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Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corrections/additions are always welcome

generations 1-4 of  13 generations

       Geoffrey V
       Comte d'Anjou et Maine 
       Born 24 August 1113 
       Died 7 September 1151 Chateau du Loir 
       Married 17 June 1128 Le Mans 
       Matilda of Normandy, daughter of Henry I, King of England 
       1100-1135 and Matilda (Edith) of Scotland 
       Born circa  February 1102 Winchester 
       Died 10 September 1167 Rouen 
       Children by (a) NN 
                 Children, Generation I 

       Generation I 
            1  Henry II 
               King of England 1154-1189 
               Born 5 March 1133 Le Mans 
               Died 6 July 1189 Chinon 
               Buried Fontevrault 
               Married 18 May 1152 Bordeaux 
               Eleanor de Poitou, Duchess of Aquitaine, daughter of 
               Guillaume VIII-X, Duke of Aquitaine, Duke of Guienne and 
               Aenor de Chatellerault 
               Born circa 1124 Chateau Belin, Gironde 
               Died 31 March 1204 Fontevraud-L'Abbaye 
               Affaire with (a) Rosamund de Clifford, 'the Fair Rosamund', 
               daughter of Walter de Clifford and Margaret de Toni 
               Children by (b) Ida 
                         Children, Generation II-1 

            2  Geoffrey VI Martel d'Anjou 
               Comte de Nantes 
               Born 1 June 1134 Argentan 
               Died 26 July 1158 Nantes 

            3  Guillaume d'Anjou 
               Born August 1136 
               Died 30 January 1164 Rouen 

        (a) 4  Hameline de Warenne 
               Earl of Surrey 
               Died 7 May 1202 
               Buried Lewes, Chapter House 
               Married 1164 
               Isabel de Warenne, daughter of William de Warenne, 3rd Earl 
               of Surrey and Warenne and Ela de Ponthieu 
               Born circa 1137 
               Died 12 July 1203 
               Buried Lewes, Chapter House 
                         Children, Generation II-2 

       II-1 (I-1) 
            1  William of England 
               Born 17 August 1153 Normandy 
               Died circa  April 1156 Wallingford Castle, Berks. 

            2  Henry "The Young King" 
               Duke of Normandy, Count of Anjou 
               Born 28 February 1155 Bermondsey 
               Died 11 June 1183 Martel 
               Married 2 November 1160 Newburgh, Normandy 
               Marguerite de France, daughter of Louis VII, King of France 
               1137-1180 and Constance of Castile 
               Born 1158 
               Died circa 1197 Acre 

            3  Matilda of England 
               Born 1156 London 
               Died 28 June 1189 
               Married 1 February 1168 Minden 
               Heinrich "the Lion", Duke of Saxony 1142-1195 and Bavaria 
               1154-1195, son of Heinrich "the Proud", Duke of Bavaria 
               1126-1139 & Saxony 1136-1139 and Gertrud von Supplinburg 
               Born 1129 
               Died 6 August 1195 Braunschweig 

            4  Richard I 
               King of England 1189-1199 
               Born 8 September 1157 Beaumont Palace, Oxford 
               Died 6 April 1199 Chateau de Chalus (in siege) 
               Engaged to Adele de France, Comtesse d'Eu, Dame d'Arques, 
               daughter of Louis VII, King of France 1137-1180 and Alix de 
               Blois-Champagne, Regent of France 
               Born 1170 
               Died after 18 July 1218 (1220) 
               Married 12 May 1191 Lemesos, Cyprus 
               Berengaria de Navarre, daughter of Sancho VI, King of 
               Navarre 1150-1194 and Sancha of Castile 
               Born circa 1163 
               Died circa 1230  Abbey of Espans nr Le Mans 

            5  Geoffrey 
               Duc de Bretagne 
               Born 23 September 1158 
               Died 19 August 1186 Paris (in tournament) 
               Married July 1181 
               Constance, Duchesse de Bretagne, daughter of Conon IV le 
               Petit, Duc de Bretagne and Margaret of Scotland 
               Born 1161 
               Died 4 September 1201 Nantes 
                         Children, Generation III-1 

            6  Eleanor of England 
               Born 13 October 1162 Domfront, Normandy 
               Died 31 October 1214 Burgos 
               Married September 1177 Burgos 
               Alfonso VIII, King of Castile 1158-1214, son of Sancho III, 
               King of Castile 1157-1158 and Blanca de Navarre 
               Born 11 November 1155 
               Died 6 October 1214 Burgos 
               Buried Las Huelgas 

