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Heraldry Today
(the following books can be purchase there and much more)

BURKE'S PEERAGE & BARONETAGE, 106th edition, 1999. The first new edition after 29 years.
Over 3500 pages in 2 volumes including a 233 page Index of Names. The detailed pedigrees are brought up 
to date and the illustrations of arms enlarged & improved. They are in a fine slip-case to match the binding.

ADAMSON, D. & DEWAR, P.B. THE HOUSE OF NELL GWYN. The Fortunes of the BEAUCLERK Family 1670-1974. 1974. xviii + 260pp. Index. 30 illustrations &
pedigree. Good in dust-wrapper. £21.00

ALEXANDER, Grand Duke of Russia. ONCE A GRAND DUKE. 1932 (Reprint of 250 copies, 1995)
 x + 348 pp., index, 44 illustrations. £22.50

ALICE, H.R.H. PRINCESS. FOR MY GRANDCHILDREN, Some Reminiscences. 1976. 306pp. 
Index. 60 illus. 2 large folding pedigrees. Princess Alice was the grand-daughter of Queen Victoria.
Very good in quite good dustwrapper. £18.00

ALMANACH DE GOTHA. 183rd edition 1999 (the 2nd in English). 966 pp. Index. Portraits in colour & in 
black & white. Part I Genealogies of Reigning & formerly Reigning Royal & Sovereign Houses of Europe & South America. Part II Mediatised Sovereign Houses of the Holy Roman Empire. £60.00

ARMORIAL DE L'ORDRE et HOSPITALIER DE ST. LAZARE de Jerusalem (Armorial of the Military & Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem). 500 copies only
printed 1983. cccclxx + 432pp. Text in French, Spanish & English. 6 colour plates, many illustrations of Arms & other black & white plates. A fine production bound green
cloth, gilt letters, arms, lines & top edges. Very good. £85.00

ARONSON, Theo. THE COBURGS OF BELGIUM. 1968, Reprint of 250 copies only, 1996. xxviii + 323pp. Index. 17 illustrations. Bibliography. £ 20.00

ARONSON, Theo. GRANDMAMA OF EUROPE. THE CROWNED DESCENDANTS OF QUEEN VICTORIA. 1973, Reprint of 500 copies 1998. xii + 353pp. Index.
Folding pedigree. 32 illustrations. £20.00

Folio. xiv + 720pp. + Appendix. Title in red & black. Many fine plates including 475 shields of Knights of the Order. Bound maroon buckram, gilt letters, slight colour staining
of top edges otherwise very good. £85.00

BARCSAY-AMANT, Dr. Z. NEMESI EVKONYV (ADELIGES JAHRBUCH). 12mo. The Hungarian annual peerage with pedigrees & arms written in German. Illus. Bound
maroon buckram, gilt, v.g. (a) 1955. Includes Corpus der Ungarischen Verdienstorden-Ehren-und Denkzeichen with 21 plates of Orders & decorations & 50 full page plates
of Arms. Very good. £55.00 (b) 1957. Includes 3 plates of Orders & decorations & 30 full page plates of Arms. Very good. £48.00

BOWMAN, Wm. D. THE DIVORCE CASE OF QUEEN CAROLINE. An account of the Reign of George IV & the King's relations with other women. 1930. [9] + 301pp.
Index. 8 plates. £16.00

BURKE'S DORMANT AND EXTINCT PEERAGES. A Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited & Extinct Peerages of the British Empire by Sir Bernard
Burke. Best edn. 1883, reprinted 1996. 643pp. Illustrations of arms. £48.00

BURKE'S HANDBOOK to the Most Excellent ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE, ed. A. Winton Thorpe. 1921. 704pp. 5 coloured plates of Insignia, Biographies of Persons
appointed to the order. Bound original red cloth, gilt. Cover scratched, contents good. £65.00

BURKE, John. A General & Heraldic Dictionary of the PEERAGE & BARONETAGE of the British Empire. 2nd edn. 1828. Lacks Frontis. & Introduction, part of which is
tucked in loose. 729pp. Bound with The ARMORIAL BEARINGS OF THE PEERS & BARONETS. 91 plates, each showing 18 coats of arms, 1827. New maroon cloth
binding, gilt letters, v.g. Contents v.g. & uncut. £145.00

BURKE'S PEERAGE, BARONETAGE & KNIGHTAGE & COMPANIONAGE.1953. Pedigrees & illus. of arms. Covers grubby & inside joint shaky, otherwise a good copy.

