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The Genealogy of the Family of Lusignan


This article is a genealogical account of the French Noble family of Lusignan, which managed to establish its many branches all over the Mediterranean. They accomplished that as rulers and hangers-on to the first-tier nobility of what are known today as the Crusader States(the Kingdoms of Cyprus and Jerusalem, the Principality of Antioch, the County of Tripolis (Libya) and the Empire of Constantinople). For a short period of time they also became the rulers of the Medieval Kingdom of Armenia of Cilicia (now part of Modern Turkey). Descendents of this family can be found today in nearly all the Mediterranean countries and also in United Kingdom and the United States.

The origins of this family go back to the Medieval France, to the small town of Poitou. There the early Lusignans established their selves as Lords of the whole region for a long period of time. It were sons of the 8th Lord of Lusignan, Hugh VIII, the ones that participated in the first crusade and created the links stated above. This article is an account ofthe known descendants of Hugh VIII.

For the better use of the reader I divided the article in eight parts, in which are stated what in my opinion are the main branches of the family. At the endof it I have created a list of the Lusignan Kings and Queens of Cyprus with explanatory notes on their titles and connection. 

And finally a note on the format: Instead of the formal and most commonly used format of genealogical presentation, which states first the elder offspring, then its descendants, the second older offspring and so on, I have used a format were the all the siblings appear together, in order for anyone to be able to recognize very easily the connection between two persons of the same generation (i.e. if they aresiblings or cousins). I apologize to the readers for any inconveniencethatmay bring.

Part 1: The Last Lords of Lusignan

Descendants of Hugh VIII de Lusignan (1106 -1172), Lord of Lusignan 

and Burgundia (Berbone) de Rancon, Dame of Fontenay:

1 Hugh de Lusignan ( 1141 -1169), acting Lord of Lusignan, married to Oregande

2 Robert de Lusignan (1130 - ?), married to Umberge (Mevrant) de Limoges

3 Geoffrey de Lusignan, Count of Jaffa

4 Peter de Lusignan

5 Guy de Lusignan (1140-1194), Count of Jaffa, King of Jerusalem (1186 - 1192), 

Lord ofCyprus (1192- 1194), married to Sibyl de Anjou, Queen of Jerusalem 

(1186 � 1190)

6 Amalric II de Lusignan (1145 -1205), Count of Jaffa, Lord of Cyprus (1194-1197), 

King of Cyprus (1198 - 1205), King of Jerusalem (1197 - 1205), married (1st) to 

Eschive d� Ibelin, Lady of Beirut), married (2nd) to Isabel I de Anjou, 

Queen ofJerusalem (1192 � 1205), ( For information on his descendants 

see Part 2)

1.1Hugh IX de Lusignan (1163- ?), Lord of Lusignan, married (1st) to Mathilde Taillefer, married (2nd) to Mahaut de Angouleme (or Agetha de Preuilly) (1 child)

1.2Raoul I (Ralph) de Lusignan (1163 -1219), married to Alice (Yolande) d� Eu

1.1.1Hugh X �le Brun�de Lusignan (1183 -1246), Lord of Lusignan, Count de la Marche,married to Isabelle Taillefer, de Angouleme, Queen of England (Alfais) de Lusignan (1231 -1304), married to Sir John de Warenne, 7th

Earl of Warren and Surrey XI de Lusignan, de la Marche&Angouleme (1221 -1250), Lord of 

Lusignan, Count de la Marche, married to Yolande de Dreux de Lusignan (? � 1264), Lord of Cognac&Archiac de Valence (after 1255 � 1296), Earl of Pembroke, married to Joan

de Muchensy, Countess of Pembroke de Valence (? � 1260), Bishop of Winchester de Lusignan (1234 � 1299), married to Geoffrey de Rancon, of

Taillebourg, Lord of Taillebourg, married second to Maurice (Amaury) V, 

Lord of Craon de la Marche (? � 1260), Count de la Marche, married to Yolande of

Panthierre� le Brun�de Lusignan (? � before 1263), Lord ofJarnac, 

married to Joan de Chattellerhaul, Viscountess ofChattellerhaul de Lusignan (? � 1283), married first to Raymond VII of Toulouse, 

Count of Toulouse, married second to Aymer of Thouan, Viscount of

Thouan, married third to Geoffrey Chateaubriount, Lord of

Chateaubriount Agatha de Lusignan (1236 - ?), married to William de Chauvigny, Lord of 

