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Part 1
The earliest proven ancestor of the house of Hohenzollern was one Burkard von Zolorin, who
was action 1061; his son, Ct Friedrich I von Zollern (d.before 1125) m.Udilhild von Urach
( 1134) and had issue:
1.Ct Friedrich II, d.after 1145; m.NN
1.1.Friedrich I, Burggrave of Nürnberg, 1200; m.Sofie von Raabs, heiress of the last of the
old Burggraves of Nuernebrg; they left two sons, ancestors of the two branches of the family still
extant; it actually which was the elder son.
1.1.1.Konrad I, Bggve of Nürnberg, d.1260/1; m.Adelheid von Frontenhausen Friedrich III, d.1297; m.1st Elisabeth von Meran (d.1272/3); m2.d ca 1275 Helene of
Saxony (d.1309), murdered 1261/2, murdered 1261/2 Johann I (1278/80-1300); m.Agnes of Hesse (d.1335) Friedrich IV of Nürnberg (1287-1332); m.before 2 Aug 1307 Margarete of
Carinthia (d.after 1348) Johann II of Nürnberg, d.1357; m.before 3 Mar 1333 Css Elisabeth von
Henneberg (d.after 6 Dec 1377) Friedrich V of Nürnberg (ca 1333-1398); m.1350 Pss Elisabeth of Meißen
(1329-1375) Johann III of Nürnberg (ca 1369-1420); 1381 Margaret of Luxemburg
(1373-1410) (1391/2-1429); m.1412 Ct Eberhard of Wuerttemberg (d.1417) Friedrich VI of Nürnberg (1371-1440); in 1411 Emperor Sigismund pawned
the Mark of Brandenburg to him; unable to redeem it, the Emperor installed Friedrich as Friedrich
I, Margrave and Elector of Brandenburg; m.1401 Pss Elisabeth of Bavaria-Landshut (1383-
1442); for their descendants see Part 2 (1358-1411); m.1374 Ruprecht of the Palatinate, German king (d.1410), d.1414; m.1375 Duke Albrecht III of Austria (d.1395), d.1406; m.1383 Ldgve Hermann II of Hesse (d.1413), a nun in Seusslitz, d.after 10 May 1392, a nun in Hof, d.1409, Abbess of Hof, 1430, d.1377; m.1359 Duke Stefan I of Bavaria-Landshut (d.1375), d.after 23 May 1377; m.1360 Ct Ulrich von Schaumberg (d.1373), Abbess of Birkenfeld, d.1383, a nun in Birkenfeld, d.before 1370 Konrad III of Nürnberg, d.1334; m.Irmgard von Hohenlohe (d.after 1371), Bp of Regensburg, d.after 18 Jul 1364 Albrecht of Nürnberg, d.1361; m.1348 Css Sofie von Henneberg (d.1372), d.1357, d.before 30 Mar 1361 (1359-ca 1390); m.before 22 Jul 1374 Balthasar, Ldgve of Thuringia
(d.1406) (1360-1413); m.1374 Duke Swantibor of Pomerania (d.1413), Bp of Eichstaedt, Chancellor to Emperor Karl IV (1320-1365), d.after 1374; m.1st ca 1321 Ct Otto VIII von Orlamuende (d.1334), 1340; m.Ldgve Ulrich I vonLeuchtenberg (d.1334); m.1332 Ct Adolf I of Nassau-Wiesbaden (d.1370), d.before 20 Feb 1364; m.1st 1336 Ct Berthold VII von Graisbach (d.1342);
m.2d 1343/4 Ct Albrecht II von Heiligenberg, d.after 12 Mar 1373; m.1338 Ct Eberhard von Wertheim (d.1373), d.1298; 1265 Ct Ludwig V von Oettingen (d.1313), d.1306/7; m.1270/3 Ct Heinrich II von Castell (d.1307/8), d.1285/8; 1272 Gottfried I vonHohenlohe (d.1290), d.after 1355; m.1295/6 Ct Emich I of Nassau-Hadamar (d.1334) Konrad II of Nürnberg, d.1314; m.Agnes von Hohenlohe (d.1319), d.1303, d.1304, d.after 17 Jul 1318, d.1306; m.Konrad von Schluesselberg, a nun, d.after 1318; 1298 Ct Friedrich VIII von Truhendingen (d.1332), d.1304; m.Ct Rapoto von Ortenburg, Ct Palatine of Bavaria (d.1248) dau; m.Marquuard von Heydeck
1.1.2.Ct Friedrich IV von Zollern, Bgve of Nürnberg (ca 1188-1251/5); m.Elisabeth N; for their
descendants see Part 5
2.Burkhard, d.1150/5; m.N von Schala
2.1.Burkhard, ancestor of the Counts von Hohenberg, of whom I have no details
3.Ulrich, Abbot of Reichenau, d.1135
4.Egino, d.after 1134
5.Gottfried von Zimbern, d.1156/60
6.Adalbert,a monk in Zwiefalten, d.before 1150
7.Udilhild, d.before 1150
8.Gemma, d.after 1152; 1146 Hugo, Ct Palatine of Tuebingen
9.a dau., m.Ct Werner N
10.Luitgard, a nun in Zwiefalten, d.after 1150

End of Part 1

Part 2
Friedrich I, Elector of Brandenburg (see Part 1) had issue:
1.Johann der Alchemist, renounced his rights of succession (1406-146); m.1412 Pss Barbara of
Saxe-Wittenberg (1405-1465)
1.1.Rudolf, b.and d.1424
1.2.Barbara (1423-1481); m.1433 Luigi III Gonzaga, Margrave of Mantua (d.1478)
1.3.Elisabeth (1425-after 13 Jan 1465); m.1st 1437 Duke Joachim of Pomerania (d.1451); m.2d
1453 Duke Wratislaw X of Pomerania (d.1478)
1.4.Dorothea (1430-1495); m.1st 1445 King Christof III of Denmark (d.1448); m.2d 1449 King
Christian I of Denmark (d.1481)
2.Friedrich II, Elector of Brandenburg (1413-1471); m.1441 Pss Katharina of Saxony (1421-
2.1.Johann (1452-1454)
2.2.Erasmus, b.after 1452, d.1464/5
2.3.Dorothea (1446-1519); m.1464 Duke Johann V of Saxe-Lauenburg (d1507)
2.4.Margarete, d.1489; 1477 Duke Bogislaw X of Pomerania (d.1523)
3.Albrecht Achilles, Elector of Brandenburg (1414-1486); he laid down the family rule rare among
