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The Dukes and Kings of Bohemia.

Borziwoy I, Duke of Bohemia (d.894) became a Christian 845; he left by his wife, St.Ludmilla (d.927), issue:
1.Duke Spitignew I, 912
2.Duke Wratislaw I of Bohemia, d.921; m.Drahomira N (d.after 935)
2.1.Duke Wenzel I "the Holy" of Bohemia, b.911, murdered by his brother 929
2.2.Duke Boleslaw I of Bohemia, d.967; m.NN
2.2.1.Duke Boleslaw II of Bohemia, d.999; m.Hemma of England, d.young Boleslaw III of Bohemia, blinded and deposed 1003, d.1035; m.N von Wriowec Jaromir of Bohemia, deposed by his next brother 1012, d.1038 Udalrich of Bohemia, d.1034; m.1st NN; m.2d Bozena N Bretislaw I of Bohemia and Moravia, d.1055; m.Judith von Schweinfurt (d.1058) Spitignew II of Bohemia (1031-1061); m.Ida von Wettin, Patriarch of Aquileja, d.1086 dau., m.N de Cella Wratislaw II of Bohemia (ca 1035-1092); m.1st NN; m.2d Adelaide of Hungary (d.1062); m.3d 1063 Swatawa of Poland (d.1126)
[by 2d m.]: Bretislaw II of Bohemia, d.1100; m.Liutgarde von Windberg und Bogen, blinded 1130, d.1130, d.1085; 1080 Duke Wladislaw I of Poland (1040-1102)
[by 3d m.]: (ca 1064-1090) Borziwoy II of Bohemia (ca 1065-1124); m.Gerberga of Austria (d.1141), d.1138, d.1167, d.1157, d.1157, d.1146 Wladislaw I of Bohemia, d.1125; m.Richza von Berg; for his descendants see Part 2, d.young Sobjeslaw I of Bohemia (ca 1075-1140); m.Adelaide of Hungary (d.1140), fl 1140 Sobjeslaw II of Bohemia, d.1180; m.Elzbieta of Poland, d.1177; m.1st Cecilie of Thuringia; m.2d Sophie of Meissen Wenzel II of Bohemia, d.1192; m.1138 Margrave Leopold IV of Austria, d.1109; m.Wiprecht von Groitzsch Konrad I of Bohemia, d.1092; m.Wilpirk N, zu Bruenn, d.1115; m.NN, zu Bruenn, d.1156; m.NN, a Russian, zu Bruenn 1174-99, zu Jamnitz 1197, d.1151, zu Znaim, d.1115; m.Ida von der Ostmark II, zu Znaim, d.1150; m.Maria [of Serbia] III Otto, Duke of Bohemia, Margrave of Moravia, d.1191; m.before 1176 Eilica von Wittelsbach (d.after 1191); m.Pr Casimir of Poland, Bp of Prague, d.1090 Otto I of Moravia, d.1086; m.Euphemia of Hungary (d.1111) Swatopulk II of Bohemia, d.1109; m.Hidda N, zu Olmuetz, d.1130, d.young II, zu Olmuetz und Bruenn, d.1126; m.Sofie von Berg III, zu Olmuetz; 1140 Durantia N, zu Olmuetz, b.1145, d.after 1199, zu Lundenburg 1185-96, d.1151, Bp of Olmuetz 1172-82, b.1115, d.young, d.young,d.young
2.2.2.Strachkwas, a monk (936-977)
2.4.Dubrawka, d.977; m.Pr Miecislaw of Poland (d.992)
2.5.Mlada-Maria, Abbess in Prague