BURKE'S PEERAGE, BARONETAGE & KNIGHTAGE. Illustrations of Arms & Pedigrees. 50th edn. 1888. Vellum spine & gilt arms mounted on front cover. No front
endpapers & inside front joint cracked, shaky. £65.00

BUTE, John 3rd Marquess of. SCOTTISH CORONATIONS. 1902, Reprint 1997 of only 150 copies. [7] + 310pp. Index. Bound red cloth, gilt arms & letters. £25.00

CARLTON, Charles. ROYAL CHILDHOODS. 1986. xi + 204pp. Index. 69 illustrations. From William the Conqueror to Prince William & Prince Harry. Very good in
dust-wrapper. £15.00

[COKAYNE, G.E.] THE COMPLETE PEERAGE, Vol. XIV. Ed. Peter Hammond. 1998. 871pp. The long awaited later volume is an Addenda & Corrigenda to the whole
work & brings all the Peerages down to 1995, including new peers created since 1938. £95.00

COURTHOPE, Wm. Synopsis of the EXTINCT BARONETAGE OF ENGLAND; Containing the Date of the Creation, with the Succession of Baronets & their Respective
Marriages & Time of Death. Very limited edn., published by subscription 1835. xii + 256pp. Half calf binding rebacked in brown cloth, marbled sides very worn. A bit dusty
otherwise contents good. £55.00

CHRONICLES OF THE AGE OF CHIVALRY. The Plantagenet Dynasty from the Magna Carta to the Black Death. 1998. Royal 4to. Ed. Elizabeth Hallam. 320pp. Index.
Magnificently illustrated in colour & b. & w. Map endpapers. Very good in dust-wrapper. £21.00

DALE'S PEERAGE 1697. DALE, ROBERT, Blanch-Lion Pursuivant. An Exact CATALOGUE OF THE NOBILITY OF ENGLAND, and Lords Spiritual.....with their
Titles of Honor.....Paternal Coats of Arms. 1697 (Moule 356). 8 + x + 164pp. + Index 54pp. & Addendas & Corrigendas 10pp. Folding plan. Fine engraved folded plate by L.
Sturt of the Arms of Prince William, Duke of Gloucester, to whom the book is dedicated. He was then aged 8 & died 3 years later, having survived longer than any of Queen
Anne's other children. Bound half calf, carefully rebacked & original backstrip remounted, red morocco labels, gilt letters, decorative lines & centre tools, also border to
backstrip, making a nice copy. Marbled sides. The contents are interleaved throughout. Book labels Mr. Smith & Sir David Smith. Pencil signature John Barker 1857. £225.00

DEBRETT'S BARONETAGE OF ENGLAND. 7th edn. Wm. Courthope. 1835. xxiv + 474pp. & 63 plates, mostly showing 12 arms. Rebound maroon cloth, original leather
label remounted. Very good. £65.00

DEBRETT'S DICTIONARY OF THE CORONATION. 1902. xvi + 193pp. With many illus. Folding map. Orig. maroon binding, gilt crown & sceptre & letters. Top of
backstrip worn away otherwise good. £28.00

DEBRETT'S PEERAGE OF THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN& IRELAND. Vol. I England, Vol. II Scotland & Ireland. 17th edn. 1828. 2 vols. Engraved
Frontis. & 10 engraved plates of arms, mostly 8 to a page. Bound half calf, black morocco labels, gilt letters, marbled sides worn, contents good. £125.00

DE LA BERE, Brig. Sir Ivan. The QUEEN"S ORDERS OF CHIVALRY. Revised edn. 1964. 228pp. 20pp. of illus. of insignia, knights, robes, etc. The British Honours'
System, its evolution, ceremonies & insignia. Good in worn dustwrapper. £15.00

DUGDALE, Sir Wm. (Garter Principal King of Arms). A PERFECT COPY OF ALL SUMMONS OF THE NOBILITY to the Great Councils and Parliaments of this
Realm....& of such Noblemen as have been summoned to Parliament in right of their wives.... 1685. Folio. xiii + 580pp. + Index 26pp. (Moule 330). Bound full speckled calf,
nicely rebacked to match, red morocco label (original?), very good. £225.00

