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What's New July 2002

artist: Jerry McKellar (

In memory of the Rodeo+Chediski fire in Eastern Arizona 
which started about 2 weeks ago and consumed so far
 467,584 acres of the finest pine forest in the world. 
30,000 residents had to be evacuated 
and its fury destroyed an unaccountable number of wild life 
and caused many many heartaches to ALL the people, 
on and off the Indian reservation. 
A special thanks to our heroic firefighters 
which are giving their all 
to keep it from spreading any further.


July 27
Claus von Amsberg , Prince of The Netherlands *1926 -photo album-
July 23
Ancestors of Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby (-1593) -6 gen-
Ancestors of William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke (1580-1630)
-6 gen-
Ancestors of Mary Herbert, Countess of Pembroke (-1649) aka Lady Mary Talbot -6 gen-
Ancestors of Elizabeth Vernon, Countess of Southampton (aft 1655)
Ancestors of Countess Clarissa von Schoenborn-Wiesentheid *1936 -6 gen-
Ancestors of Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton (1573-1624) -6 gen-
Ancestors of  Robert Cecil, First Earl of Salisbury (1563-1612)-6 gen-
Grand-Duke Jean Benoit I de Luxembourg *1921 -photo album part IV-
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden *1977 (photo album 3+4)

July 19

Grand Duke Friedrich-August von Oldenburg (1852-1931)
-photo album-
Duchess Ingeborg von Oldenburg (1901-1996) -photo album-
Her. Grand-Duke Nikolaus von Oldenburg (1897-1970) -photo album-
Prince Adalbert von Prussia (1884-1948) -photo album-

Biography Search Links (lots!) 

July 18

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826),  3rd U.S. President-bio-
James Monroe (1758-1831), 5th U.S.Pres. -bio-
William Henry Harrison (1773-1841), 9th U.S. Pres. -bio-
Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901), 23rd U.S. Pres.  -bio-
George Herbert Walker Bush *1924, 41st U.S. President -bio-
George Walker Bush *1946, 43rd U.S. President -bio-
Sir Grover Cleveland (1837-1908),  22+24 President of the United States -bio-
Prince Aga Khan IV, Karim (1936-) -bio-
Joan Fontaine *1917, actress -bio- 
Olivia Mary de Havilland *1916 -bio-
Audrey Hepburn (1929- 1993) -bio-
Catherine Hepburn (1907-) -bio-
Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) -bio-
July 17
Howard P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) -bio-
John Marshall (1755-1835) -bio-
Richard More (1614-1694/6) -bio-
July 15
Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885) -bio-
James Boswell (1740-1795)-bio-
Josephine de Beauharnais (1763-1814), Empress of France -bio-
James Edward Oglethorpe (1696-1785) -bio-
Thomas Ruggles Pynchon (1937-) -bio-
Paul Petersen (1945-) -bio-
July 11
Ancestors of George Walker Bush, 43rd U.S. President *1946
Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden *1977 (part 3)  -her 25th birthday-
July 8
Ancestors of James Brownlow William Gascoyne-Cecil, 2nd Marquess of Salisbury (1791-1868) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, Prime Minister (1784-1865) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Lady Elizabeth Harriet Grosvenor, Countess of Ormonde  (1856-1928) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Dr. Spencer Compton Cavendish, 8th Duke of Devonshire (1833-1908) -6 gen-
Ancestors of Lady Maureen Helen Vane-Tempest-Stewart  (1900-1942) -Lady Maureen Stanley- 6 gen-
Ancestors of Alexander Cambridge, Earl of Athlone (1874-1957)
-6 gen-
July 7
Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin  (1838-1917) -bio-
Carter Braxton (1736-1757) -bio-
John Foster Dulles  (1888-1969) -bio-
Albert Schweitzer  (1875-1965) -bio-
Gerald Rudolph Ford (1913-) -bio-
July 5
Wedding of Alexander Windsor, Earl of Ulster *1974 and Claire Booth  on June 22, 2002 -photo album-
Archduke Georg von Austria *1964 -photo album-
Archduchess Ildiko of Austria *2002 -ancestor list-

July 2

John Davison Rockefeller (1839-1937 -bio-
John Davison Rockefeller Jr. (1874-1960 -bio-
John Davison Rockefeller III (1906-1978 -bio-
John Davison Rockefeller IV (1937-) -bio- 

Andrea Casiraghi of Monaco - new photos!!
Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco - new photos!!
Baptism of Arrieta Morales on June 30, 2002 - new photos-
Baptism of Miguel Urdangarin y de Bourbon on June 23, 2002
- new photos
Fredrik IX, King of Denmark (1899-1972) -photo album-

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