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European Royalty Bookstore by Art Beeche updated December 3, 2002
(the following books can be purchase there)

A=Antiquarian (older than 30 years!) 
R= Reprint

December 2002 Book List

Shipping Rates:

In the USA we use the US Postal Service¹s Priority Mail with Delivery
Confirmation.  The first book pays a flat fee of $6.00, each additional book
is $5.00 (There might be a different fee in shipping for books of larger
format).  For International shipping rates the weight of the package mailed
to you must first be obtained. Insurance on your package., which we strongly
suggest, is an extra added cost, but well worth the peace of mind.  If you
have any further requests concerning shipping contact us at your
convenience, or email us at [email protected]


DJ=Dust Jacket
A=Antiquarian (Older than 30 years)

European Courts:

Alford, Kenneth. The Spoils of War: the American Military's role in stealing
Europe's art treasures. Carol Publishing, 1994 (waiting list!)

Almanach de Gotha 1850-1910, we have several editions each priced
differently. (Years closer to WWI are higher priced depending on the year!)

Almanach de Gotha 2000. A genealogical tool covering the royal, princely and
highest aristocratic houses of Europe. N/HB/I $90.00

Aronson, Theo. Crowns in Conflict. Tragedy overwhelmed royal Europe as the
cousinhood went to war in 1914. (1986). HB/DJ $32.00

Barrus, Pamela. Dream Sleeps: Castle and Palace Hotels of Europe. A tour
guide for the royal traveler. It lists over 100 palaces and castles
throughout Europe converted into hotels. N/PB (1998) $17.95

Benecke, Gerhard. Maximilian I (1459-1519): An annotated biography.
Routledge & Kegan, London (1982) HB/DJ/N $28.00

Brook-Shepherd, Gordon. Royal Sunset: The Dynasties of Europe and the Great
War. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1987.  HB/DJ/I  $40.00

Boulay, Cyrille. Legendes Royales.  Le Pre aux Cleres, Paris, 2000.
N/HB/I/In French $40.00

C.E.D.R.E. Manuscripts.  We have the entire CEDRE genealogical
collection...all manuscripts ever published by them (Austria, Two Sicilies,
Greece, French Empire, Spain, Italy, Liechtenstein, Portugal and United
Kingdom).  Each volume is priced differently by CEDRE.  Just let us know
which one you would like!

Curley, Walter J.P. Monarchs in Waiting. Hutchison, 1975. HB/DJ $20.00

Devere-Summers, Anthony. War and the Royal Houses of Europe in the 20th
Century. N/PB/I $34.00

Diesbach, Ghislain de. Secrets of the Gotha. Chapman and Hall, New York
(1967) HB/DJ  $55.00

Eilers, Marlene. Queen Victoria's Descendants. 2nd edition. A study of all
of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's descendants throughout Europe and the
world. H/HB/I $37.50

Europas Fürstenhäuser. A pictorial book in tabletop format containing the
leading princely and ducal houses of Europe. (in German) N/HB/DJ/I  $76.00

Europas Köenigshäuser. A pictorial book in tabletop format with articles on
the ruling families of Europe today. (in German) N/HB/DJ/I $76.00

Fenyvesi, Charles. Splendour in Exile. An interesting collection of
interviews with Europe¹s ex-monarchs. 1979. HB $34.00

Hall. Trevor. The Golden Age of Royalty: Photography from 1858-1930.
Chartwell Books, 1981. HB/DJ  $40.00

Hegermann-Lindencrone, L. de. In The Courts of Memory. (1932) A/HB. (1912).

Herbet, Crystal. Royal Children Today. Prentice Hall, New York (1954). HB/DJ

Judd, Dennis. The Eclipse of Kings. European monarchies in the Twentieth
Century. A collection of rare royal photos. H/HB $45.00

Lalor, William Mead. Royalty Between the Wars. An excellent compendium of
royal photos, many never-before-seen, of Europe's royal families between
1918-1939. Among the best books of 1999! N/HB/I $37.50

Lalor, William Mead. Royalty After the Wars. An excellent compendium of
royal photos, many never-before-seen, of Europe's royal families between
1945-1970. Among the best books of 2001! N/HB/I $37.50

Louda, Jiri and Michael Maclagan. Lines of Succession. Little Brown 1999
N/DJ/I $45.00

Marek, George. The Eagle's Die. Harper and Row, 1974. HB/DJ $30.00

Massie, Robert K. and Jeffrey Finestone. The Last Courts of Europe. One of
the best pictorial royal history books ever printed. It covers all of the
royal houses of Europe between 1860 and 1914. Rare HB/DJA $85.00

Mattingly, Garrett. Renaissance Diplomacy. Dover, New York (1988). PB/

One Hundred Tiaras. An exhibition catalogue. Wartski, London March 1997.
PB/Out of print. $15.00