EECKHOUT, J.-M. van den. L'ARMORIAL DE FLANDRE. LE GRAND ARMORIAL EQUESTRE DE LA TOISON D'OR. 2nd edn. priv. printed St.-Niklaas, 1997. Imp
8vo. [10] + 155pp. + 22 full page colour plates & many other shields in colour. This reproduces the arms from the Flanders sections of the Armorial of the Golden Fleece &
of the Bergshammarvapenboken & gives Biographies of more than 100 persons given therein. Index. Bibliography. Card covers. £36.00

EILERS, Marlene A. QUEEN VICTORIA'S DESCENDANTS. New edn. Falkoping 1997. 191pp. 12" x 8 1/2". Many illustrations. The genealogies include the Royal Families
of Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Roumania, Russia & Germany as well as non-royals. £28.00

ELENCO DE GRANDEZAS Y TITULOS NOBILIARIOS ESPANOLES. Madrid 1999. Peerage of Spain with pedigrees & some illustrations of arms. Bound limp cloth.

ENACHE, Nicolas. LA DESCENDANCE DE PIERRE LE GRAND, TSAR DE RUSSIE. Paris 1983. 431pp. Index. Pedigrees & 46 illustrations from photographs. £30.00

FANNING, C. THE DUKES OF LEUCHTENBERG. A Genealogy of the Descendants of EUGENE de BEAUHARNAIS. 1983. 106pp. Index. Frontis. & colour plate of arms.
Limited edition in slipcase. £14.95

FAVINE, A. THE THEATER OF HONOR & KNIGHTHOOD, Monarchies, Emperours, Kings, Princes, Institutions of Armes, Kings, Heralds & Pursuivants.With all the
Ancient & Moderne Military Orders of Knight-hood in every Kingdome. Duelling, Joustes, Tournaments. 1623. 2 vols. in 1. (Moule 111) Printed by Wm. Jaggard
(Shakespeare's printer). [17] + 12 plates +582 (numbered to 572 but actually 582) + 538pp. Fine woodcuts of Insignia, Crowns, collars,arms, etc. Bound later polished calf,
red moocco label, gilt letters &lines. Title repaired, last few pages slightly stained at foot & a little foxing otherwise a very good copy. Signatures Jonas Buckley, 1690,
Francis Townsend, Windsor [Herald] by gift of John Dewye Parker, Esq. Nov. 1790 & Jas. Dwyer 1942. £650.00

FAWCETT, F.B. (ed.) THEIR MAJESTIES COURTS holden at BUCKINGHAM PALACE & at the PALACE OF HOLYROODHOUSE, 1937, with particulars of the Courts
& Toilettes worn. 4to. viii + 139pp. + advertisements. Many full page plates, mostly of the ladies being presented. 1 extra plate of a photograph of Mrs. Cameron Aitken,
mounted, has been added. Bound red cloth, gilt letters, crowns & top edges. Slightly faded otherwise very good in dirty dust-wrapper. £65.00

FERRAND, Jacques. LES FAMILLES COMTALES DE L'ANCIEN EMPIRE DE RUSSIE. Recueil Genealogique. 2nd edn. Vol. 2. Paris 1998. Folio. 195pp. Pedigrees. Card
covers. New copy. £36.00
Volume I is also available at the same price.

FERRAND, Jacques. LES FAMILLES PRINCIERES DE L'ANCIEN EMPIRE DE RUSSIE. Recueil Genealogique. 2nd edn. Vol. 2. Paris 1998. Folio. 340pp. Pedigrees. Card
covers. New copy. £42.00
Volume I is also available at the same price.

GADD, R.P. PEERAGE LAW. 1985. 192pp. An up-to-date account of the law as it affects the Peerage. Also Irish Peers. £18.00

GAYRE, of Gayre & Nigg, R. A CASE FOR MONARCHY. A Plea for the Maintenance & the Restoration of Monarchy with Particular Reference to the HOUSE OF
SAVOY. Edinburgh n.d. x + 64pp. Pedigree. 17 illustrations, 2 in colour. Very good. £12.00

GAYRE, Lt. Col. THE KNIGHTLY TWILIGHT. A Glimpse at the Chivalric & Nobiliary Underworld. Malta 1973. 172pp. Index. Original card covers, very good. £12.00

HALLIDAY, Andrew. A GENERAL HISTORY OF THE HOUSE OF GUELPH, or Royal Family of Great Britain from the Earliest Period, to the Accession of King George I.
With an Appendix of Authentic & original Documents. 1821. 4to. xxxvi + 472pp. + Genealogical Tables of Brunswick-Luneberg & Index. Armorial frontis. A good, large
copy, uncut. Bound dark green/pale green cloth. £75.00

