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Biography of Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi

Andrea Albert Pierre was born June 8, 1984 to Princess Caroline of Monaco and Italian businessman Stefano Casiraghi. He was born at the Princess Grace Hospital, at 22:50 pm and weighed 3.300 gr.   Despite the fact that Andrea holds no royal titles, he is third in line to the
throne of Monaco.  Andrea was raised and educated as a Catholic.  His godparents were his aunt Stephanie (Princess Caroline's sister) and his uncle Marco Casiraghi (Stefano's brother).

When Andrea was six his father died in a boating accident.  The event affected him deeply, more so than most.  Andrea seemed to bear the brunt of the family suffering.  "He always stuck to his trousers" explained his grandmother Fernanda in a recent interview.  She also
said that Stefano "treated him like a little man".  Stefano and the boy were great pals as he would often take little Andreae aside to talk at length about anything and everything.  A psychologist was needed to help Andrea cope with his father's death.

After the tragedy, Andrea and his family went to live in the peaceful town of Saint Remy in the French Province.  There Andrea was enrolled in a public school where he received music lessons at the conservatory.  In 1992 the 3 Casiraghis were recognized by the Catholic church at which time Andrea became third in the line of royal succession.

At age 13 he was admitted into a private school outside Paris in Fontainebleau, Lycee Jeanne D'Arc, Saint Aspais, as a boarding student. After his mother married Prince Ernst of Hannover on January 23, 1999, Andrea and his family moved to France to live in a mansion (once belonging to Karl Lagerfield) called *Le Manoir du Mie* (in Mie sur Seine) near Paris.

On July 20, 1999 his half sister Princess Alexandra of Hannover was born.  He also has 2 other siblings, Charlotte and Pierre.

Andrea is best characterized as a sensitive and introverted young man. His grandmother Fernanda says that although he doesn't talk much, he is the most affectionate of all her grandchildren.

He grew his hair long to imitate the style of his late father as was depicted in a portrait of him at age 16 that he first saw in his grandmother Fernanda's house.  Upon his request, Fernanda gave him the photo that he treasures to this day on his bedside table.  He is said to often gaze at the picture as he combs his hair.

He was recently named in People magazine as one of the "50 Most Beautiful People" alongside Hollywood celebrities.  It is said that he enjoys playing sports such as soccer and he never misses the annual Grand Prix of Monaco auto races.  Prince Rainier of Monaco (his grandfather) once mentioned that Andrea also plays the guitar.  He speaks four languages: French, English, Italian and German.   His grandmother, Fernanda says that nowadays at age 18 he prefers reading to going out with his friends.

Source: Isabel , August 15, 2002

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