Chataeuroux William de Warenne (aka Guilaum de Lusignan-Warenne) (1256 � 1286), married to Joan de Vere (? -1293) Plantagenet de Warenne (1252 � after 1282), married to Henry de Percy, Baron Percy de Warenne, married to John Balliol of Scotlald, King of Scotland (1240 1313) XII de Lusignan, de la Marche (1238/40 � 1282), Count de la Marche de Lusignan (? � 1290), married to Gilbert �the Red� de Clare (1242 � 1295), 3rd Earl of Gloucester de Lusignan (1242 - ?), married to Robert de Ferreres, 6th Earl of Derby de Lusignan (? � 1308) XIII de Lusignan et de la Marche, Count de la Marche, Count of Angouleme, married to Beatrice de Bourgogne (? � 1329)

1.2.1Maud d� Eu (? -1241), married to Sir Humphrey de Bohum V, 2nd Earl of Hereford

1.2.2Jehanne de Lusignan (? � 1252), married to Pierre Mauclerc, Count of Brittany

1.2.3Raul II de Lusignan (1200 -1246), Count of Eu,married to Yolande de Dreux

1.2.4Guarin de Lusignan Sir Humphrey de Bohum VI (? �1265), married to Eleanor of Braiose Maud de Bohum, married to Sir Anselme Marshal, 6th Earl of Pembroke Alice de Bohum, married to Sir Roger V de Toeni Marie de Lusignan (1225 � 1260), Countess ofEu, married to Alphonse de 

Brienne (? � 1270) John de Brienne (? � 1294), Count of Eu, married to Beatrix Castillion de Brienne, Count of Eu, married to Jehanne de Brienne, Count of Eu, married to Jehanne Mello de Brienne, Count of Eu de Brienne, married to Gautier VI de Brienne (? � 1356),

Duke of Athens, Count of Brienne, Constable of France,

Part 2: The Lusignan Dynasty: Foundation

Descendants ofAmalric II de Lusignan (1145-1205), Count of Jaffa,Lord of Cyprus (1194-1197), King of Cyprus (1198-1205), King of Jerusalem (1197 � 1205), married (1st) to Eschive d� Ibelin, Lady of Beirut (5 children), married (2nd) to Isabel I de Anjou, Queen ofJerusalem (2 daughters):

1 Guy de Lusignan 

2 John de Lusignan

3 Burgundia (Burgogne)de Lusignan (1180 � 1205), married (1st) to Raimond VI, 

Count of Toulouse, married (2nd) to Walter (Gautier) de Montfaucon (For

information on her descendants see Part 3)

4 Hugh I de Lusignan (1193/5-1218), King of Cyprus (1205-1218), married to Alice

de Champagne, of Jerusalem

5 Helvis de Lusignan (? - 1216/1219), married (1st) to Eudes de Dampierre, Lord of 

Chargey-les-Gray, married (2nd) to Raimond Rupen �Rex Junior of Armenia� de 

Poitiers, Prince of Antioch (For information on her descendants see Part 4)

6 Sibylla de Lusignan (1999/1200 � after 1225), 2nd wife ofLeo IIthe Great, King of 

Armenia (For information on their descendants see Part 5)

7 Melisende de Lusignan, 2nd wife of Bohemund IV �the One-Eyed� (? � 1233), 

Prince of Antioch, Count of Tripolis 

4.1 Marie de Lusignan (1215 � 1252), married to Gautier IV de Brienne, Count of 


4.2 Isabelle de Lusignan (1210 � 1264), married to Henry de Poitiers, of Antioch

4.3 Henry I de Lusignan (1217-1253), King of Cyprus (1218-1253), Lord ofthe 

Kingdom of Jerusalem, married (1st) to Alice de Montferrat, married(2nd) to 

Estienette (Stephanie) de Lampron, married (3rd) to Plaisance d� Antioch (1 child)

4.1.1 Marie de Lusignan

4.1.2 Hugh de Brienne, married to Isabelle de la Roche-sur-Ognon Gautier de Brienne, married to Jeanne de Chillon Isabeau (1305 � 1360), Countess of Brienne

4.3.1 Hugh II de Lusignan (? � 1264), King of Cyprus, Lord of the Kingdom of 

Jerusalem, married to Isabelle d� Ibelin

4.2.1 Hugh III de Lusignan-Poitiers (? -1284), King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (1269 �

1284), married to Isabelle d� Ibelin (1241 � 1342)

