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Baroness d'Achon née Nicole Balmont
Died: June 11, 2004
In her 94th year

Countess Mimosa von Alvensleben née von Klitzing
Born: Berlin, October 7, 1909
Died: June 10, 2004
Married first 1935 (divorced 1936) Johannes von Mutzenbecher (1903-1983)
Married second 1939 (divorced 1952) Ludolf Count von Alvensleben-Schönborn (1910-) [son of Joachim Martin Count von Alvensleben-Schönborn (1877-1969) and 1) 1908 (divorced) Katharina Countess Bninska (1884-1968)]
Daughter of Dietrich von Klitzing (1873-1940) and 1908, Mimosa Baud (1876-1935)

Marc d'Aboville
Died: April 8, 2004
After a long illness
Husband of Christine de Nantes, father of Soline, Côme (with Gwenaëlle), Quentin and Grégoire

Baroness Michel Amyot du Mesnil Gaillard née Jeanne Ribault
Died: April 14, 2004
In her 66th year
Wife of Baron Michel Amyot du Mesnil Gaillard

Count Don Luigi de Angioy
+ Joan Bartlett Nursing Home, Kensington, April 28, 2004

Count Benoît d'Ansembourg and the Countess née Alix de la Brière, with Hélène, are happy to announce the birth of Victoria. September 25, 2004

Count Henri d'Aram de Valada
Died: January 18, 2004
In his 89th year

Ferdinand Gottfried Reichsgraf von Arco
Born: Gotschdorf, June 6, 1921
Died: Pörtschach, shortly before February 28, 2004 (his death was announced in the Salzburger Nachrichten of that date)
Son of Karl Reichsgraf von Arco (1887-1954) and of Margarete Gräfin von Zierotin (1898-1984)
Widower of Friederike Schwackhöfer (1920-1988), since 1989 husband of Elisabeth Markgräfin Pallavicini (* 1933)

Roswitha von Bergmann née Freiin von der Leyen
Born: September 21, 1926
Died: April 1, 2004
Widow of Wolfgang von Bergmann (1912-+)
Daughter of Siegfried Freiherr von der Leyen (1899-1975) and Jutta von Steegen (1905-2002/2003)

Count Gérard de Balincourt
Died: April 23, 2004
In his 73rd year

Rudolf Graf Basselet de La Rosée
* Inkofen, September 24, 1925
+ April 18, 2004
Husband of Teresa Gräfin von Ballestrem (* 1938) ,daughter of Nikolaus Graf von Ballestrem (1900-1945) - son of Valentin Graf von Ballestrem (1860-1920) and Agnes Gräfin zu Stolberg-Stolberg (1874-1940) - and Anna Gräfin von Walderdorff (1900-1965). son of Kaspar, Graf Basselet de La Rosée (1882-1945) and Theresia Freiin von Handel (1899-1989)

Countess Sonja Bernadotte née Robbert
* Copenhagen, October 12, 1909
+ May 21, 2004
Second wife (divorced) of Count Sigvard Bernadotte af Wisborg (1907-2002)

Ferdinand von Bismarck-Osten (until May 19, 1923 Count von Bismarck-Osten)
* Charlottenburg, December 20, 1909
Bonn (?), January 18, 2004
Husband of Margarethe von Lüttichau, daughter of Siegfried von Lüttichau and Margaret Soutter. Father of Friedrich-Karl, Ulrich (married to Annette née Simon) and Matthias (married to Vanessa née de Senarclens). Grandfather of Leopold and Isa; Clemens, Franz and Antonie; Clara and Louis.
Son of Karl (Graf) von Bismarck-Osten (1874-1952) and Hilda von Deichmann (1878-1958)

Günter (Karl Ernst) von Bismarck
* Jarchlin, June 9, 1917
+ Wiesbaden, May 1, 2004
Husband of Swantje Becker (* 1931)
Son of Gottfried von Bismarck (1881-1928) and Gertrud Koehn (1890-1971)

