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This will be a six-generation descent from Harald Bluetooth, King of Demark and Norway. He had the following issue:
1.Sven "Forkbeard", King of Denmark ca 986, King of Norway ca 1002, King of England 1013, Gainsborough 1014; m.Gunhild of Poland (d.after 1014)
1.1.Cnut (Canute) "the Great", King of England 1016, of Denmark ca 1018, and of Norway 1028; 995, Shaftesbury 1035; he m.1st (later repudiating her, and some sources say she was a mistress, not a wife) Aelfgifu, dau.of Aelfhelm, Ealdorman of Northampton; m.2d 1017 Emma of Normandy, widow of King Ethelred ( 985, d.1052)
[by 1st m.]:
1.1.1.King Svend of Norway, 1036
1.1.2.Harald Harefoot, King of England 1035; 1016, d.Oxford 1040
[by 2d m.]:
1.1.3.Hardicanute, King of Denmark ca 1028, and of England 1040; 1018, d.Lambeth 1042
1.1.4.Gunhild= Kunigunde, Italy 1038; Nimeguen 1036 Heinrich of Bavaria [later, Emperor Heinrich III], Abbess of Quedlinburg (1037/8-1061)
1.2.Harald, King of Denmark 1014, 1018
1.3.Gytha; 996 Erik Hakonson Jarl, Reichsverweser of Norway ( 1024)
1.3.1.Hakon Eriksson, Jarl in Norway (ca 998-ca 1030); 1029 Gunhild of the Wends Hakonsdatter; m.Ulf Jarl in Denmark Ulfson, fl 1070; m.Thorgunna Vagnsdatter Thorgunnasson; m.Inge N Thorgunnasson, fl 1080 Thorgunnasdatter, Jerusalem 1103; m.1st Bjorn N; m.2d before 1086 King Erik "the Good" of Denmark (d.1103)
1.4.Estrid; m.1st 1017 Duke Richard II of Normandy, who later repudiated her; m.2d Ulf Jarl in England, Reichsverweser of Denmark (murdered ca 1026)
1.4.1.Svend Estridsen, King of Denmark 1047 (ca 1020-1076); m.1st Gunhild Svendsdatter; m.2d Gyda N; m.3d Tora Thorbergsdatter[by 1st m.]Svend, murdered 1097; m.Florine de Bourgogne (d.1097)[by 3d m.]Magnus, d.young
[NOTE: King Svend had illegitimate kids as follows]: Hen, King of Denmark ca 1076, d.1080; m.Margareta Asbjoernsdatter[St.]Knut II, King of Denmark 1080, murdered 1086; 1080 Adele of Flanders (ca 1065-1115) "the Good", Count of Flanders 1119; 1084, murdered at Bruges 1127; 1119 Marguerite de Clermont, fl 1131; m.Erik, Jarl in Falster, fl 1145; m.Folke "the Fat", a Swede, a contender for the Flemish throne on the death of his uncle I Hunger, King of Denmark 1086, d.1095; m.Pss Ingegerd of Norway "the Good", King of Denmark 1095, d.Cyprus 1103; m.before 1086 Bodil Thorgunnasdatter (above) Lavand, King of the Wends (Obotriten) and of South Jutland, b.1096, murdered 1131; 1116 Ingeborg of Kiev I "the Great", King of Denmark 1157 (1131-1182); m.1157 Sophia of Minsk (ca 1141-1198); m.Stig Hvitaledr, 1118; m.1133 King Magnus "the Blind" of Norway (d.1139); 1159 Prislaw of the Wends[illegitimate]Harald Kesja, Reichsverweser of Denmark, murdered 1135; m.Pss Ragnhild of Norway, drowned 1134, drowned 1134; m.Pss Katharina of Sweden, k.a.1134, anti-king, k.a.1143, murdered 1135, murdered 1135, murdered 1135, murdered 1135, murdered 1135, murdered 1135, murdered 1135, murdered 1135[illegitimate]Ragnhild; m.Hakon Sunnivasson III Lam, King of Denmark 1137, d.1146; m.1144 Luitgard von Stade (murdered 