End of Part 1 

Part 2.Duke Wladislaw I of Bohemia (see Part 1) had issue:
1.Wladislaw II, King of Bohemia, d.1175; m.1st 1140 Gertrud ofAustria (d.1151); m.2d 1153 Jutta of Thuringia
[by 1st m.]:
1.1.Duke Friedrich of Bohemia (ca 1142-1189); m.Elizabeth of Hungary
1.1.1.Wratislaw, d.before 1180
1.1.2.Helene; m.1164 Peter Komnenos
1.1.3.Sofie, d.1195; m.1186 Margrave Albrecht I of Meissen (d.1195)
1.1.4.Ludmilla (ca 1170-1240); m.1st Ct Albrecht von Bogen (d.1198); m.2d 1204 Duke Ludwig I of Bavaria (1174-1231)
1.2.Swatopulk; m.1164 Adela of Hungary
1.3.Adalbert, Archbishop of Salzburg, d.1200
[by 2d m.]:
1.4.Przemysl Ottokar I, King of Bohemia (ca 1155-1230); m.1st ca 1180 (div 1198) Adelheid of Meissen (d.1211); m.2d ca 1198 Constance of Hungary (d.1240)
[by 1st m.]:
1.4.1.Wratislaw, fl 1207-24
1.4.2.Margarete=Dagmar, d.1212; m.1205 King Waldemar II of Denmark (1170-1241)
1.4.3.Hedwig, a nun in Prague
[by 2d m.]:
1.4.4.Wratislaw, b.1200, d.young
1.4.5.King Wenzel I of Bohemia (1205-1253); m.1224 Kunigunde von Hohenstaufen (d.1248), Margrave of Moravia, d.1247; m.1246 Gertrud of Austria (d.1299) Przemysl Ottokar II of Bohemia, 1230. k.a.1278; m.1st 1252 (div 1264) Margarete of Austria (d.1267); m.2d 1261 Kuniginde of Halicz (d.1285); he also had several illegitimate kids by Margarete vonChuenring, for whom see Part 3 Wenzel II of Bohemia and Poland (1271-1305); m.1st 1285 Jutta von Habsburg (1271-1297); m.2d 1300 Elizabeth of Poland (d.1335) Ottokar, b.and d.1288 III, King of Bohemia and Poland, b.1289, murdered 1306; m.1305 Viola of Teschen (d.1317), b.and d.1294 (1295-1296) (1289-1293) (1290-1313); m.1306 Duke Heinrich of Carinthia, King of Bohemia 1307-10 (d.1335) (1292-1330); m.1310 Duke Johann of Luxemburg, King of Bohemia 1310 (1296-1346); Bohemia was inherited by their descendants (1293-1294) (1296-1322); m.Duke Boleslaw III of Liegnitz and Brieg (1291-1352), b.1305, d.before 4 Jan 1337; .1315 Duke Heinrich I of Jauer and Fuerstenberg (d.1346) (1265-1321); m.1290 Duke N of Masovia (d.1302) (1269-1296); m.1289 Duke Rudolf II of Austria (1671-1290), d.1286; m.1243 Margrave Otto III of Brandenburg (d.1267), d.1268; m.1244 Margrave Heinrich of Meissen (d.1288)
1.4.6.Wladislaw, Margrave of Moravia (1207-1226)
1.4.7.Przemysl, Margrave of Moravia (1209-1239); m.Margarete von Meran
1.4.8.Jutta, d.1230; m.1213 Duke Bernhard of Carinthia (d.1256)
1.4.9.Anna (1204-1265); m.1216 Duke Heinrich II of Silesia (d.1241)
1.4.10.Agnes, Abbess (1208-1283)
1.5.Duke Wladislaw III Heinrich of Bohemia, d.1222
1.6.Agnes, Abbess in Prague, d.1228
1.7.Richza, d.1182; 1180 Margrave Heinrich of Austria, Duke of Moedling (d.1223)
2.Duke Diepold of Moravia, d.1167; m.a dau.of Margrave Albrecht of Brandenburg
2.1.Duke Diepold II of Moravia, d.1190; m.Adelheid of Silesia
2.1.1.Dypold-Borzywoj, d.1235/6
2.1.2.Sobieslaw, d.after 1 Oct 1247
2.1.3.Boleslaw, d.1241
2.1.4.Otto,  a canon in Magdeburg, d.1225
2.2.Hedwig, d.1211; m.Ct Friedrich von Brehna (d.1182)
3.Heinrich, d.after 1169; m.Margarete N
3.1.Duke heinrich of Bohemia, Archbishop of Prague, d.1197
4.Swatawa, 1136; m.1124 Friedrich III, Domvogt von Regensburg