Count Christophe du Boisbaudry
Died: June 6, 2004

Count de Boncourt
Died: June 5, 2004

Elisabeth Charlotte "Liselotte" von Buchwaldt née von Le Suire
Born: Altenmuhr, July 23, 1908
Died: June 10, 2004
Widow of Friedrich "Fritz" von Buchwaldt (1905-missing Russia 1943) [son of Christian von Buchwaldt (1865-1940) and 1901, Alice Wilkens (1877-1951)
Daughter of Günther von Le Suire and Elisabeth von Coelln

Roswitha von Bergmann née Freiin von der Leyen
Born: September 21, 1926
Died: April 1, 2004
Widow of Wolfgang von Bergmann (1912-+)
Daughter of Siegfried Freiherr von der Leyen (1899-1975) and Jutta von Steegen (1905-2002/2003)

Marchioness de Boisgelin née Carmen Rodriguez Planas
Died: March 6, 2004

Beata Bonde-Carlier
Born: London, June 20, 1914
Died: Spain, January 27, 2004
Baroness Beata Maria Bonde was the daughter of Baron Knut Corfitz Bonde (1884-) and Margaret Grizel St. Clair Anstruther (1882-)
In 1940 she married Georges Albert André Carlier who died in 1988.

Countess Eva Julie Ulrika Adelaide (=Ulla) Bonde af Björnö
Born: Hesselby, June 4, 1909
Died: March 1, 2004
Daughter of Count Christer Bonde af Björnö (1869-1956) and Julia Ekestubbe (1875-1957)

Baron Jean-Claude de Boërio
Died: Neuilly-sur-Seine, February 10, 2004

The Hon Raymond Henry Bonham Carter
at home, January 17, 2004
Beloved husband of Elena
Father of Edward, Thomas and Helena

Countess Gaston de Bonneval née Yvonne de Saunhac
Died: January 12, 2004
In her 88th year

Arnaud Le Boucher d'Hérouville
Born: Neuilly, December 29, 1954
Died: March 18, 2004
Son of Count Louis d'Hérouville and Antoinette Mac Nab
Husband of Blandine de Sparre
Antoine du Breil de Pontbriand de la Caunelaye
Died: March 12, 2004
At the age of 54

Countess Albert de Brouchoven de Bergeyck née Baroness Antoinette van der Straten Waillet
Born: Folkestone, January 23, 1915
Died: Godinne, January 9, 2004

Edouard Marie Henri Ghislain Count de Broqueville
Born: Brussels, December 1, 1920
Died: Auderghem, February 4, 2004
Husband of Magdeleine Brasseur

Sir David John Charlton Meyrick 4th Baronet of Gumfreston
* December 2, 1926
February 6, 2004
Husband of Penelope. Father of Timothy, Simon and Christopher

Lady Margaret "Meg" Colville
* July 20, 1918
+ May 3, 2004
Since 1987 widow of John Colville
Daughter of the 4th Earl of Ellesmere

Countess Charles des Courtils née Anne-Marie Crombez de Montmort
Died: Paris, March 12, 2004
At the age of 91

Anne Brossard de Corbigny Countess de Froidefond des Farges
Died: April 20, 2004
In her 90th year

Bernard de Buretel de Chassey Count d'Hust
Died: Dijon, January 11, 2004

Countess Charles des Courtils née Anne-Marie Crombez de Montmort
Died: Paris, March 12, 2004
At the age of 91

Countess de Cordon née Christiane de Chalendar
Died: March 29, 2004
At the age of 93
Since 1941 widow of Count René de Cordon

Count Louis René de Changy
Died: 'Pré Vert', June 11, 2004
In his 92nd year

Elisabeth Eugenie Clara Minette Margarethe von Chappuis
née Freiin zu Innhausen und Knyphausen
Daughter of Karl Moritz Wilhelm Viktor Gisbert Edzard Dodo Freiherr zu Innhausen und Knyphausen, Graf von Bodelschwingh-Plettenberg (1871-1958) and Elisabeth "Litha" Freiin von Esebeck (1883-1933)
Widow of Karl Ludwig Rudolph Hermann von Chappuis (1895-1979), son of Alexander Ludwig von Chappuis and Mathilde von Treskow

Sir James Colyer-Fergusson, Bt. 4th Baronet of Spitalhaugh
Born: January 10, 1917
Died: January 9, 2004

