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What's New April 2002
April 19
Revision of The Descendants of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria 
and Duchess Elisabeth *Sissi* in Bavaria -6 gen-
April 17
Descendants of James Howard, 3rd Earl of Suffolk (1620-1688)
-2 gen-
Ancestors of Leka I, King of Albania (1939-) -6 gen-
April 15
The ChurchillsSpencers of Althorps and Spencer-Churchill Families (lots of database and portraits)
Ancestors of Leka I, King of Albania (1939-) -6 gen-

April 14

Ancestors of Lady Anne Digby (-1715) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Margaret Willoughby, of Wollaton (-1597)
Ancestors of Sir Robert Fellowes *1941
Ancestors of  Neil McCorquodale *1951
Ancestors of John Robert Spencer-Churchill *1984 -6 gen- 
Ancestors of George Spencer-Churchill, Earl of Sunderland (1992-)
-6 gen-
Ancestors of George Charles Spencer-Churchill, 8th Duke of Marlborough (1844-1892) -6 gen-
Ancestors of George Spencer, 4th Duke of Marlborough (1739-1817)
-6 gen-
Ancestors Lady Emily Mary Hill 1750-1835 - 6 gen- 
Ancestors of John Frederick Sackville, 3rd Duke of Dorset (1745-1799) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Hugh Percy, 10th Duke of Northumberland (1914-1988)
-6 gen-
Ancestors of George Howard, Lord Morpeth, 6th Earl of Carlisle (1773-1848) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Consuelo Vanderbilt (1870-1964) -6 gen-

April 12

Ancestors of Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset (1500-1552)
-6 gen-
Ancestors of Ivor Charles Spencer-Churchill *1986 -6 gen-
Ancestors of Lady Jane Stewart (1798-1844) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Lady Susan Stewart (1767-1841) -6 gen-
William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, Prime Minister of England (1779-1848)  -6 gen-
Ancestors of Susan Mary Hornby *1929 -6 gen-
Ancestors of Elizabeth Trevor () 
Ancestors of Dorothy Sidney (1617-1684) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Lady Frances Anne Emily Vane-Stewart (1822-1899)
-6 gen-
Ancestors of Horatio Walpole, 2nd Earl of Orford () -6 gen-
Ancestors of Maria Walpole -6 gen-
Ancestors of Penelope Wriothesley (-1667) -6 gen-
Ancestors of The Hon. John Spencer, of Althorp (1708-1746) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Robert Spencer, 2nd Earl of Sunderland (1640-1702)
-6 gen-
Ancestors of Henry Spencer, 1st Earl of Sunderland and 3rd Baron Spencer (1620-1643) -6 gen-
Ancestors of William Spencer, 2nd Baron Spencer (1591-1636)
-6 gen-
Ancestors of Sir John Spencer-Churchill, 7th Duke of Marlborough (1822-1883) *known as John Winston* -6 gen-
Ancestors of George Spencer-Churchill, 6th Duke of Marlborough (1793-1857) -6 gen-
Ancestors of George Spencer-Churchill, 5th Duke of Marlborough (1766-1840)  --6 gen-
Ancestors of Lady Diana Spencer (1710-1735) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Lord Randolph Spencer-Churchill (1849-1895) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Sir Charles Spencer, 3rd Duke of Marlborough  (1706-1758)-6 gen-
Ancestors of Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland (1674-1722)
-6 gen-

April 11

Ancestors of Robert Spencer, 1st Baron Spencer (1570-1627) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Colonel Charles Churchill () -6 gen-
Ancestors of Charles Churchill, General, Governor of Plymouth ()
-6 gen-
Ancestors of Harriet Churchill () -6 gen-
Ancestors of Sophia Churchill (-1797) -6 gen-
Ancestors of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough (1650-1722) 
-6 gen-
Ancestors of Arabella Churchill  (1648-1730) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Charles Churchill (1656-1714) General of Foot -6 gen-
Ancestors of Sir Winston Churchill (1620-1688)
Ancestors of Mary Churchill () -6 gen-
(spouse of Charles Sloane Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadogan)

April 10

Descendants of Robert de Vere (1408 /1417 - 1461) -4 gen-
Ancestors of Lady Caroline Ponsonby Lamb (1785-1828) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Athina Mary Livanos, Mrs. Onassis +1974
Ancestors of Jennie Jerome (1854-1921) -6 gen-
(known as Lady Randolph Churchill)
Ancestors of Sarah Jennings (1660-1744)
Ancestors of Francis Godolphin, 2nd Earl of Godolphin (1678-1766)
Ancestors of Scroop Egerton, 1st Duke of Bridgwater (1681-1745)
-6 gen-
Ancestors of Frederick Augustus Hervey, Bishop of Derry, 4th Earl
of Bristol (1730-1803) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Countess of Warwick (1861-1938) 
(aka Frances Maynard) - 6 gen-
Ancestors of Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (1550-1604)
-6 gen-

April 9

Funeralof Lady Elizabeth *Queen Mum* on April 9, 2002
update of *The Descendants of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria
and Duchess Elisabeth *Sissi* in Bavaria*
Ancestors of Lady Hermione Wilhelmina Duncombe (1864-1895)
-6 gen-
Ancestors of Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey (1764-1865) -6 gen-
Ancestors of  Jane Maxwell, Duchess of Gordon (1748-1812) -6 gen-
Grand Duke Kyrill Vladimirovichof Russia (1876-1938)
-photo album-
Demidoff of San Donato Family Tree  by Alexandre Tissot Demidoff

April 5

Descendants of James V, King of Scots  (1512-1542) -2 gen-
Descendants of James IV, King of Scots  (1488-1513)  -1 gen-
April 2
Ancestors of Hugh Lupus Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster
(1825-1899) -6 gen-
Catherine-Caroline Cavendish, Duchess of Westminster  (1857-1941) - 6 gen-
Ancestors of Charles James Fox, leading Whig politician (1749-1806) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Duchess of Sutherland (1867-1955) 
-aka Lady Millicent Fanny St.Clair-Erskine-  6 gen -
Ancestors of Cromartie, Duke of Sutherland (1851-1913) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Francis Russell, 5th Duke of Bedford (1765-) - 6 gen-

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