Bibliographie.....di Hellwald, Rome 1924. Reprint 1968. 326 + 97pp. A worldwide bibliography of works in all languages on the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of
Malta). Very good. £48.00

HEYLYN, Peter. THE HISTORY of that Most Famous Saynt & Souldier of Christ Jesus ST. GEORGE OF CAPPADOCIA..... The Institution of the Most Noble Order of
St. George named the Garter. A Catalogue of all the Knights thereof until this present. 1st edn. 1631. Small 4to.
xxii + 351pp. Frontis. with portraits of King Edward III &
Charles I engraved by W. Marshall. (Moule 132). Bound full vellum, rebacked, red morocco labels, gilt letters, marbled endpapers. Very good. £365.00

HEYWOOD, Valentine. BRITISH TITLES. The Use & Misuse of the Titles of Peers & Commoners, with some Historical Notes. With a Foreword by Sir Gerald Woods
Wollaston, Garter Principal of Arms. 1951. Index. Good in torn dustwrapper. £21.00

IMHOFF, J.W. NOTITIA SACRI ROMANI GERMANICI IMPERII PROCERUM tam Ecclesiasticorum quam Secularium Historico-Heraldico-Genealogica etc. 5th edn.
Turbingae 1732. Folio. 2 vols. in 1. Fine engraved portrait & frontis. xii + 692 + 241pp + Index 18pp. & 19 plates of arms, 1 to 9 on a page. Vignettes. Pedigrees of the
Emperor, Electors, Counts, etc. of the Holy Roman Empire. Bound full vellum, dated in gold 1735, with cartouche of arms & name Nath. Stube also in gold, cover grubby
otherwise very good. Untidy stamps of John Haywood otherwise contents good. £375.00

JACKMAN, S.W. The PEOPLE'S PRINCESS. A Portrait of H.R.H. Princess Mary, Duchess of Teck. 1984, Reprint of 150 copies 1996. 213pp. Index. Many illustrations.
Very good. £18.50

JENKINS, Elizabeth. THE PRINCES IN THE TOWER. 1978. xi + 238pp. Index. 19 illustrations. Pedigree. Very good in dustwrapper. £14.00

KROLL, M. & J. LINDSEY. THE COUNTRY LIFE BOOK OF EUROPE'S ROYAL FAMILIES. With photographs by Lichfield. 1979. Royal 4to. 208pp. Index. Profusely
illustrated in colour & black & white. Short pedigrees. Good in dustwrapper. £35.00

LAKE, Christopher. EUROPEAN RULERS 1060-1981. A Cross Referenced Genealogy with 162 pedigrees. 1981. Atlas folio. Beautifully scrivened by Robin Litt in 3
colours. Bound blue cloth, very good. £75.00

LORAINE & des XVII Provinces. Nouvelle edn. Brussels 1773. 372pp. + Index 12pp. Bound quarter calf, marbled sides & endpapers. Bookplate Cte. Arthur de Bizemont.

LEE, A.G. CROWN AGAINST SICKLE. The Story of King Michael of Rumania. 200 copies only reprinted 1998. 199pp. Index. 41 illustrations. Very good. £20.00

LIBRO D'ORO DELLA NOBILTA ITALIANA 1995-99. Rome (ed.XXI). 12mo. 2 vols. xlv + 958 & 999pp. Pedigrees & illustrations of arms. £220.00

Baudouin of Belgium are cited. Card covers. £27.00

LODGE, Edmund, Norroy King of Arms. The PEERAGE OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE, As at Present Existing, To which is added the Baronetage. Pedigrees & illus. of
Arms. 24th edn. 1855. lxxvi + 692pp. + Adverts. Bound quarter vellum, marbled sides, gilt edges. Inside joints cracked o/w good. £55.00

LONGFORD, Lord. A HISTORY OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS. 1988. 224pp. Index. Plates. Very good in dustwrapper. £18.00

McHUGH, Rosita. THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA - 900 Years of Care. Dublin 1996. 197pp. 104 illustrations in colour & monochrome. £29.00

MADOX, Thos. BARONIA ANGLICA. An HISTORY OF LAND-HONORS & BARONIES, & of Tenure in Capite. 1741. Folio. Title + 292pp. + Index 27pp. Bound full calf,
a bit worn & joints starting to crack, contents v.g., A little dusty but a good copy. £225.00