1152)[illegitimate]Benedict[illegitimate]Erik II Emun, King of Denmark 1134, d.1137; 1130 Malmfrid of Kiev (d.after 1137) III, King of Denmark 1152, murdered 1157; 1152 Adela von Wettin, k.a., k.a.1086, murdered ca 1100, d.1104 "the Limping", k.a.1134; m.Ingrid of Sweden (d.after 1161), King of Sweden 1160, k.a.1161; m.Pss Brigitta of Norway, Jarl in Sweden, k.a.1161, Duke of Jutland, d.1162, Duke of South Jutland, 1130, murdered ca 1167; 1166 a dau.of Ct Hermann von Winzenburg, Jarl in Sweden,King of Denmark 1104, murdered 1134; m.1st ca 1105 Pss Margareta of Sweden (d.before 1130); m.2d Ulvhild N "the Strong",King of Denmark 1134; 1106, k.a.1134; 1127 Richiza of Poland (d.after 1155) III, King of Jutland, co-king of Denmark 1154, murdered 1157; m.1156 a dau.of King Sverker of Sweden, 1158, 1121[illegitimate] Ingrid; m.before 1117 Ubbe N (murdered 1133); m.Pr Gottschalk of the Obotrites (murdered 1066); 1070 King Olaf III of Norway (d.1093); m.Sven Askelsson Svensson; m.Rimhild N Rimhildsson, fl 1129
1.4.2.Bjorn, Jarl in England, murdered 1049, 1065
1.4.3.Asbjorn, Jarl in Denmark, 1086
2.Gunhild, murdered 1002; m.Pallig, Ealdorman in Devonshire (murdered 1002)
3.[though her parentage is not conclusively proven] Thyra, 1000; m.1st Bjorn "the Strong" of Sweden ( 985); m.2d Pr Burislaw of the Wends; m.3d King Olaf of Norway ( 1000)
3.1.Harald Olavsson of Norway (999-1000)

This will be a descent from King Harald "Fairhair" of Norway (860-940). He had issue as follows:
1.Guttorm, King of Viken
2.Halfdan "the Black", King of Trondelagen
3.King Sigroed of Trondelagen
4.Halfdan Hvide, Estonia
5.Alof Aarbod; 890 Thore Ragnvaldsson (brother of Ct Rollo of Normandy)
5.1.Bergljot Thoresdatter; m.Sigurd Jarl ( 962)
5.1.1.Hakon "the Mighty", Jarl, Reichsverweser of Norway, murdered ca 995; m.Thora Skagadotter Hakonsson Jarl, Reichsverweser of Norway, d.1023/4; m.Pss Gytha of Denmark Erikson, Jarl in Norway (ca 998-ca 1030); 1029 Gunhild of the Wends; m.Ulf, Jarl in Denmark, fl 986, k.a.995, 986; m.1st Skopti Skagasson; m.2d Eiliv N Eilivsson, Jarl in Oplandene, 1055; m.Sigrid Finnsdatter Ormsson Ormsdatter; m.Sven Svensson dau. Hvide, fl 1027 Ivarsson Jarl, d.after 1065; m.1062 Pss Ragnhild of Norway, Jarl, d.1016; m.Pss Holmfrid of Sweden Svensdatter; m.1015 Aslak Erlingsson (d.1028), d.after 1160; m.King Svend of Denmark (d.1076) of Denmark, murdered 1097; m.Florine de Bourgogne, d.after 1050; m.Einar Thambarskelfir ( 1050) Einarsson, 1050; m.Sigrid Kettilsdatter Einarsdatter; m.Thord Folesson (k.a.1030)
10.King Olav in Vigen
10.1.Tryggve Olavsson, King in Vigen and Romerike, murdered ca 968; 960 Astrid Eiriksdatter
10.1.1.Olav Tryggvesson, King of Norway 995, 1000; m.1st Geira, a Wendish princess; m.2d Gyda of Ireland; m.3d ca 995 Gudrun Skeggesdatter; m.4th 998 Pss Thyra of Denmark Olavsson, k.a.1033 Olavsson (999-1000)
10.1.2.Ingibjorg Tryggvesdatter; m.1000 Jarl Ragnvold Ulfsson of Vaestergotland