            7  Joan of England 
               Born October 1165 Angers 
               Died 4 September 1199 
               Married (1) 13 February 1177 Palermo 
               Guglielmo II, King of Sicily 1166-1189, son of Guglielmo I, 
               King of Sicily 
               Born 1153 
               Died 16 November 1189 Palermo 
               Married (2) October 1196 
               Raymond VI, Comte de Toulouse, son of Raymond V, Comte de 
               Toulouse and Constance de France 
               Born 27 October 1156 
               Died 2 August 1222 

            8  John 
               King of England 1199-1216 
               Born 24 December 1167 Oxford, Beaumont Palace 
               Died 19 October 1216 Newark Castle 
               Married (1) 29 August 1189 Marlebridge Annulled 1200 
               Isabella, Countess of Gloucester, daughter of William, 2nd 
               Earl of Gloucester and Hawise de Beaumont 
               Died circa 18 November 1217 
               Buried Canterbury 
               Married (2) 24 August 1200 Bordeaux 
               Isabella d'Angouleme, daughter of Adhemar, Comte 
               d'Angouleme and Alice de Courtenay 
               Born circa 1188 
               Died 31 May 1246 Fontevraud 
               Affaire with (a) Agatha de Ferrers, daughter of William de 
               Ferrieres, 3rd Earl of Derby and Sibilla de Braose 
               Child by (b) "Clementia" 
               Children by (c) NN 
                         Children, Generation III-2 

        (b) 9  William Longespee 
               Earl of Salisbury 
               Born circa 1176 
               Died 7 March 1226 Salisbury Castle 
               Married 1198 
               Ela FitzPatrick, daughter of William FitzPatrick, 2nd Earl 
               of Salisbury and Eleanor de Vitre 
               Born 1187 
               Died 24 August 1261 
                         Children, Generation III-3 

            10 Geoffrey Longespee 
               Bishop of Lincoln, Archbishop of York 
               Chancellor of England 
               Died 18 December 1212 

       II-2 (I-4) 
            1  William de Warenne 
               Earl of Warren and Surrey 
               Died 27 May 1240 London 
               Buried Lewes Priory 
               Married (1) Maud de Albini 
               Died 6 February 1216 
               Married (2) before 13 October 1225 
               Maud Marshal, daughter of William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke 
               and Isabel de Clare, suo Jure Countess of Pembroke 
               Died April 1248 
                         Children, Generation III-4 

            2  Ela (Adela) de Warenne 
               Died after 1220 
               Married (1) Robert de Newburn 
               Married (2) Sir William FitzWilliam, of Sprotborough 
               Died circa 1219 

            3  Isabel de Warenne 

            4  Elisabeth (Isabel) de Warenne 
               Died before 30 November 1234 
               Married (1) Robert de Lacy, Lord of Pontefract 
               Died 1193 
               Married (2) circa 1196 
               Guilbert de L'Aigle, Lord of Pevensey 
               Died 1231 

            5  Maud/Mahaut de Warenne 
               Died circa 1212 
               Married (1) Henri II, Comte d'Eu, Baron Hastings, son of 
               Jean I, Comte d'Eu, Lord of Hastings and Alice (Adelise) 
               Died circa 1190 
               Buried Abbey of Foucarmont 
               Married (2) Henri d'Estouteville, Lord of Eckington, snr de 
               Valmont et de Rames, son of Robert III d'Estouteville, Sire 
               d'Estouteville and Leonia of Salisbury, Dame de Rames 
               Died 5 April 1232 

      III-1 (II-1-5) 
            1  Eleanor de Bretagne 
               Heiress of Brittany 
               Born 1184 
               Died 10 August 1241 Bristol Castle 

            2  Mathilde de Bretagne 
               Born circa 1185 
               Died in infancy 

            3  Arthur 
               Duc de Bretagne 
               Born 29 March 1187 Nantes 
               Died 3 April 1203 Rouen (murdered) 

      III-2 (II-1-8) 
        (2) 1  Henry III 
               King of England 1216-1272 
               Born 1 October 1207 Winchester Castle 
               Died 16 November 1272 Westminster Palace 
               Married 14 January 1236 Canterbury 
               Eleanor de Provence, daughter of Raimund Berengar V, Comte 
               de Provence and Beatrice de Savoie 
               Born circa 1217  Aix-en-Provence (?) 
               Died 24 June 1291 Amesbury, Wiltshire 
                         Children, Generation IV-1 

