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This will be a series of pieces attempting to account for the genealogy of the medieval rulers of the Balkans. There are lots of uncertainties about these lines, since many records have not survived. Source materials for most things in the medieval Balkans are ususally not from contemporary writers, and the few contemporary sources existing are usually from Byzantine writers, not writers from the various states themselves. The tables I'm about to present are based on Europaeische Stammtafeln, but modified by some recent scholarship by John V. A. Fine in his two books, "The Early Medieval Balkans" and "The Late Medieval Balkans".

I. The Kings of Croatia of the house of Trpimirovic.
The first native prince to rule as Duke of Croatia was one Trpimir I, who ruled 845-864; he ruled under the suzerainty of the Emperor Lothar, but brought relations with Byzantium much closer. He d.864; he had issue:

1.Petar, 879
2.Zdeslav, succeeded his father as Duke of Croatia, but was overthrown the same year by his cousin Demagoj; Zdeslav later succeeded Demagoj's son Iljiko, ca 878; he was overthrown in 879 by a nobleman named Branimir
3.Mutimir, Duke of Croatia ca 892-910; he was probably, though not certainly, the father of these two sons:
3.1.Tomislav, recognized in 925 as King of Croatia, 928
3.2.Trpimir II
3.2.1.King Kresimir I of Craotia, reigned ca 935-944 Miroslav, reigned ca 944-9,murdered by the Ban Pribina Mihail Kresimir II, reigned 948-69; m.Jelena N Drzislav, King of Croatia and Dalmatia, Duke of Croatia Kresimir III of Croatia Stjepan I of Craotia and Dalmatia Petar Kresimir IV of Croatia and Dalmatia, d.after 1074[probably]Castimir Stjepan II of Croatia and Dalmatia, d.1090/1, Regent ca 1000[probably]Trpimir III, King 986-995 Mucimir 995-1000; m.Hicela Orseola, dau.of Pietro Orseolo, Doge of Venice

NOTE: Duke Demagoj of Croatia, who overthrew Zdeslav in 864, was probably a first cousin of Trpimir I; he had a son, Iljiko, who was Duke 976-8; Iljiko was ancestor of Zvonimir Dmitar, who reigned as King of Croatia and Dalmatia 1075-187/8; 1063 Helena, Queen of Croatia 1088-1091, dau.of King Bela I of Hungary; Zvonimir and Jelena had 2 daughters:
1.Claudia; m.Vonick, of the family Lapcani
2.Radova, d.young after 1083

End of Part 1

Part 2.The Kings of Bosnia of the House of Kotromanic
The first of this family was one Uban Prijezda, who in 1254 became Great Ban of Bosnia; he d.1287, leaving issue:
1.Prijezda, Zupan of Zemunik 1267, Great Ban of Bosnia 1287, 1295
2.Stjepan Kotroman, Ban of Bosnia as a vassal of the Nemanjiden family of Serbia and of the Counts of Bribir, 1314; m.after 1283 Jelisaveta (d.1331) dau.of King Stephan Dragutin of Serbia
2.1.Stjepan Kotromanic, Ban of Bosnia, he won the territory of Zahumlje (Hercegovina) during his reign; he d.1353; he was engaged in 1319 to a dau.of Ct Meinhard von Ortenburg, but they never married; he m.1324 Elzbieta, dau.of Kazimierz of Kujavia, Pr of Inowraclaw and Gnesen
2.1.1.Jelisaveta (drowned in prison in Dalmatia shortly before 16 Jan 1387; m.1353 King Louis I of Hungary and Poland (d.1382)
2.2.Vladislav Kotromanic Knez, Regent of Bosnia, d.1354; Klis 1338 Jelena (d.after 1378) dau.of Juraj Subic, Ct of Bribir
2.2.1.Stjepan Tvrtkoi, Ban and then King (Kralj) of Bosnia, 1338, d.1391; m.Doroteja ( 1390) dau.of Pr Ivan Sracimir of Vidin[illegitimate]Stjepan Tvrtko II, King of Bosnia 1404-9 and again 1421-43; b.before 1382, d.1443; engaged to, but never married, Dorottya Garay, dau.of Janos Garay, Ban of Usora[illegitimate, and there is not complete certainty about his exact relationship to this house] Stjepan Ostoja, King of Bosnia 1398-1404 and again 1409-18; m.1st Vitaca N; m.2d Kujeva N, whom he repudiated 1415; m.3d before Oct 1416 Jelena Nelipic ( 1422) sister of Ivanic, Knez of Cetin, Ban of Croatia[by 2d m.]Stjepan Ostrojic, King of Bosnia 1418 to 1420, when he was overthrown; he was dead by 1422.[illegitimate]Radivoj of Komothyn, pretender to the throne 1431-43, murdered by the Turks 1463; m.before 19 Jun 1449 Katharina von Velike, murdered by the Turks 1463 (George), d.shortly after 1455, living 1465[illegitimate]Stjepan Tomas Ostojic, King of Bosnia 1443-61, d.1461; m.1st Vojaca N, whom he repudiated 1445; m.2d 1446 Katarina (b.1424, d.Rome 1478, bur Ara Coeli), dau.of Stephan Vukcic, Duke of San Sava
[by 1st m.]: Tomasevic, Despot of Raska 1459, King of Bosnia 1461-3, beheaded bythe Turks 1463; m.1459 Mara ( Hungary after 1498) dau.of Lazar Brankovic, Despot of Raska son, d.aged 14 before 1460
[by 2d m.]:, in 1463 he went to Turkey, became a Moslem, and was Sandzak-Beg of Karas in Asia Minor; he had descendants of whom I have no details, b.1460, captured by the Turks 1463, and became a Moslem
2.2.2.Stjepan Vuk, usurped the throne 1463-4, d.after 1374
2.2.3.Katarina; m.1362 Ct Hermann I von Cilli
2.3.Ninoslav Kotromanic; m.NN
2.3.1.[parentage not certain]Marija (ca 1333-1403, bur Bad Ueberkirchen); m.before 26 Apr 1352 Ct Ulrich von Helfenstein (murdered 1372)
2.3.2.[illegitimate]Stjepan Dabis, King of Bosnia 1391-5, d.1395; m.Jelena Gruba (d.after 5 Mar 1399)
2.4.Katarina, 1355; m.before 1338 Knez Nikola, Zupan of Zahumlje
3.Vuk, living 1287

