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Individuals of the British Royal Family

the following books can be purchased mostly at:

  • Wallis & Edward, Letters 1931-1937

  • edited by Michael Bloch
    Published in 1986 by George Weidenfeld & Nicolson
    ISBN 0 297 78804 3
  • The Book of the Royal Wedding

  • (Andrew and Sarah Ferguson)
     by Alastair Burnet
  • Prince Andrew 

  • by Nicholas Courtney 
  • Prince Andrew 

  • by Donald Edgar
  • Prince Andrew 

  • by Graham Fisher
  • The Story of Prince Andrew 

  • by Trevor Hall
  • HRH Prince Andrew 

  • by Anwar Hussein 

    Cupid and the King
    Five Royal Paramours
    by HRH Princess Michael of Kent
    HarperCollins, 1991
    ISBN 0 00 223911 6

  • Andrew, the playboy prince 

  • by Andrew Morton
  • Their Royal Highnesses : The Duke and the Duchess of York (Sidgwick and Jackson) 

  • by Christopher Warwick, Valerie Garner
  • Princess Anne; a royal girl of our time 

  • Anne Matheson

    Edward Windsor - Royal Enigma
    The True Story of the Seventh in Line to the British Throne 
    by Wendy Leigh
    Pocket Books, 1999
    ISBN 0671028251

  • Prince Charles Edward 

  • by Andrew Lang
    AMS Press, available June 2000
    ISBN: 0404038557 

    The Prince of Wales. A Biography.
    by Jonathan Dimbleby
    Little, Brown+Co., UK, 1994
    ISBN 0-688-12996-X

    Charles at Fifty
    by Anthony Holden, 1998

    Charles; Villain or Victim?
    Penny Junor, 1998
    (This latest book has stirred a controversy in England 
    and both Camilla and Charles have
    denied that they have authorised the book)


    Prince Charles, The Sustainable Prince
    by Joan Veon


    Prince William : The Boy Who Will Be King : 
    An Authorized Biography 
    by Randi Reisfeld 
    Mass Market Paperback, 1997 -for young adults-


    My Story : The Duchess of York 
    by Sarah Mountbatten-Windsor York, 
    Jeff Coplon, Sarah Ferguson,
    Mass Market Paperback 1997

  • The Private Passions of Bonnie Prince Charlie 

  • by Hugh Douglas
    Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 0750919027 
  • William's Mary; A Biography of Mary II. 

  • by Elizabeth Hamilton 
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