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*The House of Medici*
(lots of databases)

Two Sicilies Royal House by Guy Stair Sainty
The Two Sicilies Succession by Guy Stair Sainty
Two Sicilies (Living History of the Royal House of the Two Sicilies) 
The Royal House of Italy by Guy Stair Sainty
List of all the Popes by Herbert Stoyan
The House of Ottoboni
by Domenico Serlupi Crescenzi Ottoboni

Serlupi Family History
by Domenico Serlupi Crescenzi Ottoboni
Italy Maps
Venetian Nobles by Venezia Net
Genealogie della Dinastie Italiane (I)
by David Shama+Andrea Dominici Battelli
Maison del Balzo/des Baux by Gioacchino del Balzo di Presenzano
The Counts of "Spreti" by Count Heinrich von Spreti
The Glittering Casa Savoia
(a selection of royal italian pictures)

The Monarchs of Italy Database by Brian Tompsett
Naples and Sicily Database by Brian Tompsett
The Medici in Florence Database by Brian Tompsett
The Montefeltro and Della Rovere in Urbina by Brian Tompsett
The Farnese and Bourbons in Parma Database by Brian Tompsett
Sardinia and Savoy Databaseby Brian Tompsett
The Genealogy of Popes and Saints Database by Brian Tompsett
The Este in Ferrara and Modena Database by Brian Tompsett
Die Gonzaga in Mantua by Brian Tompsett
The Visconti and Sforza of Milan by Brian Tompsett

Genealogical Research Services by Timothy F. Boettger


  • Elena d' Aosta (1871-1951)
    (nee Princess Helene d'Orleans)
    -dghtr of Louis Philippe, Count de Paris and Dona Maria Isabel d/Orleans y Bourbon-

    spouse of Prince Emanuel Philiberto de Savoie+Dk d'Aosta 1869-1931)

  • Prince Luigi de Bourbon-Parma (1899-1967
    (son of Robert I Carlo, duke de Parma and Naria Antonia, Pss de Braganca and Infanta of Portugal)
    -spouse of Princess Maria Francesca of Savoie 1914-2001-
  • Ancestors
  • My line

  • Prince Remy de Bourbon-Parma (1942-)
  • (together with Pss Barbara of Yugoslavia (1942-)
    -nee Princess of Liechtenstein-
    (son of  Prince Louis de Bourbon-Parma and Maria Francesca, Pss de Savoie)
  • My line
  • Teresa Carelli-Palombi *2003
    (dghtr of  Nobile Michele Carelli-Palombi and Princess Inés de Borbón y Orléans)
  • Ancestors
  • My line

  • Prince Eugene de Savoie (1663- 1736)
  • (son of  Eugene Maurice de Savoie, Ct de Soissons et de Dreux and Olympia Mancini) , he was italian by ancestry, french by birth and austrian by career.
    -not married-
  • Louise de Savoie (1476-1531)
  • (and her son, the future King Francois I, 1494-1547)
    (dghtr of Philibert I, Duke de Savoie and Marguerite de Bourbon)
    -spouse of Charles d'Orleans, Count d'Angouleme-
  • Ancestors
  • My line

  • Prince Antonio of The Two Sicilies *2003
    (son of Prince Francesco of The Two Sicilies andCountess Alexandra von Schönborn-Wiesentheid)
  • Ancestors
  • My line


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