End of Part 2

Part 3.The Zupans of Trebinje and Kings of Diocleia of the house of St.Vladimir
This house started with two brothers, who may have been sons of Predimir Knez of Diocleia and Trebinje (regions in southern Bosnia and Montenegro):
1.Petrislav, Knez of Diocleia and Trebinje sometime during the period 971-998
1.1.[St.]Vladimir, Knez of Diocleia and Trebinje, murdered in Prespa 1016, bur Krajina; 998 Kossara, dau.of Theodoros Chryselios, Archon of Durrazo
2.Dragomir, Knez of Diocleie and Trebinje, d.1018; m.a dau.of Ljutomir Velji, Knez of Srpsko Zagorje
2.1.Stephan Dobroslav, Knez of Diocleia, freed himself from Byzantine suzerainty ca 1043; 1052, bur in his capital, Prapratna; m.before 1015 a dau.of Tsar Gavriil Radomir of Bulgaria
2.1.1.Gojislav, k.a.1054/5
2.1.2.Mihai, recognized by the pope in 1077 as King of Diocleia; he added Zahumlje (a large Bosnian territory) to his lands; 1082; m.1st NN; m.2d NN, a niece of an undetermined Byzantine emperor Bodin=Petar, Tsar of Bulgaria, King of Diocleia, conquered Serbia, 1101; m.1080 Jakvinta (d.after Apr 1115) dau.of a Norman lord in Bari, King of Diocleia 1101-2, he was overthrown, blinded and banished to a monastery, King of Diocleia 1114-8 and again 1125-31, Byzantine imprisonment after 1131, living 1114, living 1114, King of Diocleia 1115, d.of poisoning at the orders of Queen Jakvinta; he married a dau.of Vukan, Grand Zupan of Srpsko Zagorje; J.Fine says that this Vladimir was son of another Vladimir, who was son of King Mihail, Zupan of Srpsko Zagorje, 1082; he had a known son, Kocopar; J.Fine suggests that he was also father of Marko, Zupan of Diocleia, and Vukan, Zupan of Raska (Serbia); the other sources list these two men as uncles of Uros, the ancestor of the Nemjaniden family.
2.1.3.Saanec, b.before 1025
2.1.4.Radoslav, Knez of Zahumlje, d.1101, Knez of Diocleia 1118-25, k.a.Antivari 1125 Gradisnic, Knez of Diocleia, Knez of Diocleia ca 1135-46, beheaded by Konstantin Bodin ca 1101 at Dubrovnik, King of Diocleia 1102, he was deposed, castrated and blinded; J.Fine suggests that he may have been a son of King Mihail's 2d marriage
2.1.5.Predimir, k.a.1054/5

End of Part 3

Part 4.The Zupans of Serbia in the 12th century
One Uros became Zupan of Serbia, first under Hungarian, then Byzantine suzerainty; 1080, d.after 1130; m.Anna, probably dau.of Konstantinos Diogenes; they had issue:
1.Uros, Zupan of Serbia, abdicated before 1161, Hungary
2.Desa, Zupan ofDiocleia, Trebinje and Zahumlje before 1151, Zupan of Serbia 1155-62
2.1.a dau., m.Leonardo Michiel, a Venetian noble
4.Jelena, b.after 1109, d.after 1146; m.1127 King Bela II of Hungary (d.1141)
5.Marija, d.after 1190; m.1132 Konrad of Moravia, Pr of Znaim
6.a dau., m.Bjelos, Ban of Craotia, Regent of Hungary, may have reigned briefly in Serbia; J.Fine suggests that Bjelos was son, not son-in-law, of Uros

End of Part 4.