Palmer, Alan. Crowned Cousins. Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1985 An excellent book
on the inter-royal family relations of Europe's royal houses. HB/DJ/I $55.00

Palmer, Alan. The Chancelleries of Europe. George Allen & Unwin, London
(1983) HB/DJ $30.00

Palmer, Alan. The Lands Between: A History of East-Central Europe since the
Congress of Vienna. The MacMillan Company, New York (1970) HB/DJ $32.00

Peirraud, Francoise & Chantal de Badts.  Petits Princes (1900-1918) JD
Editions, Paris. HB/N/I/In French (Beautiful photos of European princes from
1900-1918!). $55.00

Randall, Richard. Royal Misbehavior: Crazy Kings and Kooky Queens. (1989)
PB/Out of print. $20.00

Rohl, John, et al. Purple Secret. A wonderful study of hereditary illness in
the royal houses of Europe from the Stuarts to the Saxe-Meiningen, as well
as Victoria¹s English and European descendants. N/PB/I $20.00

Sigman, Jean. 1848: The Romantic and Democratic Revolutions in Europe.
Harper and Row, New York (1973) HB/DJ/U $22.00

Starke Verlag. Handbuch des Adels: Fürstlicherhäuser, Gräflicherhäuser. The
German successor to the Almanach de Gotha. Contact us for information on
volume availability! Volumes III-XV available...each priced differently
-$60.00 - $75.00-. N/I/HB-gold trimmed! Volume XVI now ready to ship.

Scarisbrick, Diana.  Tiara: An Exhibition catalog. Chronicle Books, San
Francisco (2000) N/HB/DJ $28.00

Scott, Jonathan F. Twilight of the Kings. Reynal and Hitchcock, 1938. A/HB

Sementery, Michel  Les Dynasties d'Europe au XXe siecle  A brief survey of
each Royal House with some geneology (in French) Editions Christian Paris
2001 New/PB/$34.00

Sidney, Thomas. Heirs Apparent.  Allan Wingate 1957 (A) $25.00

Sulzberger.  G.L.  The Fall of Eagles ­ The death of the Great European
Dynasties. Hodder & Stoughton. 1977.  HB/I/DJ.

Taylor, Edmond. The Fall of the Dynasties. The climactic end of monarchy in
Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary. Out of print/HB/DJ $25.00

Tuchman, Barbara. The Guns of August. The first month of fighting (August
1914) described in shattering detail. HB/DJ (ripped). $14.00

Van der Kiste, John. Crowns in a Changing World. The British and European
Monarchies adapting to the political changes between 1901-1936. N/HB/I

Weintraub, Stanley. A stillness heard around the world: The end of the Great
War: November 1918. Dutton, 1985. HB/DJ $28.00


Aichelburg, Wladimir.  Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand von Osterreich-Este und
Artstetten.  Johann Lehner 2000  N/HB in German; $45.00

Andics, Hellmut. Die Frauen der Habsburger. Ueberreuter, 1999. HB/DJ, In
German. $46.00

Anet, Claude. Mayerling. The Love and Tragedy of a Crown Prince  Hutchinson
A/HB $34.00

Arnold, Michael. The Archduke. Doubleday, 1967.  HB/DJ $29.00

Barkeley, Richard. The Road to Mayerling. An account of the sad events
leading to the death of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria. Out of print/HB.
(1958) $28.00

Beller, Steven. Francis Joseph. An interesting biography of the renowned
Austro-Hungarian Emperor. OUT OF PRINT/A/PB $30.00

Bestenreiner, Erika. Luise von Toscana. Skandal am Konigshof. Piper, 1999.
DJ/HB/I. In German.

Bled, Jean-Paul. Franz Joseph. One of the last biographies, and a very good
one at that, of the well-remembered Austro-Hungarian emperor. OUT OF
PRINT/PB $34.00

Bogle, James and Joanna. A Heart for Europe: The Lives of Emperor Charles
and Empress Zita of Austria-Hungary. Gracewing, UK (1999) PB/N/R/I $28.00

Bourgoing, Jean de. The Incredible Friendship: The Letters of Emperor Franz
Joseph to Frau Katharina Schratt. SUNY, 1966. HB/A $30.00

Brewer-Ward, Daniel. The Descendants of Maria Theresa. A genealogical study
of the Austrian imperial family's descent form Maria Theresa and Franz I.
N/PB $37.50

Brook-Shepherd, Gordon. The Last Habsburg. The biography of Austria's last
emperor. (1968) Out of print/HB/DJ $34.00

Brook-Shepherd, Gordon. Victims at Sarajevo: The Romance and Tragedy of
Franz Ferdinand and Sophie. Harvill Press, London (1984) HB/I/DJ $34.00

