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What's New July 2001
July 26
Ancestors of Eleonora Gonzaga of Mantua (1598-1655) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Eleonora Gonzaga (1630-1686) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Maria Anna, Countess Palatine of Neuburg (1667-1740) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Maria Josepha, Princess of Saxony (1867-1944) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Charles IX, King of France (1550-1574) -6 gen- 
July 24
Ancestors of Prince Aloys von und zu Liechtenstein (1869-1955)
- 6 gen-
King Friedrich-August III of Saxony (1865-1932) -photo album-
Princess Margarethe of Saxony (1900-1962) -photo album-
Ancestors of The Hon. Alexander Ramsay (1919-) -6 gen-
Descendants of The Hon. Alexander Ramsay (1919-) -2 gen-
Ancestors of Stephanie, Princess of Belgium (1864-1945) -6 gen- 
Ancestors of Princess Alice Maria *Alix* of Bourbon-Parma (1849-1935) -6 gen- 
Ancestors of Marie *The Rich*, Heiress of Bourgogne (1457-1482)
- 6 gen- 
Ancestors of Maria Theresa, Princess of Braganca+Infanta of Portugal   (1855-1944) -6 gen- 
Ancestors of  Princess Wilhelmine Amalie of Brunswick-Lueneburg (1673-1742)-6 gen- 
Ancestors of Elisabeth Christine, Princess of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel  (1691-1750) -6 gen- 
Ancestors of Karl IV Leopold, Duke of Lorraine (1643-1690) -6 gen-
July 19
Ancestors of Reichsgräfin Sophie Chotek, Dss of Hohenberg (1868-1914) -6 gen-
Ancestors of (Marie) Charlotte, Princess of Belgium (1840-1927)
-6 gen-
Ancestors of Marie, Princess of Bavaria (1551-1608) -6 gen- 
Ancestors of Maria Anna, Princess of Bavaria (1574-1616) -6 gen- 
Ancestors of Princess Auguste of Bavaria (1875-1964) -6 gen- 
Ancestors of Michael Wisniowiecki , King of Poland (1640-1673)
-6 gen-
July 18
Descendants of Franz I Stefan of Lorraine,  Holy Roman Emperor 1708-1765 -9 gen-
Emperor Napoleon III (1809-1873) -photo album-
July 17
Willem IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg (1852-1912) -photo album-
July 14
Ancestors of Ladislaus, King of Hungary+Bohemia (1440-1457)
-6 gen-
Ancestors of Laurentien Brinkhorst *1966 -6 gen-
(spouse of Prince Constantijn of The Netherlands)
Ancestors of Dr. Edwin K. W. de Roy van Zuydewijn *1966 -6 gen-
 (spouse of Princess Margarethe of Bourbon-Parma)
July 12
Prince Philippe d'Orleans, Duke of Vendome (1872-1931)
-photo album-
Ancestors of Isabella de Valois +1383 -6 gen-
Ancestors of Eugenie of Montijo, Countess of Teba  (1826-1920) 
(later Empress Eugenie of France) - 6 gen-
Ancestors of Princess Sophie d'Orleans (1898-1928) -6 gen-
July 11
Ancestors of Countess Dr. Borbala Karolyi de Nagy-Karoly (1932-2001) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Prince Pierre d'Orleans, Duke de Penthievre  (1845-1919) -6 gen-
Princess Clementine of Belgium (1872-1955) -photo album-
July 9
Ancestors of Princess Marie-Louise d'Orleans (1896-1973) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Philippe I, Duke d'Orleans (1640-1701) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Philippe, Duke d'Orleans (1869-1926) -6 gen-
July 7
Ancestors of Princess Clementine of Belgium (1872-1955) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Eleanor de Poitou, Duchess of Aquitaine (1122-1204)
-6 gen-
Ancestors of Athenais de Rochechouart (1641-1707) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Marie d'Orleans (1865-1909) -6 gen-
Henri, Prince d'Orleans+Count de Paris (1908-1999) -photo album-
Prince Louis-Napoleon (1914-1997) -photo album-
several new death announcements
July 5
Ancestors of Louis-Henri, Duke of Bourbon, Prince of Conde (1756-1830) -6 gen-
July 2
Ancestors of Alexandre Berthier, Prince de Neuchatel, Duc de Wagram (1883-1918) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Olivier de Chavagnac *1967 -6 gen-
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