            2  Richard 
               Earl of Cornwall, Emperor Elect (1257) 
               Born 5 January 1209 Winchester Castle 
               Died 2 April 1272 Berkhamsted 
               Buried Hayles Abbey 
               Married (1) 13 March 1231 Fawley, Bucks. 
               Isabel Marshal, daughter of William Marshal, Earl of 
               Pembroke and Isabel de Clare, suo Jure Countess of Pembroke 
               Born 9 October 1200 Pembroke Castle 
               Died 15 January 1240 Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire 
               Married (2) 12 November 1243 Westminster 
               Sancha de Provence, daughter of Raimund Berengar V, Comte 
               de Provence and B�atrice de Savoie 
               Born 1225 Aix-en-Provence 
               Died 9 November 1261 Berkhamsted 
               Married (3) 16 June 1269 Kaiserslautern 
               Beatrice de Fauquemont, daughter of Walram de Fauquemont, 
               Seigneur de Montjoye and Jutta von Ravensberg 
               Died 17 October 1277 
               Buried Friars Minor, Oxford 
               Child by (a) Joan de Vautort/Valletort 
               Child by (b) NN 
               Child by (c) NN 
                         Children, Generation IV-2 

            3  Joan of England 
               Born 22 July 1210 
               Died 4 March 1238 London 
               Married 19 June 1221 York 
               Alexander II, King of Scots 1214-1249, son of William I 
               "the Lion", King of Scots 1165-1214 and Ermengarde de 
               Born 24 August 1198 Haddington 
               Died 8 July 1249 Island of Kerrera 

            4  Isabella of England 
               Born 1214 
               Died 1 December 1241 Foggia 
               Married 20 July 1235 Worms 
               Friedrich II, Emperor 1212-1220-1250, King of Sicily 
               1197-1250, son of Heinrich VI, Emperor 1169-1191-1197, King 
               of Sicily 1194-1197 and Costanza of Sicily 
               Born 26 December 1194 Jesi nr Ancona 
               Died 13 December 1250 (or 30 Dec?) Firenzuola 

            5  Eleanor of England 
               Born 1215 
               Died 13 April 1275 Montargis, France 
               Married (1) 23 April 1224 
               William Marshal, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, son of William 
               Marshal, Earl of Pembroke and Isabel de Clare, suo Jure 
               Countess of Pembroke 
               Born circa 1190 
               Died 24 April 1231 
               Buried London, New Temple Church 
               Married (2) 7 January 1238 Westminster 
               Simon VI de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, son of Simon V 
               de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester, Duke of Narbonne and 
               Alix de Montmorency 
               Born 1208 / 1209 
               Died 4 August 1265 Evesham (in battle) 

        (b) 6  Joan of England 
               Died 30 March 1236 or February 1237 
               Buried Llanfaes 
               Married 1205 
               Llywelyn Fawr "the Great", Prince of Wales 1194-1240, son 
               of Iorwerth Drwyndwn, Prince of Gwynedd and Marared 
               Born 1173 
               Died 11 April 1240 Aberconwy 
               Buried Aberconwy Abbey 

        (c) 7  Richard Fitzroy 
               Lord of Chilham 
               Died before 24 June 1246 
               Married Rohese de Dover, daughter of Richard de Dover, Lord 
               of Chilham and Isabel de Briwere 
               Died before 11 November 1261 
                         Children, Generation IV-3 

            8  Henry Fitzroy, of Chilham 
               Died before 1257 
               Married before 1236 
               Eve de Whitchurch, daughter of Reynold de Whitchurch and 
               Alice de Bolney 

      III-3 (II-1-9) 
            1  William Longespee 
               de Jure Earl of Salisbury 
               Born circa 1200 
               Died 7 February 1250 Mansourah (in battle) 
               Married circa  April 1216 
               Idonea de Camville, daughter of Richard de Camville and 
               Eustachia Basset 
               Died 1 January 1251 / 21 September 1252 
                         Children, Generation IV-4 

            2  Richard Longespee 
               Canon of Salisbury 

            3  Stephen Longespee 
               Senechal of Gascony, Justiciar of Ireland 
               Died 1260 
               Married 8 February 1243 / 14 December 1244 
               Emmeline de Ridelisford, daughter of Walter de Ridelisford 
               and Annora 
               Died 18 May 1275 / 19 July 1276 
                         Children, Generation IV-5 

            4  Nicholas Longespee 
               Bishop of Salisbury  1291-1297 
               Died 28 May 1297 

            5  Isabel Longespee 
               Died before 1244 
               Buried Alnwick Abbey 
               Married William de Vescy, Lord of Alnwick, son of Eustace 
               de Vescy and Margaret of Scotland 
               Died before 7 October 1253 in Gascony 