Marie-Louise de Chavagnac
Died: January 18, 2004
In her 85th year

Alain Count de Charrin
Died: April 26, 2004
At the age of 78

Viscount Guy Chereil de la Rivière
Died: March 30, 2004
In his 91st year
Husband of Geneviève Perillieux

Countess Christiani de Ravaran née France de Goulet
Died: Mortagne, March 30, 2004
In her 85th year

Maxine Countess of Clanwilliam née Scott
Died: April 10, 2004
At the age of  77
Wife of John 7th Earl of Clanwilliam.
Mother of Adrian, Rowena, Patrick and Tania, grandfather to nine grandchildren

Francis 12th Earl of Coventry
Born: September 27, 1912
Died: Caslano, Switzerland, March 13, 2004
Loved husband of Yolande Lucienne di Benedetto
Grandfather of Gianmarco Morisani
Son of The Hon Charles John Coventry and Lily Whitehouse

Ian George Lorraine Critchett 3rd Baronet (since 1941)
Born: December 19, 1920
Died: June 19, 2004
Married 1st, 1948, Paulette Humphrey (+ 1962)
Married 2nd, 1964, Jocelyn Hall

Count Bruno Dadvisard
Born: Tours, December 25, 1919
Died: Tervuren, February 17, 2004
Husband of Countess Nathalie d'Oultremont

Andrew Robert Buxton Cavendish, 11th Duke of Devonshire
* January 2, 1920
+ Chatsworth House, May 3, 2004
Husband of Deborah "Debo" Mitford (daughter of the 2nd Lord Redesdale)
Son of the 10th Duke and Lady Alice-Mary Gascoyne Cecil

Patrick Theobald Tower Butler Lord Dunboyne, 28th Baron (since 1945)
* London, January 27, 1917
+ May 19, 2004
Husband of Anne, daughter of Sir Victor Mallet

Count Jean d'Epinay
Born: Aiseray, September 24, 1913
Died: Belleville, February 14, 2004
At the age of 90

Marianne v. Eck née Denhard
Born: April 16, 1910
Died: March 9, 2004
Widow of Hans Joachim v. Eck

Anne Espivent de La Villesboisnet
Died: Paris, March 17, 2004
In her 85th year

Otto Graf zu Eulenburg
Born: Königsberg i. Pr., February 1, 1931
Died: Bremen (?), April 7, 2004
Husband of Iris von Hugo (* 1942) [daughter of Detlev von Hugo (1912-1944) and Margot Ulm (1911-1978)]
Son of Jonas Graf zu Eulenburg (1901-1945) and Emmy von Weiss (1903-1976)

Moritz von Engelhardt
Born: Rostock, August 31, 1936
Died: June 9, 2004
Son of Wolf von Engelhardt (1910-+?) x 1935, Margarethe Baronesse von der Ropp (1911-+?)

Baron Antoine de La Fage
Died: January 1, 2004
In his 70th year
Since November 11, 2001 widower of Aline de Contenson

Sir Henry Francis Colden Farrington, 7th Baronet
Born: April 25, 1914
Died: March 11, 2004
Beloved husband of Anne (née Gillam). Dearest dad of Susan and Harry
and daughter-in-law Diana, and devoted Grampi of John and Charlie
Son of Sir Henry Anthony Farrington, 6th Baronet and Dorothy Maria Farrington

George Cecil Brook Weld Forester, 8th Baron Forester
Died: at home, February 4, 2004

Count François du Fresne de Beaucourt
Died: Le Perreux-sur-Marne, March 31, 2004
In his 64th year

Wolfgang Friederichsen
Born: April 20, 1940
Died: June 22, 2004
Married, 2002, Johanna Gräfin und Edle Herrin von und zu Eltz gen. Faust von Stromberg (* 1954) [daughter of Jakob Graf und Edler Herr von und zu Eltz gen. Faust von Stromberg (* 1921) x 1946, Ladislaja Freiin Mayr von Melnhof (* 1920)]
Benedikt Freiherr von Fürstenberg
Born: Coesfeld, April 13, 1911
Died: Salzburg, January 7, 2004
Buried: Aigner Friedhof, Salzburg, January 16, 2004
Husband of Angelica von Boch-Galhau; father of Christoph (x Renate Vogl), Stephanie (widow of  ... Kriesemer), Alexandra and Isabelle (x Axel Freiherr Varnbüler von und zu Hemmingen)
Son of Max Freiherr von Fürstenberg (1866-1925) and Franziska Countess von Rechberg und Rothenlöwen zu Hohenrechberg (1880-1970)