Cassels, Lavender. Archduke and the Assassin. Stein and Day, 1985. HB/DJ

Cassels, Lavender. Clash of Generations. John Murray, 1973. HB/DJ $30.00

Chevrier, Raymond. Sissi:  Das Leben der Kaiserin Elisabeth von Osterreich.
Parkland, 1987. DJ, HB, I. In German. $39.00

Crankshaw, Edward.  The Fall of the House of Habsburg. Longmans. 1964.
A/HB/DJ. $22.00

Cordfunke, E.H.P.   Zita: Kaiserin von Osterreich, Konigen von Ungarn.
Hermann Bohlaus, 1986. DJ/HB/I. In German. $60.00

Dickinger, Christian. Habsburgs schwarze Schafe. Ueberreuter 2000  N/HB/DJ/I
(in German) $34.00

Eisenmenger, Victor. Archduke Francis Ferdinand. Selwyn and Blount, 1931.
HB/A $52.00

Enache, Nicholas. La Descendance de Maria Therese de Habsburg, Reine de
Hongrie et de Boheme. An excellent genealogical study of all the lines of
Maria Theresa's descendants. (in French) N/PB/I $115.00

Fiegl, Erich. "Otto von Habsburg: Protokoll eines Politischen Lebens."
Amalthea, 1987. DJ, HB, I, (In German). $75.00

Fugger, Princess. The Glory of the Habsburgs: The Memoirs of Princess
Fugger. George G. Harrap & Co. LTD., London (1932) HB/A/Rare!!!! $78.00

Gainham, Sarah. The Habsburg Twilight: Tales from Vienna. Weidenfeld and
Nicholson (1979) HB/DJ $22.00

Gribble, Francis. The Life of the Emperor Francis Joseph. 1914 HB/A $48.00

Habsburg, Walburga von. Einigen ­ nicht trennnen. Tribute to Otto von
Habsburg¹s 75th Birthday.  Steiger, 1987.  DJ/HB/I, In German. $78.00

Hamann, Brigitte. "Elisabeth: Portraits of an Empress." Amalthea, 1986.
HB/I/DJ. $31.00

Hamann, Brigitte. Die Habsburger:Ein Biographisches Lexicon. Piper, 1988.
DJ, HB, I, In German. $60.00

Hamann, Brigitte and Elisabeth Hassmann. Stages in a Life. The companion
book for the Elisabeth of Austria Exhibitions. N/PB/I $25.00

Hamman, Brigitte. The Reluctant Empress. Alfred A. Knopf, New York (1986)
HB/DJ $30.00

Harding, Bertita. Imperial Twilight, The Story of Karl and Zita of Hungary.
Bobbs-Merrill & Co. DJ/HB/A. $36.00

Harding, Bertita. Golden Fleece. The love story of Franz Joseph and
Elisabeth of Austria. (1940) HB/spine weakened by use. $30.00

Harding, Bertita. Lost Waltz: A Story of Habsburg Exile. Bobs-Merrill, New
York (1944) HB/A/DJ $39.00

Haslip, Joan. The Lonely Empress: Elisabeth of Austria. A very well written
biography of the famous Sissy. OUT OF PRINT/A/HB $28.00

Haslip, Joan. The Emperor and the Actress. the love story of Franz Joseph
and Katharina Schratt. Weidenfeld and Nicholson, London (1982) HB/DJ $32.00

Holzer, Hans. The Habsburg Curse. Doubleday, 1973 $42.00

Janetschek, Ottokar. The Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria. T. Werner, LTD.
1953. DJ/HB/I. $42.00

Jaszi, Oscar. The Dissolution of the Habsburg Monarchy. University  of
Chicago Press, 1929.  PB. $25.00

Judtmann, Fritz. Mayerling: The Facts Behind the Legend. Harrap, London
(1971) HB/DJ $34.00

Kann, Robert A. The History of the Habsburg Empire. A tremendously well
researched scholarly study of the history behind one of Europe's oldest
monarchies.  $67.00

Ketterl, Eugen. Emperor Francis Joseph I. A biography of the next to last
Austrian emperor written by his loyal Valet de Chambre. R/A/HB $49.00

Larisch, Countess Marie. My Past; Eveleigh Nash 1913 HB/A $55.00

Listowel, Judith. A Habsburg Tragedy. The story behind the tragic death of
Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria. (1978) Out of print/HB/DJ. $28.00

Lonyay¹ Count Carl. Rudolph: The Tragedy of Mayerling.  Charles Scribner¹s
Sons 1949  HB/A $40.00

Marek, George. The Eagles Die.  Franz Joseph, Elisabeth and their Austria.
Fletcher & Son, 1974. HB, DJ, I. $34.00

