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Title: Danmarks Adels Aarborg


Online Review:

Title: Dansk Biografisk Leksikon


Online Review:

Title: Dictionary of National Biography on CD-ROM
Published: 1995
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Rating: B

Online Review: This expensive electronic compilation of the original publications of 1885 through to 1900 and various supplements to 1993, provides 37,391
British biographical articles. Two thirds of these are 18th century or later. While there are inconsistencies and errors, the sources mentioned make it easy to check further. A powerful search engine is included giving quick access to the 33 million words in various structured ways, including between articles linking.

Title: Debretts Peerage - many editions

Rating: C

Online Review: Too little about too much.

Title: Graf Johann der Mittlere von Nassau-Siegen und seine 25 Kinder
Author: Dr. A.W.E. Dek
Published: 1962, Rijswijk

Rating: B

Online Review: Very good, displays several generations of all descendants, male line, female line as well as illegitimate ones. Contains also portraits  and very good ancestor lists for many.

Title: Genealogie der Graven van Holland -Dutch-
Author: Dr.A.W.E. Dek
Published: 1969, Zaltbommel

Rating: B

Online Review: Excellent, covers in detail, including junior branches and illegitimate lines, those families who held the title of Count of Holland; the Houses of Holland, d'Avesnes, Bavaria, Burgundy and Habsburg.

Title: Genealogie der Heren van Brederode -Dutch-
Author: Dr. A.W.E. Dek
Published: 1979
Publisher: Europese Bibliotheek, Zaltbommel

Rating: B

Online Review: Very good record of a medieval Dutch family. Many interesting portraits.

Title: Genealogie der Heren en Graven van Egmond -Dutch-
Author: Dr. AWE Dek
Published: 1958, 's-Gravenhage

Rating: A

Online Review: Very well detailed account of a medieval Dutch family which provided Scotland with one Queen.

Title: Genealogie van het Vorstenhuis Nassau -Dutch-
Author: Dr. A.W.E. Dek
Published: 1970, Zaltbommel

Rating: B

Online Review: Very good. Displays all branches, including illegitimate lines. Many helpful biographical notes.

Title: The House of Dewar 1296-1991 (the fortunes of the clan Dewar)
Author: Peter Beauclerk Dewar
Published: 1991, London

Rating: B

Online Review: An account of all Dewar families; the name may sound familiar, if you like whiskey.

Title: Scottish Kings
Author: Gordon Donaldson
Published: 1992
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Books
ISBN: 0-88029-995-9


Online Review: Donaldson's excellent reputation should be enough.

Title: The Complete Peerage -14 volumes-
Authors: H.A. Doubleday, Vicary Hibbs, Lord Howard de Walden' Geoffrey White,  Peter W. Hammond, etc
Published: 1910-1940, 1998

Rating: A

Online Review: A superb record of titleholders in Great Britain, heirs who did not succeed to the peerage are also mentioned. Many of the footnotes, or articles mentioned in many appendices, are priceless.

Title: The Peerage of Scotland, containing an historical and genealogical account of the nobility of that Kingdom
Author: Sir Robert Douglas 1694-1770

Rating: C

Online Review: Good for its time, but not always accurate.

Title: Histoire genealogique de la maison de Bethune
Author: Andre Duchesne 1584-1640
Published: 1639, Paris

Rating: C

Online Review: Thorough treatment of the Bethune family and its relatives. For his Stammtafeln VII 57-61 Schwennicke cites this as a source. Some details are
still interesting.

Title: Histoire des rois, ducs et comtes de Bourgogne
Author: Andre Duchesne 1584-1640
Published: 1619 Paris

Rating: A

Online Review: Andre Duchesne was the father of scholarly genealogy in France and had an impact on the development on this field across Western Europe. He
was one of the first to take great care to cite his sources. His work on the great feudal families is rare and not yet microfilmed. However, this work is somewhat dated.

Title: Ahnen Deutscher Fuersten
Author: Otto, Freiherr von Dungern
Published: 1906

Rating: C

Online Review: An album with ancestor tables; no surprises here.

Title: Les Cahiers de Saint Louis -30 volumes-
Author:  Jacques Dupont, Jacques Saillot
Published: 1976

Rating: B

Online Review: Another doomed attempt to record all descendants of medieval king Louis IX of France. It was fun while it lasted. There is, alas, no general index. The project came to a halt soon after the untimely death of Abbe Dupont. It is a pity, this could have gone very far.

Title: Herbarz rodzin Tatarskich w Polsce
Author: Stanislaw Dziadulewicz
Published:  1929 Wilno, reprint 1986, Warszawa

Rating: A

Online Review: Genealogies of families of Polish nobility of Tartar origin, mostly maintaining the Islamic faith. Sound scholarly work based on primary sources. A
dozen or so loose-leaved genealogical tables come with the book.


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