Part 5.The Nemanjiden. It is unknown where this family came from or how they so quickly acquired their prominence in Serbia, but some scholars suggest that they may have been related to or part of the family shown in Part 4. What is certain is that they descended from one Zupan Zavida, whose 4 sons divided Serbia up and fought with each other:
1.Tihomir, Duke of Serbia, k.a.1169
1.1.Stefan Prvoslav, Zupan
2.Stracimir, ruled in northern Serbia west of the Moldau, d.after 25 Dec 1189
3.Miroslav, Duke of Zahumlje (Hercegovina), d.1190/9; m.a sister of Ban Kulin of Bosnia
3.1.Toljen; m.[though Fine says he was engaged but never married to] a dau.of Duke Berthold of Meran, Margrave of Istria; he may have been father of:
3.1.1.Toljen, Duke of North Zahumlje, d.1239
3.2.Petar, Duke of Zahumlje 1198-1227, Ct of Split 1222-5
3.3.Andrija, Knez in Primorje, Duke in southern Zahumlje, 1250
3.3.1.Bogdan, Zupan of Zahumlje 1249, d.after 1252
3.3.2.Djordje, living 1280
3.3.3.Radoslav, Zupan of Zahumlje 1249, d.after 22 May 1254
3.3.4.Vukoslava; m.Barbo di Crossio, patrician of Dubrovnik
3.3.5.Dragoslava; m.Drago de Mare
4.Stefan Nemanja, Duke of all Serbia 1195, including Zahumlje and Diocleia, b.1113, the monk Simeon on Holy Mount Athos 1200; m.Ana N ( the nun Anastasia)
4.1.Vukan, King of Diocleia and Dalmatia, 1208; m.a relative of Pope Innocent III
4.1.1.Djordje, Knez of Diocleia 1242, d.after 21 Aug 1242
4.1.2.Bladinus. living 1208
4.1.4.Demetrius, a monk
4.2.Stefan Prvovencani ("the First-Crowned"), crowned by papal legate as King of Raska [Serbia] 1217, the monk Simon 1227; m.1st 1191 Eudoxia Angelina, whom he repudiated 1201/2, dau.of Byzantine emperor Alexios III; m.2d 1204/7 NN; m.3d 1216/7 Anna( 1264) dau.of Rainero Dandolo, Procurator of San Marco
[by 1st m.]:
4.2.1.Stefan Radoslav Dukas, King of Raska 1224-34, the monk Jovan after 1235; m.1219/20 (separated 1234) Anna ( Serbia ca 1258) dau.of Byzantine emperor Theodoros Angelos
4.2.2.Kominia; m.1st Dimitri Progonovic, Archon of Albania (d.1215); m.2d 1215 Grgur Kamonas, Archon of Kroja and Elassan
4.2.3.a dau., m.Alexander N, an official related to the Tsar of Bulgaria
[by 2d or 3d m.]:
4.2.4.Predislav, Archbishop of Serbia 1263-70
4.2.5.Stefan Vladislav, King of Raska, 1269; 1233 Beloslava (d.after 1285) dau.of Tsar John Asen II of Bulgaria, living 1285 dau., m.Djure Kacic, Knez of Omis
[by 3d m.]:
4.2.6.[St.]King Stefan Uros I "the Great" of Raska [Serbia] 1243, abdicated 1276, the monk Simon 1280, bur Sopocani; 1250 Jelena ( a nun at Skodra 1314) believed to be related to the Kings of Naples Dragutin, King of Serbia 1276-82, Ban of Macva-Bosnia, a monk 1316; m.before 1271 Katalin, dau.of King Stephen V of Hungary; he spent his life trying to gain the thrones of Serbia and Hungary, but was unsuccessful in both quests; Hungary after 1326; m.1st ca 1293 Constanza, dau.of Michele Morosoni; m.2d 1309 a dau.of the Voivode Ladislaus of Siebenbuergen; he had issue of whom I have no details, a monk, 1306, d.1331; m.Stefan Kotroman, Ban of Bosnia Uros II Milutin, King of Serbia 1282-1331, 1253, d.Castle Nerodimlja 1321, bur Sofia; m.1st 1273/6 (repudiated 1283) Helene Angelina, dau.of Joannes Dukas Angelos, Sebastokrator in Neopatros; m.2d 1284 (repudiated ca 1294) Ana, dau.of Tsar George Terter of Bulgaria; m.3d ca 1295 (repudiated 1298/9) Elizabeth, dau.of King Stephen V of Hungary; m.4th ca 1300 Simonida Palaiologina (1292/3-after 1336) dau.of Emperor Andoronikos II[by 2d m.]Stefan Konstantin, Knez of Zahumlje, pretender to the Serbian throne, k.a.1323[maternity uncertain] Ana, d.after 1346; she was engaged 1308 to Charles, Cte de Valois, but never married him; she m.after 1308 Tsar Mihailo Sisman of Bulgaria (d.1330)[illegitimate] Stefan Uros III, King of Serbia (ca 1276-1331); m.1st ca 1293 Teodora (d.1322) dau.of Tsar Smilec of Bulgaria; m.2d 1325/6 Maria Palaiologina (1313/4-1355) dau.of Joannes Palaiolog, Despot of Macedonia
[by 1st m.]: Dusan, King of Serbia (ca 1308-1355); m.1332 Jelena (d.1374) sister of Tsar Ivan Asen Alexander of Bulgaria Uros IV, King of Serbia (1336/7-1371); m.1360 Ana Basaraba, dau.of Nicolae Alexandru, Voivode of Wallachia
[by 2d m.]: Uros Palaiologos, Tsar of the Serbs, Greeks and Albania 1356, b.1324/6, d.1369/72; m.before 1349 Tomaida Orsini, dau.of Joannes Orsini, Despot of Epirus Uros Dukas Palaiologos, Lord of the Thessalonians, 1349, d.1423 Dukas, Lord of Pharsalos and Domokos, d.1397; 1386 Maria (murdered 1395) dau.of Luiz Fadrique de Aragon, Lord of Zituni, Cte di Salona Angelina Dukaina Palaiologina, Lady of Jannina (1350.1-1394); m.1st Toma Preljubovic, Despot of Jannina (murdered 1384); m.2d 1385 Isaul Buondelmonti-Acciaiuoli, Despot of Jannina (d.1411), b.1330, d.after 1381; 1347 Dejan, Stattholder of Macedonia; m.Zupan Djordje
4.3.Rastko; he became a monk and the first Archbishop of the independent Serbian Church; he was called Sava and was, soon after his death, recognized as St. Sava; b.1174, d.Trnovo 1235/6
4.4.Efimija; 1216 Manuel Angelos Dukas, Regent of Thesaloniki (d.1241)
4.5.a dau., m.Tich Boljar of Skopje

End of Part 5.

Part 6.The Kings of Serbia of the House of Mrnjavcevic
One Mrnja, a treasurer to Queen Jelena, was father of:
1.Vukasin Mrnjavcevic, a courtier who became King of Serbia in 1365; he was killed in battle (actually drowning in the Maritza) 1371; he m.Jelena N
1.1.Marko Kraljevic, King of Serbia 1371-94; 1335, k.a.1395; m.1st Jelena, dau.of Radoslav, Voivode of Edessa; m.2d Todora N; m.3d his 1st wife, whom he had repudiated for his 2d
1.2.Andrijas, d.after 1403
1.3.Ivanis, k.a.against the Turks at Berat 1385
1.4.Dmitar Kraljevic, who became an official in Hungary, where he d.after 1407
1.5.Olivera; m.Djuradj Balsic, Lord of Zeta and Primorje (d.1378)
2.Jovan Ugljesa, Zupan of Zahumlje, k.a.1371; 1364 Jelena Voinovic, a poet (d.after 1404)
2.1.Trvtko, d.1366/71
2.2.Ugljesa, 1371
2.3.Eupraxia, a nun 1405
3.Jelena, 1365, bur Prodromoskl; 1350 Nikola Radonja Brankovic (d.after 1365 on Mount Athos)

