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Title: Dictionnaire genealogique des familles du Quebec des origines a 1730
Author: Rene Jette - with the collaboration of the Programme de recherche en demographie historique. 
Published: 1983
Publisher: Montreal-Les Presses de l'Universite de Montreal

Rating: A

Online Review: When Jette finds a line leading back to France he includes several generations based on the information he had available to him in 1983.

Title: De Catherine Baillon a Charlemagne
Author: Rene Jette, John P. Dulong, Roland-Yves Gagne and Gail F. Moreau
Publisher: Memoires de la Societe Genealogie canadienne-francaise 48:3 (autumn 1997) 190-216

Rating: A

Online Review: This article is a detailed presentation of the lineage of Catherine Baillon, a french noble woman who immigrated to New France around 1669, back to Philip Augustus, King of France, 1180-1223. The link between generations is documented by citing original documents, artifacts, or carefully laid out preponderance of the evidence analyses. It is a fine example of how a claimed royal lineage should be written and documented.

Title: Les seize quartiers genealogiques des Capetiens -4 volumes-
Author:  Jean Dominique Joannis, R. de St.Jouan
Published: 1958-1965 Lyon
Publisher: Sauvegarde Historique

Rating: B

Online Review: This is a collection of well documented pedigree charts showing the ancestry of each king of France for four generations. It also includes cadet
branches of the royal family. Volume 4 consists of additions and corrections as well as an index.

Title: The Heraldry of the Campbells
Author: G. Harvey Johnston
Published: 1977
Publisher: Inveraray, Argyll

Rating: C

Online Review: Even though it is intended to be a book on heraldry, the genealogy is very helpful with establishing links between the many branches.

Title: Ancestry of Jeremy Clarke of Rhode Island and Dungan Genealogy
Author: A. R. Justice
Published: 1922

Rating: C+

Online Review: This book may have an erroneous descent of a John Dungan, who was a blacksmith in Rhode Island, and they state that he was born the son of a knight; the connection was thoroughly disproved. However, the generations in America are probably correct. Mr. Justice was known to make some bad judgement calls in his work.


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