4.2.2 Marguerite de Lusignan (? � 1308), Lady of Tyrus, married to Jean de 

Montford,Lord of Toron and Tyrus John I de Lusignan, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (1284 � 1285) Bohemund de Lusignan Henry II de Lusignan (1285 � 1306), King of Cyprus and Jerusalem 

(1285 � 1306) and (1310 � 1324), marriedto Costanza of Aragon Amalric de Lusignan (?� 1310), Regent of the Kingdom of 

Cyprus and Jerusalem ( 1306 �1310), Prince of Tyrus, married to Princess 

Zabel (Isabelle) of Armenia (For information on their descendants see 

Part 6) Aimery de Lusignan, Constable of Cyprus Guy de Lusignan (? � 1300), Constable of Cyprus, married to Eschive d� 

Ibelin, Lady of Beirut Marie de Lusignan (1273 � 1322), married to King Jaime II of Aragon and 

Sicily Marguerite de Lusignan (? � 1296), married to King Thoros III of Armenia de Lusignan (? � after 1324), married to Balian d'Ibelin, Prince of 

Galilee (? - 1315/6), titular Prince of Galilee and Bethlehem Helvis de Lusignan (? � after1324) Isabelle de Lusignan (? � after1319), married to Constantine of Neghir, Lord 

of Partzerpert,married to King Oshim of Armenia Hugh IV de Lusignan (? � 1359), King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (1324 � 

1359) married (1st) to Marie d� Ibelin (1 son), married (2nd) to Alice d� Ibelin 

(7 children) ( For information on his descentands see Part 7) Isabelle de Lusignan (? � after 1319), married to Eudes de Dampierre, 

Constable of Jerusalem Helvis de Dampierre

7.1 Orgueilleuse de Poitiers (died young)

7.2 Marie de Poitiers (? � 1307), Pretender to the throne of Jerusalem

Part 3: The Montfaucon Line

Descendants ofWalter (Gautier) de Montfauconand Burgundia (Burgogne) de Lusignan:

1 Eudes de Montfaucon (? � 1244), married to Eschive de Saint-Omer, Princess of 


2 Eschive de Montfaucon, married (1st) to Gerald de Montagu (1 daughter), Lord

of Sasseney, married (2nd) to Balian d� Ibelin, Lord of Beirut (2 children)

1.1Simonette de Montfaucon, married to Philippe d� Ibelin

1.1.1Eschive d� Ibelin (1270/75 � 1324), Lady of Saint Nicholas, married to Gautier de Dampierre

1.1.2Marie d� Ibelin (? � 1324), married to Guy d� Ibelin, Count of Jaffa Eudes de Dampierre (? - 1330) d� Ibelin (1294 � 1328)

2.1 Alice de Montagu, married to Jean Brisebarre, Lord of Caesaria

2.2 Jean d� Ibelin, Lord of Beirut (1230 � 1264), married Alice de la Roche-sur-


2.3 Isabelle d' Ibelin, Lady of Beirut, (1230 � ?), married to Henri Embriaco,

Lord of Gimblet

2.1.1 Alice Brisebarre, married to Richard de Dampierre Eudes de Dampierre (? � 1291), married to Alice d� Ibelin

2.2.1 Eschive d� Ibelin (1253 � 1312), Lady of Beirut, married to Guy de Lusignan, 

Constable of Cyprus (see Part #

2.3.1 Guy II Embriaco (? � 1289), Lord of Gimblet, married to Marguerite Grenier Marie Embriaco (? � 1331)

Part 4: The Dampierre-Poitier Line

Descendants ofHelvis de Lusignan :

1 Richard de Dampierre, married to Alice Brisebarre (See Part 3 #2.1.1)

2 Maria de Poitiers (1215 � 1240), married to Philippe de Montfort, Lord of Tyrus 

and Toron, Seigneur de Castries, Pretender to the throne of Armenia

3 Eschive de Poitiers (? � 1262), married to Hethum de Lampron (about 1220 � 

1250), Seigneur de Lampron

1.1Eudes Dampierre (? � 1291), married to Alice d� Ibelin

1.1.1Gautier de Dampierre (? � 1310), married to I. De Saint Nicholas de Dampierre (? � 1330)