Patrick de Gaignault
Born: Boulogne-Billancourt, June 4, 1952
Died: Chateauroux, March 5, 2004
Son of Robert Gaignault and Marie-Alix Roques-Rogery
Husband of Astrid de La Rochefoucauld [daughter of Count Robert de La Rochefoucauld and Bernadette Emé de Marcieu de Gontaut-Biron]
Father of Maxime, Timothée, Caroline and Benjamin

Princess Shelaigh Galitzine née Sanford-Johnson
Born: Didsbury, Manchester, March 24, 1920
Died: March 27, 2004
Beloved mother of Gregoriy and Sophia, grandmother of Maria
Daughter of Benjamin Sanford-Johnson and Euphemia Robertson Sloan
Married 1952 (divorced) Prince Yuri Galitzine (1919-2002

Count Christian de Ganay
Born: Paris, February 15, 1921
Died: Paris, April 4, 2004
In his 84th year
Husband of Henriette Barbier de Lescoët

Countess Louis de Ganay née Ghislaine de Froissard de Broissia
Born: Paris, March 10, 1921
Died: April 25, 2004
In her 84th year
Daughter of Aymar de Froissard Marquess de Broissia (1885-1953) and Marie de Rochechouart de Mortemart (1892-1980)

Brita von Garaguly
* January 30, 1914
+ April 29, 2004

Benedikt Freiherr Geyr von Schweppenburg
Born: Weimar, April 24, 1927
Died: April 4, 2004
Husband of Carlotta Freiin Geyr von Schweppenburg (* 1938) [daughter of Theodor Freiherr Geyr von Schweppenburg (1901-1945) and 2) Ursula Freiin von Rheinbaben (1914-+)]; earlier married to Ursula Fleischmann
Son of Leo Dietrich Freiherr Geyr von Schweppenburg (1886-1974) and Anaïs Krausse (1890-1960)

Chevalier Jacques de Ghellinck Vaernewyck et du Saint-Empire
Born: Brussels, December 2, 1919
Died: Sommethonne, February 14, 2004
Widower of Dame Germaine de Hemptinne

Friedrich Carl von und zu Gilsa
Born: Kirchhain, May 11, 1926
Died: January 11, 2004
Buried: Familienfriedhof, January 16, 2004
Husband of Annegret Riedesel Freiin zu Eisenbach von Trott zu Solz; father of Volprecht (x Andrea Klapsing), Amöne (x Guido Bauer) and Thilo (x Tanja Diersch), adoptive father of Philipp Riedesel Freiherr zu Eisenbach (x Valerie Freiin von Rosen). Grandfather of Stephan, Felix, Friedrich, Alexa and Aydin; Lucia, Cosima and Prisca; Wilhelm, Apollonia and Anastasia; Ludwig, Amelie, Annabelle and Marline.
Son of Adolf von und zu Gilsa (1876-1945) and Vera Freiin von Knobelsdorff (1892-1990)

Countess de Gironde née Madeleine de Saint-Louvent
Died: Saint-Jean-de-Lux, March 12, 2004

Baron and Baroness Louis Clement de Givry and the Baroness née Stéphanie Crépet, with Maylis, are happy to announce the birth of Agathe. Chester (UK), September 16, 2004

Elisabeth Gräfin von Görtz-Wrisberg
Born: Lund, Sweden, November 26, 1914
Died: Stora Herrestad, Sweden, April 18, 2004
Buried at Stora Herrestad, April 30, 2004
She is survived by her son Henrik and her daughter-in-law Irene
Daughter of Wolfgang Graf von Schlitz gen. von Görtz und von Wrisberg (1884-1941) and Mary Gräfin Sparre af Söfdeborg (1882-1959)

