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The Royal Family

the following books can be purchased mostly at:

  • The Mountbattens : The Illustrious Family Who, Through Birth and

  • Marriage, from Queen Victoria and the Last of the Tsars to Queen Elizabeth II
    by Richard Alexander, Hough
  • When the Queen Was Crowned

  • by Brian, O. B. E. Barker
  • Royal Secrets : The View from Downstairs

  • by Stephen P. Barry
  • Talking of the Royal Family

  • by Michael Billig
  • Royal Scrapbook My 25 Years on the Throne

  • by Gyles Brandreth
  • The Royal Family Quiz and Fact Book

  • by Timothy B. Benford
  • The Fall of the House of Windsor

  • by Nigel Blundell, Susan Blackhall
  • By Royal Command

  • by Henry Buckton(Editor), et al, 1997
  • The Royal Marriages : What Really Goes on in the Private World of

  • the Queen and Her Family
    by Lady Colin Campbell
  • Royal Family Album

  • by Coolican

A History of Wales
by John Davies
Allen Lane The Penguin Press, London, 1990
ISBN 0-713-99098-8
(history of Wales from the earliest times to the late 20th century)


Kings and Queens of England and Great Britain
edited by Eric R. Delderfield
A. Wheaton & Co. Ltd., London, 1966
ISBN 0 7153 5021 8

  • Behind Palace Doors : Marriage and Divorce in the House of Windsor

  • by Nigel Dempster, Peter Evans
  • Britain's Royal Family in the Twentieth Century : King Edward VII to

  • Queen Elizabeth II
    by Donald Edgar


Behind the Palace Walls:
The Rise and Fall of
Britain's Royal Family
by Peter Fearon
Mass Market Paperback, 1996

  • Buckingham Babylon : The Rise and Fall of the House of Windsor

  • by Peter Fearon, 1993
  • Strange and Fascinating Facts About the Royal Family

  • by Graham Fisher, Heather Fisher


The Lives of the Kings & Queens of England
edited by Antonia Fraser
University of California Press, Berkley
ISBN 0-520-20409-3

  • The Royal Year : A Present-Day Portrait of the Royal Family

  • by Tim Graham (Photographer), 1994
  • The Royal Year, 1988

  • by Tim Graham (Photographer), 1988
  • The Royal Year 1989

  • by Tim Graham
  • The Royal Year, 1991

  • by Tim Graham
  • We Are Amused : The Cartoonist View of Royalty

  • by Peter Grosveno
  • Royal Family Today

  • by Trevor Hall
  • Year in the Life of the Royal Family

  • by Trevor Hall, 1983
  • The Royal 100 : A Who's Who of the First 100 People in Line of

  • Succession to the British Throne
    by Alan Hamilton
  • The Queen's Windsor

  • by Marion Harris
  • The End of the House of Windsor : Birth of a British Republic ~

  • by Stephen Haseler, 1994
  • All About the Royal Family

  • by Thoebe Hichens
  • The Royal Family Today

  • by Jessica Hodge, Anwar Hussein (Photographer)
  • Monarchy : Behind the Scenes With the Royal Family

  • by Brian Hoey
  • At Home With the Royal Family

  • by Paul James, Peter Russell
  • Royal Pursuit : The Media and the Monarchy in Conflict and Compromise

  • by Douglas Keay


The Royals
by Kitty Kelley
Warner Books, Inc., NY, 1997
ISBN 0-446--51712-7

  • Two Royal Women

  • by Norman King
  • The Royals

  • by Caroline Latham, Jeannie Sakol


Robert the Bruce, King of Scots
by Ronald McNair Scott
Peter Pedrick Books, NY, 1989

  • The Royal Family

  • by Jane Masterson
  • Fodor's Royalty Watching

  • by Andrew Morton
  • Sovereign : A Celebration of Forty Years of Service

  • by John Julius Norwich
  • Royal summer : the visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip to

  • New Zealand, 1953-54
    by Jock Phillips
  • The Royal Year : A Year in the Life of the Royal Family

  • by Lynn Picknett, Shona Grimbly (Editor)
  • Someone Special

  • by Judith Saxton
  • Royalty Revealed

  • by Unity Hall, Ingrid Seward
  • Royal Style : An Intimate Look Inside the Palaces and Country

  • Houses of Britain's Royal Family
    by Ingrid Seward


The Kings and Queens of England+Scotland
Plantagenet Somerset Fry
Grove Press, NY, 1990
ISBN 0-8021-1368-9

  • We want the Queen

  • by Hugo Vickers


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