3.1 Kyranna de Lampron (? � 1285), married toLeo III, King of Armenia (1270 � 


3.2 Alice de Lampron (? � 1312), married to Balian d� Ibelin

3.2.1 Guy d� Ibelin (1286 � 1308), married Isabelle d� Ibelin Alice d� Ibelin, married to Hugh IV de Lusignan (? � 1359), King of 

Cyprus and Jerusalem (1324 � 1359) ( For information on her descendants 

see Part 2# )

Part 5: The Armenian-Antiochian Line

Descendants ofLeo II the Great, King of Armenia (1186 � 1219)and Sibylla de Lusignan:

1 Isabella (Zabel), Queen of Armenia (1226 � 1269), married (1st) to Philip de 

Poitiers, King of Armenia, married (2nd) to Hethum I de Lampron, King of Armenia 

(6 children):

1.1Leo III, King of Armenia (1270 � 1289), married to Kyranna de Lampron

(? � 1285)

1.2Thoros (? � 1266)

1.3Sibylle of Armenia (? � 1290), married to Bohemund VI (1237 � 1275), 

Prince of Antioch 

1.4 Euphemie de Barba�ron (? � 1309), married to Julien Grenier, Seigneur de Sidon 

(? � 1275)

1.5Rita, married to Prince Constantine, Lord of Sarvandik

1.6Maria, married to Guy d� Ibelin (? � after 1270)

1.3.1Bohemund VII, Count of Tripolis, titular Prince of Antioch, married to 

Marguerite de Brienne

1.3.2Isabeau de Poitiers

1.3.3Lucie de Poitiers (? � 1299), Princess of Antioch (1288 - 1289),

Countess of Tripolis, married to Naroj de Toucy (? - 1293), Seigneur di Terza, 

Admiral of Sicily

1.3.4Marie de Poitiers (? � 1280), married to Nicholas de Saint-Omer (? � 1294)

1.4.1Marguerite Grenier (? � 1289), married to Guy II Embriaco, Seigneur 

de Gimblet Embriaco (? �1331), married to Philippe d� Ibelin (1253 � 1318) d� Ibelin (1307-1347)

1.1.1Hethum II, King of Armenia (1289 � 1293), (1294 � 1296) and 

(1299 � 1305)

1.1.2Thoros III, King of Armenia (1293 � 1294), married to Marguerite de 

Lusignan, may have been married to Marie de Poitiers

1.1.3Smbat, King of Armenia (1296 -1298)

1.1.4Constantine I, King of Armenia (1298 � 1299)

1.1.5Oshin, King of Armenia (1308 � 1320), married first to Isabelle de 

Lusignan, married secondto � Princess of Naples, married third to 

Jeanne de Anjou (1 daughter)

1.1.6Isabelle (Zabel), Princess of Armenia, married to Amalric de Lusignan 

(? � 1310),Regent of the Kingdom ofCyprus and Jerusalem

( 1306 �1310), Prince of Tyrus (For information on her descendants see 

Part 6)

1.1.7Rita of Armenia (1278 � 1233), married to Michael IX 

Palaeologus, Emperor of Byzantium (? � 1296) (murdered by Smbat) Leo IV (1297 � 1307), King of Armenia (1305 -1307), married to 

Marie de Lusignan (? � after 1309) (Note: It is not certain that he was son of 

Thoros III. The only sure is thathe wasson of a brother of King 

Hethum II.) V (1310 � 1341), King of Armenia (1320 � 1341), married first to Alice 

of Korikos (? � 1329), married second to Constanza of Aragon (See Part 2

# (daughter ofFrederick II, King of Sicily), married first to Constantine III, King of Armenia (1344 � 

1363), married second to Constantine IV, King of Armenia (1363 � 

1373), married third to Otto of Brunswick III Palaeologus (1296 � 1341), Emperor of Byzantium

Part 6: The Lusignan-Armenian Line

Descendants ofAmalric de Lusignan (? � 1310),Regent of the Kingdom of 

Cyprus and Jerusalem ( 1306 �1310), Prince of Tyrusand Princess Isabelle (Zabel) of Armenia:

1 Henry de Lusignan (? � 1323)

2 Guy de Lusignan (Constantine II), 1st Latin King of Armenia (1342 � 1344) married 

(1st) to � Cantacuzene, married (2nd) to Theodora Syrgianes (1 daughter)