McGuigan, Dorothy Gies. The Habsburgs. W.H.Allen, 1966. HB/DJ/A $44.00

McIntosh, David.  The Unknown Habsburgs. Rosvall Royal Books, 2000.  HB/N/I

Metternich, Princess Tatiana. Tatiana. Heineman 1976 HB/DJ $45.00

Metternich, Princess Pauline. The Days That Are No M ore. Eveleigh, Nash, &
Grayson, 1924. HB, R. $35.00

Meysels, Lucian Die Verhinderte Dynastie: Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand und das
Haus Hohenberg  The story of Franz Ferdinand's morganatic family (in German)
Molden Verlag Wien 2000 New/HB/DJ/$37.00

Mitis, Baron von. The Life of Crown Prince Rudolf of Habsburg. A/HB $45.00

Neukmann & Lehr.  Bad Ischl und die Habsburger. Kurverband Bad Ischl 1992
N/HB $34.00

Palmer, Alan. Twilight of the Habsburgs: The Life and Times of Emperor
Francis Joseph. A tale of the last reign of Franz Joseph and the waning
light of the Habsburg Monarchy. N/HB $32.00

Pauli, Hertha. The Secret of Sarajevo. HB/DJ/I $35.00

Photo Habsburg: Frederick Habsburg and Family. Heiszler, Szakacs, and Voros;
Corvina 1989 $50.00

Praschl-Bichler, Gabriele. Das Familienalbum von Kaiser Karl und Kaiserin
Zita. A magnificent pictorial album cataloguing the life of Austria's last
imperial couple. (1996) (In German) N/HB/DJ/I $75.00

Praschl-Bichler, Gabriele. Historische Photographien: Album des
Kaiserbruders Erzherzog Ludwig Victor. Amalthea (1999) HB/DJ/I/In German

Praschl-Bichler, Gabriele. So Lebten die Habsburger: Schlosser, Villen,
Landsitzen." Pichler-Verlag. HB/DJ/I. $45.00

Redlich, Joseph. Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria. MacMillan & Co., LTD.
1929. HB, I, A. $42.00

Remak, Joachim. Sarajevo. The story behind the assassination of Archduke
Franz Ferdinand of Austria. (1959) Out of print/HB/DJ  $43.00

Ridley, Jasper. Maximilian and Juarez. The story of the conflict between a
European prince and a Mexican peasant leader. A great find! OUT OF PRINT/HB

Ridley, Jasper. Maximillian and Juarez. Constable & Co., LTD. 1993. DJ/HB

Schiel, Irmgard. Stephanie: Princesse heritiere dans l¹ombre de Mayerling.
Racine, 1999. PB, I, In French.

Seeman, Helfried. Elisabeth: Kaiserin von Osterreich, Konigin von Ungar. A
fantastic photo collection) Album Verlag, 1998. HB/N/I (Captions in German
Sigmund, Anna Maria. Das Haus Habsburg Habsburgs Hauser. Ueberreuter,
1995, DJ, HB, I, In German.

Stephan, Renate.  Empress Elisabeth of Austria 1837-1898. PB. Austria
Imperial Edition. $33.00

HRH Princess Stephanie. I was to be Empress. The memoirs of Crown Prince
Rudolf of Austria's widow. She was born a Princess of Belgium, the daughter
of King Leopold II. R/HB/I $49.95

Tschuppik, Karl. Empress Elisabeth of Austria. A biography of the famed
Austrian Empress. (1930) A/HB $40.00

Vacha, Brigitte.  Die Habsburger. A European Family History.  HB, In German.

Van Der Kiste, John. Windsor and Habsburg. Alan Sutton, 1987. HB/DJ/I.

Wandruszka, Adam. The House of Habsburg: Six Hundred Years of a European
Dynasty. Sidgwick and Jackson, London (1964) HB/rare!!!! $55.00

Weissensteiner, Friedrich Die rote Erzherzogin A biography of Archduke's
Rudolph's daughter, Elizabeth (in German) Osterreichischer Bundesverlag Wien
1990 New/HB/DJ/$36.00

Welcome, John. The Sporting Empress: The Story of Elisabeth of Austria and
Bay Middleton. Michael Joseph, London (1975) HB/DJ/ $28.00

Wheatcroft, Andrew. The Habsburgs. The story of the 600 year old ruling
House of Austria. New/PB $34.00

Windisch-Graetz, Ghislaine  L'Orpheline de Mayerling:  Elisabeth-Marie,
l'archiduchesse rouge A biography of Rudolph and Stephanie's daughter (in
French) Editons Racine, Bruxelles 1998 New/PB/DJ/$34.00

Winkler, Dieter. Habsburg Maritim. A wonderful photo book with over 100
images of Austrian Archdukes in sailor uniforms as well as with their
families!!Album Verlag 2000 HB/N/I (Captions in German)  $34.00

Wyndham-Lewis, D.B. Charles of Europe. Coward McCann Inc., 1931. HB/A $24.00

Wolfling, Leopold. My Life Story. From archduke to grocer, the life of this
rebellious member of the Tuscan branch of the House of Habsburg. OUT OF
PRINT/HB/A $65.00

