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Title: Bibliographie Genealogique, Heraldique et Nobiliaire de La France des origines a nos jours imprimes et manuscrits - five volumes
Author: Gaston Saffroy

Rating: A

Online Review: This indispensable guide to almost all published genealogies and writings on allied subjects compiled by one of the greats of French genealogy, Gaston Saffroy. It is like "Marshalls" but far far superior and would most probably be found in any reputable reference library in the USA. It even mentions protestant families!

Title: Les seize quartiers des Reines et Imperatrices Francaises
(420-1920 15 siecles d'histoire vus a travers les souveraines) - French
Author: Jacques Saillot
Published: 1977

Rating: D+

Online Review: Very interesting but, in the early period, dangerous as many wrong links are created, for instance Attila the Hun becomes traceable to the present, which has been proven to be wrong. Some of his references are complete fabrications; sadly, this is the best work of Jacques Saillot, whose other publications, especially the wretched series "Le Sang de Charlemagne" should be avoided. 

Title: Historia de Familias Cubanas - 6 volumes
Authors: Francisco-Javier Santa Cruz y Mallen, Conde de Jaruco y Santa Cruz de Mopox
Published: 1940-1950
Publisher: La Habana

Rating: B

Online Review: The definitive work on Cuban nobility; however, with an index it would have been perfect.

Title: Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England
(four volumes)
Author: James Savage
Published: originally published 1860-1862, Boston
Publisher: reprinted 1965, 1969, 1977, 1986, 1990, 1994 Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore
ISBN: 0-8063-0759-5 (set number)

Rating: C

Online Review: Showing three generations of those who came before May 1692, on the basis of Farmer's register. This work was a great undertaking for its time, but it is not completely accurate, and it is being superceded by "The Great Migration Begins".

Title: La Maison de France en Bretagne
Author: Joseph Schermak
Published: 1972 Paris

Rating: C

Online Review: Not "the" Maison de France, mind you, but "a" family de France, one branch was marquis de Landal

Title: Europaeische Stammtafeln -many volumes-
Author: Detlev Schwennicke
Published: 1978 onwards, Marburg
Publisher: editor: Detlev Schwennicke

Rating: B+

Online Review: You cannot study European dynasties without Schwennicke, that is a fact. The series started out as an update on Isenburg's five volumes of "Stammtafeln". However, it is as good as the sources it cites, for instance the very mediocre, unreferenced Volume I is now, mercifully, being re-edited into three
volumes. As a general rule, the more recent the volume, the better it is.
Don't let the haphazard editorial history confuse you, the highest numbered volume is certainly not the most recent. Later volumes have an additional index, telling in which volumes families can be found.
Over all, his German families are better than those of other countries and the odd mistakes can be found. It is great to have this at home, if you can afford it. 

Title: Les Presidents de la Republique Francaise et leur famille
Author: Michel Sementery
Publisher: Editions Christian
ISBN: 2-86496-009-5

Rating: B

Online Review: Very good. It extends to ancestor lists as well as descendants in male and female lines. All is properly detailed.

Title: Les Ancetres de Charlemagne - French -
Author: Christian  Settipani
Published: 1989
Publisher: Editions Christian, Paris

Rating: A

Online Review: Has a foreword by Szabolcs de Vajay. Well argued discussion of various conjectures for the remoter ancestry of Charlemagne, up to ten
generations, clearly tied to original source material. A little speculative and and not as in-depth as his "La prehistoire des Capetiens 481-987"
in those areas where they overlap.

Title: Nos ancestres de l'antiquite, Etudes des possiblites de liens genealogiques entre les familles de l'Antiquite et celles du haut Moyen-age europeen - French -
Author: Christian  Settipani
Published: 1991
Publisher: Editions Christian, Paris

Rating: A+

Online Review: The study which created the field of researching descents from antiquity, with indepth analysis of lines from classical times through early Christian Armenia and Byzantium to medieval French royalty. Must be read by anyone interested in this topic.

Title: La prehistoire des Capetiens 481-987 - French -
Premiere partie: Merovingiens, Carolingiens et Robertiens.
Author: Christian  Settipani, Patrick van Kerrebrouck
Published: 1993 
Publisher: Villeneuve d'Ascq
ISBN: 2-9501509-3-4

Rating: A+

Online Review: Preface by Karl Ferdinand Werner. A  comprehensive and definitive study of the subject, with detailed review of source materials and scholarly analysis, and well-argued conclusions. Essential reading for anyone
interested in this era.

Title: Dictionnaire de la noblesse francaise
Authors: Etienne Sereville, F. de Saint Simon
Publisher: 1975 La Societe Francaise au XXe siecle
1977 supllement Editions Countrepoint, Paris

Rating: C+

Online Review: This is a directory of modern day French nobility. The introductory material and bibliography is of special value to researchers.

Title: Enceclopedie genealogique des maisons souveraines du monde
-13 volumes to date-
Author: Gaston Sirjean
Published: 1959
Publisher: Editions du Palais-Royal, Paris

Rating: B

Online Review: This is a collection of well done fold out pedigree charts and accompanying text and documentation. The parts that have appeared in print deal
mostly with French royalty and nobility.

Title: Die Nachkommen des Grafen Friedrich Leopold zu Stolberg-Stolberg 1750-1819 -German-
Author: Ambrosius, Graf von Spee
Published: 1951
Publisher: C.A. Starke Verlag

Rating: A

Online Review: Very good genealogy. An appalling list in the back displays the names of those descendants that were killed for their "Vaterland", the decimation of some families is chilling.

Title: Die Nachkommen des Franz Anton Reichsgraf von Spee 1781-1839 -German-
Author: Ambrosius Franz, Graf von Spee
Published: 1961,  Bonn am Rhein

Rating: A

Online Review: Very good. Beautiful production with portraits and a coat-of-arms.

Title: Royalty for Commoners. The Complete Known Lineage of John of Gaunt, Son of Edward III, King of England, and Queen Philippa
Author: Roderick W. Stuart
Published: 1988, 1992, 1995
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore
ISBN: 0-8063-1486-9

Rating: E+

Online Review: Many bad mistakes.

Title: Grandes familles de Grece, d'Albanie et de Constantinople
Author: Mihail Dimitri Sturdza
Published: 1983

Rating: B

Online Review: The French became involved in Greece with the fall of Constantinople in 1204. This work is excellent for not only tracing French crusaders in Greece, but also for connections to Byzantium.


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