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Ingeborg Brigitte Gastel 

Private Records and Documents of myFamily

(1) Ingeborg Brigitte Gastel, *1944

(1a) Emilio Norberto Otto Max Gastel *1929
(my half brother)
Birth Certificate made out in 1938 by the City Hall in Buenos Aires, Argentina
(# 088815, group I or J 3461 -birth registered as #1178, vol. 3, section 7,
 Municipalidad Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oct. 19, 1929)
German Translation thereof in the year 1956, Munich, Germany

(2) Otto *Helmuth* Georg Maximilian Gastel 1902-1994
(my father)

(2a) Harald Gastel *1906
(my uncle)
Birth Anouncement (see bible entry)
Extract from the list of emigrants, Year 1923, Page 3796
(en route Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Nov 17, 1923 with the ship *Espana*)
Departure List of November 17, 1923 (Ship *Espana*)

(4) Maximilian Gastel 1874-1914
(my grandfather)

(5) Erna H. A.M. Reimann Schult 
(called*Bruening*) 1880-1943
(my grandmother)

Anna Henriette Wilhelmine Schult (called *Bruening*) *1878
(my grandaunt)
Statement by Prof. Genealogist Kurt Walter Friedrich
(with dates and about her whereabouts)
Translation thereof (yet to come)

(8) Maximilian Friedrich Wilhelm Gastel 1835-1912
(my great grandfather)

(9) Klara Lang 1838-1906
(my great grandmother)

(10) Heinrich Wilhelm Schult *called Bruening*1850-1880
and (11) Christiane Friederike Vollmers, 1853-?
(my great grandparents)

(16) Karl Philipp Gastel 1796-1853
(my  great great grandfather)

(17) Friederike Christine Schmidt 1802-1890?
(my great great grandmother) 

       their children:

Carl Friedrich Gastel 1822-?
(my great granduncle) 
Birth Entry on March 7, 1822, page 13, Malsch church records
(totally unreadable)
Marie Antonie Sophie Gastel 1832-1832
(my great grandaunt)
Birth Entry on May 25, 1832: # 22 (GLA Abt. 390, # 2237) Kehl, Germany
Death Entry on Aug. 16, 1832:  # 17 (GLA Abt. 390, # 2237) Kehl, Germany
Emilie Karoline Gastel 1833-?
(my great grandaunt)
Birth certificate# 2237 (entry #12), GLA Abt. 390, Kork, date given as June 28, 1833
Marriage certificate # 2036, GLA Abt. 390,
also recorded in the Protestant Church in Muehlburg,
Year 1853, page 143
oo to August Hans Theodor Meyer,, of Ludwigslust, Prussia
Maximilian Friedrich Wilhelm Gastel 1835-1912 -see #8-

(18) Gottlieb Friedrich Wendel Lang 1793-1859
(my great great grandfather)

(19) Amalie Theodore Hug 1818-1901
(my great great grandmother)

(22) Hinrich Vollmers 1811-bef 1878
(my great great grandfather)

(23) Metta Neumann 1814-bef 1878
(my great great grandmother)

      their children:

Metta Rebecca Vollmers 1843-?
(my great grandaunt)
Birth: recorded in the Protestant-Lutheran Church in Balje, County Stade,
entry # 36 on March 14, 1843
Anna Maria Vollmers 1845-?
(my great grandaunt)
Birth:  recorded in the Protestant-Lutheran Church in Balje, County Stade,
entry # 4 on January 7, 1846
Christiane Friederike Vollmers, 1853-? (see # 11)

(32) Johann Daniel G(K)astel 1765-1800
(my ggg grandfather)

(33) Catharina Christina Xeller 1771-1834
(my ggg grandmother)

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