MANUSCRIPT. PEERAGE CREATION OF ENGLISH NOBILITY. Attractive early 17th century manuscript (c.1608). 152pp. Written in ink on paper in chronological order
starting with William Conqueror & Edgar Eithelinge down to "Sir Bertie Clifton Knighte was by Kinge James Anno Regni sui sexto created baron" (1608). A paragraph of
information is given about each person & short pedigrees with the names in ink circles are given for the sovereigns' families. 42 shields are drawn in pencil & some blank
outlines. Bound old vellum, very carefully repaired. Last few pages dampstained, otherwise very good. £475.00

MICHAEL OF ALBANY, H.R.H. Prince. THE FORGOTTEN MONARCHY OF SCOTLAND. The True Story of the Royal House of Stewart & the Hidden Lineage of the
Kings & Queens of Scots. Shaftesbury 1998. xxv + 502pp. Index. 11 colour illustrations & 64 black & white and text illustrations. Many pedigrees. £16.99

[MILLES, Thomas]. THE CATALOGUE OF HONOR. Or, Tresury of True Nobility Peculiar & Proper to the Isle of Great Britain....with the Princes of Walles, Dukes,
Marquisses & Erles, their wives, children, Alliances, Families, Descentes & Achievements of Honor. Printed by William Jaggard (William Shakespeare's Printer) 1610 (Moule
77). Folio. x + 107 + 1130 + Errata (approx.). Fine engraved title, plates of Robes & numerous woodcuts of Arms. Very fine contemporary full calf binding with copious
blind tooling on both covers & remains of metal clips. Very carefully rebacked & repaired making a very good copy. The thickness of the original boards is beyond belief!
Title page has small repairs & there is some dampstaining on some inner bottom edges otherwise contents very good The illegitimate children of Charles Blount, Baron
Mountjoy are, as usual, cut out. Bookplate Lord William Cecil. £685.00

MOSSOLOV, A.A. AT THE COURT OF THE LAST TSAR.MEMOIRS, ed. by A.A. Pilenco. 1935, Reprint of only 250 copies 1996. vii + 273pp. Index. Pedigree of the
Romanovs, frontis. & 13 other illustrations. Very good £20.00

MOWAT, R.B. & J.D. GRIFFITH DAVIES. A CHRONICLE OF KINGSHIP 1066-1937. 1937. 4to. 542pp. Index. 39 fine plates of portraits of Sovereigns & 12 beautifully
engrossed folding pedigrees printed in red & black, with illustrations of arms. Faded covers under very decorative dustwrapper (torn) never seen before. £55.00


CHRISTINE PEVITT. "The Man Who Would Be King". The life of Philippe d'Orleans,
Regent of France 1674-1723.
published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London ISBN 0 297 81317 X

PINCHES, J.H. EUROPEAN NOBILITY & HERALDRY. A comparative study of the Titles of Nobility & their Heraldic Exterior Ornaments for each Countrywith Historical
Notes. Limited edition of 500 copies 1994. xii + 336pp. Profusely illustrated with examples of coronets, helmets, arms & supporters, this is the first book to attempt to trace
the development of the indication of rank & title by heraldic ornament & the development of the titles themselves from medieval times. An important reference work. £55.00

PINCHES, J.H. & R.V. THE ROYAL HERALDRY OF ENGLAND. With 35 Genealogical Tables & Historical Notes. 1974. 4to. xviii + 334pp. 9 superb full page colour
plates & hundreds of beautiful black & white illustrations, many from contemporary sources & some additional drawings by Dan Escott. The first complete reference book
on Royal Heraldry. £55.00

PINE, L.G. NEW EXTINCT PEERAGE, 1884-1971. Extinct, Dormant, Abeyant & Suspended Peerages with Genealogies & Arms. 1972. 368pp. 113 illustrations of Arms.
Pedigrees & blazons of Arms for all families. £48.00

REPORTS FROM THE LORDS COMMITTEES touching the DIGNITY OF A PEER OF THE REALM, etc. 1829. 5 vols. Folio. With Appendices. Index. Strong dark blue
cloth library bindings. Small Bradford Libraries stamps otherwise very good. £225.00

The ROYALTY, PEERAGE & NOBILITY OF EUROPE. 1996. 650pp. Illus. 96th edition of the Annuaire de la Noblesse de France (in English). £45.00