German families, the key to its future success, that Brandenburg would never be divided, but
always inherited by the eldest son, and that the territories of Ansbach and Bayreuth could be
given to younger sons, but not further subdivided; he m.1st 1446 Mgvine Margarete of Baden
(d.1457); m.2d 1458 Pss Anna of Saxony (1437-1512)
3.1.Wolfgang, b.and d.1450
3.2.Johann Cicero, Elector of Brandenburg (1455-1499); m.1476 Pss Margarete of Saxony
3.2.1.Wolfgang, b.1482, d.young
3.2.2.Joachim I, Elector of Brandenburg (1484-1535); m.1502 Pss Elisabeth of Denmark (1485-
1555) II, Elector of Brandenburg (1505-1571); m.1st 1524 Pss Magdalene of Saxony
(1507-1534); m.2d 1535 Pss Hedwig of Poland (1513-1573) Georg, Elector of Brandenburg (1525-1598); m.1st 1545 Pss Sofie von Liegnitz
(d.1546); m.2d 1548 Mgvine Sabine of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1529-1575); m.3d 1577 Pss
Elisabeth of Anhalt (1563-1607); for his descendants see Part 3, Archbishop of Magdeburg (1530-1552), b.and d.1532, b.and d.1532, b.and d.1534, Archbishop of Magdeburg (1538-1566) (1543-1544) (1527-1595); m.1545 Duke Georg II of Liegnitz (d.1586) (1528-1529) (1537-1595); m.1559 Duke Franz Otto of Brunswick-Lueneburg (d.1559) (1540-1602); m.1560 Duke Julius of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel (d.1589) (1541-1564); m.1561 Wilhelm von Rosenberg (d.1592), Margrave of Kuestrin (1513-1571); m.1537 Dss Katharina of Brunswick-
Wolfenbuettel (1518-1574) (1540-1578); m.1558 Georg Friedrich, Mgve of Brandenburg-Ansbach
(d.1603) (1549-1602); m.1570 Joachim Friedrich, Elector of Brandenburg (d.1608) (1507-1567); m.1524 Duke Albrecht VI of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (d.1547) (1510-1558); m.1st 1525 Duke Erich I of Brunswick-Kalenberg (d.1540); m.2d
1546 Ct Poppo XVIII von Henneberg (d.1574)
3.2.3.Albrecht, Cardinal, Archbishop of Magdeburg, Elector of Mainz (1490-1545)
3.2.4.a dau., b.1480, d.after 5 Jul 1482
3.2.5.Elisabeth, b.and d.1486
3.2.6.Anna (1487-1514); m.1502 King Frederik I of Denmark (d.1533)
3.2.7.Ursula (1488-1510); m.1507 Duke Heinrich V of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (d.1552)
3.3.Friedrich, d.young
3.4.Friedrich V, Mgve of Ansbach and Bayreuth (1460-1536); m.1479 Pss Sofie of Poland (1464-
3.4.1.Kasimir, Mgve of Kulmbach (1481-1527); m.1518 Pss Susanne of Bavaria (1502-1543) Alcibiades, Mgve of Kulmbach (1522-1557), b.and d.1525 (1519-1567); m.1557 Friedrich III, Elector Palatine (d.1576) (1520-1521) (1524-1558); m.1551 Mgve Karl II of Baden-Durlach (d.1577)
3.4.2.Georg, Mgve of Ansbach (1484-1534); m.1st 1509 Beatrice de Frangepan (1480-1510);
m.2d 1525 Pss Hedwig von Muensterberg (d.1531); m.3d 1532 Pss Emilie of Saxony (1516-
1591) Friedrich, Mgve of Ansbach (1539-1603); m.1st 1558 Elisabeth of Kuestrin
(above); m.2d 1579 Dss Sofie of Brunswick-Lueneburg (d.1639) Marie (1526-1589); m.1544 Duke Christof of Wuerttemberg (d.1568) (1529-1575); m.1548 Johann Georg, Elector of Brandenburg (d.1598) (1535-1587); m.1560 Duke Heinrich XI of Liegnitz (d.1588) (1536-1591) Katharina (1538-1604); m.1556 Heinrich VI von Plauen, Burggrave of Meißen
3.4.3.Albrecht (1490-1568); in 1511 he was chosen as Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights; in
1525 he secularized the order, married, and declared himself Duke of Prussia, under the king of
Poland; he m.1st 1526 Pss Dorothea of Denmark (1504-1547); m.2d 1550 Dss Anna Marie of
Brunswick-Kalenberg (d.1568) Albrecht (1529-1530), b.and d.1539 Albrecht Friedrich of Prussia (1553-1618); m.1573 Marie Eleonore of Juelich,
Cleves and Berg (1550-1608); as a result of this marriage the electors of Brandenburg
(descended from her daughter) claimed her homeland; this dispute was part of the 30 years war;
finally, in 1666, Cleves and other territories of that family were allotted to the Hohenzollerns Friedrich, b.and d.1580 Friedrich (1585-1586) (1576-1625); m.1594 Johann Sigismund, Elector of Brandenburg (d.1619) (1579-1649); m.1604 Mgve Christian of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (d.1655) (1582-1610); m.1609 Wilhelm, Duke of Courland (d.1640) (1583-1607); m.1603 Joachim Friedrich, Elector of Brandenburg (d.1608) Sibylle (1586-1659); m.1607 Elector Johann Georg I of Saxony (d.1656) Sofie (1527-1591); m.1555 Duke Johann Albrecht I of Mecklenburg (d.1576), b.and d.1528 Dorothea (1531-1532) (1537-1539) (1551-1596)
3.4.4.Friedrich (1491-1497)
3.4.5.Johann, Viceroy of Valencia (1493-1525); m.1519 Germaine de Foix (d.1536)
3.4.6.Freidrich, a canon in Wuerzburg (1497-1536)
3.4.7.Wilhelm, Archbishop of Riga (1498-1563)
3.4.8.Johann Albrecht, Archbishop of Magdeburg (1499-1550)
3.4.9.Friedrich Abrecht (1501-1504)
3.4.10.Gumprecht, a canon in Bamberg (1503-1528)
