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Title: Historie and Chronicles of Scotland
Author: edited by A.J.G Mackay
Published: 1899-1911


Online Review:

Title: Geschiedenis van het Geslacht Mackay
Author: Daniel, Baron Mackay
Published: 1984
ISBN: 906011-200-8

Rating: A

Online Review: A very good history of a Scottish-Dutch family, with many black and white portraits. However, the genealogical pages could have been better, but then much of this family can be found in "Nederland's Adelsboek".

Title: La Descendance de Charles X, Roi de France
Authors: Daniel Manach, Michel Sementery
Publisher: Editions Christian, Paris
ISBN: 2-86496-068-0

Rating: A

Online Review: Very good genealogy, combining legitimate and illegitimate descendants.

Title: Histoire et Genealogie de La Maison de Harcourt -French-
Author: Georges Martin
Published: 1974

Rating: C

Online Review: Quite good, with many biographical notes.

Title: Histoire et Genealogie de la maison de Liechtenstein (histoire de la principaute) -French-
Author: Georges Martin

Rating: C

Online Review: Quite good, with interesting genealogical tables and black-and-white portraits.

Title: Histoire et Genealogie de La Maison de La Rochefoucauld -French-
Author: Georges Martin

Rating: B

Online Review: Very good but use it in combination with the details displayed in Europaische Stammtafeln. Has biographical details and some genealogical tables.

Title: Histoire et Genealogie des maisons de Rohan, de Chabot et de Rohan-Chabot, two volumes -French-
Author: Georges Martin

Rating: B

Online Review: Very good, especially when combining the details with those displayed in Europaische Stammtafeln. Again Interesting genealogical tables and portraits.

Title: Maison de Croy - histoire et genealogie -French-
Author: Georges Martin

Rating: B

Online Review: Quite good, with interesting genealogical tables an briographical notes.

Title: Armorial Historique de Bresse, Bugey, Pays de Gex, Franc-Lyonnais. (An Armorial and historical outline of all the noble and notable families of the present department of the Ain (incl the coligny, thoire Villars, la Baume Montrevel...)
Author: Reverend du Mesnil
Publisher: Lafitte Reprints
ISBN: 2-86276-294-6


Online Review:

Title: Ahnentafeln Paderborner Domherren -German-
Author: Paul Michels
Published: 1966, Paderborn

Rating: C

Online Review: Good but infuriating, so little details of so many  people. Mainly ancestorlists, portraits and coat-of-arms.

Title: The Highland Clans
Author: Moncreiffe of that Ilk & David Hicks
Published: 1967,1968,1973, 1977
Publisher: Barrie & Jenkins
ISBN: 0-214-66649-2

Description: This book is not genealogy but contains much history as well as portraits. It can assist with genealogical details. In the front and back cover are conjectural family trees, connecting many of the clans. As it is only conjectural, don't use them as there are mistakes in them. It is definitely a kind of 'coffee table' book that is worth having or consulting.

Title: Le Grand dictionnaire historique -10 volumes-
Author: Louis Moreri
Published: 1759
Publisher: Les Libraires Associes, Paris

Rating: C

Online Review: This is a biographical dictionary that often contains very interesting genealogical details. There are several editions of this work, some translated into English. These editions vary in their coverage. Moreri tends to repeat his contemporary Pere Anselme. Nevertheless, he sometimes has
information that is otherwise not available. It should not be forgotten he was writing biographies not genealogy, so sometimes he does not state what we need to know. Also some of his data is questionable.

Title: The Plantagenet ancestry of King Edward III and Queen Philippa
Author: George Andrews Moriarty 1883-1968 (main author)
Published: 1985
Publisher: Mormon Pioneer Genealogy Society, Salt Lake City

Rating: B

Online Review: Moriarty is a respected specialist in English and European medieval genealogy. This book covers mainly royalty and nobility of England, France, Spain and Germany. One of the difficulties is that it is entirely handwritten. Also note that some advances have been made since its publication


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