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This will be an account of the family of the Counts of Bigorre, Ribagorza and Pailhars. The earliest proved ancestor was one Lope I, Cte de Bigorre (d.after 910) who is believed to have been of tje same family as the Dukes of Gascony; however, the exact link is unknown; he m.a dau.of Cte Raymund I de Toulouse, and had issue:
1.Cte Dato II de Bigorre, d.after 930; m.Lupa, dau.of King Sancho I of Navarre
1.1.Cte Ramon I Dato de Bigorre; m.Faquilena (d.after 960) dau.of Cte Arnaldo d'Astarac
1.1.1.Cte Luis I de Bigorre, d.1009;  m.Amerna, dau.of Vcte Anerius Manso de Lavedan
1.1.2.Arnaldo Garcia Arnaldo de Bigorre; m.Ricarda, dau.of Cte Guillermo d'Astarac Garsenda de Bigorre, d.after 1038; m.Cte Bernardo I de Carcassone (d.1038)
1.2.Oriol, Vcte d'Aure; m.Faquilena d'Astarac, widow of his elder brother
1.3.Garcia de Bigorre
1.4.Donato de Bigorre
1.5.Sancho de Bigorre
2.Raimundo I, Cde de Ribagorza y Pallars (Pailhars), 916; m.1st Guinigenta; m.2d a dau.of the Moor chieftain Mutarrif-ibn-Lope; all kids were by 1st m.
2.1.Cde Bernardo I de Ribagorza, living 956; m.Toda, dau.of Ct Galindo II Aznar of Aragon
2.1.1.Cte Raimundo I de Ribagorza, d.after 970; m.Garsenda (d.after 961) dau.of Guillermo, Cte de Fezensac et d'Armagnac Unifredo de Ribagorza, d.after 981; m.Sancha ___ Isarno de Ribagorza, d.after 1003; m.Balla ___ Guillermo II de Ribagorza, murdered after 1018 Arnaldo I de Ribagorza, d.after 990, Bp of Roda, d.after 976; m.958/61 Ct Garcia I of Castile (d.995) Toda de Ribagorza, d.1011; m.Cte Suniario I de Pailhars (d.1010)
2.1.2.Cde Galindo I de Ribagorza; 930 Velasquita, dau.of King Sancho I of Navarre
2.2.Cte Isarno I de Pailhars, living 953; m.1st Senegunda ___; m.2d Adelaida ___
2.2.1.Cte Guillermo I de Pailhars, d.after 960
2.2.2.Ermengarda, Abbess of San Pedro de Burgal
2.3.Cte Lope I de Pailhars, d.after 947; m.Gontrude, dau.of Ct Miron de Cerdagne
2.3.1.Cte Raimundo II de Pailhars, d.after 994
2.3.2.Cte Borell I de Pailhars, d.after 994; m.Ermengarda, probably dau.of Cte Ramon de Rouergue Armengol de Pailhars, d.after 1030, d.after 1030
2.3.3.Cte Suniario I de Pailhars, d.1010; m.1st Ermengarda, widow of his bro. Borell; m.2d Toda, Cdsa de Ribagorza (above); all kids were by 1st m. Raimundo III de Pailhars-Jussa, 1047; m.1st Mayor, dau.of Ct Garcia I of Castile; m.2d Ermesinda ___ Raimundo IV de Pailhars-Jussa, 1098; m.Valencia, dau.of Arnaldo Mir de Tost, Vcte d'Ager Pedro I, d.after 1113 Arnaldo I de Pailhars-Jussa, d.after 1111; m.1st Almodis, dau.of Enrigue de Cerdagne; m.2d Adelaida ___[by 1st m.]Cte Arnaldo Miron de Pailhars-Jussa, 1174; m.1st Estefania, dau.of Cde Armengol VI de Urgel; m.2d Oria, dau.of Bernardo de Entenza, sn de Alcolea Raimundo V de Pailhars-Jussa, 1178; m.1167 Anglesa, dau.of Ramon Folch, Vscde de cardona, by Isabel de Urgel Valencia de Pailhars-Jussa, d.after 1182
[by 2d m.]: de Talarn Bernardo I de Pailhars-Jussa, 1124; m.Toda ___ Dulce de Pailhars-Jussa, d.after 1192; m.Vcde Sancho N, d.after 1103 Ramon; m.Garcia Eizo Guillermo II de Pailhars-Subira, d.before 1035 Bernardo II de Pailhars-Subira, d.after 1049 Artal I de Pailhars-Subira, 1081; m.1st before 1050 Constanza ___; m.2d 1057/8 Lucie, dau.of Cte Bernard de la Marche Artal II de Pailhars-Subira, d.before 1124; m.before 1083 Eslonza, dau.of Martin Perez de Tordesillas Artal III de Pailhars-Subira, d.before 1167; m.Ines ___ Artal IV de Pailhars-Subira, 1182; m.Guillermina (d.after 1205) Bernardo III de Pailhars-Subira, 1199 Guillermina de Pailhars-Subira, d.after 1250; m.1st Guillermo, sn de Erill; m.2d 1217 Roger I, Vcte de Couserans; m.Ramon, sn de Erill, Bp of Urgel, d.1122, d.after 1091; m.Guitardo Isarno de Vallferrera; m.Guillen, Vcte de Castelbon
2.4.Aton, Bp of Pailhars, d.955
2.5.Miron, Cde de Ribagorza, d.after 955; m.Gemona ___
2.5.1.Cde Guillermo I de Ribagorza, d.after 976
3.Mansio, Vcte de Lavedan, d.after 40
3.1.Anerius Manso, Vcte de Lavedan
3.1.1.Amerna de Lavedan; m.Cte Luis I de Bigorre
4.Dadailidis; m.after 880 Garcia Jimenez, King of Pamplona 
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