10.1.3.Astrid Tryggvesdatter; m.996 Erling Skjalgsson (k.a.1028) Eriksson, d.1028; m.1015 Sigurd Svendsdatter (d.1016) Askelsson; m.Ragnhild of Denmark Svensson; m.Rimhild N dau., m.Laxe-Pal Pungelta, d.1155 dau Maw Erlingsson, d.1062, d.after 1098; m.Thorberg Arnesson, k.a.1066 Thorbergsson, d.1103, concubine of King Harald Hardrade and King Svend II of Denmark; m.Ulf Ospaksson Stallare Ulfsson "the Strong"
11.King Bjorn in Vestfold
11.1.Gudroed Bjornsson; m.Cecilia N
11.1.1.Harald Grenske, King of Vestfold, 995; m.Asta Gudbrandsdatter[St] Olav Haraldsson, King of Norway 1016-28, k.a.1030; m.1019 Astrid of Sweden "the Good", King of Norway 1035, and of Denmark 1042 (1024-1047)[illegitimate] Ragnhild Magnusdatter; m.1062 Hakon Ivarsson, Jarl in Denmark (d.after 1065), d.1071; m.1042 Duke Ordulf of Saxony (d.1072) Magnus of Saxony (ca 1045-1106); m.1071 Pss Sofie of Hungary (d.1095), d.young
12.Ragnar Rykkil, King in Hedemarken and Gudbrandsdalen
13.Sigurd Hrise, King of Hadaflyke
13.1.Halfdan Sigurdsson, King of Hadaflyke
13.1.1.Sigurd Syr, King of Ringeringe, d.1018; m.Asta Gudbrandsdatter Harald Hardrade of Norway, b.1015, k.a.Stamfordbridge 1066; 1045 Elizabeth of Kiev; m.1st King Oluf Hunger of Denmark (d.1095); m.2d King Philip of Sweden (d.1118), d.1066[illegitimate]Magnus Haraldsson, King of Norway 1066, d.1069[illegitimate]Hakon Toresfostre, co-king of Norway, d.1095[illegitimate]Olav "the Gentle", King of Norway 1069, d.1093; 1070 Pss Ingrid of Denmark[illegitimate] Magnus Bearfoot, King of Norway 1095, Ireland 1103; 1101 Margareta of Sweden (d.before 1130) Sigurdsson; m.Fin Arnesson, Jarl in Halland ( 1065); 1025 Kattil Kalf; m.Eindrid Einarsson ( 1050); m.Nefstein N, 1135; m.Skuli Tostesson Kongsfostre; m.Thora Skopitsdatter; m.Orm Svendsson
14.Halfdan Haaleg
15.Godroed Ljome
16.Ragnvald, King in Hadeland
16.1.a son
16.1.1.Eyvind Kelda, drowned 998
17.Ring, King of Hedemarken and Gudbrandsdalen
17.1.Dag Ringsson, King of Hedemarken
17.1.1.King Roerek in Hedemarken, d.1021
17.1.2.King Ring in Hedemarken Ringsson, fl 1030 Ringsson, an official in Polotzk
17.1.3.Ragnhild; m.Raud N 
18.King Dag in Hedemarken and Gudbrandsdalen
19.Godroed Skirja
21.Erik "Bloodaxe", King of Norway and Northumbria, 895, murdered 954; m.Gunhild, probably daughter of King Gorm of Denmark
21.1.Ragnvald Eriksson, murdered ca 940
21.2.Gorm Eriksson, k.a.before 960
21.3.Guttorm Eriksson, k.a.before 960
21.4.Harald Eriksson Graufell, King of Norway, k.a.970
21.5.Ragnfred Eriksson, co-king in Norway, d.after 970
21.6.Erling Eriksson, co-king in Norway, murdered before 970
21.7.Gudroes Eriksson, co-king of Norway, murdered ca 999
21.8.Sigurd Eriksson Sleva, co-king of Norway, murdered before 970
21.9.Ragnhild; m.1st Arnfin Torfinnsson, Jarl of Orkney; m.2d Havard Torfinnsson, Jarl of Orkney; m.3d Ljot Torfinnsson, Jarl of Norway
22.Hakon "the Good", King of Norway 945, k.a.960
23.Ingeborg; m.Halfdan Jarl
23.1.Gunhild; m.Fin Skjalge
23.1.1.Eyvind Skaldaspiller, a poet, 990 of Thjotta, murdered ca 940; m.Ragnhild Arnesdatter Fluga of Thjotta Hareksson Finnsson Hareksson
23.1.2.Njal Finnsson; m.Ragnvald "the Old"
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