Milngavie 
                       Children, Generation V-37

      IV-21 (III-8-1) 
            1  Princess Ragnhild of Norway 
               Born 9 June 1930 Oslo 
               Married 15 May 1953 Asker nr Oslo 
               Erling Sven Lorentzen, son of Oivind Lorentzen and Ragna 
               Born 28 January 1923 Oslo 
                        Children, Generation V-38

            2  Princess Astrid of Norway 
               Born 12 February 1932 Oslo 
               Married 12 January 1961 Asker nr Oslo 
               Johan Martin Ferner, son of Ferner Jakobsen and Ragnhild 
               Born 22 July 1927 Oslo 
                        Children, Generation V-39

            3  Harald V 
               King of Norway 1991- 
               Born 21 February 1937 Skaugum 
               Married 29 August 1968 Oslo 
               Sonja Haraldsen, daughter of Carl August Haraldsen and 
               Dagny Ulrichsen 
               Born 4 July 1937 
                        Children, Generation V-40

      IV-22 (III-9-1) 
            1  Princess Margarita of Greece and Denmark 
               Born 18 April 1905 Athens 
               Died 24 April 1981 Bad Weisse, West Germany 
               Married 20 April 1931 Langenburg 
               Gottfried, 8.Fuerst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg, son of Ernst, 
               7.Fuerst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg and Princess Alexandra of 
               Edinburgh, Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha 
               Born 4 March 1897 Langenburg 
               Died 11 May 1960 Langenburg 
                        Children, Generation V-41

            2  Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark 
               Born 30 May 1906 Athens 
               Died 16 October 1969 Constanz 
               Married 17 August 1931 Baden-Baden 
               Prince Berthold von Baden, Markgraf von Baden, Herzog von 
               Zaehringen, son of Maximilian, Markgraf and Prince von Baden 
               and Princess Marie Louise von Hannover, Princess of Great 
               Britain and Ireland 
               Born 24 February 1906 Karlsruhe 
               Died 27 October 1963 nr Spaichingen 
                        Children, Generation V-42

            3  Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark 
               Born 9 June 1911 Tatoi 
               Died 16 November 1937 Steene-Ostende (plane-crash) 
               Married 23 January 1931 Darmstadt 
               Georg Donatus, Hereditary Grand Duke von Hessen und bei 
               Rhein, son of Ernst Ludwig, Grand Duke von Hessen und bei 
               Rhein 1892-1918 and Princess Eleonore zu 
               Born 8 November 1906 Darmstadt 
               Died 16 November 1937 Steene-Ostende (plane crash) 
                        Children, Generation V-43

            4  Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark 
               Born 26 June 1914 Corfu 
               Married (1) 15 December 1930 Kronberg 
               Prince Christoph von Hessen, son of Friedrich Karl, 
               Landgraf von Hessen and Princess Margarete of Prussia 
               Born 14 May 1901 Frankfurt am Main 
               Died 7 October 1943 Apeninnes (in battle) 
               Married (2) 23 April 1946 Salem 
               Prince Georg Wilhelm von Hannover, son of Ernst August, 
               Duke of Brunswick-Lueneburg and Princess Viktoria Luise of 
               Born 25 March 1915 Braunschweig 
                        Children, Generation V-44

            5  Prince Philip 
               Duke of Edinburgh 
               Born 10 June 1921 Corfu, Greece 
               Married 20 November 1947 London 
               Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and N-Ireland 1952-, 
               daughter of George VI, King of Great Britain and Ireland 
               1936-1952 and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, The Queen Mother 
               Born 21 April 1926 London 
                        Children, Generation V-45

      IV-23 (III-9-2) 
            1  Princess NN of Sweden 
               Born 30 May 1925 Stockholm (stillborn) 

      IV-24 (III-9-3) 
            1  Lady Tatiana Mountbatten 
               Born 16 December 1917 Edinburgh 

            2  David Mountbatten 
               3rd Marquess of Milford Haven 
               Born 12 May 1919 Edinburgh 
               Died 14 April 1970 London 
               Married (1) 4 February 1950 Washington DC Div.1954/1960 
               Romaine Dalhgren Pierce, daughter of Ulric Dalhgren Pierce 
               and Margaret Knickerbocker Clark 
               Born 17 July 1923 Baltimore, North Carolina 
               Died 15 February 1975 New York City 
               Married (2) 17 November 1960 London 
               Janet Mercedes Bryce, daughter of Major Francis Bryce and 
               Gladys Jean Mosley 
               Born 29 September 1937 Hamilton, Bermuda 
                        Children, Generation V-46

      IV-25 (III-9-4) 
            1  Lady Patricia Mountbatten 
               2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma 
               Born 14 February 1924 London 
               Married 26 October 1946 Romsey Abbey, Romsey 
               John Ulick Knatchbull, 7th Lord Brabourne, son of Michael 
               Knatchbull, 5th Lord Brabourne and Lady Doreen Geraldine 
               Born 9 November 1924 London 
                        Children, Generation V-47

            2  Lady Pamela Mountbatten 
               Born 19 April 1929 Barcelona, Spain 
               Married 13 January 1960 Romsey Abbey 
               David Hicks, son of Herbert Hicks and Iris Elsie Platten 
               Born 25 March 1929 Little Coggeshall, Essex 
                        Children, Generation V-48


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