Count Lionel de Gournay
Died: Neuilly-sur-Seine, January 19, 2004
In his 84th year
Husband of Nancy Pilliard

Gisela Erlinghagen-von Grone née Von Grone
Born: Aschersleben, October 18, 1916
Died: January 9, 2004
Widow of Gerd Erlinghausen (1898-1977)
Daughter of Hans-Achim von Grone (1890-1960) and 1) Margarete Bestehorn (1895-1947)

Baroness de Graffenried-Villars née Ludovine de Ponnat
Died: April 3, 2004
In her 98th year
First married to the Marquess de Monspey

Countess Etienne de Grasset née Marie Laure de Thoisy
Died: April 13, 2004
Wife of Count Etienne de Grasset

Baron Olivier Guichard
Died: January 20, 2004

Charles Henry Nicholas 6th Viscount Hardinge of Lahore
Born: August 25, 1956
Died: Darien, Connecticut, January 18, 2004
Husband of Julie. Father of Matthew, Emilie and Olivia

Sir Douglas Basil Hall, 14th Baronet
Born: February 1, 1909
Died: April 8, 2004
Since 1990 widower of Rachel Marion Gartside-Tippinge
Son of Lionel Erskine Hall and Jane Augusta Reynolds

Dorothee Freifrau von Hammerstein-Equord née Claessen
Born: Bonn, March 19, 1924
Died: Berlin, April 11, 2004
Widow of Ludwig Freiherr von Hammerstein-Equord (1919-+) [son of Kurt Freiherr von Hammerstein-Equord (1878-1943) and Maria Freiin von Lüttwitz (1886-1970)
Daughter of Heinrich Claessen and Gerda Bergbohm
Viscountess François d'Hardivilliers née Gabrielle de Clermont-Tonnerre
Born: Château de Crépan, Prusly-sur-Ource, September 16, 1922
Died: January 5, 2004
Widow of Viscount François d'Hardivilliers (1925-1974)

Jutta Bowen (née von Haxthausen)
Died: 12th February 2004.
Adored mother and grandmother. Funeral service at Pampisford .
The Times of Tuesday 17th Feb 2004 announced the death.

John Patrick Edward Chandos Henniker-Major, 8th Baron Henniker
* Mayfair, London, February 19, 1916
+ Thornham, Suffolk, April 29, 2004
Widower of Margaret Osal Benning (+ 1974)
Husband of Julia Poland (born Mason)

Sir Peter Richard Hoare, 8th Bt
Born: March 22, 1932
Died: Andorra, June 26, 2004
Husband (his third marriage) of Angela Francesca de la Sierra
Son of Sir Peter William Hoare 7th Bt, and Laura Ray
Kraft zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (-2004)
Died: March 16, Langenburg
Family funeral on March 17, 2002 at the Hohenlohe Mausoleum in Langenburg

Baroness Alain de Langsdorff née Odile de Kergorlay
Born: La Ferté-Imbault, November 9, 1914
Died: June 11, 2004
Widow of Baron Alain de Langsdorff (1915-1960)
Daughter of Count Bernard de Kergorlay (1882-1937) and Antoinette de Curel (1888-1960)

Caroline Freifrau von Holzschuher née Grisar
Born: München, February 28, 1926
Died: March 22, 2004
Widow of Ludwig Freiherr von Holzschuher (1897-1973)
Daughter of Martin Grisar and Dora Hoess

Wolfgang "Wolf" Freiherr von Hornstein zu Orsenhausen und Bussmannshausen
Born: Eferding, February 3, 1918
Died: June 9, 2004
Married first 1948 (divorced 1975) Elga Jaroljmek (* 1920) [daughter of Edmund Jaroljmek and Augusta Countess zu Eulenburg
Married second 1987, Adelheid Reinke (* 1947)
Son of Felix Freiherr von Hornstein (1883-1963) and 1913, Marie Baroness Gramont de Traves-Toulongeon (1893-1969)