RUVIGNY, Marquis de. THE JACOBITE PEERAGE, BARONETAGE, KNIGHTAGE & GRANTS OF HONOUR. 1904, Reprint 1974. 4to. xviii + 267pp. Index. £55.00

SCHOWART, A.W. OBSERVATIONS HISTORICAL & GENEALOGICAL: In which Originals of the Emperor, Kings, Electors And Sovereigns, Princes of Europe, with a
Series of their Births, Matches, more Remarkable Actions & Deaths are drawn. 1693. xvi + 480pp. Includes Houses of Austria, France, England, Denmark, Sweden,
Portugal, Bavaria, Saxony, Brandenburg, Brunswick, Hesse, etc., etc. Scarce not mentioned in Moule. Bound full mottled calf, raised bands, red morocco label, gilt letters, a
bit pitted otherwise good. Dampstain on front endpapers & slightly on 1st few pages otherwise contents very good. Armorial bookplate 1698 & signature of Sir John Aubrey,
bart. £185.00

SCHWENNICKE, Detlev [ISENBURG, Prinz von] EUROPAISCHE STAMMTAFELN. New edn. 1998. Atlas folio. Pedigrees of European families. (a) Band I pt.1. Die
Frankischen Konige und die Konige und Kaiser, Stammesherzoge und Kurfursten, Markgrafen und Herzoge des Heiligen Romischen Reiches Deutscher Nation. £115.00 (b)
Band XVII Hessen und das Stammesherzogtum Sachsen. £115.00 (c) Band XVIII Zwischen Mass und Rhein £115.00. The latest 3 volumes in this marvellous series. Others
are also available.

SECRET COURT MEMOIRS OF CATHERINE II and the COURT OF ST. PETERSBURG by One of Her Courtiers. 1 of 1,000 copies only of Edition de luxe printed for the
Grolier Society. N.d. 353pp. 6 plates. Binding marked, dampstaining on first few pages otherwise contents very good.. £18.00

SECRET COURT MEMOIRS OF THE COURTS OF SWEDEN & DENMARK during the Reigns of Christian VII of Denmark & Gustavus III & IV of Sweden. 1 of 1000
copies only of Edition de luxe Printed for the Grolier Society. N.d. 2 vols. 359 & 362pp. 11 plates. Covers a little marked, contents very good. £35.00

SHAW, W.A. THE KNIGHTS OF ENGLAND. A Complete Record from the Earliest Time of the Knights of all the Orders of Chivalry in England, Scotland & Ireland & of
Knights Bachelor. 1906, Reprint 1971. 2 vols. 572 & 676pp. Index of names. A most useful reference work. Covers spotted. £55.00

SIRJEAN, Dr. Gaston. ENCYCLOPEDIE GENEALOGIQUE DES MAISONS SOUVERAINES DU MONDE. 1959/72. 14 parts. 4to in folio. Pedigrees folding. A complete
set of these valuable pedigrees which includes the Valois, Bourbons, Orleans, Bonapartes, Courtenays, etc., etc. Very good. £115.00

SKELTON, Sir John. CHARLES I. 1898 (Goupil & Co., Fine Art Publishers). Royal 4to. Fine coloured frontis. & many fine black & white plates & vignettes. Bound recent
green imitation leather, black label, gilt letters, Very good. £55.00

STATUTES & ORDINANCES of the Most Illustrious Order of SAINT PATRICK. Dublin 1852. 199pp. Bound full dark green morocco, gilt letters & lines, marbled edges. A
bit rubbed otherwise good. Signature Walter J. Verco, Chester Herald. £145.00 

STUART, R.W. ROYALTY FOR COMMONERS. The Complete Known Lineage of John of Gaunt, son of Edward III, King of England, & Queen Philippa. Revised 3rd edn.
1998. xii + 265pp. Lengthy Index. Large & useful Bibliography. £33.00

TANNER, L.E. THE HISTORY OF THE CORONATION. 1952. Royal 4to. With 111 half tone illus. Frontis. of the Heralds in colour. Many reproductions of early engravings
of Coronations, Processions, etc. Bound red cloth, gilt letters. With separate reproductions in gold of The Sun June 28, 1838 (Coronation Queen Victoria). Good in torn
dust-wrapper. £14.00

Index. Published in the year of the Coronation of George IV (Moule 802). Recently bound maroon cloth, 2 blue morocco labels, gilt letters, very good. £55.00