3 Hugh de Lusignan (? � 1318), Lord of Crusoche, married to Eschive d� Ibelin, 

Dame of St. Nicholas

4 John de Lusignan (? � 1343), Regent of Armenia, engaged to Alice d� Ibelin, 

associated (or married) to Soldane of Georgia

5 Bohemund de Lusignan, Lord of Korikos, engaded to Marguerite d� Ibelin, married 

to Euphemia of Neghir

6 Marie de Lusignan (? � after 1309), married to King Leo IV of Armenia (1305 � 


2.1 Maria-Zampea (after1333 � after 1382/7), married to Manuel Cantacuzene, 

Despot of Moreas (Peloponnese)

4.1 Leo VI de Lusignan (1342 � 1393), the last King of Armenia (1374 -1375), 

married Margarite of Soissons (I daughter) and he had 2 illegitimate children

4.2 N. de Lusignan, Patriarch in Cairo (illegitimate son) (He may be identical to 

Bohemund de Lusignan.)

4.3 Nicole, Sir (may be an illegitimate son of one ofJohn�s brothers instead of his)

4.1.1 Marie de Lusignan (? � before 1381)

4.1.2 Guy (? � 1405), Captain de la tour d� Amblay (illegitimate son)

4.1.3 Stephan, Knight in Sis (illegitimate son)

5.1 Barthelemy, Regent of Armenia (1373) (illegitimate son)

Part 7: The Lusignan Dynasty: Climax

Descendants ofHugh IV de Lusignan (1293/6 � 1359), King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (1324 � 1359):

1 Guy de Lusignan (1315/6 � 1343), Constable of Cyprus, titular Prince of Galilee, 

married to Marie de Bourbon (? � 1387)

2 Peter I de Lusignan (1329 � 1369), King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (1359/60 � 1369),

King of Armenia, Lord of Korikos and Adalia (1261 � 1269), married (1st) to 

Eschive de Montfort, married (2nd)to Eleonora of Aragon
(daughter of Pedro Count of Ribagorza and his wife Jeanne de Foix and
granddaughter of King James II of Aragon) (2 children), associated 

with Jeanne L� Aleman (1 child)

3 John de Lusignan (1329/30 � 1375), titular Prince of Antioch, Regent of Cyprus, 

married (1st) to Constanza of Aragon, married, (2nd) to Alice d� Ibelin (1 son), 

associated with Alice de Gimblet (1 illegitimate son)

4 James I de Lusignan (? � 1398), King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (1382 � 1398), King 

of Armenia (1396 � 1398), married to Helvis of Brunswick-Gubenhagen

(For information on his descendants see Part 8)

5 Thomas de Lusignan (? � 1340)

6 Perrot de Lusignan (? � 1353)

7 Eshive de Lusignan (? � 1363), married to Infant Fernando of Majorca, Baron of 


8 Marguerite de Lusignan (? � after 1373), married to Gautier de Dampierre-sur-

Salon, Senegal of Cyprus

1.1Hugh de Lusignan (? - 1385/6, titular Prince of Galilee, a Roman Senator, Lord of Arnecha and Leondaki, married to Marie de Morpho

2.1 Peter II de Lusignan (1357 � 1382), King of Cyprus and Jerusalem married to 

Valentiana (Valentza) Visconti

2.2 Marguerite de Lusignan (? - 1397), engaged to Carlo Visconti, married to Jacques 

de Lusignan, titular Count of Tripolis

2.3 infant (illegitimate child with Jeanne L� Aleman)

2.1.1 � de Lusignan (1379/80 � 1382)

3.1 Jacques de Lusignan (? � 1395/7), titular Count of Tripolis, married to Marguerite 

de Lusignan (See #2.2)

3.2 John (? � 1456), titular Lord of Beirut (illegimate son with 

Alice de Gimblet), married to Marguerite de Morpho

3.1.1John de Lusignan (? � 1410), titular Lord of Beirut 

3.1.2 Peter de Lusignan (? � 1428/32), titular Count of Tripolis, Regent of Cyprus, 

Constable and Senechal of Jerusalem, married to Isabelle de Lusignan

3.1.3 Eleonore de Lusignan (? � 1414), married to Henry de Lusignan, titular Prince 

of Galilee

3.1.4 Loysia de Lusignan, probably married to Eudes de Lusignan Phoebus de Lusignan (? � 1485), Marshal of Armenia, Lord of Sidon 

(illegitimate son) Hugh de Lusignan (? � 1468), Lord of Menico and Acaqui, married (1st) to 