Ture Ernst Lyssardt Freiherr von Hoyningen-Huene
Born: Peine, Hannover, May 23, 1927
Died: January 2, 2004
Urn interred: January 23, 2004
Husband of Helena Klinkmüller
Son of Hermann Freiherr von Hoyningen-Huene (1895-1982) and Ursula Freiin von Fuchs-Nordhoff (1901-1994)

Jörg von Hugo Graf zu Innhausen und Knyphausen
Born: Rössing, November 13, 1940
Died: February 3, 2004
Husband of Huberta Countess zu Innhausen und Knyphausen, daughter of the late Count Karl Theodor zu Innhausen und Knyphausen and Edelgard Freiin von Maltzahn
Son of Lothar von Hugo (1890-1975) and Johanna Freiin von Rössing (1906-+)

Viscount d'Indy
Died: March 7, 2004
Husband of Françoise de la Motte Saint Pierre

Baroness Yves de Javel née Anne Decroix
Died: March 8, 2004
In her 95th year

Countess Renée de Job née du Roizel
Died: February 6, 2004
In her 96th year

Charles Viscount de Jonghe d'Ardoye
Born: Halle, September 29, 1907
Died: Uccle, April 7, 2004
Widower of Countess Geneviève de Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde

Count Yves de Joussineau de Tourdonnet
Died: March 18, 2004
Husband of Isabelle de Galbert

Countess Etienne Karolyi née Jacqueline Siou
Born: Lieuvillers, November 2, 1922
Died: March 8, 2004
In her 82nd year
Wife of Count Etienne Karolyi (* 1928) [son of Joseph Maria Adalbert Martin Count Karolyi (1884-1934) and Margarete Countess von Wenckheim (1892-1964)

Viscountess Jean-Yves de Kergariou née Alix du Peloux
Died: Paris, March 19, 2004
In her 100th year

Countess Alain de Kergorlay née Christiane de Lapeyrère
Died: March 6, 2004

Marie (=Maria) Madeleine Benita Harrison née Baroness von Koskull
Born: Tergeln, Curland, December 2/15, 1902
Died: Elliscombe House Nursing Home, Wincanton, March 7, 2004
Daughter of Wilhelm Baron von Koskull (1873-1928) and Catharina Baroness von Nolcken (1876-1955) -Since March 26, 1967 widow of Michael Harrison, whom she married in September 1939.

Felicitas Baronin von Külmer née Winz
* Köln, October 25, 1905
München, January 15, 2004
Widow of Freiherr Heinz von Külmer (1899-), son of Freiherr Oskar von Külmer (1862-1938) and Caroline Bach (1870-)
Marchioness Aymen de Lageard née Odette de Francqueville
Died: January 4, 2004
In her 104th year

Baron Jean-Pierre de Laitre
Died: February 7, 2004
In his 84th year
Husband of Jeanne de la Forest d'Armaillé

Baroness Armand de Landevoisin née Elisabeth de Quatrebarbes
Died: June 4, 2004

Countess Lepic née Ghislaine de Viel Castel Maret de Bassano
Born: 1908
Died: Paris, April 21, 2004
Daughter of Louis de Salviac Count de Viel-Castel (1875-1944) and Marie Maret de Bassano (1879-1965)

Countess Louis Leroy de la Brière née Elisabeth de Vignes de Puylaroque
Died: April 15, 2004
In her 85th year

Erika Klingler née Freiin von Lersner
Born: Potsdam, February 8, 1923
Died: München, April 2, 2004
Wife of Arthur Klingler (* 1918)
Daughter of Wilhelm Freiherr von Lersner (1885-1967) and Gerta Derner (1893-+)

Baron Lucas de Leyssac
Died: January 19, 2004

Countess Etienne de Lichtervelde née Baroness Marie-Christine de Cressac de Soleuvre
Born: Etterbeek, July 11, 1930
Died: Braine-l'Alleud, March 3, 2004

Countess René de Liedekerke née Countess Henriette (Alette) d'Oultremont de Duras Countess du Saint Empire
Born: Brussels, May 20, 1910
Died: Château de Duras, April 17, 2004

Viscountess Alexandre Liger-Belair née Suzanne Couvreur
Died: February 16, 2004
In her 97th year

