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Line of Succession to the British Throne
by      [email protected]

Please note that this may all change if the government passes the new law which allows the eldest daughter to succeed to the
throne, even if she has a younger brother. 

   1. HRH The Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales (1948)
   2. HRH Prince William of Wales, eldest son of The Prince Charles (1982)
   3. HRH Prince Henry of Wales, younger son of The Prince Charles (1984)
   4. HRH The Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, second son of HM Queen Elizabeth II    (1960)
   5. HRH Princess Beatrice of York, elder daughter of The Prince Andrew (1988)
   6. HRH Princess Eugenie of York, younger daughter of The Prince Andrew (1990)
   7. HRH The Prince Edward, youngest son of HM Queen Elizabeth II (1964)
   8. HRH The Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, only daughter of HM Queen Elizabeth II (1950)
   9. Peter Phillips, son of The Princess Anne (1977)
   10. Zara Phillips, daughter of The Princess Anne (1981)
   11. HRH The Princess Margaret, The Countess of Snowdon, younger daughter of HM King George VI (1930)
   12. David Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley, son of The Princess Margaret (1961)
   13. Lady Sarah Chatto, daughter of The Princess Margaret (1964)
   14. Samuel Chatto (1996)
   15. HRH Prince Richard, The (2nd) Duke of Gloucester, surviving son of HRH The Prince Henry, Duke of
   Gloucester, who was the 3rd son of HM King George V (1944)
   16. Alexander Windsor, Earl of Ulster (1974)
   17. Lady Davina Windsor (1977)
   18. Lady Rose Windsor (1980)
   19. HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent (1935)
   George Windsor, The Earl of St. Andrews (excluded himself from succession by marrying a Roman Catholic)
   20. Edward Windsor, Baron Downpatrick (1988)
   21. Lady Marina Charlotte Windsor (1992)
   22. Lady Amelia Windsor (1995)
   23. Lord Nicholas Windsor (1970)
   24. Lady Helen Taylor (1964)
   25. Columbus Taylor (1994)
   26. Cassius Taylor (1996)
   Prince Michael of Kent (excluded himself from succession by marrying a Roman Catholic)
   27. Lord Frederick Windsor (1979)
   28. Lady Gabriella Windsor (1981)
   29. HRH Princess Alexandra. the Hon. Lady Ogilvy (1936)
   30. James Ogilvy (1964)
   31. Alexander Ogilvy (1996)
   32. Miss Flora Ogilvy (1994)
   33. Marina, Mrs Paul Mowatt (1966)
   34. Christian Mowatt (1993)
   35. Miss Zenouska Mowatt (1990)
   36. George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood (1923)
   37. David Lascelles, Viscount Lascelles (1950)
   38. (Hon.) Alexander Lascelles (1980)
   39. (Hon.) Edward Lascelles (1982)
   40. (Hon.) James Lascelles (1953)
   41. Rowan Lascelles (1977)
   42. Tewa Lascelles (1985)
   43. Sophie Lascelles (1973)
   44. (Hon.) Jeremy Lascelles (1955)
   45. Thomas Lascelles (1982)
   46. Ellen Lascelles (1984)
   47. Amy Lascelles (1986)
   48. (Hon.) Gerald Lascelles (1924)
   49. Henry Lascelles (1953)
   50. Maximilian Lascelles (1991)
   51. James Carnegie, (3rd) Duke of Fife, only child of (HH Princess) Maud, Countess of Southesk (1929)
   52. David Carnegie, Earl of Southesk, only son of James Carnegie (1961)
   53. Charles Duff Carnegie, Lord Carnegie, eldest son of David Carnegie (1989)
   54. the Hon. George William Carnegie, 2nd son of David Carnegie (1991)
   55. the Hon. Hugh Alexander Carnegie, youngest son of David Carnegie (1993)
   56. Lady Alexandra Carnegie, only daughter of James Carnegie (1959)
   57. HM King Harald V of Norway, only son of HM King Olav V of Norway (1937)
   58. HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, only son of HM King Harald of Norway (1973)
   59. HRH Princess Martha Louise of Norway, only daughter of HM King Harald of Norway (1971)
   60. HH Princess Raghnild, Mrs. Erling Lorentzen, eldest daughter of HM King Olav V of Norway (1930) 

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