Zavadil, Sophie.  Sissi auf Reisen.  (Sissi and her travels) Steiger Verlag,
1998.  HB/DJ/I (In German)  $45.00


Beeche, Arturo (Editor and Publisher). King Michael of Romania. Eurohistory
Publishing and Rosvall Royal Books, 2001. HB $37.50

Bertin, Celia. Marie Bonaparte: A Life. HBJ, New York (1982) HB/DJ $42.00

Bolitho, Hector. Roumania Under King Carol. Eyre and Spottiswoodeg, 1939.
HB, I, A. $43.00

Christmas, Walter. King George of Greece. Royalty Digest 1998. R/HB/N/I

Constant, Stephen. Foxy Ferdinand: Tsar of Bulgaria. The biography of an
unforgettable ruler. OUT OF PRINT/HB/DJ $34.00

Constantine I (King of Greece). A King's Private Letters. Being letters
written by King Constantine to Paola, Princess of Saxe-Weimar. R/HB/I $34.00

Dedet, Josephine. Geraldine. Reine des Albanais. Criterion, 1997. PB. In
French. $36.00

Dimitroff, Pashanko. Clementine d'Orleans, Princess Augustus of Saxe-Coburg,
King-Maker inveterate. The story of Louis-Philippe's youngest daughter,
mother of Ferdinand of Bulgaria. N/HB/I $34.00

Dimitroff, Pashanko. King of Mercy. The biography of King Boris of Bulgaria.
N/H/I $42.00

Elsberry, Terence. Marie of Romania. Cassell & Company, 1972. HB, DJ. $38.00

Greece, Christopher, Prince of. Memoirs. Right Book Club, 1938. HB/A $45.00

Greece, Frederica, Queen of. A Measure of Understanding. Macmillan, 1971.
HB/DJ $45.00

Foran de Saint-Bar, Thomas. Les Karageorges Rois de Serbie et de Yugoslavie.
Editions Christian, Paris 2000.  HB/DJ/I/N/In French $43.00

Hellenes, Constantine, King of the. A King's Private Letters. Royalty Digest
1996. HB/N $36.00
Elsberry, Terence. Marie of Romania. (1972) Out of print/HB/DJ $28.00

Hourmouzios, Stelio. No Ordinary Crown. A biography of King Paul I of the
Hellenes. Very rare! OUT OF PRINT/HB/DJ $65.00

Ileana, Princess of Romania. I Live Again. Rinehart & Company, 1952.  HB/A

King, Stella. Princess Marina: her life and times. A biography of Princess
Marina of Greece, Duchess of Kent. (1969) Out of print/HB/DJ $29.00

Koch, A. Prince Alexander of Battenberg. Reminiscences of his reign as
Prince of Bulgaria. R/HB/I $34.00

Lambrino, Paul (aka Prince Paul of Hohenzollern-Romania) King Carol II: A
Life of My Grandfather. Methuen, London (1988) HB/DJ/Rare!!! $55.00

Lee, Arthur Gould. Crown Against Sickle. Royalty Digest 1998. N/HB/I $34.00

Lee, Arthur Gould. The Royal House of Greece. Ward Lock and Company, London
(1948) HB/DJ/A $65.00

Maria, Queen of Romania. The Story of My Life. Charles Scribner¹s Sons,
1934. HB, A. $42.00

Marie, Queen of Romania. The Country That I Love. An Exiles Memoir. Camelot
Press, LTD. 1925. HB, I, A. $38.00

Mijatovich, C. A Royal Tragedy. The story of the assassination of Alexander
and Draga of Serbia. R/HB/I $35.00

Pakula, Hannah. The Last Romantic. An excellent biography of Queen Marie of
Roumania. HB/DJ  $46.00

Papanicolau, Lilika. Frederica: Queen of the Hellenes. A great biography of
the famed wife of Paul I of the Hellenes. N/PB/I $45.00

Peter II  of Yugoslavia, A King's Heritage,  HB 1954, $ 32.00

Potter-Dagget, Mabel. Marie of Roumania. The Intimate story of the radiant
queen. Out of print/A/HB $39.00.