Eva-Maria Countess von Limburg Stirum
Born: Danzig, January 10, 1941
Died: Stockholm, March 29, 2004
Daughter of Graf Friedrich Wilhelm Johannes Richard Guidotto von Limburg Stirum (1909-1979) and his first wife Mary Katharina Heijbroek (1909-1965)

Baroness van der Linden d'Hooghvorst née Countess Elisabeth de Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde
Born: Overijse, November 28, 1914
Died: Uccle, June 9, 2004

Sir Ronald Alexander Lindsay, 2nd Baronet, 23rd Baronet of Dowhill
Born: December 6, 1933
Died: March 6, 2004
Son of Sir Martin Lindsay of Dowhill 1st Bt and Joyce Lindsay
Eitelwulf Freiherr Lochner von Hüttenbach ("Wulf von Lochner")
* August 7, 1918
+ May 9, 2004

Michel de La Londe
Died: Chezal-Benoît (Cher), January 4, 2004
In his 56th year
Francesco Lupinacci Cito di Torrecuso
Born: November 26, 1926
Died: January 10, 2004
Buried: Rome, January 12, 2004
Husband of Vera Freiin von Falkenhausen (daughter of Gotthard von Falkenhausen and Annemarie Körte); father of Sebastiano

Franz Anton Reichsgraf von Magnis
Born: Eckersdorf, June 6, 1927
Died: March 16, 2004
Husband of Anna Maria Kleff
Son of Franz Reichsgraf von Magnis (1863-1935) and Karoline Countess von Oppersdorff (1897-1980) [daughter of Johannes Count von Oppersdorff and Sophie Countess von und zu Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg]

Alexandra von Malaisé née Freiin von Dörnberg
* Berlin, April 3, 1937
+ May 24, 2004
Wife of Otto von Malaisé (* 1936)
Daughter of Alexander Freiherr von Dörnberg (1901-1983) and Gisela Hackelöer gen. Köbbinghoff (1906-1966)
Viscountess Henri de Malezieux du Hamel née Madeleine Marzloff
Died: January 13, 2004
In her 97th year

Albrecht von Maltzan, Freiherr zu Wartenberg und Penzlin
Born: Lenschow/Mecklenburg, April 15, 1928
Died: Dommelstadl near Passau, June 27, 2004
Married 1956, Maria Freiin von Willisen (* 1934) [daughter of Joachim "Achim" Freiherr von Willisen (1900-1983) x 1) Johanna von Johnston a.d. H. Sadewitz (1907-1935)]
Son of Friedrich von Maltzan Freiin zu Wartenberg und Penzlin (1875-1951) x 2) 1925, Frieda von Klitzing (1900-1978)
Anne-Marie Mareschal de Longeville
Died: January 18, 2004
At the age of 100

Baron André del Marmol
Born: Tancrémont, August 17, 1923
Died: Bouge, March 21, 2004
Husband of Solange Prioux de Baudimont

Thérèse le Masson de Rancé
Died: April 13, 2004

Countess Robert de Montbron née Odile Maisondieu
Died: February 17, 2004

Marchioness de Montmorillon née Marguerite Marie Christiane Louise du Bessey de Contenson
Died: Versailles, February 7, 2004

Amélie de Montmorillon
Died: March 12, 2004
In her 93th year
As painter known as 'Alix Mori'

Count Christian-Gabriel de Montrichard
Died: March 6, 2004

Richard Henry Piers Butler 17th Viscount Mountgarret
* November 8, 1936
North Yorkshire, February 7, 2004
Husband of Angela Ruth "Ruthie" Waddington. Father of Piers, Edmund and Henrietta. Stepfather of Benjamin and Polly.