3.4.11.Elisabeth, b.1480, d.young
3.4.12.Margarete (1483-1532)
3.4.13.Sofie (1485-1537); m.1518 Duke Friedrich II of Liegnitz (d.1547)
3.4.14.Anna (1487-1539); m.1518 Duke Wenzel III of Teschen (d.1524)
3.4.15.Barbara (1488-1490)
3.4.16.Elisabeth (1494-1518); m.1510 Mgve Ernst of Baden-Durlach (d.1553)
3.4.17.Barbara (1495-1552); m.1528 Georg, Landgrave von Leuchtenberg (d.1555)
3.5.Albrecht, b.and d.1466
3.6.Siegmund, Mgve of Bayreuth (1468-1495)
3.7.Albrecht, b.and d.1470
3.8.Georg (1472-1476)
3.9.Ursula (1450-1508); m.1467 Duke Heinrich I of Muensterberg (d.1498)
3.10.Elisabeth (1451-1524); m.1467 Duke Eberhard II of Wuerttemberg (d.1504)
3.11.Amalie (1461-1481); m.1478 Kaspar, Ct Palatine of Zweibruecken (d.1527)
3.12.Anna, b.and d.1462
3.13.Barbara (1464-1515); m.1472 Duke Heinrich XI of Glogau (d.1476)
3.14.Sibylle (1467-1524); m.1481 Duke William IV of Juelich and Berg (d.1511)
3.15.Dorothea, Abbess in Bamberg (1471-1520)
3.16.Elisabeth (1474-1507); m.1491 Ct Hermann VIII von Henneberg (d.1535)
3.17.Magdalene (1576-1578)
3.18.Anastasia (1478-1534); m.1500 Ct Wilhelm VII von Henneberg (d.1559)
4.Friedrich (1424-1463); m.1449 Agnes of Pomerania (d.1512)
4.1.Magdalene (1460-1496); m.1482 Ct Eitel-Friedrich von Hohenzollern (d.1512)
5.Elisabeth (1403-1449); m.1st 1418 Duke Ludwig II of Liegnitz (d.1436); m.2d 1439 Duke
Wenzel I of Teschen (d.1474)
6.Caecilie, d.1427; m.1423 Duke Wilhelm of Brunswick-Lueneburg (d.1482)
7.Margarete (1410-1465); m.1st 1423 Duke Albrecht V of Mecklenburg (d.1423); m.2d 1441
Duke Ludwig of Bavaria-Ingolstadt (d.1445); m.3d Martin von Waldenfels
8.Magdalene, d.1454; m.1429 Duke Friedrich of Brunswick-Lueneburg (d.1478)
9.Sofie, b.and d.1416
10.Dorothea (1420-1491); m.1432 Duke Heinrich IV of Mecklenburg (d.1477)

End of Part 2

Part 3
Elector Johann Georg of Brandenburg (see part 2) had issue:
1.Joachim Friedrich, Elector of Brandenburg (1546-1608); m.1st 1570 Katharine of Brandenburg-
Kuestrin (1549-1602); m.2d 1603 Eleonore of Prussia (1583-1607)
1.1.Johann Sigismund, Elector of Brandenburg (1572-1619); m.1594 Ann of Prussia (elder sister
of his stepmother) (1576-1625)
1.1.1.Georg Wilhelm, Elector of Brandenburg (1595-1640); m.1616 Elisabeth Charlotte, Css
Palatine of Simmern (1597-1660) Wilhelm, "the Great" Elector of Brandenburg (1620-1688); during his reign he
acquired much more territory including Pomerania and Polish parts of Prussia; m.1st 1646 Pss
Luise Henriette of Orange-Nassau (1627-1667); m.2d 1668 Pss Dorothea of Holstein-
Gluecksburg (1636-1689) I, King in Prussia (1657-1713); the title king "in" prussia was taken because
the emperor would allow no other kings inside the empire, so King of Brandenburg was out, and
parts of Prussia were still in Polish hands; the "in" was dropped in favor of "of" not long
thereafter; m.1st 1679 Landgvine Elisabeth Henriette of Hesse-Cassel (1661-1683); m.2d 1648
Pss Sofie Charlotte of Hanover (1668-1705); m.3d 1708 Dss Sofie Luise of Mecklenburg-
Schwerin (1685-1735) August (1685-1686) Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia (1688-1740); m.1706 Pss Sophia Dorothea of
Great Britain (1687-1757) (1707-1708) Wilhelm (1710-1711) Friedrich II "the Great" of Prussia (1712-1786); m.1733 Dss Elisabeth of
Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel (1715-1797) (1717-1719) Wilhelm (1722-1758); m.1742 Dss Luise of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel (1722-
1780) Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia (1744-1797); m.1st 1765 (div 1769) Dss
Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel (1746-1840); m.2d 1769 Ldgvine Friederike of
Hesse-Darmstadt (1751-1805) Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia (1770-1840); m.1st 1793 Dss Luise of
Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1776-1810); m.2d 1824 Css Auguste von Harrach, cr Pss von Liegnitz and
Css von Hohenzollern (1800-1873); for his descendants see part 4 (1773-1796); m.1793 Dss Friederike of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1778-
1841) (1794-1863); m.1817 Pss Luise of Anhalt-Bernburg (1799-1882) (1820-1896) (1826-1902) (1795-1798) (1796-1850); m.1818 Duke Leopold IV of Anhalt (d.1871) (1781-1846) (1783-1851); m.1804 Ldgvine Maria Anna of Hesse-Homburg (1785-
1846) (1811-1813) (1811-1873); m.1850 Therese Elssler, cr Frau von Barnim (1808-
1878) Adalbert von Arnim (1841-1860) (1813-1814) (1817-1849) (1805-1806) (1815-1885); m.1836 Pr Karl of Hesse and the Rhine (d.1877) (1825-1889); m.1842 King Maximilian II of Bavaria (d.1864) (1767-1820); m.1791 Pr Frederick Augustus of Great Britain, Duke of
York and Albany (d.1827) (1772-1773) (1774-1837); m.1791 King Willem I of the Netherlands (d.1843) (1780-1841); m.1797 Elector Wilhelm II of Hesse (d.1847)