Quinlan, Paul D. The Playboy King:  Carol II of Romania. Greenwood Press,
USA (1995) HB/Rare $65.00

The Romanian Monarchy.  A series of articles on Romanian monarchs Royalty
Digest, Ticehurst New/PB/$16

Tisdall, E.E.P. Royal Destiny. The Royal Hellenic Cousins. A/HB  $80.00

Sementery, Michel. La Descendance de Nicolas 1er. Editions Christian. PB,
In French.  $38.00

Van der Kiste, John. Kings of the Hellenes. The story of the Royal House of
Greece and their political upheavals during this century. N/HB/I $ 36.00

Vickers, Hugo. Princess Alice of Battenberg, Princess Andrew of Greece.
London, 2000. N/I/HB/Dj $34.00


Aronson, Theo. The Coburgs of Belgium. The story of the junior branch of the
Saxe-Coburg and Gotha family, which gained the throne of Belgium in 1831.
R/HB/I $34.00

Ascherson, Neal. The King Incorporated: Leopold II in the Age of Trusts.
George Allen and Unwin LTD. HB/DJ $22.00

Baudouin, Le Roi. Dialogue Avec la Nation. Inbel, 1986, HB, DJ, In French.

Baudouin. La Vie d¹un Roi. La Libre Belgique, 1991. HB. In French $35.00

Belgium, Princess Marie-Esmeralda of.  Leopold III ­ Mon Pere. HB. In
French. $35.00

Bevan, Bryan. King William III, Prince of Orange, the first European.
Rubicon Press, 1997. PB/I $20.00

Cammaerts, Emile. Albert of Belgium: Defender of Right. The MacMillan
Company, New York (1935). HB/DJ/A $23.00

Cammaerts, Emile.  The Prisoner at Laeken. Leopold III of the Belgians
HB/DJ/AA $28.00 

Close, General Robert. Leopold III. Les Editions Ligne Claire. 2001, PB, I,
In French. $35.00

Coyelle, Fernand.  Philippe De Belgique. Vander. PB. I. In French. $32.00

Cruyningen, Arnout van. Het Koninklijk Huis der Nederlanden. (Dutch) The
history of the Orange-Nassau dynasty. N/HB/I $45.00

Cunliffe-Owen, Sidney. Elisabeth, Queen of the Belgians Herbert Jenkins
London 1954 A/HB/$32.00

Dayez-Burgeon, Pascal.  La Reine Astrid. Criterion, Paris 1995. PB/N/I/In
French $35.00

Defrance Olivier,  Louise de Saxe-Cobourg Armours, Argent and Proces,
HB2001, $ 34.00

D'Ydewalle, Charles. Albert and the Belgians. Morrow, 1935. HB/A $20.00

Gerard, Jo. Les Princesses de Laeken.  Les Amis du Livre. 1987, PB, I $35.00

Gerard, Jo. Baudoin Ier, 1930-1999. Editions J.M. Collett. PB, I. In French

Giscard d'Estaing antonie,  Leopold III,  Un Roi dans la Tourmente,  HB
1996, $ 34.00 

Hatch, Alden. HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Harrap, 1962. HB/DJ

Hochschild, Adam. King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and
Heroism in Colonial Africa. Houghton Mifflin Company, 1998. N/HB/DJ $26.00

Holden, Angus. Uncle Leopold: A Life of the First King of the Belgians.
Hutchinson & Company, 1936. HB/A $34.00

Kerckvoorde Mia,  Marie-Henriette, Une amazone face a un geant, HB 1991,

Kerckvoorde, Mia, Louise-Marie d¹Orleans ­ La reine oubliee.   Editions
Racine.  PB.   In French. $35.00

Keyes, Roger. Outrageous Fortune: The Tragedy of King Leopold III of the
Belgians. Secker & Warburg, 1984. HB/DJ $25.00

Lammers, Fred J.  Het Gouden Huwelijksboek Juliana En Bernhard. 1937-1987.
Hollandia, 1986. HB, DJ, I, In Dutch. $42.00

Lammers, Fred J.  In Gesprek Met Prins Bernhard. Uitgeverij Hollandia,1986.
HB, DJ, I, In Dutch. Juliana. 75 Jaar. Een Leven Tussen Twee Werelden.
Hollandia, 1984. HB, DJ, I, In Dutch. $38.00

Lammers, Fred J. Juliana Regina, 1948-1980. Hollandia, 1980. HB, DJ, I, In
Dutch. $32.00

Lammers, Fred J. Wilhelmina. Boegbeeld Van de Monarchie.1998, La Riviere
PB/I/Dutch. $36.00

Leopold III. Pour L¹Histoire, sur quelques episodes de mon regne. Racine,
2001, HB, DJ, I, In French. $35.00

Louise of Belgium My Own Affairs. A biography of one of the daughters of
Leopold II of Belgium who married Prince Philip of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Cassell London 1921 A/HB/$34.00

Masuy, Christine  Princesses de Belgique:  Laeken, les femmes de l'ombre
Short biographies of the Belgian royal daughters (in French) Editions Luc
Pire Bruxelles  2001 New/PB/$34.00

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diplomatic representative to Petersburg, an intimate friend of the Romanov
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Buxhoeveden, Baroness Sophie. The Life and Tragedy of Alexandra Feodorovna,
Empress of Russia. The wonderful memories of one of Alexandra's most loyal
friends and companions. R/HB/I $38.00