Countess Gérard de Moustier née (Adrienne Albérique)
Marie-Thérèse de Viel de Lunas d'Espeuilles de Caulaincourt de Vicence
Born: Paris, October 9, 1901
Died: Caulaincourt (Aisne), March 19, 2004
Daughter of Adrien Viscount d'Espeuilles Marquess de Caulaincourt, Duke de Vicence (1874-1929) and Marie de Pérusse des Cars (1874-1928)
Widow of Count Gérard de Moustier (1887-1980)

Count François de Nadaillac
Died: May 30, 2004
At the age of 36

Marchioness de Narp née Anne de Boisfleury
Died: April 27, 2004
In her 93rd year

Wolfgang Georg Friedrich Maximilian Egon Oskar Maria von Nell
* Saarburg, September 15, 1929
February 13, 2004
Husband of Hildegard von Nell née Freiin von Schorlemer (1928), daughter of August Freiherr von Schorlemer (1885-194) and Maria Elisabeth Kirsch-Puricelli (1898-)

Alexander Freiherr von Neuhoff von der Ley
* Augsburg, August 26, 1925
+ München, May 17, 2004
<>Countess Alfred van der Noot d'Assche née Anne Marie Madeleine Delloye
Born: Brussels, July 26, 1917
Died: Ixelles, February 14, 2004

Ferdinand Gottfried Reichsgraf von Arco
Born: Gotschdorf, June 6, 1921
Died: Pörtschach, shortly before February 28, 2004 (his death was announced in the Salzburger Nachrichten of that date)
Son of Karl Reichsgraf von Arco (1887-1954) and of Margarete Gräfin von Zierotin (1898-1984)
Widower of Friederike Schwackhöfer (1920-1988), since 1989 husband of Elisabeth Markgräfin Pallavicini (* 1933)

Bigitte Gräfin von Norman née Karg
* November 2, 1916
+ April 18, 2004
At the age of 88
Daughter of Georg Karg

Gisela Elisabeth Viktoria von Bredow née Hoppe
Born: Berlin, May 23, 1940
Died: February 26, 2004
Daughter of Helmut Hoppe and Elisabeth Ahammer
She was married to Christoph von Bredow (* 1930), adopted son of Eva von Bredow (1903-1980)
Rosemary Cecil "Rosie" Marchioness Camden née Pawle
Born: London, May 9, 1921
Died: London, February 27, 2004
Daughter of Hanbury Pawle (1886-1972) and Mary Cecil Hughes-Hallett ( 1971)
Widow of the 5th Marquess Camden ( 1983) whom she married in London in January 1978. She was previously married to 1st, at Much Hadham, July 17th, 1941 (divorced 1952) Peter Townsend (+ 1995); 2nd, in 1953 (divorced 1977) John de Laszlo ( 1990)
She is survived by her four children: Giles and Hugo Townsend, Charlotte Watkins née de Laszlo and Piers de Laszlo

Baron and Baroness Charles de Chillaz, with Bathilde and Isaure, are happy to announce the birth of Paul. Perpignan, September 28, 2004
Count Arnaud des Courtis de Montchal
Died: February 19, 2004
Baroness Roger d'Espalungue d'Arros née Marie-Josèphe de Renepont
Died: February 23, 2004
At the age of 85
Count Hervé de Faverges
Died: February 20, 2004
In his 49th year
Husband of Countess Hervé de Faverges.
Father of Frédérik, Alban and Thibault

Count and Countess de Gourcy, Mr and Mrs Baritou are happy to announce the birth of their grandson Mayeul, at Nicolas and Claire de Gourcy. Marseille, September 14, 2004
Robert Milo Leicester Devereux 18th Viscount Hereford
Born: November 4, 1932
Died: February 25, 2004
Countess Serge Lenaerts née Claude de Léséleuc de Kerouara
Died: February 23, 2004
In her 82nd year
Mrs Philippe de Lustrac née Véronique de Vaugiraud
Born: Bayeux, October 3, 1957
Died: February 23, 2004
Viscount Hubert de Montaigne de Poncins
Died: February 26, 2004
Countess Pierre de Montaigne de Poncins née Marie Portalis
Died: February 29, 2004
Countess de Montmorot née Céline de Montfaucon
Died: February 25, 2004
In her 101st year
Brigitte de la Motte de la Motte Rouge
Died: February 28, 2004
Prince Louis Murat
Born: Paris, September 4, 1920
Died: February 22, 2004
Widower of Isabelle d'Harcourt (1927-1993), daughter of Count Bruno d'Harcourt (1899-1930) and Princess Isabelle of France (1900-1983)
Son of Prince Paul Murat (1893-1964) and Solange de La Rochefoucauld (1895-1955)

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