****King Friedrich Wilhelm II had illegitmate kids:
[by Wilhelmina Enke, cr Css von Lichtenau]: Sophie Wilhelmine von Berckholz, b.and d.1774 von Luetzenberg, b.and d.1777 Alexander von der Mark (1779-1787) Marianne von der Mark (1780-1814); m.1st 1797 (div 1799) Ct Friedrich
zu Stolberg-Stolberg; m.2d 1801 Kaspar von Miaskowksi; m.3d Etienne de Thierry (d.1843)
[by Julie von Voss, cr Css von Ingenheim (1766-1789)]: Gustaf Adolf von Ingenheim (1789-1855); m.1826 (his niece) Eugenie de
Thierry (1808-1881) Julius (1827-1903); m.1861 Css Elisabeth zu Stolberg-Stolberg (1825-
1907) Elisabeth (1863-1939); m.1894 Friedrich Mikusch von Buchberg
(d.1926) Eugen (1837-1897) Franz (1846-1919); m.1875 Css Huberta von Franken-Sierstorpff (1854-
1913) Rudolf (1878-1943) Harald (1892-1978) Manfred (1896-    ); m.1925 Annalies-Renata Kutz (1904-    ) Huberta, b.1925; m.1954 Johann Jacobs maritta (1928-1974); m.(div 1953) Robert Chlupacek[illegitimate]Ct Walter von Ingenheim-Molitor (1914-1983); m.1951
Marianne Wasner (1926-    ) Wolf-Harald, b.1962 Eva-Maria, b.1954 Angelika Konstanze Marianne (1831-1915); m.1862 Ct Heinrich von Stillfried und Rattonitz
[by Css Juliane von Doenhoff, cr Css von Brandenburg (1768-1837)]: Friedrich Wilhelm von Brandenburg (1792-1850); m.1818 Mathilde Aurora
von Massenbach (1795-1855) Friedrich (1819-1892) Wilhelm (1819-1892) (1820-1909) Charlotte (1821-1902) Julie (1823-1884) mathilde (1825-1900); m.1847 Ct Erdmann von Pueckler (d.1864) Elisabeth (1828-1893) Alexandra (1834-1885) Julie von Brandenburg (1793-1848); m.1816 Duke Friedrich Ferdinand of
Anhalt-Koethen (d.1830) (1747-1767) (1758-1759) (1751-1820); m.1767 Pr Willem V of Orange-Nassau-Dietz (d.1806) (1726-1802); m.1752 Ldgvine Wilhelmine of Hesse-Cassel (1726-1808) (1730-1813); m.1755 Luise of Brandenburg-Schwedt (below) (1769-1773) (1771-1790) Ferdinand (1772-1806); he had two illegitimate kids by Henriette Fromme: von Wildenbruch (1803-1874); m.1st 1837 Ernestine von Langen (1805-
1858); m.2d 1860 Flora Nicolovius (1811-1879) (1842-1893) (1845-1909); m.1885 Marie von Weber (1847-1920) (1846-1930) (1838-1918); m.1860 Ct Paul Yorck (d.1897), b.and d.1839 (1841-1843) (1805-1887); m.1826 Friedrich von Roeder (d.1858), b.and d.1776 (1779-1843); he left illegitimate kids by Karoline von Waldenburg (1781-
1844); for them see Part 9 (1761-1773) (1770-1836); m.1796 Pr Antoni Radziwill (d.1833) (1709-1758); m.1731 Friedrich, Mgve of Brandenburg-Bayreuth
(d.1763) (1713-1714) Luise (1714-1784); m.1729 Mgve Karl of Brandenburg-Ansbach
(d.1757) Charlotte (1716-1801); m.1733 Duke Karl I of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel
(d.1780) (1719-1765); m.1734 Mgve Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg-Schwedt
(d.1771) (1720-1782); m.1744 King Adolph Frederik of Sweden (d.1771), Abbess of Quedlinburg (1723-1787) (1680-1705); m.1700 Friedrich I, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel (d.1751), b.and d.1664 (1666-1687); m.1681 Pss Luise Charlotte Radziwill (1667-1695), Margrave of Brandenburg-Schwedt (1669-1711); m.1699 Pss Johanna
Charlotte of Anhalt-Dessau (1682-1750) Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg-Schwedt (1700-1771); m.1734 Pss Sofie of
Prussia (above) Philipp (1741-1742) Philipp Wilhelm (1749-1751) (1736-1798); m.1753 Duke Friedrich I Eugen of Wuerttemberg (d.1797) (1738-1820); m.1755 Pr Ferdinand of Prussia (above) (1745-1800); m.1773 Friedrich II, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel (d.1785) Wilhelm, b.and d.1704 Heinrich Friedrich of Brandenburg-Schwedt (1709-1788); m.1739 Pss
Leopoldine of Anhalt-Dessau (1716-1782), Abbess of Herford (1745-1808) (1750-1811); m.1767 Fst Leopold III of Anhalt-Dessau (d.1817)[illegitimate by Maria Magdalene Kramann, cr Bss von Stoltzenberg] Baron
Friedrich Karl von Stoltzenberg (1782-1845); m.1811 Therese Dufour (1786-1869) Maximilian (1813-1885); m.1839 Friederike von Esbeck (1817-1866) Friedrich (1840-1876); m.1866 Elizabeth Favre (1848-1911) Friedrich (1867-1936); m.1894 Monika Reisgen (1876-1927) Wilhelm (1895-    ); m.1921 Anna Maria Prause (1891-1937) Friedrich (1897-1914) Maximilian (1905-    ) Elisabeth (1896-    ); m.1930 Wilhelm Fischer Viktoria (1899-    ); m.1925 Eberhard Neumann Maximilian (1869-1949); m.1893 Bss Ottonie Knigge (1872-1949) Max-Ulrich (1905-    ) Dagmar (1894-    ); m.1920 Hans von Nordheim (d.1969) Gisela (1895-    ) Maxa (1900-    ) Walpurga (1902-    ) Wilhelm (1871-1880) Maximilian (1848-1889) Marie (1842-1915); m.1862 Maximilian Vogel von Falckenstein (d.1917) Anna (1841-1873); m.1867 Otto von Benckendorff und Hundenburg
(d.1876) Therese (1851-1931); m.1874 Max von Gerstein-Hohenstein (d.1917) Dorothea (1700-1701) Marie (1702-1782); m.1716 Hereditary Pr Friedrich Ludwig of
