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What's New June 2000:
June 29, 2000
new photos of Princess Stephanie of Monaco
June 25, 2000
Descendants of Angus du Mackay, of Strathnaver (-1433)
-19 generations-
June 24, 2000
Descendants of Count Georg van Limburg-Stirum (abt 1500-1552)
-15 generations-
Descendants of Manuel Teles da Silva (Silva-Tarouca)
-8 generations-
Descendants of Leopold Wurmbrand  (mentioned 1194) 
-22 generations-
June 22, 2000
King Georgios II of Greece (1890-1947)  -photo album-
Princess Louise of Great Britain (1867-1931) -photo album-
June 21, 2000
Prince William of England (part 2) -photo album-
Queen Emma of The Netherlands (1858-1934) -photo album-
June 20, 2000
Princess Louise of Great Britain (1848-1939) and spouse John Campbell -photo album-
June 19, 2000
King Georgios I of Greece (1845-1913) and Olga Constantinovna,
Grand Duchess of Russia (1851-1926) -photo album- 
Christian X, King of Denmark (1870-1947) and Alexandrine, 
Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1879-1952) - photo album-
June 18, 2000
Descendants of Sir John Cavendish (Dukes of Devonshire)
-20 generations-
June 17, 2000
Descendants of Georg I, Fuerst von Anhalt-Zerbst (abt 1390-1474)
-16 generations-
Descendants of James Scott, Duke of Monmouth (1649-1685) 
(Dukes of Buccleuch and Queensberry (Montagu-Douglas-Scott)
-12 generations-
June 15, 2000
Descendants of Maximilian I Joseph, King of Bavaria (1756-1825) -7 generations-
Descendants of Felipe V, King of Spain (1683-1746) -10 generations-
June 14, 2000
Descendants of Jeandou de Pouey (House of Sweden)
June 13, 2000
Princess Alexandra of Hannover - new page 2-
2 new photos of Andrea Casiraghi of Monaco
Dukes of Rutland: Descendants of Sir Robert de Manners, of Etal (-1355) -20 generations-
Dukes of Bedford (Russell: Descendants of Stephen Russell, of Weymouth +1438  -20 generations-
June 12, 2000
Dukes of Roxburghe
Descendants of Philip I, Graf und Edler Herr zur Lippe-Alverdissen (1601-1681)  -House of Schaumburg-Lippe-
-10 generations-
Ancestors of Prince Albert von Hannover *1999 -6 generations-
June 11, 2000
Descendants of James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Abercom (1811-1885) -5 generations-
Descendants of Everwinus de Gotterswich (Bentheim Family)
-24 generations-
June 10, 2000
more photos of Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco
Descendants of Leopold I, King of The Belgians (1790-1865)
-5 generations-
Ancestors of Count Maximilian von Oppersdorff *1968
and Freiin Marita von und zu Bodman *1971 -6 generations-
Descendants of Willem Taets and Heylwich Borre van Amerongen -18 generations-
Descendants of Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond (1672-1723) - 10 generations-
Descendants of Theobald I (Diepold) von Auersperg (1362-1423)
-19 generations-
Descendants of Philibert van Serooskerke (1537-1579)
-13 generations-
Ancestor list of Prince Aly Muhammad Khan *2000
June 9, 2000
Prince Ernst August of Hannover  and Caroline's world
brandnew photos of Monaco's royal family
-new site IV- 
brandnew photos of Andrea Casiraghi of Monaco
(new site is called part IV *sweet little sixteen*)
brandnew photos of Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco
(at the Grand Prix 2000 of Monte Carlo, Monaco)
June 8, 2000 June 5, 2000
Descendants of Otton de Warnant (d'Oultremont Family)
- 19 generations-
Descendants of Petrus de Zapar, Senechal of Veszprem (Szapary Family) -14 generations-
June 4, 2000
Descendants of Hermann II von Windisch-Graetz  -21 generations-
Descendants of Wilken von Platen  -12 generations)
Dutch Noble Birth and Marriage Announcements
(since January 1999)
June 3, 2000
Descendants of Jean de Ligne, Baron de Barbancon (1528-1568) 
 and Countess Margarethe von der Marck, Princesse d'Arenberg (1527-1599)-14 generations-
Descendants of Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset (1436-1464)
-22 generations-
Descendants of Pal, 1. Fuerst Esterhazy de Galantha (1635-1713)
-11 generations-
Descendants of Henry Fitzroy, 1st Duke of Grafton (1663-1690)
-11 generations)
Descendants of John Murray, 1st Earl of Atholl (-1642)
-12 generations-
Descendants of Eugen Alexander, 1. Fuerst von Thurn+Taxis (1652-1714) -10 generations-
Descendants of Count Anton Joseph Clemens von Toerring-Minucci (1798-1846)-5 generations-
Descendants of Ulrich I, Count of Wuerttemberg (*abt 1226-1265)  -22 generations-

June 1, 2000

Duke Ernst-August of Brunswick (1887-1953) -photo album-
Alfred Ernst, Duke of Edinburgh (1844-1900) -photo album-


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