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Title: La Noblesse de Nouvelle-France: families et alliances
Author: Lorraine Gadoury

Rating: A

Online Review: This book is a historical demographic study of French nobles in Canada. The extensive lists and bibliographies, what she offers are the best
places to start to see if you have a French Canadian ancestor who was noble and to check if there is anything published on that family. Be warned she does miss some nobles, for example, she does not list Catherine Baillon.

Title: Enciclopedia Heraldica y genealogica
Author: A & A Garcia Caraffa
Published: 1919, Madrid

Rating: B

Online Review: Coloured coat-of-arms and genealogies of Spanish nobility, from a few lines up to a hundred pages per family, with the usual absence of dates, especially for the medieval period. But it is an essential reference.

Title:  L'Allemagne Dynastique les 15 families qui ont tait l'Europe
-7 volumes-
Author: Alain Giraud, Michel Huberty, F & B Magdelaine
Published: from 1981 onwards

Rating: A

Online Review: Painstaking, extremely detailed and meticulous genealogies of Germany's highest nobility. It compares and corrects all previous books on the subject, obviously, no effort was spared in tracking down original documents. In some cases (e.g. Lippe), whole "new" branches are added to those supposedly well-studied families! The "Familles nobles alliées" (details on allied families) are just a bit weaker, as it relies more on printed sources but giving all these the same thorough treatment would not have been feasible

Title: The House of Bonaparte 1640-1965
Author: D.W. M. Grant
Published: 1966, Melbourne

Rating: A

Online Review: Very good, also gives brief biographies, including for the Leon and Walewski families, portraits, letters, also a list of publications by members of the Bonaparte family, as well as a substantial bibliography.

Title: The Roman Emperors
A biographical guide to the rulers of Imperial Rome 31BC - AD 476
Author: Michael Grant
Published: 1985
Publisher: republished by Barnes & Noble by arrangement with Scribner,
an imprint of Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 0-76070-091-5

Rating: A

Online Review: A valuable reference work that provides biographical information on all of the Roman Emperors.


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