Wuerttemberg (d.1731) (1710-1712) (1672-1731); m.1703 Pss Marie Dorothea of Courland (1684-1743) (1704-1707) (1705-1762) (1710-1741) (1714-1744) (1706-1751); m.1723 Duke Wilhelm Heinrich of Saxe-Eisenach (d.1741) (1709-1726) (1712-1750); m.1733 Fst Viktor Friedrich of Anhalt-Bernburg (d.1765) (1673-1695); m.1695 Katharina von Balbiano (d.1719) Ludwig (1677-1734) (1664-1665) (1670-1739); m.1st 1687 Hereditary Pr Karl of Mecklenburg-Guestrow (d.1688);
m.2d 1689 Duke Moritz Wilhelm of Saxe-Zeitz (d.1718) (1674-1748); m.1st 1691 Duke Friedrich Kasimir of Courland (d.1698); m.2d
1703 Mgve Christian Ernst of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (below); m.3d 1714 Duke Ernst Ludwig I of
Saxe-Meiningen (d.1724) (1675-1676) Sigismund, b.and d.1624 Charlotte (1617-1676); m.1645 Duke Jakob of Courland (d.1681) Sofie (1623-1683); m.1649 Wilhelm VI, Landgve of Hesse-Cassel (d.1663)
1.1.2.Joachim Sigismund (1603-1625)
1.1.3.Johann Friedrich (1607-1608)
1.1.4.Albrecht Christian, b.and d.1609
1.1.5.Anna Sofie (1598-1659); m.1614 Duke Friedrich Ulrich of Brunswick-Lueneburg (d.1634)
1.1.6.Marie Eleonore (1599-1655); m.1620 King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden (d.1632)
1.1.7.Katharine (1602-1644); m.1st 1626 Bethlen Gabor, Fst von Siebenbuergen (d.1629); m.2d
1639 Duke Franz Karl of Saxe-Lauenburg (d.1660)
1.1.8.Agnes (1606-1607)
1.2.Johann Georg, Mgve of Brandenburg-Jaegerndorf (1577-1624); m.1610 Dss Eva Christine of
Wuerttemberg (1590-1657)
1.2.1.Georg (1613-1614)
1.2.2.Albrecht (1614-1620)
1.2.3.Ernst (1617-1642)
1.2.4.Katharine Sibylle (1611-1612)
1.2.5.Katharina Sibylle, b.and d.1615
1.3.August (1580-1601)
1.4.Albrecht Friedrich (1582-1600)
1.5.Joachim (1583-1600)
1.6.Ernst (1583-1613)
1.7.Christian Wilhelm (1587-1665); m.1st 1615 Dss Dorothea of Brunswick (1596-1643); m.2d
1650 Css Barbara Eusebia von Martinitz (d.1656); m.3d 1657 Css Maximiliane von Salm-
Neuburg (1608-1663)
1.7.1.Sofie Elisabeth (1616-1650); m.1638 Duke Friedrich Wilhelm of Saxe-Altenburg (d.1669)
1.8.Anna Katharine (1575-1612); m.1597 King Christian IV of Denmark (d.1648)
1.9.Barbara Sofie (1584-1636); m.1609 Duke Johann Friedrich of Wuerttemberg (d.1628)
1.10.Marie Eleonore (1607-1675); m.1631 Ludwig Philipp, Ct Palatine of Simmern (d.1655)
2.Georg Albrecht (1555-1557)
3.Christian, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (1581-1655); m.1604 Pss Marie of Prussia
3.1.Georg Friedrich, b.and d.1608
3.2.Christian Ernst (1613-1614)
3.3.Erdmann August (1615-1651); m.1641 Pss Sofie of Brandenburg-Ansbach (below)
3.3.1.Mgve Christian Ernst of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (1644-1712); m.1st 1662 Pss Erdmuthe
Sofie of Saxony (1644-1670); m.2d 1671 Dss Sofie Luise of Wuerttemberg (1642-1702); m.3d
1703 Pss Elisabeth Sofie of Brandenburg(above) Georg Wilhelm of Brandenburg-Bayreth (1678-1726); m.1699 Pss Sofie of Saxe-
Weissenfels (1684-1752) Wilhelm, b.and d.1706 Friedrich Wilhelm, b.and d.1709 Adolf Wilhelm, b.and d.1709 Sofie Wilhelmine (1701-1749) Elisabeth (1706-1709) Ludwig (1679-1680) Eberhardine (1671-1727); m.1693 Elector Friedrich August I of Saxony
(d.1733) Magdalene (1673-1711); m.1704 Ct Hermann Friedrich von Hohenzollern-
Hechingen (d.1733) Eleonore Sofie (1675-1676) Emilie (1677-1678)
3.4.Georg Albrecht (1619-1666); m.1st 1651 Pss Marie Elisabeth of Holstein-Gluecksburg (1628-
1664); m.3d 1665 Css Sofie Marie von Solms-Baruth (1626-1688)
3.4.1.Christian Philipp, b.and d.1653
3.4.2.Georg Friedrich (1657-1658)
3.4.3.Erdmann Philipp (1659-1678)
3.4.4.Christian Heinrich (1661-1708); m.1687 Css Sofie Christiane von Wolfstein (1667-1737) Georg Friedrich Karl of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (1688-1735); m.1709 (div 1724) Pss
Dorothea of Holstein-Beck (1685-1761) Friedrich of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (1711-1763); m.1st 1731 Pss Wilhelmine of
Prussia (above); m.2d 1759 Dss Sofie Karoline of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel (1737-1817) (1732-1780); m.1748 Duke Karl Eugen of Wuerttemberg (d.1793) Ernst (1712-1733) Christiane Luise (1710-1739); m.1731 Fst Alexander Ferdinand von Thurn und
Taxis (d.1773) Charlotte Albertine (1713-1747); m.1734 Duke Ernst August of Saxe-Weimar
(d.1748) Wilhelmine (1714-1749); m.1734 Fst Karl Edzard von Ostfriesland (d.1744) Wolfgang (1689-1734) Emanuel (1692-1693) Wilhelm, b.and d.1695 August (1699-1700) Ernst (1703-1762); m.1731 Dss Christine Sofie of Brunswick-Bevern (1717-
1779) Friedrich Christian of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (1708-1769); m.1732 (div 1764) Pss