            6  Ela Longespee 
               Married (1) Thomas de Newburgh, 6th Earl of Warwick, son of 
               Henry de Newburgh, 5th Earl of Warwick and Margery de Oilly 
               Died circa 26 January 1242 
               Married (2) before 23 March 1255 
               Sir Philip Basset, of Wycombe 
               Died 29 October 1271 

            7  Ida Longespee 
               Married (1) Ralph de Somery, Baron of Dudley 
               Married (2) William de Beauchamp, Baron of Bedford 
               Died 1260 

            8  Ela Longespee 
               Married William d'Odingsels 

      III-4 (II-2-1) 
        (2) 1  Isabel de Warren 
               Married 1234 
               Hugh d'Aubigny, 5th Earl of Arundel, son of William 
               d'Aubigny, 3rd Earl of Arundel, Earl of Sussex and Mabel de 
               Died 7 May 1243 
               Buried Wymondham Priory 

            2  John de Warren 
               Earl of Warren and Surrey 
               Born circa  August 1231 
               Died 1304 Kennington nr London 
               Buried Lewes Priory 
               Married August 1247 
               Alix (Alfais) de Lusignan, daughter of Hugues X "le Brun" 
               de Lusignan, Comte de La Marche et d'Angoul�me and Isabella 
               Died 9 February 1256 
                         Children, Generation IV-6

       IV-1 (III-2-1) 
            1  Edward I "Longshanks" 
               King of England 1272-1307 
               Born 17 June 1239 Westminster Palace 
               Died 7 July 1307 Burgh on the Sands nr.Carlisle 
               Married (1) October 1254 Burgos 
               Eleanor of Castile, Comtesse de Ponthieu, daughter of St. 
               Fernando III, King of Castile 1217-1252 and Leon 1230-1252 
               and Jeanne de Dammartin, Comtesse de Ponthieu 
               Born 1241 
               Died 28 November 1290 Herdeby, Lincolnshire 
               Married (2) September 1299 Canterbury Cathedral 
               Marguerite de France, daughter of Philippe III "le Hardi", 
               King of France 1270-1285 and Marie of Brabant 
               Born 1279 
               Died 14 February 1317 Marlborough Castle 
               Buried London 
                         Children, Generation V-1 

            2  Margaret of England 
               Born 29 September 1240 Windsor Castle 
               Died 26 February 1275 Cupar Castle, Fife 
               Married 26 December 1251 York 
               Alexander III, King of Scots 1249-1286, son of Alexander 
               II, King of Scots 1214-1249 and Marie de Coucy 
               Born 4 September 1241 Roxburgh 
               Died 19 March 1286 betw.Burntisland and Kinghorn 

            3  Beatrice of England 
               Born 25 June 1242 Bordeaux 
               Died 24 March 1275 London 
               Married 22 January 1260 St.Denis 
               Jean II, Duc de Bretagne 1286-1305, son of Jean I, Duc de 
               Bretagne 1237-1286 and Blanche de Champagne 
               Born 4 January 1239 
               Died 18 November 1305 Lyons 

            4  Edmund "Crouchback" 
               Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Leicester 
               Born 16 January 1245 London 
               Died 5 June 1296 Bayonne 
               Married (1) circa 8 April 1269 Westminster Abbey 
               Aveline de Forz, daughter of William de Forz, Comte 
               d'Aumale and Isabel de Reviers 
               Born 1259 
               Died 1274 
               Married (2) circa 3 February 1276 Paris 
               Blanche d'Artois, Regent of Navarre, daughter of Robert I, 
               Comte d'Artois and Mathilde of Brabant 
               Born circa 1245 /1250 
               Died 2 May 1302 Paris 
                         Children, Generation V-2 

            5  Richard of England 
               Born circa 1247 
               Died 1256 

            6  John of England 
               Born circa 1250 
               Died 1256 

            7  Henry of England 
               Born circa 1252 
               Died in infancy 

            8  Katherine of England 
               Born 25 November 1253 Westminster Palace 
               Died 3 May 1257 Windsor Castle 

       IV-2 (III-2-2) 
        (1) 1  John of Cornwall 
               Born 2 February 1232 Marlow, Bucks. 
               Died 22 September 1233 Marlow 
               Buried Reading Abbey 

            2  Isabella of Cornwall 
               Born 9 September 1233 Marlow 
               Died 10 October 1234 Marlow 
               Buried Reading Abbey 