End of Part 6

Part 7.The Tsars of the first Bulgarian Empire in Preslava
This family is descended from Krum, Khan of the Bulgars, who 814; he had issue:
1.Omortag-Khan, became a Christian, 831
1.1.Enravota, the first martyr of the Bulgarian Church, d.849
1.2.Malamir, Khan 831/6
1.3.Swiniza, who [probably] had a son:
1.3.1.Presijan, Khan 836/52; he was [probably] father of: I, Khan of the Bulgars from 852; he established the capital at Preslava; he a monk 907; m.Marija N; he was Prince of Bulgaria 889-893, after his father abdicated; he tried to re-establish paganism; Boris returned and arranged Vladimir's downfall, and Boris resumed his reign., d.young "the Great", Tsar and Autocrat of the Bulgarians, 865, d.Preslava 927; m.1st NN; m.2d a sister of George Sursuwul; he contended for the throne, but his brother held onto it; it is not known whether Michael was incompetent, or whether this occurred because his brothers relatives (Michael was the only son of the 1st m.) were powerful boyars Peter I, d.969; Constaninople 927 Maria=Irene ( 963) dau.of Christophoros Lakapenos, and granddau. of Emperor Romanos of Byzantium Boris II, d.984/6, spent most of his life as a hostage and/or prisoner of the Byzantines and Russians, d.997/8, described as a master of the black arts, d.young, a nun, who may have m. King Swatopulk of Moravia
2.Dukum Khan 814/5
3.Dizewg Khan 815/6

End of Part 7

Part 8.
The Tsars of the first Bulgarian Empire, in Ochrida
This family started with two men who are believed to have been brothers and somehow related to the family in Part 7:
1.Samuel, who became Tsar of the Bulgarians 997, and moved the capital to Ochrida; he conquered Diocleia, Trebinje and Zahumlje, and madeBosnia and Raska (Serbia) vassals of Bulgaria; he Prilep 1014; 970 Agathe, dau. ofJoannes Chryselios, Lord of Durazzo
1.1.Gavriil Radomir, Tsar 1014/5, 970; m.1st ca 973 a dau.of Pr Geza of Hungary, who was later repudiated; m.2d 988 Irene (murdered 1015)
1.1.1.Peter Deljan, proclaimed himself Tsar 1040; b.988, Byzantine imprisonment ca 1041
1.1.2.a dau., m.before 1015 Stefan Dobroslaw, Knez of Diocleia
1.2.Miroslawa; 998 Asot Taronites
1.3.a dau. [parentage uncertain] m.Vazul, Duke between the March and Gran (d.1037)
2.Aaron, ruler of western Bulgaria, murdered 987/8
2.1.Iwan Wladislaw, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1015-8, k.a.Durazzo 1018, after which Bulgaria became a Byzantine province; m.Marija N
2.1.1.Fruschin; in 1029 he was blinded and banished to a monastery
2.1.2.Alusian; he Armenian lady Alusianos Alusianos; m.N Delassene, sister of the Empress Eudoxia, 1065; m.Romanos IV Diogenes, Emperor of Byzantium 1071 (d.1072)
2.1.3.Aaron, Duke of Vaspurakan, of Edessa and of Macedonia Aaron, strategos of Taron, k.a.against the Turks 1055/6, a Byzantine official
2.1.4.Trajan; m.before 1063 Andronicos Dukas, co-emperor of Byzantium (d.1077)
2.1.6.Ekaterina; m.before 1057 Isaakios Komnenos, Emperor of Byzaqntium (d.1061)
2.1.7.a dau., m.before 1026 Romanos Kurkuas

End of Part 8

Part 9.
The Tsars of the Second Bulgarian Empire, of the Aseniden House, and their relatives
This family apparently descends from a Wallachian boyar, who had issue a follows:
1.Iwan Asen I; he and his brother Peter rebelled against the Byzantines and he became Prince of northern Bulgaria ca 1187; he was murdered by his cousin Iwanko-Alexios in 1196
1.1.Iwan Asen II, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1218-41, 1190, d.1241; m.1st Anna N; m.2d 1221 Maria, heiress of Belgrade and Branicevo ( 1204, d.1237) dau.of King Andrew II of Hungary; m.3d 1237/8Irene Angelina, dau.of Emperor Theodoros of Epirus
[by 1st m.]:
1.1.1.Marija; 1225 Manuel Dukas, Despot of Thessaloniki
1.1.2.Beloslava; 1233 King Stefan Vladislav of Serbia
[by 2d m.]:
1.1.3.Elena, 1224. 1254; m.1235 Emperor Thodoros II Laskaris of Nicaea (d.1258)
1.1.4.Tamara, b.after 1220
1.1.5.Koloman, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1241-6; 1232, d.1246
[by 3d m.]:
1.1.6.Miachael II Asen, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1246-57; 1238, murdered by Kalojan1257; m.1255 a dau.of Rostislaw, Gr Pr of Kiev
1.1.7.Teodora=Anna; m.Sebastokrator Pjotr
1.1.8.Marija; m.Iwan Milo, a boyar, who contended for the throne in 1258 Asen III Mytzes, Tsar 1279-80, fled from Iwailo to the Tatars and then to Constantinople, 1302; m.1278 Irene Palaiologina, dau.of Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII; their children took the surname Asan Asanes, a military leader in Macedonia for the Byzantines, then supported Serbia Asanes, Despot of Morea, Stattholder of Thrace, d.after 1355; m.a dau.of Michael Dukas Glabas Tarchaneitos Komnenos Raul Asanes, Stattholder of Bizye, Thrace; 1321 Anna, dau.of Theodoros Synadenos Asanes Asanes, a military leader in Thrace Assanes, Stattholder of Constantinople; 1347 a dau.of Alexios Apokaukos Asanina; m.Joannes Kontosephanos; m.before 1320 Emperor Joannes IV Kantakuzenos of Byazantium (d.1383) Asanina, d.young Asanes, a mercantile leader in Constantinople, 1351; m.1st before 1320 Theodora, dau.of the Tatar Khan Abaga; m.2d NN; all kids were by 2d m. Asanes Asanes, Stattholder in Morea, d.there before 1383 Asanina; m.1346/51 Georgios Philanthropenos, archon of Lemnos Asanes, Stattholder in Morea Asanes Asanes, Stattholder on Lesbos, 1355; m.before 1330 Irene, dau.of Joannes Synadenos Asanes Asanina, may have m.Manuel Tagaris Asanina; m.Roger de Flor, a Catalonian leader Asanina, engaged to Michael Dukas Angelos, of Neopatrai, m.Georgi Terter, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1280-92
1.2.Alexander, 1241; m.a dau.of King Stephen Prvovencani of Serbia
1.2.1.Kalojan= Koloman, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1257, d.1258; m.a dau.of Rostislaw, Gr Pr of Kiev
2.Peter, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1196, murdered 1197
3.Kalojan, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1197-1207, 1170, murdered 1207; m.a Kuman princess
3.2.Marija, d.after 1216; m.1209 Henry of Flanders, Emperor of Constantinople (d.1216)
4.a dau., m.a boyar
4.1.Alexii Slaw, Voivode of Melnik, d.after 1229; m.1st Constantinople 1208 an illegitimate dau.of Henry of Flanders, Emperor of Constantinople; m.2d after 1218 a dau.of Theodoros Petraliphas
5.a dau., m.the boyar Strez
5.1.Boril Strez, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1207-18, when he was overthrown and blinded; m. a Kuman princess
5.2.Dobormir Strez, sovereing Prince of the lands between the Struma and Vardar, d.1208/11; m.1st 1199 a dau.of Manuel Kamytzes Komnenodukas; m.3d 1201/2 Theodora, dau.of Isaakios Komnenos