End of Part 2

Part III.
King Przemysl Ottokar II of Bohemia (see Part 2) had illegitimate issue:
1.Duke Nikolaus I of Troppau (ca 1255-1318); m.1283 Adelheid von Habsburg (d.1313)
1.1.Duke Nikolaus II of Troppau and Ratibor (ca 1288-1365); m.1st ca 1318 Anna von Ratibor (d.1340);m.2d 1342/5 Hedwig of Oels; m.3d 1359 Jutta von Falkenberg (d.after 1378)
1.1.1.Duke Johann I of Ratibor (ca 1332-1381); m.1361 Anna of Sagan (d.1405) Johann II Ferreus of Troppau, Ratibor and Jaegerndorf (ca 1365-1424); m.before 16 Jan 1407 Helena of Lithuania (d.after 2 Mar 1449) Nikolaus VI, in Jaegerndorf, etc (ca 1400-1452); m.1st Margareta Clemm von Elguth; m.2d 1451 Barbara Rockenberg (d.after 12 Jun 1452) Johann IV, in Jaegerndorf, etc (ca 1435-1483) Wenzel V, in Rybnik und Pless, 1440, prison at Glatz 1478, Dss of Jaegerndorf (ca 1445-1510); m.1475 Duke Hanus of Auschwitz (d.1495/7) (ca 1450-1508); m.after 12 Aug 1482 Duke Kasimir of Zator (d.1490) Wenzel III of Ratibor (ca 1405-1456); m.1437 Margareta Szamotuly (d.1464) Johann V of Ratibor (ca 1440-1493); 1478 Magdalena of Oppeln (d.1501) Nikolaus VII of Ratibor (ca 1478-1506); m.1505 Anna von Teczin ( 1530) Johann VI of Ratibor (1483-1506) Valentin of Ratibr (ca 1485-1521), 1480; m.Wlodko von Donoborz (d.1467) (ca 1445-ca 1480); m.Jan Ostrorog, Palatine of Posen (d.1501) (ca 1450-ca 1480) (ca 1410-1459); m.1st Duke Kasimir of Auschwitz (d.1434); m.2d Siemowit of Masovia, Pr of Gostyn (d.1442) Nikolaus IV, in Freudenthal (ca 1370-ca 1406), 1380, d.before 7 Sep 1407; m.1406 Duke Bolko I of Teschen (d.1431)
1.1.2.Duke Nikolaus III of Troppau (1343/50-1394)
1.1.3.Duke Wenzel I of Troppau (ca 1361-ca 1381)
1.1.4.Duke Przemko of Troppau (ca 1365-1433); m.1st ca 1395 Anna von der Luczka (d.after 17 Aug 1404); m.2d ca 1405 Katharina von Muensterberg (d.1422); m.3d ca 1425 Jelena of Bosnia (d.1434/5)
[by 1st m.]: Wenzel II of Troppau and Leobschuetz (ca 1397-1446); 1420 Elisabeth von Krawarz Hanus of Troppau (ca 1420-1454) Johann III Pius of Troppau and Leobschuetz (ca 1425-ca 1485); m.Katharina N (ca 1430-1478); 1460 Johann Zajic von Hasenburg (d.1495) Nikolaus V, in Zuckmantel (ca 1400-1437)
[by 2d m.]: Wilhelm of Troppau and Muensterberg (ca 1410-1452); 1435 Salome von Czastolowicz (d.1489) (ca 1440-ca 1470) Wenzel IV of Troppau (ca 1445-1474), a canon in Breslau (ca 1450-1493) (ca 1443-1505); 1460 Duke Johann II of Glogau and Sagan (d.1504), Abbess in Trebnitz (ca 1448-1515) Ernst of Troppau and Muensterberg (ca 1415-ca 1460) (ca 1406-ca 1440); m.1st ca 1420 Johann von Krawarz; m.2d Georg, herr von Sternberg (d.1438) (ca 1415-1445); 1435 Ct Georg Sankt-Georgen und Poesing
[by 3d m.]:, a canon in Breslau (ca 1425-1478), 1425; m.Johann Jicinsky von Cimburg (d.1475), Abbess of Trebnitz (ca 1430-ca 1500)
1.1.5.Euphemia, 1319, d.before 11 Sep 1352; m.1335 Duke Siemowit III of Masovia (d.1381)
1.1.6.Elisabeth, a nun in Ratibor (ca 1321-1386)
1.1.7.Agnes,a nun in Ratibor (ca 1323-1404)
1.1.8.Anna (ca 1325-1361); m.1346 Ct Burchard zu Hardegg und Retz, Burggrave of Magdeburg (d.1360/1)
1.1.9.Margareta (ca 1330-ca 1363); m.1353 Johann Heinrich of Bohemia-Luxemburg, Margrave of Moravia (d.1375)
1.1.10.Anna (1361-1398); m.1379 Peter, Herr von Sternberg (d.1397)
1.2.Wenzel, a canon in Prague and Olmuetz (ca 1290-1367)
1.3.Johann (ca 1300-1325)
2.Jesek, a priest in Wysehrad, d.1296
3.a dau., m.N, Herr von Strakonicz
4.a dau., m.N, Herr von Wartenberg
5.a dau., 1276 Wok, Herr von Krawarz ( 1329)
6.Elisabeth; m.Vikard, Herr von Polna, Burggrave of Bruenn
7.a dau., m.after May 1277 N, Herr von Weitra
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