            3  Henry of Alamayne 
               Born 12 November 1235 Haughley Castle, Suffolk 
               Died 13 March 1271 Viterbo (murdered) 
               Buried Hayles Abbey 
               Married 15 May 1269 Windsor 
               Constance de Moncada, Vicomtesse de Gevaudan, Comtesse de 
               Bigorre, daughter of Gaston VII de Moncada, 19.Vicomte de 
               Bearn and Marthe de Mastas, Countess of Bigorre 
               Died 25 April 1310 

            4  Nicholas of Cornwall 
               Born January 1240 
               Died January 1240 Berkhamsted 

        (2) 5  Richard of Cornwall 
               Born July 1246 Wallingford 
               Died August 1246 Wallingford 
               Buried Grove Mill 

            6  Edmund 
               Earl of Cornwall 
               Born 26 December 1249 Berkhamsted 
               Died 1 October 1300 Ashbridge Abbey 
               Married 7 October 1272 Ruislip Div.1293/4 
               Margaret de Clare, daughter of Richard de Clare, 6th Earl 
               of Hertford, 2nd Earl of Gloucester and Maude de Lacy 
               Born 1249 
               Died February 1313 
               Buried Chertsey Abbey 

            7  Richard of Cornwall 
               Born circa 1252 
               Died 1296 Berwick (in battle) 

        (a) 8  Sir Richard de Cornwall 
               Married Joan 
                         Children, Generation V-3 

        (b) 9  Sir Walter de Cornwall 

        (c) 10 Sir Lawrence de Cornwall 

       IV-3 (III-2-7) 
            1  Lorette de Dover 
               Married 1248 
               William Marmion 
               Died 27 July 1275 

            2  Isabel Fitzroy 
               Died 7 July 1276 
               Married circa 12 July 1247 
               Maurice de Berkeley, son of Thomas de Berkeley and Joan de 
               Born 1218 
               Died 4 April 1281 

       IV-4 (III-3-1) 
            1  William Longespee III 
               titular Earl of Salisbury 
               Died 23 December 1256 / 3 January 1257 
               Married after 30 April 1244 
               Maud de Clifford, daughter of Walter de Clifford, Lord of 
               Corfham and Margred verch Llywelyn 
               Died before 9 May 1285 
                         Children, Generation V-4 

            2  Richard Longespee 
               Died before 27 December 1261 
               Married Alice le Rus, daughter of William le Rus, of 
               Stinton and Agatha de Clere 

            3  Ela Longespee 
               Born circa 1228 Stratton Audley & Wretchwick 
               Died before 22 November 1299 
               Married circa 1244 
               Sir James de Audley, Sheriff of Salop and Stafford, son of 
               Sir Henry de Audley and Bertrea Mainwaring 
               Born circa 1220 Heleigh, Staffordshire 
               Died circa 11 June 1272 in Ireland (broke his neck) 

            4  Ida Longespee 
               mentioned 6 August 1261 
               Married Walter FitzRobert, Lord of Dunmow, son of Robert 
               FitzWalter, Baron of Little Dunmow, Magna Carta Surety and 
               Died before 10 April 1258 

       IV-5 (III-3-3) 
            1  Emmeline Longespee 
               Born 1252 
               Died 1291 
               Married Maurice FitzGerald, 3rd Lord of Offaly, son of 
               Maurice FitzGerald, 2nd Lord of Offaly and Juliana de Cogan 
               Born circa 1238 
               Died 1277 

            2  Ela Longespee 
               Died before 1276 
               Married circa 1266 
               Roger La Zouche, Lord of Ashby, son of Sir Alan La Zouche, 
               Justiciar of Ireland and Elena de Quincy 
               Born 1240 / 1242 
               Died before 15 October 1285 

       IV-6 (III-4-2) 
            1  William de Warren 
               Died 15 December 1286 Croydon (in tournament) 
               Married circa  June 1285 
               Joane de Vere, daughter of Robert de Vere, 5th Earl of 
               Oxford and Alice de Sanford 
               Died circa 23 November 1293 
                         Children, Generation V-5 

            2  Isabel de Warren 
               Married before 7 February 1281 
               John Baliol, King of Scots, son of John Baliol, of Bywell 
               and Devorguilla of Galloway 
               Died April 1315 

            3  Eleanor de Warenne 
               Born 1251 Warren, Sussex 
               Died after 1282 
               Buried Sallay Abbey 
               Married 8 September 1268 York 
               Sir Henry Percy, son of William Percy and Eleanor Baliol, 
               Heiress of Dalton Percy 
               Born circa 1235 Alnwick, Northumberland 
               Died 29 August 1272 
               Buried Sallay Abbey


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