Viktoria Charlotte of Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg (1715-1792) Sofie Charlotte (1733-1757); m.1757 Duke Ernst Friedrich III of Saxe-
Hildburghausen (d.1780) Magdalene, b.and d.1737 Charlotte (1691-1712); m.1711 Ct Karl Ludwig von Hohenlohe-Weikersheim
(d.1756) Henriette (1693-1695), b.and d.1698 Magdalene (1700-1770); m.1721 King Christian VI of Denmark (d.1746) Wilhelmine (1702-1704) Eleonore (1704-1705) Karoline (1705-1764); m.1723 Fst Georg Albrecht von Ostfriesland (d.1734)
3.4.5.Karl August (1663-1731)
3.4.6.Georg Albrecht (1666-1703); m.morganatically 1699 Regina Magdalena Lutz (1678-1755);
their descendants were Barons von Kotzau Christian (1700-1739); m.1731 Css Christiane von Schoenburg (1713-1780) Christian (1732-1801); m.1st NN; m.2d Bss Charlotte von Vietinghoff gt
Scheel (d.1847) Christian (1797-1863); m.1823 Caroline Jaehnichen (1806-1878) (1824-1904); m.1850 Josephine Waltz (1832-1876) (1852-1909) (1829-1886); m.1857 Bss Rosa von Waldenfels (1840-1913) (1859-1954); m.1887 Adelheid von Wenz zu Niederlahnstein (1865-
1929) (1891-1976); m.1917 Hertha von Metzsch (1897-    ) (1888-1962); m.1st 1907 (div 1913) Baron Max von Hohenfels; m.2d 1913
(div 1919) Baron Julius von Seckendorff; m.3d 1921 Rudolf Angstwurm (d.1933) (1866-1911) (1863-1882) (1869-    ); m.1890 Karl Grabner (d.1916) (1838-1922); m.1867 Linda Steinhaeuser (1849-1914) (1868-1944) (1873-    ); m.1894 Theodor Cnopf (d.1944) (1826-1882); m.1850 Baron Rudolf von Reitzenstein (d.1883) (1833-1860); m.1851 Baron Carl von Grossschedel (d.1906) Henriette Friederike (1788-1880); m.1806 Baron Gottlob von Reitzenstein Friederike (1789-1822); m.Friedrich von Muenchhausen (d.1839) Henriette Eleonore (1794-1863); m.1816 Friedrich Wilhelm von der Heydte
(d.1864) Karoline (1800-    ); m.1823 Baron Friedrich von Kotzau (below) Wilhelm (1737-1805); m.N von Metzsch (d.1807) (1783-1867); m.1823 Bss Erdmuthe Karoline (above) (1826-ca 1884) Hermann (1828-1855) (1824-1894); m.1848 Ct Friedemir von der Recke Clara Sophie (1837-1905); m.1858 Emil von Metzsch (d.1866) Albert Aemil (1786-1864) (1733-    ) Theresia (1735-    ) Charlotte (1735-1736) Wilhelmina (1736-    ) Karl (1702-1703) August (1703-1769); m.1st 1727 Christiane Eleonore von Reitzenstein (1709-
1761) Friedrich August (1728-1756) August (1734-1791); m.N von Steinwehr Heinrich August, d.1815; m.N von Thomaschewski Heinrich August (1809-1816) Theodor Otto (1812-1817) August (1735-1822); m.1770 Margareta Katharina Neumueller Aemilius (1771-1829); m.1799 Justine von der Hude (1772-1818) Wilhelm(1800-    ); m.1835 Christine Helena Aronds (d.1837) Albert (1836-    ) Aemilius (1837-    ) Friedrich (1802-1884) Friedrich (1810-1898); m.Atletta de Boer (d.1893) Karl (1813-1875); m.1849 Elise Wagener (1815-1899) Magdalene (1805-1882) Wilhelmine (1807-1874) August (1777-1780) Auguste (1773-    ) (1775-    ) (1780-1791) (1784-    ) Theodor August (1736-1800) Albert August (1751-1808); m.1774 Bss Caroline von Reitzenstein (d.1804) Christian August (1777-1839); m.Wilhelmine von Beer (d.1846) Hans (1810-1815) (1811-1843); m.1840 Pauline von Beulwitz (d.1867) (1841-1885) (1809-1873) August (1778-1822) Charlotte (1782-1841); m.Baron Karl Christoph von Reitzenstein (1786-    ); m.Friedrich von Wissel (d.1843) Karoline (1796-    ); m.N Schuetzinger (1729-    ), b.and d.1731 (1732-1734) (1737-1746) (1738-    ) (1739-1746) (1741-1746) (1744-    ) (1746-1747) (1748-    )
3.4.7.Sofie Amalie (1655-1656)
3.5.Friedrich Wilhelm, b.and d.1620
3.6.Elisabeth Eleonore, b.and d.1606
3.7.Anna Maria (1609-1680); m.1639 Fst Johann Anton I von Eggenberg (d.1649)
3.8.Agnes Sofie, b.and d.1611
3.9.Magdalene Sibylle (1612-1687); m.1638 Elector Johann Georg of Saxony (d.1680)
4.Joachim Ernst, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1583-1625); m.1612 Css Sofie von Solms-
Laubach (1594-1651)
4.1.Mgve Friedrich of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1616-1634)
4.2.Albrecht, b.and d.1617
4.3.Mgve Albrecht of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1620-1667); m.1st 1642 Dss Henriette Luise of
Wuerttemberg (1623-1650); m.2d 1615 Css Sofie Margarete von Oettingen (1634-1664); m.3d
1665 Pss Christine of Baden-Durlach (1645-1705)
4.3.1.Mgve Johann Friedrich of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1654-1686); m.1st 1673 Pss Johanna
Elisabeth of Baden-Durlach (1651-1680); m.2d 1681 Pss Eleonore Erdmuthe Luise of Saxe-
Eisenach (1662-1696) Friedrich (1674-1676) Christian Albrecht of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1675-1692) Georg Friedrich of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1678-1703) August, b.and d.1685 Wilhelm Friedrich of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1686-1723); m.1709 Dss Christiane