End of Part 9

Part 10.
More Tsars of the Second Bulgarian Empire.
One Tich, a boyar of Skopje, m.a dau.of Stefan Nemanja of Serbia, and they had a son:
1.Konstantin Tich Asen, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1257-77, murdered during his struggle with Iwailo 1277; m.1st NN; m.2d 1258 Irene ( 1269) dau.of Emperor Theodoros II Laskaris of Nicaea by Helene Asanina; m.3d 1269 Maria, dau.of Joannes Kantakuzenos; (Maria later married her husband's conqueror, Iwailo Kordukubas, who was Tsar 1278-9, and was murdered in exile with the Tatars 1280
1.1.[by 3d m.]Michael Asen, a contender for the throne, b.1270/1, murdered 1300/1
1.2.[by 1st or 2d m.]a dau., 1284 Smilec, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1292-8
1.2.1.Teodora, d.1322; 1293 King Stefan Uros III Decanski of Serbia
1.2.2.a dau., m.Eltimir,a leading official and supporter of his brother:
George Terter, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1280-1292, d.after 1304; he m. Keramarija, dau.of Iwan (see Part 9), but by her had no kids; by his other wife, Marija N, he had issue:
1.Todor Swetoslaw, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1299-1321, d.1321; m.1st Jefrosina, dau.of Mankus, a merchant; m.2d 1320 Theodora, dau.of Byzantine Emperor Michael IX
2.Anna, d.after1 304; m.1st 1284 King Stefan Uros II of Serbia, who repudiated her 1294; m.2d 1301 Demetrios Dukas Kutrules Angelos (d.after 1304)
3.a dau., who m.1285 Chaka Khan, who ruled briefly as Tsar in 1298

End of Part 10

Part 11.The Tsars of Bulgaria of the House of Schischman
One Schischman, a boyar, declared himself indepent from Bulgaria and established the principality of Vidin, a city on the Danube; he had issue:
1.Michael III Schischman, Despot of Vidin, Tsar of the Bulgarians 1323-30, d.1330; m.1st NN; m.2d ca 1300 (repudiated 1324) Ana, dau.of King Stefan Uros II of Serbia; m.3d after Aug 1324 Theodora Palaiologina, dau.of Byzantine Emperor Michael IX
1.1.Iwan Stefan Schischman, Tsar 1330-1; thereafter he lived in Naples, d.there ca 1373; illegitimate dau.of Philip of Naples, Pr of Tarento
1.2.Schischman, Dubrovnik
1.3.Michael, Pr of Vidin
3.Kereza Petriza; m.Despot Srazimir
3.1.Iwan Alexander Asen, Tsar 1330-71; m.1st ca 1320 (repudiated 1340) Teodora Bassaraba, dau.of Voivode Bassaraba of Wallachia; m.2d ca 1345 a Jewish woman named Sarah, who changed her name to Teodora
[by 1st m.]:
3.1.1.Michael Asen, co-tsar in Adrianople, b.1321, k.a.against the Turks ca 1354; m.Adrianople 1336 Irene Palaiologina, dau.of Byzantine Emperor Andronikos III Asanes; m.Paolo di Bernardo, a patrician of Venice
3.1.2.Iwan Srazimir, Pr of Vidin 1360-96, d.after 15 Sep 1396; m.before 1369 Ana Slava Bassaraba, dau.of Nicolae Alexandru, Pr of Wallachia, d.Belgrade 1422, 1390; m.King Stefan Trvtko I of Bosnia
3.1.3.Iwan Asen, k.a.against the Turks 1354
[by 2d m.]:
3.1.4.Iwan Schischman, Tsar 1371-93, d.imprisoned at Phillipoli 1395; m.1st Maria N; m.2d Dragana, dau.of Knez Lazar of Serbia, a Moslem, Stattholder in Asia Minor and Smyrna, k.a.1418, a Hungarian diplomat in Albania
3.1.5.Iwan Asen
3.1.6.Tamara; m.1375 Sultan Murad I; NOTE: usuallt, when the sources say a Christian lady married a Turkish sultan, it really means that the lady was taken into his harem as a concubine
3.1.7.Keratza; 1365 Emperor Andronikos IV Palaiolog of Byzantium (d.1385)
3.1.8.Desislawa; m.Pr Konstantin of Welbuschd (d.1394)
3.2.Iwan Komnenos Asen, 1363; m.1st NN; m.2d ca 1355 Anna, dau.of Andronikos Palaiolog
3.2.1.Kominia, d.1395/6; m.1372 Balsa Balsic, Lord of Zeta (d.1385)
3.3.Elena, d.1374; m.1332 King Stefan Dusan of Serbia (d.1355)

