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Biography of Pierre Rainier Stephano Casiraghi *1987

"Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi": He is the third and last son of the deceased Stephano Casiraghi and Princess Caroline.

Pierre was born at The Princess Grace Hospital on September 6, 1987 and being baptized in Sardou by catholic rites. Because of the fact of his young age, he does not remember too much about the life and death of his father. His godparents are his uncle Prince Albert of Monaco, and his paternal aunt Laura, wife of his uncle Daniele Casiraghi and mother of cousin Fernanda.
His father died in an offshore accident when he was 4 years.

Pierre speaks 4 languages ( french, italian, german and english) and has travelled a lot. However, he lived his childood in Saint Rémy, a small  town in the French Province, living as a "regular" person and participated in local traditionals festivities usually dressed as the little shepperd.

He is the most vivacious of Rainier´s grandchildren, as his grandmother Fernanda told in an interview. He has inherited  the passion for car races (never once he missed the famous car races of Formula One at the Grand Prix of Monaco).. Pierre  loves  practizing sports  like football, martial arts, riding, etc.

Pierre plays the saxophone and likes to imitate his grandfather who also plays this instrument.
He's extroverted and has an excellent sense of humour. He is the funniest child in the family
as his grandfather revealed in an interview and is said to be a class clown at the Jeanne d'Arc School in Fontainebleau, France. Tennis he enjoys as well: at one time he gathered up 20-something tennis balls and balanced every single one of them on his racket! When he met the Russian ice skater Okasana Grichtchuk at the F1 Grand Prix de Monte Carlo 2001 he got to sit next to her in the backseat of a black convertible Saab, while his uncle Prince Albert rode in the front. Joy oh Joy! :-)

Source: Isabel

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