Charlotte of Wuerttemberg (1694-1729) Karl of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1712-1757); m.1729 Pss Friederike Luise of
Prussia (above); he also left illegitimate issue by Elisabeth Wuensch (1710-1757) for whom see
Part 10 (1733-1737) Karl Alexander of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1736-1806); m.1st 1754 Pss
Friederike Karoline of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (1735-1791); m.2d 1791 Css Elisabeth von
Berkeley (1750-1828) Karl (1715-1716) (1713-1714) Friederike (1676-1731); m.1699 Ct Johann Reinhard von Hanau-Lichtenberg
(d.1736) Sofie (1679-1680) (1683-1737); m.1705 King George II of Great Britain (d.1760)
4.3.2.Albrecht Ernst (1659-1674)
4.3.3.Sofie Elisabeth, b.and d.1643
4.3.4.Albertine Luise (1646-1670)
4.3.5.Sofie Amalie, b.and d.1649
4.3.6.Luise Sofie (1652-1668)
4.3.7.Dorothea Charlotte (1661-1705); m.1687 Landgrave Ernst Ludwig of Hesse-Darmstadt
4.3.8.Eleonore Justine (1663-1724); m.1682 Duke Friedrich Karl of Wuerttemberg (d.1698)
4.4.Christian (1623-1633)
4.5.Sofie (1614-1646); m.1641 Mgve Erdmann August of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (above)
5.Friedrich (1588-1611)
6.Georg Albrecht (1591-1615)
7.Siegmund (1592-1640)
8.Johann (1597-1627)
9.Johann Georg (1598-1637)
10. & 11.Johann and Albrecht, twins who d.young
12.Magdalene Sabine, d.young
13.Erdmuthe (1561-1623); m.1577 Duke Joachim Friedrich of Pomerania (d.1600
14.Maria, d.young
15.Hedwig, d.young
16.Magdalene, d.young
17.Margarete, d.young
18.Anna Marie (1567-1618); m.1581 Duke Barnim XII of Pomerania (d.1603)
19.Sofie (1568-1622); m.1582 Elector Christian I of Saxony (d.1591)
20.Magdalene (1582-1616); m.1598 Landgrave Ludwig V of Hesse-Darmstadt (d.1626)
21.Agnes (1584-1629); m.1st 1604 Duke Philipp Julius of Pomerania (d.1625); m.2d 1628 Duke
Franz Karl of Saxe-Lauenburg (d.1660)
22.Elisabeth Sofie (1589-1629); m.1st 1613 Pr Janusz Radziwill (d.1620); m.2d 1628 Duke
Julius Heinrich of Saxe-Lauenburg (d.1665)
23.Dorothea Sibylle (1590-1625); m.1610 Duke Johann Christian of Liegnitz (d.1639)

End of Part 3

Part 4
King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia (see Part 3) had issue:
1.King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia (1795-1861); m.1823 Pss Elisabeth of Bavaria (1801-
2.King Wilhelm I of Prussia (1797-1888); as of 1871 he was Emperor Wilhelm I of Germany;
m.1829 Pss Auguste of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1811-1890)
2.1.Emperor Friedrich III of Germany (1831-1888); m.1858 Pss Victoria of Great Britain (1840-
2.1.1.Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany (1859-1941); m.1st 1881 Pss Auguste Viktoria of
Schleswig-Holstein (1858-1921); m.2d 1922 Pss Hermine Reuss zu Greiz (1887-1947) Pr Wilhelm of Prussia (1882-1951); m.1905 Dss Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
(1886-1954) (1906-1940); m.1933 Dorothea von Salviati (1907-1972), b.1934; m.1st 1958 (div 1972) Dinnies von der Osten; m.2d 1972 Joerg von
Nostitz-Wallwitz, b.1936; m.1960 Peter Liebes (d.1967) Ferdinand, b.1907, d.1994; m.1938 Gr Dss Kira of Russia (1909-1967) Wilhelm, b.1939; m.1st 1967 (div 1975) Waltraud Freydag; m.2d 1976
Ehrengard von Reden (b.1943) Wilhelm, b.1979 Albrecht, b.1984, b.1982, b.1940; m.1st 1966 (div 1982) Jutta Joern; m.2d 1982 Birgitte Dallwitz-
Wegner (b.1939), b.1967, b.1970 Ferdinand (1944-1977); m.1975 Css Donata zu Castell-Ruedenhausen
(b.1950) Friedrich, b.1976, b.1978, b.1946; m.1984 Css Nina von Reventlow (b.1954) Ludwig, b.1986, b.1988[illegitimate by Christiane Grandmontagne]Isabele-Alexandra von Preussen, b.1969, b.1942; m.1965 Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg, b.1943; m.1973 (div 1984) Thomas Liepsner (of St.Louis, Mo.), b.1949, d.1992; m.1973 (div 1978) Per-Edvard Lithander (1909-1950); m.1st 1941 (div 1943) Bss Maria-Anna von Humboldt-
Dachroeden; m.2d 1943 Pss Magdalene Reuss (b.1920), b.1944; m.1965 Hereditary Pr Alois-Konstantin zu Loewenstein-Wertheim-
Rosenberg (1947-1966) (1911-1966); m.1945 Lady Brigid Guinness (1920-1995), b.1946; m.1980 Hon. Victoria Mancroft (b.1952) Nicholas, b.1990, b.1981, b.1983, b.1986, b.1947; m.1979 Alexandra Blahova (b.1947), b.1984, b.1980, b.1955; m.1982 Ziba Rastegar-Javaheri (b.1954), b.1983, b.1985, b.1952; m.1976 Philippe Achache, b.1955; m.1977 Charles Wellesley, Marquess of Douro (1915-1980) (1917-1975); m.1949 Clyde Harris (d.1958) (1883-1942); m.1906 (div 1926) Dss Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg (1879-
1964) (1884-1948); m.1914 Pss Adelheid of Saxe-Meiningen (1891-1971) Viktor, b.1919; m.1944 Css Marie-Antoinette Hoyos (b.1920), b.1948; m.1981 Eva Maria Kudicke (b.1951), b.1984, b.1986, b.1986 Luise, b.1945; m.1971 Ct Rudolf von Schoenburg-Glauchau Marina, b.and d.1915 Marina (1917-1981); m.1947 Kirby Patterson (d.1984) Wilhelm (1887-1949); m.1908 (div 1920) Pss Alexandra Viktoria of Schleswig-