End of Part 11

Part 12.Garay
This was a leading noble family in Hungary. Other branches existed, but the most important sprang from Andras Garay ( 1340) and his wife, a dau.of Laszlo von Nevnai; they had issue:
1.Miklos Garay, Palatine, Obergespan of Pressburg, etc, beheaded 1386; m.NN
1.1.Janos Garay, Obergespan of Temes and Pozsega, 1428; m.after 3 Jan 1410 Jadwiga (d.after 19 Feb 1439) dau.of Pr Siemowit IV of Plock and Kujavia
1.1.1.Istvan, 1430
1.1.2.Hedwig; m.Peter von Thallocz
1.1.3.Katalin; engaged to Miklos Bebek de Pelsoecz
1.1.4.Dorottya, engaged to King Stefan Tvrtko II of Bosnia
1.2.Miklos II Garay, Ban of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia, 1434; m.1st ca 1387 Jelena Lazarevic; m.2d 1405 Anna von Cilli (d.after 23 Jun 1438)
1.2.1.Miklos III Garay; 1431 Margit Cseh de Leva, living 1491
1.2.2.Laszlo II Garay; m.Alexandra, dau.of Duke Bolko of Teschen and Auschwitz Garay, d.1481; m.Fruszina N VIII Garay Garay; m.Margit N Garay Garay, engaged to Matthias Corvinus Hunyady; m.1st Imre de Hedervary, Ban of Macso;m.2d Miklos de Ujlak, Voivode of Siebenbuergen, Ban of Macso
1.2.3.Janos Garay, d.young
1.2.4.Peter Garay Garay, d.1480
1.2.5.Katalin Garay; 1430 Ct Heinrich VI von Goerz und Kirchberg (d.1454)
1.2.6.Dorottya; m.1st Istvan de Kanizsay; m.2d Raynald de Rozgony
1.2.7.Erzsebet; m.Janos Korogyi
1.3.Ilona; m.before 1398 Miklos Szechy
1.4.Dorottya; m.Ct Miklos Frangepan, Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia (d.1432)

End of Part 12

Part 13.The Zupans of Dolnji Kraji (Lower Bosnia) and Dukes of Split
Knez Stefan "the Great", Zupan of Banica (or Dolnji Kraji), 1301, left issue:
1.Hrvatin, Knez of Kljuc, Zupan of Banica, was granted Dolnji Kraji (Lower Bosnia) by the King of Naples
1.1.Vukoslav, Zupan of Banica and Vrbanja
1.1.1.Vuk, Knez in Dolnji Kraji, k.a.before 1331
1.1.2.Vlatko, Zupan of Banica, in Slavonia 1357
1.1.3.Pavle, Zupan of Banica
1.2.Vukan, Knez of Dolnji Kraji, Duke of Bosnia
1.2.1.Hrvoje Vukcic, Duke of Dolnji-Kraji, Ban of Dalmatia and Croatia, Duke of Split, d.1416; m.Jelena Nelipic Hercogovic, living 1416; m.Knez Trvtko Borovinic; m.1st Ivanis, Ct de Blagay (d.1442); m.2d 1448 Martin Frangepan, Ct of Veglia (d.1479)
1.2.2.Vuk Vukcic, ban of Croatia and Dalmatia, d.1401; m.Anka N; m.1405 Sandalj Branic Kosace, Grand Voivode of Bosnia and Zahumlje (d.1435)
1.2.3.Dragisa Vukcic, Knez of Zrida Dragisic, Voivode in Dolnji Kraji, d.after 22 Aug 1446, Knez of Kjluc 1446, Voivode of Zemunik, Knez of Kjluc, Knez of Kljuc
1.2.4.Vojslav Vukcic, Voivode of Dolnji Kraji, Voivode in Dolnji Kraji
1.2.5.Resa; m.Batalo Santic, Gospodar of Torican
1.2.6.a dau., m.1st Vukmir Vukasin; m.2d Vukmir Zlatonosovic
1.3.Pavle, Zupan of Zemunik; he had descendants, the Nelepec de Dobra-Kuca, in Hungary

End of Part 13

Part 14.The Dukes of St.Sava
This family descended from one Vuk, of the house of Kosaca; he had two sons, Vlatko Vukovic, Gov of Croatia, and Hranja, Grand Voivode of Bosnia, who, by his wife Anka, had issue:
1.Sandalj Hranic Kosaca, Grand Voivode of Bosnia, Knez of Zahumlje, d.1435; m.1st NN; m.2d 1396 Jelena N; m.3d 1405 Katarina, dau.of Vuk Vukcic, Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia; m.4th Jelena, dau.of Knez Lazar of Serbia
1.1.Stefan Vksic Kosaca, Gr Voivode of Bosnia, Lord of Zahumlje and Primorje, Duke of St. Sava, d.1466; m.1st 1424 Jelena, dau.of Duke Balsa of Zeta; m.2d 1455 Varvara (possibly of the del Balzo family); m.3d Cecilie, a German lady
1.1.1.Vladislav, Duke of St. Sava, Lord of Krain, 1427, d.1487/9; m.1455 Kyra Ana, dau.of georgios Kantakuzenos Balsa, Duke of St. Sava, d.after 1511; m.Quirina, dau.of Francesco Quirini, Archbishop of Sebenico and Lesina Balsa, Duke of St. Sava, 1533; m.Irina Jaksic Balsa, Duke of St. Sava, d.after 1556 dau. dau., d.after 1552 Hercegovic, a ,onk, d.after 1514
1.1.2.Vlatko Hercegovic, Duke of St. Sava, 1426, d.on the Island of Rab ca 1489; m.1st 1455 N von Cilli; m.2d 1474 Margherita di Marzano Hercegovic, Duke of St. Sava, d.after 1546; m.Sofia Sossia, from Vicenza; m.Taddea Belasij, lived in Dubrovnik; m.Isabella Zorzi, lived in Dubrovnik, d.after 1570; m.N Loredano; m.1615 Angelo Zorzi; m.1564 Faustina Erizzo; m.Pompeo Avogrado; m.1544 Paolo Boldu; m.Antonio Pesare
1.1.3.Stefan Hercegovic, became a Moslem and was Grand Vizier and Grand Admiral to the Sultan; m.1482 Fatima, dau.of Sultan Bayezid II; he left descendants
1.1.4.Katarina, b.1424, d.Rome 1478; m.1446 King Stefan Tomas of Bosnia (d.1461)
1.2.Teodora, d.1450; m.1421/2 Radoslav Pavlevic, Gr Voivode of Bosnia
2.Vukac, d.1432; m.Katharina N
3.Vuk Hranic, d.1425
3.1.Ivan Vukovic
3.1.1.Adam Vukovic