Buxhoeveden, Baroness Sophie. Before the Storm. Pavlovsk Press Reproduction.
HB/R/I $49.95

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Cronin, Vincent. Catherine, Empress of All the Russias. An
excellentbiography on Russia's most enigmatic female ruler. Out of print/HB

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Frederick Ungar, 1974. HB/DJ. $32.00

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the "successor" to Nicholas II's crown. R/HB/I $36.00

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the infamous holy man responsible for chaos in World War I Russia. (1982)
HB/DJ $22.00

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Tsaritsa Alexandra Feodorovna, wife of Nicholas II. Royalty Digest
Reproduction. HB/New/I $35.00

Enache, Nicolas. La Descendance de Pierre le Grand. A wonderful genealogical
study of all the descendants of Peter the Great to the early 1980's!!! A
rare find! PB/I (In French) $85.00

Erickson, Carolly. Catherine the Great. HB/DJ $15.00

Ferrand, Jacques. Il Est Toujours Des Romanov. This is a detailed and
updated genealogy on the Russian Imperial family, as well as a collection of
pictures of the lesser known members of the Romanov dynasty. (French) N/PB/I

Ferrand, Jacques. Le Grand-Duc Paul Alexandrovich de Russie. A pictorial
cataloguing of the life of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia
(1860-1919) . Ferrand-France, 1993. PB/New/I (In French) $80.00

Ferrand, Jacques. Nianias. Paris 1999 (new),  PB/I $35.00

Ferrand, Jacques. Romanov Fragments de Vie. A marvelous collection of photos
from the album of Grand Duke Alexander Michaelovich and his children. These
photos were shot between 1916-1919. Ferrand-France, 1999. PB/New/I $74.00

Ferrand, Jacques. Les Youssoupov. The history of this great Russian princely
family, made infamous by the actions of Prince Felix Youssoupov, Rasputin's
assassin. The collection of photos document a history unimaginable to most
beings. Simply a fantastic book! (In French) PB/New/I $82.00

Ferro, Marc. Nicholas II. A new biography of Russia's last monarch. New/PB

Fitzlyon, Kyril and Tatiana Browning. Before the Revolution. A view of
Russia under the Tsars. HB/DJ $45.00

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PB/New $40.00

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Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich and Pavlovsk. A magnificent picture
book with many never before seen images of the famed KR and his family.
N/PB/I (in Russian) $34.00

Gray, Pauline. The Grand Duke's Woman. (1976) (Waiting list!)

Greece, Prince Michael of. La nuit blanche de St. Petersbourg. (The secret
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PB/New $34.00

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Kurth, Peter. Anastasia: The Riddle of Anna Anderson. 1st Edition. (1983)
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Last Journey: a memorial of the funeral of Tsar Nicholas II and his family,
1998. A pictorial documentation of the burial of Tsar Nicholas II and his
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Lieven, Dominic. Nicholas II: Emperor of All the Russias. Pimlico, 1993. PB

Lincoln, W. Bruce. In War's Dark Shadow. Russia's rudderless drift towards
revolution and the collapse of the Romanov dynasty. Out of print/HB/DJ

Lyons, Marvin. Nicholas II: The Last Tsar. A maginificent collection of rare
photos of Nicholas II and his family. HB/DJ  ( Waiting List )

Marie Feodorovna. The catalog of the exhibition held in Marie Feodorovna's
memory in Copenhagen in 1997. HB/I $110.00.

Marie Pavlovna, Grand Duchess of Russia. Education of a Princess. The
memoirs of one of Russia's most memorable Grand Duchesses. (1931) A/HB

Marie Pavlovna, Grand Duchess of Russia. A Princess in exile. The second
part of the memoirs of one of Russiaís most memorable Grand Duchesses. HB/A

Massie, Robert K. Nicholas and Alexandra. One of the best biographies of
this tragically-destined couple. A great hard-cover find and in mint
condition! Out of print/HB/DJ $16.00

Massie, Robert K. The Romanovs: The Final Chapter. An excellent epilogue to
a literary career dedicated to the uncovering of the Romanov mystery. Out of
print/HB/DJ $21.00

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Narishkin-Kurakin Elizabeth, Under Three Tsars, R  $ 38.00

Nesin, Vadim.  The Imperial Winter Palace: 1894-1917.  Letny Sad 1999 (New)
in Russian with English photo captions HB/DJ/I $30.00

Paley, Princess. Memories of Russia, 1916-1919. The telling memoirs of the
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the Crimea onboard the HMS Marlborough. Royalty Digest Reproduction, 1997.
HB/New/I $34.00

Radzinsky, Edvard. The Last Tsar: a Biography of Nicholas II. Based on newly
available material, this book is a revealing approach to the life of
Nicholas and Alexandra. $20.00

Romanovsky-Krassinsky, Princess. Dancing in St. Petersburg. Royalty Digest
Reproduction, 1999. HB/New/I $36.00

Shelayev, Yuri, Elizabeth Shelayeva and Nicholas Semenov. Nicholas Romanov:
Life and Death. A wonderful pictorial history of the last imperial family of
Russia. New/PB/I $37.50

Steinberg, Mark and Vladimir Khrustalev. The Fall of the Romanovs. The
compelling and poignant story of the arrest, captivity and execution of
Nicholas II and his family. HB/DJ $28.00.