TEXIER, Alain. QU'EST-CE QUE LA NOBLESSE? Histoire et droit. Paris 1988. 601pp. Illustrated. An in-depth review of Nobility & titles with Glossary, Bibliography,
heraldry & Index. Decorated card covers. £24.00

TOWNSEND, Francis, Pursuivant of Arms. CALENDAR OF KNIGHTS; Containing Lists of Knights Bachelors, British Knights of Foreign Orders, Also Knights of the
Garter, Thistle, Bath, St. Patrick & the Guelphic & Ionian Orders, From 1760 to the Present Time. (Wm. Pickering) 1828. A few biographical notes are also given about each
man. xxxi + 224pp. Recent blue cloth binding, very good. Law Society stamps. £75.00

TURTON, W.H. THE PLANTAGANET ANCESTRY, being tables showing over 7,000 of the Ancestors of Elizabeth (dau. of Edward IV & wife of Henry VII), the Heiress
of the Plantaganets. 1928, Reprint 1993. Royal 4to. Preface, Lists, Notes & Index. £48.00

VAN DE PAS, L.F.M. ANCESTOR LIST OF H.R.H. PRINCE WILLIAM OF WALES. Privately printed Mosman Park 1998. Folio. 210pp. All known ancestors, male &
female, with dates & brief Biographies. Index. Card covers. £35.00

VAN DE PAS, L.F.M. BONNIE PRINCE CHARLIE. Ancestors of Prince Charles Edward Stuart. Very limited edn. privately printed Mosman Park 1998. Folio. [10] +
1006pp. Colour frontis. Detailed & lengthy index, Bibliography, Pedigrees & biographical notes. £95.00

VAN DE PAS, L.F.M. DIANA. ANCESTORS OF DIANA PRINCESS OF WALES. Very limited edn. privately printed Mosman Park 1998. Folio. Frontis. [8] + 955pp.
Pedigrees, Biographies, Lengthy Index & Bibliography. £95.00

Contains descendants in the USA (i.e. Elenor Roosevelt), Canada, England, almost all European countries
(i.e. the wife of Dr. Otto von Habsburg), as well as Australia and New Zealand

VAN DE PAS, L.F.M. ESTERHAZY. A GENEALOGY. Very limited edn. priv. printed, Perth 1993. Folio. Section 1 Descendants in the male line of Ferenc Esterhazy de
Galantha 1532-1604, the Princes & Counts of Esterhazy. Section 2 Ancestors of Prince Pal-Antal Esterhazy de Galantha. 1986. 888pp. 2 colour plates. Lengthy Index of all
names. Pedigrees & some brief biographies. £95.00

Park 1998. Folio. Colour frontis. [9] + 451pp. This monumental work covers in detail 6 generations, legitimate & illegitimate of descendants from William (1533-1584).
Pedigrees & brief biographies, lengthy Index of Names. £65.00

VAN DE PAS, L.F.M. GISCARD. THE ANCESTORS OF THE GISCARD D'ESTAING GRANDCHILDREN. Very limited edn. privately printed Mosman Park 1998. [6] +
979pp. Pedigrees including all known female lines. Biographies & a lengthy Index. Bibliography £95.00

VAN DE PAS, L.F.M. HOUSE OF ORANGE. Ancestors of H.R.H. WILLEM ALEXANDER, PRINCE OF ORANGE, Crown Prince of the Netherlands. Very limited edn.
privately printed, Mosman Park 1998. Folio. Colour frontis. 999pp. Lengthy Index of all names. Pedigrees & many brief biographies. £95.00

VAN KERREBROUCK, P. & C. SETTIPANI. La PREHISTOIRE DES CAPETIENS 481-987. Iere partie. MÈrovingiens, Arnulfingiens, Carolingiens, Robertiens. Paris
1993. Card covers. Numbered, Ltd. edn. of 1000 copies. Unopened. £68.00

VAN KERREBROUCK, P. LES VALOIS. 1990. Nouvelle Histoire gÈnÈalogique de l'auguste Maison de France. 735pp. Pedigrees. Illus. Card covers. Numbered, Ltd. edn.
of 1000 copies. Unopened. £68.00

WORLD NOBILITY AND PEERAGE. N.d. (c.1952). 436pp. The 1st edn. in English of Annuaire de la Noblesse de France et d'Europe. A few illustrations of arms. £35.00

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