End of Part 14

Part 15.The Balsici
The founder of this house was one Balsa, a general under King Stefan Dusan, who became lord of Upper Zeta (Montenegro) and conquered northern Albania; he 1362, and had issue:
1.Stracimir Balsic, a monk 1372/3; m.1st Irene Duklina; m.2d Milica Mrnjavcevic
1.1.Djuradj, Lord of Upper Zeta, Prince of Albania, d.1403; 1386 Jelena Lazarevic (d.1443) dau.of Knez Lazar of Raska
1.1.1.Balsa III, lord of Budva (ca 1390-1421); m.1407 Mara Thopia, dau. of Ct Nicheta Thopia, d.1453; m.1424 Stefan Vuksic, Duke of St. Sava, d.after 12 Apr 1445; m.Petar Vojsalic
1.2.Gojko, 1372
1.3.Ivanis, 1372
2.Djuradj Balsic, Lord of Trebinje, etc, conquered Skutari, etc, d.1379; m.1st Olivera, dau.of Kralj Vukasin of Raska; m.2d 1372/5 Todora, dau.of Despot Dejan 
2.1.Konstantini, Lord of Scuria, Kroja and Dagno, executed at Durazzo 1402; m.1st NN; m.2d Elena Thopia
2.2.Jelisaveta, d.1443; m.Rajko Moneta, a noble of Skutari
2.3.Gojslava; m.Radic Stankovic, Voivode of Zahumlje
2.4.Eudoxia, Despot of Jannina; m.1402 Isaul Boundelmonti Acciaujuoli, Despot of Jannina (d.1411)
2.5.[illegitimate]Gjergj Balsic, a burgher of Venice 1392
3.Balsa II Balsic, Lord of Zeta and Durazzo, k.a.1385; m.1372 Komnina, dau.of Despot Iwan Asen Komnenos
3.1.Kraljica Rudjina, Lady of Valona, d.after 1421; m.1391 Merxa Zarkovic
4.Voisava; 1370 Karolus Thopia, Pr of Albania (d.1388)

End of Part 15

Part 16.The Brankovici
This family stemmed from one Branko Mladenovic, a Serbian official in Ochrid 1346; he had issue:
1.Vuk Brankovic, Knez of Raska-Kosovo, exile ca 1398; 1371 Maria Lazarevic (d.1426)
1.1.Djuradj Vukovic, Duke of Raska and Albania, 1375, d.Semendria 1456; m.1st NN; m.2d ca 1414 Jerina (d.Rudnik 1457) dau.of Theodoros Kantakuzenos
1.1.1.Todor, 1429
1.1.2.Grgur, 1415, blinded 1441, a monk at Chilandar 1459; m.Jelisaveta N[illegitimate]Vuk Grgurevic, a Hungarian general, d.1485; m.Varvara Frangepan, Css of Veglia
1.1.3.Stefan, Despot of Raska, a saint of the Serbian church, 1417, d.Belgrade 1476; m.Skutari 1461 Angelina Araniti ( Hungary 1516), Hungarian Despot of Raitzen, Archbishop of Belgrade, 1462, d.1516; m.NN; m.Alessio Span, Lord of Drivasto and Polog (d.1495), Despot of Raitzen, 1465, d.1502; m.Jelena Jaksic (d.after 1529), d.1540;m.Ct Ferdinand Frangepan, d.of strangulation after 1552; m.1530 Peter Rares, Lord of Siebenbuergen and the Moldau (1466-1495); m.Innsbruck 1485 Boniface, Mgve of Montferrat (d.1494), 1474, d.of the plague 1554; m.Neagoe Bassarab, Lord of Wallachia
1.1.4.Lazar, Despot of Raska, 1421, d.1458; Semendria 1446 Jelena Palaiologina, dau.of Despot Thomas of Morea, b.1447; 1459 Stefan Tomasevic, King of Bosnia; m.Giovanni Castriota, Duca di San Pietro, d.1464; Dubrovnik 1463 Leonardo Tocco, Cte di Zante, Cephalonia and Leucadia
1.1.5.Mara, b.1416/7, d.1487; m.1435 Sultan Murad II
1.1.6.Katarina (ca 1406-ca 14901); m.1434 Ct Ulrich II von Cilli und Ortenburg (d.1456)
1.2.Grgur, a monk 1408
1.3.Lazar, beheaded nr Adrianople 1410
2.Grgur, 1398
3.Nikola, a monk after 1365; 1350 Jelena Mrnjavcevic
4.Teodora; m.Gjergj Thopia, Pr of Durazzo (d.1392)

End of Part 16

Part 17.The Lazarevici
One Stefan Lazar Hrebeljanovic, Knez of Raska, a saint of the Serbian church, murdered 1389; 1353 Milica Nemanjic, and had issue:
1.Dobrovoj Lazarevic
2.Stefan Lazarevic, Lord of Zeta (Montenegro) (ca 1370-1427); m.1405 Helene Gattilusio
3.Vuk Lazarevic, beheaded 1410
4.Jelena, d.1443; m.1st ca 1386 Djuradj Balsic, Lord of Zeta, Pr of Albania; m.2d 1411 Dandalj Hranic Kosaca, Gr Voivode of Bosnia
5.Mara, d.1426; 1371 Vuk Brankovic, Knez of Raska-Kosovo
6.a dau., m.Tsar Iwan Schischman of Bulgaria
7.Todora=Jelena; 1387 Miklos Garay
8.Olivera, d.after 1443; m.1389/90 Sultan Bayezid I