N. Badin married (2nd) to Isabeau Placoton Eleonore de Lusignan (? � 1472), married first to Soffredus of Crispo, 

married second to Vasco Egidio Moniz Isabelle de Lusignan, married to Very de Gimblet, de Makrasika Lucrece de Lusignan, married to Olivier de Flatre

3.2.1 Jean de Lusignan (? � 1456), titular Lord of Beirut

Part 8: The Lusignan Family: Decline

The descendants of James I de Lusignan (? � 1398), King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (1382 � 1398), King of Armenia (1396 � 1398) and Helvis of Brunswick-Gubenhagen

1 Janus de Lusignan (1398 � 1432), King of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia 

(1389 - 1432) married (1st) Agglesia Visconti, married (2nd) Charlotte de Borbon 

(4 children)

2 Philip de Lusignan (? � 1428/32), Constable of Cyprus

3 Henry de Lusignan (? � 1427), Prince of Galilee, married to Eleonore de 

Lusignan, he had only illegitimate children ( For information on his descendants 

see Part 9)

4 Eudesde Lusignan (? � 1421), Senechal of Jerusalem married to Loysia de 

Lusignan (See#3.1.4)

5 Hugh de Lusignan, Regent of Cyprus, Archbishop ofNicosia

6 Guy de Lusignan, Constable of Cyprus

7 Jaqua de Lusignan (? � 1396/8)

8 Eschive de Lusignan (? � after 1406), married to probably to Sclavus von Asperg

9 Marie de Lusignan (? � after 1404), married to King Ladislaus of Naples and 


10 Agnes de Lusignan (1382 � 1459), Abbess of Wunstoff

11 Isabelle de Lusignan, married to Peter de Lusignan, titular Count of Tripolis

(See# 3.1.2)

12 a daughter (? � 1374)

1.1 John II de Lusignan, King of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia (1432 � 1458) 

married (1st) to Medea Palaeologus-Montferrat, married (2nd) to Helen 

Palaeologus (2 children), associated with Mariette de Patras (1 illegitimate son)

1.2 James de Lusignan (? � 1426)

1.2 Anne de Lusignan (1419 � 1462), married to Louis I de Savoie, Duke of Savoy

1.3 Hugh de Lusignan, Cardinal of Cyprus

1.4 Marie de Lusignan, (? � after 1437) 

1.5 Agnes de Lusignan

1.6 Phoebus de Lusignan, Lord of Sidon (illegitimate son)

1.7 Guy de Lusignan (? � after 1433), married to Isabelle Babin (1 illegitimate son)

1.8 Aloysius (1408 � after 1421) (illegitimate son)

1.9 � (illegitimate daughter), married to Garceran Suarez de los Cernadilla, 

Admiral of Cyprus

1.1.1 Charlotte de Lusignan (1442/3 � 1487), Queen of Cyprus, Jerusalem and 

Armenia (1458 � 1464), married (1st) to Joao (John) de Coibra, Duke of 

Coibra, married (2nd) to Louis of Savoy( son of Louis I de Savoie, Duke of 

Savoy and Anne de Lusignan (See# 4.1.2))

1.1.2 Cleopha de Lusignan (died young)

1.1.3 James II �The Bastard� de Lusignan, King of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia 

(1458 � 1473) married to Caterina Cornaro (1454 � 1489), Daughter of St. 

Mark, last Queen of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia (1474 � 1489) James III de Lusignan, King of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia (1474) Eugene (? � 1523) (illegitimate son) Janus (? � 1533) (illegitimate son) Charlotte (? � 1469) (illegitimate daughter), married to Lord of Naves Charla (1468 - 1480) (illegitimate daughter), married or engaged to Alonso 

of Aragon (illegitimate son)

1.7.1 Jacqua (1432 - ?)

1.7.2 Eleonore (1433 - ?)

2.1 Lancelot (? � after 1450), Cardinal, Patriarch of Jerusalem (illegitimate son)

Part 9: The Illegitimate Line

Descendants ofHenry de Lusignan (? � 1427), Prince of Galilee:

1 Philip de Lusignan, titular Prince of Galilee (illegitimate son)

2 Helvis de Lusignan, married to Hector de Chevides (illegitimate daughter)

3 Mariete de Lusignan (? � after 1474) (illegitimate daughter), married to Onorfio di 

Pequesens, Senegal of Cyprus

1.1Henry (Herion) deLusignan, married Helen Chappes, Dame of Psimoloffo and 


1.1.1Philip de Lusignan (? � 1546), Sir of Simun and Psimoloffo, married to Isabelle Fabrice

