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Title: Ridderschap van Nijmegen
Author: d'Ablaing van Giessenburg
Published: 1900

Rating: B

Online Review: Description and ancestors of Dutch noblemen, their marriages and children.

Title: The Last Medici 
Author: Harold Acton
Published: 1932, 1958, 1980  London
ISBN: 333-29315

Online Review: A classic, history of the last generations of the House of the Medici

Title: The House of Nell Gwyn 1670-1974
Authors: Donald Adamson, Peter Beauclerk Dewar
Published: 1974, London
ISBN: 07183-0403-9
Online Review: The history of the Beauclerk family, tells in great detail about some very intersting personages. The genealogy is extracted from Burke's Peerage.

Title: The Royal House of Stuart (3 volumes) 
Author: A. C. Addington
Published: 1969,1971, 1976 London

Rating: A

Online Review: A milestone publication. These volumes link almost all 20th century aristocracy and royalty. The work involved must have been enormous.

Title: A History of Milan under the Sforza
Author: Cecilia Ady
Published: 1907 London


Online Review:

Title: Isabella d'Este, Marchioness of Mantua 1474-1539 -2 volumes
Author: Cecilia Ady
Published: 1915 London


Online Review:

Title: The structure of the Ottoman dynasty
Author: A. D. Alderson
Published: 1956
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Rating: B

Online Review: An academic treatise, with genealogical tables. For specialists only, though some of the very numerous notes are fascinating.

Title: Histoire genealogique des familles de Bonne, de Crequy, de Blanchefort, d'Agoult, de Vesc, de Montlor, de Maubec et de Montauban
Author: Guy Allard
Published: 1672, Grenoble

Rating: D

Online Review: Some notes on these families in this rare booklet. Try more recent books covering the same ground.

Title: Scottish Annals from English Chroniclers AD 500 to 1286
Author: A. O. Anderson
Published: 1908, reprinted 1991

Rating: A

Online Review: Accurate extracts and commentary on Scottish historical details found in English records, for a period where original Scottish material is scant.
One of the few ways of checking whether early family histories fit with the records of the time

Title: Early Sources of Scottish History
Author: A. O. Anderson
Published: 1922

Rating: A

Online Review: A much cited classic. Accurate and comprehensive

Title: The Great Migration
Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, Volume I
Authors: Robert Charles Anderson, George F Sanborn Jr, Melinde Lutz Sanborn
Publisher: 1999 New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston Mass.
ISBN: 0-88082=102-7


Online Review: 

Title: The Great Migration Begins
Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Volume I, II and III
Author: Robert Charles Anderson

Rating: A

Online Review: This work gives a listing of all inhabitants of New England from 1620 to 1633. Basic biographical details are provided for each person, such as occupation, birthplace (when known), marriage and children, etc. However, given the advance being made in the field, this work is slowly being outdated, but its purpose is to provide a basis for further research. It is unfortunate that no other regions have a comparable work available.

Title: The Scottish Nation; 
or the surnames, families, literature, honours and biographical
history of the people of Scotland -3 volumes-
Author: William Anderson
Published: 1863 (various editions)

Rating: B

Online Review: Alphabetical by surname. Volume 3 has a substantial supplement. Necessarily concentrating on more prominent Scots families, but he tries to
mention lesser branches of such families. On the whole a pretty accurate source.

Title: Living Descendants of Blood Royal (in America)
Author: Count d'Angerville
Publisher: (Several volumes published by World Nobility and Peerage, London and Paris)

Rating: C+

Online Review: As the title indicates, this gives lines from royalty to many present day Americans. It has many references to sources used.

Title: Histoire Genealogique et Chronologique de la Maison Royale de France, des Pairs, Grand Officiers de la Couronne et de la maison du Roy, et des anciens Barons du Royaume
Author: Pere Anselme de Sainte Marie (Pierre de Guibours 1625-1694)
Published: 1726-1733 8 volumes, reissued 1879-1882 in 9 volumes

Rating: B+

Online Review: This massive work is still useful, but should be checked against more recent sources, especially for the period before 1500. Nevertheless, one
has to admire the humble monk who gave us this monument. However, this is the definitive work on the royal house and peerage of France. It is the French equivalent of the English Complete Peerage. Once you become accustomed to the way it is laid out, by how a family was associated to the king and his household or when a titled peerage was established, it becomes easy to work with. Pere Anselme and his editors showed a great concern for documentation and cited sources in the margins.

Title: Arvore de Costados de SAR Principe de Beira
Author: Domingos Arraujo-Affonso
Published: 1957, Braga

Rating: A

Online Review: Ancestors of the current Duke of Braganca, neatly presented in one large table.

Title: Nobleza del Andalusia (1588)
Author: Gonzalo Argote de Molina


Online Review: "A Classic"

Title: Repertoire des genealogies francaises imprimees
3 volumes
Author: Etienne Arnaud
Published: 1978-1982
Publisher: Berger-Levrault, Paris

Rating: B

Online Review: This is an index to published genealogies in French books and journals.  It also points to arms in the "Grand Armorial de France". It is somewhat dated now and in need of an update to catch up with all the new materials produced in France since 1982. This set is found in many larger libraries.

Author not known:

Title: Ahnentafeln beruehmter Deutscher - 6 volumes

Rating: A

Online Review: An endless collection of ancestor tables of "famous" Germans, some now infamous.   Complete sets are scarce and decaying, having been printed on inferior paper. One of the volumes has Adolf Hitler's Ahnenliste, believed by some to be wrong but correct according to others.


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