End of Part 17

Part 18.The Musati, Voivodes of the Moldau
The exact relationship of many branches of this family is uncertain, so I will begin this account with Io Roman I, Lord of the Moldau (k.a.1394), who, by his wife Anastasia N, had issue:
1.Io Alexandru "the Good", Lord of the Moldau, d.1430/1; m.1st Margareta N; m.2d ca 1405 Ana N; m.3d 1419 Ryngajla of Lithuania; m.4th Marina N
1.1.Roman, 1432
1.2.Alexandru, 1432
1.3.Io Ilias, Lord of the Moldau (1409-1448); m.1425 Marinca Holczanska
1.3.1.Io Roman IIm Lord of the Moldau, d.of poisoning 1448
1.3.2.Io Alexandru Olehno, Lord of the Moldau (ca 1429-1455)
1.4.Vasilissa, d.after1447; m.Vlad II Dracul, Voivode of Wallachia (d.1447)
1.5.Io Stefan II,Lord of the Moldau
1.6.Io Petru III Aron, Lord of the Moldau, d.1469
1.6.1.Ilias, beheaded 1501 Alexandru III Cornea, d.after 9 Feb 1541, exile in Asia Minor dau., in the sultan's harem
1.7.Io Petru II, Lord of the Moldau; m.a sister of Janos Hunyadi
2.1.Io Bogdan II, Lord of the Moldau, d.1451; m.Maria N
2.1.1.Io Stefan III "the Great", Lord of the Moldau, d.1504; m.1st Marusca N; m.2d ca 1463 Ovdotia Olelkowicza (d.1467); m.3d 1472 Maria von Mankup (d.1477); m.4th 1478 Maria Bassaraba (d.1511), d.1496; m.1489 Margarete N Stefan IV, Lord of the Moldau, murdered 1540; m.before 1536 Ciajna N, d.1480 (1473-1479), b.1473, d.young III "the One-Eyed", Lord of the Moldau (1479-1517); m.1st 1510 Nastasia N (d.1512); m.2d 1513 Ruxandra Bassaraba; he left issue Petru IV Rares, Lordof the Moldau (1487-1546); m.1st Maria N; m.2d 1530 Jelena Brankovic; he ahd many kids, of whom the most important were: Ilias II Rares, Lord of the Moldau, Syria 1562 Stefan V Rares, Lord of the Moldau, murdered 1552, murdered in Constantinople 1554 Iancu Sasul, Lord of the Moldau, beheaded 1582; m.Maria Palaiologina; m.1531 Vlad, Voivode of Wallachia; m.1st Isaac Balica; m.2d Ioan Movila; m.1546 Mircea III, Voivode of Wallachia, d.1570; m.1552 Alexandru IV Lapusneanu, Lord of the Moldau (d.1568)

End of Part 18.

Part 19.The Frangepani
The main branch of this family descended from one Bartholomaeus, Ct of Veglia, d.1361/3; he had issue:
1.Stephan, Ct of Veglia, d.1388/90; m.1372 Caterina Carrara, dau.of Francesco, Duke of Padua
1.1.Elizaveta, murdered 1422; 1401 Ct Friedrich von Cilli und Ortenburg (d.1454)
2.Hans, Ct of Veglia, Ban of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia, d.1393; m.1361 Anna (d.1402) dau.of Ct Meinhard von Goerz
2.1.Nikola de Frangepan, Ct of Veglia, Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia, d.1432; m.Dorottya Garay
2.1.1.Hans, Ct of Veglia, Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia, d.1436/7; m.1411 Katarina Nelipic; he left descendants
2.1.2.Nikola, Ct of Veglia, co-Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia, d.1456/8; 1428 Barbara, dau.of Ruprecht von Wallsee Bertalan Frangepan, d.1474; m.Dora Toth de Szomszedvar (1420-1489), a nun, 1490; m.Wilhelm von Liechtenstein (d.1459)
2.1.3.Istvan, Ct of Veglia, Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia, d.1481; m.1446 Isotta d'Este (1425-1456), Ct Frangepan; 1476 Luisa Marzano d'Aragona Kristof Frangepan of Modrus, Ban of Croatia, d.1527; m.1st Anna Dragffy de Beltek; m.2d Appolonia Lang von Wellenburg (d.Milan 1520); m.Zsofia Thuz de Lak Farnciscus, Archbishop of Kalocsa, d.1543, 1527; m.before 1509 Marija Brankovic; he left issue, d.1545; m.1st 1492 Laszlo Egervary; m.2d Istvan Perenyi; m.3d Gaspar Seredy (1480-1510); m.1st 1496 Janos Corvinus Hunyadi, Duke of Slavonia, Croatia and Dalmatia, Crown Pr of Hungary (d.1504); m.2d 1509 Mgve Georg of Brandenburg (d.1543)
2.1.4.Ct Georg Frangepan
2.1.5.Bartlme, Ct of Veglia, 1458; he left issue
2.1.6.Duym, Ct of Veglia, d.after 14 Sep 1487; m.before 24 Jun 1457 Barbara von Schaunberg, Ct Frangepan; m.Borbala Rozgony, k.a.Mohacs 1526, d.1553; m.1st Anna Blagay; m.2d Ursula N de Frangepan, Ct of Zengg, Ban of Craoatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia (1536-1572); m.Miklos Olah-Csaszar; m.Baron Imre Czobor; m.Istvan Ursinus, Ct de Blaga; m.Ferenc Dragffy; m.1479 Pankraz von Auersperg
2.1.7.Martin, Ct of Veglia, d.1479; m.1st Jelena Lipovac; m.2d Doroteja Hrvatinic
2.1.9.Hans, Ct of Vehlia, d.after 1488; m.Elizabeta Morosini, d.1465, 1480; m.1st Vuk Brankovic; m.2d Franja Berislavic; m.Istvan, Ct de Blaga; m.1st N Dandolo; m.2d Ser Andrea Foscolo
2.1.10.Sigismund, Ct of Veglia; m.Elena N
2.1.11.Katalin; m.1428 Friedrich von Pettau
3.a dau., m. Ugo di Duino
4.Margareta; 1353 Otto von Stubenberg

End of Part 19

Part 20.The Thopia
One Tanush Thopia, Lord of Matija (in central Albania) was father of:
  Andrea, who illegitimate dau.of King Robert II of Naples; they had issue:
1.Karolus Thopia, Prince of Albania, Lord of Durazzo, d.1388; 1370 Voisava Balsic
1.1.Gjergj, Lord of Durazzo, d.1392; m.Teodora Brankovic
1.2.Elena,Lady of Kroja; m.1st Ser Marco Barbadigo; m.2d Kosta Balsic, Lord of Kroja
1.3.Voislava, d.after 8 Aug 1401; m.1st N Cursachio; m.2d 1394 Progon Ducaghin, Lord of Alessio
1.4.[parentage uncertain]Maria; m.Filippo di Maramonte
1.5.[parentage uncertain]Nicheta Thopia, Lord of Kroja, d.1413/5; m.a dau.of Cominum Shpata
1.5.1.Mara; m.1st Balsa Balsic (d.1421)
2.Domenicus, Bp of Durazzo, Archbishop of Zara

End of Part 20.
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