1.1.2Jean de Lusignan

1.1.3Pons de Lusignan, married to Medea Podcataro de Lusignan (? � after 1546), married(1st) to N. de Verny, 

married (2nd) to Isabelle de Zerban, Dame de Menasy de Lusignan (1497 �1570), married to Lucie Flatre de Lusignan married (1st) to Marguerite d� Acre, married (2nd

to Margarita Zorzalemi de Lusignan, married to M. Bustron (? � 1573), married to Gaspard Palol de Lusignan (? � after 1571), married to Marie Goneme de Lusignan (? � after 1580), a monk at Antiphoniti de Lusignan (? � 1590), Bishop of Limassol de Lusignan (? � 1571) de Lusignan de Lusignan (died young) de Lusignan, married to N. Nikephoros de Lusignan (died young) de Lusignan, married to Demetrios Palaeologus, Lord of Englia, Captain of Nicosia de Lusignan, married to Domenico di San Andrea Philippe de Lusignan (? � 1573) Louis de Lusignan (? � 1580) Jerome de Lusignan Marguerite de Lusignan, married to N. Crispo Jean-Perezde Lusignan (? � 1571/3) Hercule de Lusignan (? � after 1573) Ambroise de Lusignan (? � 1570/1) Lucrece de Lusignan(? � 1566/9) Laure de Lusignan, married to N. Bustron Marie de Lusignan, married to Pierre Provost de Lusignan (? � 1573), married to N. Muscorno (Louis) de Lusignan, married to N. de Rames de Lusignan (? � after 15730, married to N. di Milidoni de Lusignan (? � 1570), an Augustine priest de Lusignan, (? -after 1571), married to N. Muscorno de Lusignan Pietro de Lusignan (? � 1611), married to �uchina N. Hercule de Lusignan (? �after 1573) a daughter, married to N. Placca Gasparo de Lusignan (1590/1 � 1660) Lusignana de Lusignan (? � 1627), married to Stefano Joli, a goldsmith Ortenzia de Lusignan (1606 � 1625), married to Giovanni Baptista 

Seraglio Orsola de Lusignan (b. and d. in 1609) Harion de Lusignan (died young) Orsola de Lusignan, married to Louis d� Acre Melesende de Lusignan

List of theKings and Queens of Cyprus


Name of Ruler
Title of Ruler
Duration ofRegimen
Connection with the Previous
Lord ofCyprus
1192 - 1194
Amalric II
Lord ofCyprus
1194 - 1197
King of Cyprus and Jerusalem
1198 - 1205
Hugh I
King of Cyprus
1205 - 1218
Henry I
King of Cyprus
1218 - 1253
Hugh II
King of Cyprus
1253 - 1264
Hugh III
King of Cyprus 
1267 - 1269
King of Cyprus and Jerusalem
1269 - 1284
John I
King of Cyprus and Jerusalem
1284 - 1285
Henry II
King of Cyprus and Jerusalem*
1285 - 1306
Regent of Cyprus and Jerusalem
1306 - 1310
Henry II
King of Cyprus and Jerusalem
1310 - 1324
Hugh IV
King of Cyprus and Jerusalem
1324 - 1359
Peter I
King of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia**
1359 - 1369
Peter II
King of Cyprus and Jerusalem
1369 � 1382
James I
King of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia***
1383 - 1398
King of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia
1398 - 1432
John II
King of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia
1432 - 1458
Queen of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia
1458 - 1464
James II
King of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia
1464 - 1473
James III
Infant-King of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia
Queen of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia
1474 - 1459
1489: Commence of Venetian Rule of Cyprus


* After the Mamluc conquest of Palestine in 1291 the Kingship of Jerusalem became an empty title for the Kings and Queens of Cyprus

** Peter I conquested from the Turks the fortress of Korikos and the town of Adalia, which became the last outposts of the Kingdom of Armenia.

*** In 1393 Leo VI died living no heir and the title revolved on James I. James I was proclaimed King of Armenia in 1396 in the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom in Nicosia and passed on the title to his successors. By that time however, of the Kingdom of Armenia nothing had remained but the citadel of Korikos. This was captured by the Moslems in 1458 and the crown of Armenia, as the one of Jerusalem, became only a nominal title for the Kings and Queens of Cyprus and ended with the fall of the Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus in 1489.

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