Swezey, Marilyn Pfeifer and Robert K. Massie. The Romanov Family Albums.
(1982) HB/DJ/Rare!!!! $85.00

Thiebaud, Jean-Marie.  Les Romanov. Editions Christian, Paris. N/Pb/I/In
French (An excellent genealogy of the Russian Imperial Family) $34.00

Tillander-Godelheim, Ulla, et al.  Golden Years of Faberge: Drawings and
Objects from the Wigstrom Workshop. Box set/N/I/ (This is an incredible of the most exquisite we have ever sold!!!!) $70.00

Troyat, Henri. Peter the Great. An excellent biography of Russia's first
western-oriented monarch. HB/DJ $23.00.

Troyat, Henri. Alexander of Russia. An excellent biography of Napoleon's
conqueror. Out of print/HB/DJ $22.00

Van der Kiste, John. The Romanovs: 1818-1959. Sutton Publishing, 1998.
HB/New/I $34.00

Van der Kiste, John. Victoria Melita. The biography of one of Queen
Victoria's most original granddaughters. Grand Duchess of Hesse and by
Rhine, Grand Duchess of Russia, Victoria Melita ca a scandal by divorcing
one first cousin to marry another. Out of print/PB/I $38.00

Van der Kiste, John and Hall, Coryne.  Once a Grand Duchess. The biography
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Wright, C.T. Hagberg. The Letters of Tsar Nicholas II to Tsarina Alexandra
Feodorovna (1914-1917) The incredible correspondence between Russia's last
Tsar and his wife!!!  A/RHB $85.00

Yermilova, Larissa. The Last Tsar. The renowned biography of Tsar Nicholas
II; filled with wonderful photos. New/HB/DJ $75.00

Youssoupoff, Prince Felix. Lost Splendour. The memoirs of Rasputin's
assassin. Folio Society edition. HB/boxed set. $65.00

Zeepvat, Charlotte. Romanov Autumn. Sutton, UK (2000) HB/DJ/N/I All copies
signed by author!!!! $34.00


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Petri, Gerda. Kongelig Barndom. A nice photo book on Danish royal children
from the times of Christian IX to Queen Margrethe II's sons. Nyt Nordisk
Forlag Arnold Busck, Copenhagen (1998). HB/I/N (In Danish) $35.00

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$45.00 (In Spanish)

Balansó, Juan. Alhajas de Exportacion. A collection of biographies of
Spain's imported and exported queens. (In Spanish) New/HB/I $35.00

Balansó, Juan. La Corona Vacilante. An interesting history of the Bourbon
dynasty in Spain. (In Spanish) New/PB/I $30.00

Balansó, Juan. Los Diamantes de la Corona. Plaza y JanÈs  HB/DJ/NEW (In
Spanish) $37.50

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HB/DJ/N/I/In Spanish $35.00

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Eulalia of Spain. Court Life From Within. A memoir of the rebellious aunt of
King Alfonso XIII of Spain. R/HB $45.00

Eulalia of Spain. Memoirs of a Spanish Princess. A/HB $39.00

Kamen, Henry. Philip II. The newest biography of this much-maligned Spanish
monarch. HB/DJ $32.00

Langdon-Davies, John. Carlos: The king who would not die. The biography of
the sad last Habsburg king of Spain. HB $33.00

Noel, Gerard. Ena: Queen of Spain. The excellent biography of Victoria
Eugenie of Battenberg, who became King Alfonso XIIIís long-suffering wife.
(Waiting List!)

Parker, Geoffrey. Philip II. The biography of Spain's sixteenth century
monarchy and Queen Elizabeth of England's most hated enemy. $19.00

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Lepanto, Philip II's illegitimate brother. HB/DJ $22.00

Petrie, Sir Charles. King Charles III of Spain. The biography of Spain's
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Wyndham-Lewis, D.B. Charles of Europe. The biography of Emperor Charles V,
the most notorious Habsburg ruler. Out of print and in mint condition.

United Kingdom:

Airlie, Mabel Countess of. Thatched with Gold. HB/I $40.00

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Ashdown, Dulcie. Ladies-in-Waiting. The stories of several ladies-in-waiting
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HB/R/A  (Waiting List)

Charlot, Monica. Victoria, the Young Queen. A compelling story of the first
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