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Noble Birth
April - June 2003

April 3, 2003 - Hubert and Claire-Marine du Breuil de Pontbriand are happy to announce the birth of their daughter Jeanne. Paris 3 April 2003

April 7, 2003 - We are happy to announce the birth of Alexian (Tsien-Yi-Cheng) on April 6, 2003. Count Bernard-Henri and Countess Li Hsin d'Oultremont with Marie-Ambre and Maxandre

Born: On April 7, 2003, to Lord and Lady Eliot, twins The Hon Ruby and The Hon Violet.

April 9, 2003 - Count Philippe Chandon-Moët and the countess née Marie-Pauline Bich, with Marie-Amicie and Marie-Eugénie, are happy to announce the birth of Victor. Genève, April 9, 2003

April 10, 2003  - Count Guillaume de Roquemaurel and the countess née Cécile Lorenchet de Montjamont, with Adélie, are happy to announce the birth of Edouard, in Neuilly, April 10, 2003
April 11, 2003 - The Times of Saturday announces the birth of a son, Pierre John Boniface, on 11 April 2003, to Charlotte Anne (neé Montagu-Douglas-Scott - daughter of the present Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry), and to Comte Bernard de Castellane.

April 11, 2003 - Amélie, daughter of Chevalier Hugues de Schaetzen van Brienen and Mrs née Fabienne Velge.

April 12, 2003 -The Marquess and Marchioness de Dreux-Brézé, are happy to announce the birth of their grandson Emilien, on April 12, 2003, at Jean-François Quéré and Constance née Dreux-Brézé
April 17, 2003 - Sacha Liliane Barbara ,
daughter of Don Lorenzo Rocco di Torrepadula and Elisabeth Rocco di Torrepadula née Fabius
Sister of Lapo , Amsterdam 17 April 2003

April 25, 2003 (The Times) -Birth is announced of a son, Stanislaw Kemyel on 25 April 2003 in Warsaw, to Annie (née Molesworth-St. Aubyn) & Count Peter Krasinski (son of Count & Countess Stanislaw Krasinski, of Cuckfied, Sussex, and siblings Adam Tadeusz Anthony, born 11 March 1999 & Lara Mary born 22 January 2001)

April 25, 2002 - (The Times) - birth of a 3rd son, Conrad Lorenzo on 25 April 2003 in Miami, to India Hicks (grand-daughter of the late Earl Mountabtten) and to David Flint Wood - May 16, 2003

April 29, 2003 - HRH Princess Maertha-Louise of Norway has given birth to a daughter Angelica Behn.

April 30, 2003 - (The Times) -  to Esmond Elliot and is wife Helen (née Gummer) a daughter Lara Florence. Esmond is the son of the Honourable Dominc Elliot, brother of the Earl of Minto and of
Countess Marianne 'Bunny' Esterhazy, daughter of Countess 'Etti' von Wurmbrand-Stuppach.
May 2, 2003 - (The Times) - at The Portland Hospital, London a son Nicolas to Nicolaus von Habsburg, son of Archduke Joseph and his wife, née Princess Maria zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, and to Eugenia (née de Calonje)

May 7, 2003 - Count Olivier du Couëdic de Kergoaler and the countess née Séverine Lafon de Lageneste, with Guillaume and Gauthier, are happy to announce the birth of Hortense on May 7, 2003

May 10, 2003 - (The Times) - announces the birth of a son, Kasimir on 07 May, at The Portland Hospital, to Karl & Isabel von Klitzing who already have a son, Konrad.

May 14, 2003 - Baron Bertrand Ameil and the Baroness née Agnès Berthier de Grandry are happy to announce the birth of their son, Nicolas. Paris.

May 18, 2003Louisa,Daughter of Beatrice née von Koenigsegg and Joachim Nordwall
Stockholm, May 18, 2003
May 19, 2003 - Baron Jean-Gabriel Osmont d'Amilly and the baroness née Catherine Jaigu, with Augustin, are happy to announce the birth of Charlotte. Madrid, May 19, 2003

May 21, 2003 - Count de Royere and the countess née Hedwige de Cossart d'Espiès, are happy to announce the birth in Genève on May 21, 2003, of Pauline, daughter of Guy and Carole née Arn-Schweer
May 24, 2003 - Louise née Baroness von Blixen-Fineckeand Otto Barnekow
Stockholm, May 24, 2003
May 28, 2003Hugo,Son of Imme Sander née Countess von der Recke von Volmerstein and Reinhard Sander

May 29, 2003 - Baron Charles-Aymar d'Estreux de Beaugrenier and the baroness née Alexandra Nay, are happy to announce the birth of their son Roman. Paris, May 28, 2003
May 31, 2003 - Count Henri de Cossé Brissac and the countess née Lucile Cornet Vernet, with Côme and Eloi, are happy to announce the birth of Élénore. May 31, 2003
May 31, 2003Arnaud, 31 May 2003, son of Count Tanguy de Briey and the Countess née Sabine Coppieters 't Wallant
June 2, 3004 - Born: Anaëlle,
daughter of Etienne and Alessandra de Chezelles. June 2, 2003

June 5, 2003 - Count and Countess Ghislain Garczynski are happy to announce the birth of their 9th grandchild - Camille, 4th child of Gilles and Véronique Garczynski.
June 6, 2003 -  at The Portland Hospital in London, to Wendy (née Leach) and the Hon Philip Knatchbull, a son, Frederick Michael Hubert
June 7, 2003 - Tristan, brother of Victor, son of Gabriel and Delphine du Passage
June 10, 2003 -  to Prince Gregoriy Galitzine and Svetlana née Permyakova, at the John Radcliffe, Oxford, a daughter, Maria Catherine
June 11, 2003 - Count Bruno de Gabrielli de Gubbio and the countess née Karin Stensdotter announce the birth of Jean-Baptiste, brother of Blanche and Pierre. Paris 11.6.2003

June 13, 2003 - Count Armand de Mirabel de Neyrieu and the countess née Dorothée de Richemont are happy to announce the birth of their son Oscar. June 13, 2003

June 14, 2003 - Mr Patrice de Troullioud de Lanversin and Mrs née de Méhérenc de Saint Pierre, are happy to announce the birth of their son, Maxence. Paris, June 14, 2003

June 15, 2003 - Baron Emmanuel de la Fontaine de Fontenay and the baroness née Herwör Härle, are happy to announce the birth of their daughter Maëlys. Paris, June 15, 2003

June 16, 2003 - Alice. Daughter of Count Gérald de Looz-Corswarem and the countess née Hélène de Schoutheete de Tervarent. June 16, 2003

June 20, 2003 - (The Times) -  announcing the birth of a daughter Maria Catherine, born 10 June 2003 at The John Radcliffe hospital, Oxford, to Prince Gregoriy Yurievitch Galitzine (b London 10 July 1955) and his wife Svetlana (née Permyakova) - The couple were married in February 2003.

June 20, 2003  - Baron Christian de Barrin and the Baroness née Véronique de Ryckere, are happy to announce the birth of their daughter Marguerite. 20 June 2003

June 26, 2003 - Count and Countess Alex Gabor Bethlen are happy to announce the birth of their first son Stefan Geza on June 26, 2003.

June 28, 2003 -Baron Amaury du Foussat de Bogeron and the Baroness née Sabine de Moncuit de Boiscuillé, are happy to announce the birth of their son Pierre-Louis. Paris, 28 June 2003

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