Holstein (1887-1957) Ferdinand (1912-1985); m.1938 Irmgard Weygand (b.1912), b.1939; m.1st 1964 (div 1976) Heide Schmidt; m.2d 1918 Hannelore-Marie
Kerscher (b.1952), b.1966 (1888-1958); m.1914 Css Ina-Marie von Bassewitz (1888-1973) (1915-1939), b.1917; m.1961 Css Eleonore Fugger von Babenhausen (b.1925), b.1922; m.1952 Armgard von Veltheim (b.1926), b.1955, b.1959, b.1952, b.1918; m.1938 Pr Karl Biron von Kurland (d.1982) (1890-1920); m.1916 Pss Marie Auguste of Anhalt (1898-1983) Franz Joseph (1916-1975); m.1st 1940 (div 1946) Pss Henriette von Schoenaich-
Carolath (1918-1972); m.2d 1946 (div 1959) Luise Hartmann; m.3d 1959 Eva Maria Herrera y
Valdeavellano (1922-1987) Wilhelm, b.1943; m.1976 (div 198_) Pss Maria of Russia, b.1981 Christian, b.and d.1943 Friedrich, b.1944; m.1970 Gudrun Winler (b.1949), b.1968, b.1960; m.Hechingen Oct 1995 Albert Reboa, b.1961; m.1983 Juan Carlos Gamarra y Skeels (1892-1980); m.1913 Pr ErnstAugust of Hanover (d.1953)
2.1.2.Heinrich (1862-1929); m.1888 Pss Irene of Hesse and the Rhine (1866-1953) (1889-1945); m.1919 Pss Calixta zur Lippe (1895-1982) (1886-1978); m.1919 Pss Charlotte Agnes of Saxe-Altenburg (1899-    ), b.1924; m.1984 Maritza Farkas (b.1929), b.1920, d.31 May 1994; m.1954 Duke Christian Ludwig of Mecklenburg-
Schwerin (1900-1904)
2.1.3.Sigismund (1864-1866)
2.1.4.Waldemar (1868-1879)
2.1.5.Charlotte (1860-1919); m.1878 Duke Bernhard III of Saxe-Meiningen (d.1928)
2.1.6.Viktoria (1866-1929); m.1st 1890 Pr Adolf zu Schaumburg-Lippe (d.1916); m.2d 1927
Alexander Zoubkoff (d.1936)
2.1.7.Sophie (1870-1932); m.1889 King Constantine I of the Hellenes (d.1923)
2.1.8.Margarete (1872-1954); m.1893 Landgrave Friedrich Karl of Hesse (d.1940)
2.2.Luise (1838-1923); m.1856 Gr Duke Friedrich I of Baden (d.1923)
3.Karl (1801-1883); m.1827 Pss Marie of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1808-1877)
3.1.Friedrich Karl (1828-1885); m.1854 Pss Maria Anna of Anhalt (1837-1906)
3.1.1.Friedrich Leopold (1865-1931); m.1889 Pss Luise Sophie of Schleswig-Holstein (1866-
1952) Sigismund (1891-1927); m.1916 Pss Maria Luise zu Schaumburg-Lippe (1897-
1938) Karl, b.1919; m.1st 1961 Lady Hermione Stuart (1925-1969); m.2d 1974
Adelheid von Bockum-Dolffs (b.1943), b.1917; m.1942 (div 1949) Hans Reinhold Karl (1893-1917) Leopold (1895-1959) Margarete (1890-1923); m.1913 Pr Heinrich XXXIII Reuss zu Koestritz (d.1942)
3.1.2.Marie (1855-1888); m.1st 1878 Pr Hendrik of the Netherlands (d.1879); m.2d 1885 Pr
Albert of Saxe-Altenburg (d.1902)
3.1.3.Elisabeth (1857-1895); m.1878 Gr Duke August of Oldenburg (d.1931)
3.1.4.Anna, b.and d.1858
3.1.5.Luise Margarete (1860-1917); m.1879 Pr Arthur of Great Britain, Duke of Connaught and
Strathearn (d.1942)
3.2.Luise (1829-1901); m.1854 Landgrave Alexis of Hesse-Philippsthal-Barchfeld (d.1905)
3.3.Anna (1836-1918); m.1853 Landgrave Friedrich of Hesse (d.1884)
4.Ferdinand (1804-1806)
5.Albrecht (1809-1872); m.1st 1830 (div 1849) Pss Marianne of the Netherlands (1810-1883);
m.2d, morganatically, 1853 Rosalie von Rauch, cr Css von Hohenau (1820-1879); the issue of
this marriage were Counts von Hohenau
5.1.Albrecht (1837-1906); m.1873 Pss Marie of Saxe-Altenburg (1854-1898)
5.1.1.Friedrich Heinrich Albrecht (1874-1940)
5.1.2.Joachim Albrecht (1876-1939); m.1st 1919 Marie Sulzer (1872-1919); m.2d 1920 (div)
Karoline Stockhammer (1891-    )
5.1.3.Friedrich Wilhelm (1880-1925); m.1910 Pss Agathe von Ratibor und Corvey, zu
Hohenlohe-Schillingsfuerst (1888-1960) Therese, b.1911; m.1932 Rudolf Hug (d.1972) Henriette (1912-1973); m.1936 Wilhelm Schmalz (1913-1983); m.1933 Pr Wilhelm of Hesse (d.1942) (1919-1961); m.1948 Heinz Mees
5.2.Charlotte (1831-1855); m.1850 Duke Georg II of Saxe-Meiningen (d.1914)
5.3.Elisabeth, b.and d.1840
5.4.Alexandrine (1842-1906); m.1865 Duke Wilhelm of Mecklenburg-Schwerin(d.1879)
5.5.Ct Wilhelm von Hohenau (1854-1930); m.1st 1878 Css Laura Saurma (1857-1884); m.2d
1887 Pss Margarethe zu Hohenlohe-Oehringen (1865-1940)
5.5.1.Friedrich Wilhelm (1890-1918)
5.5.2.Elisabeth (1879-1956); m.1897 Ct Eberhard vonMatuschka (d.1920)
5.5.3.Marie Rosalie (1880-    )
5.5.4.Maria-Viktoria (1889-1934); m.1914 (div) Baron Hans-Carl von Doernberg
5.6.Ct Friedrich von Hohenau (1857-1914); m.1881 Charlotte von der Decken (1863-1933)
5.6.1.Albrecht (1882-1966); m.1st 1911 Css Elizaveta Boutourline (1890-1919); m.2d 1920
Christa, Edle Manussi von Montesole (1894-    )
5.6.2.Wilhelm (1884-1957); m.1st 1916 (div) Css Anna Henckel von Donnersmarck (1894-1946);
m.2d 1932 Ellen Retemeyer (1919-1940), b.1917
5.6.3.Friedrich Karl (1895-1929); m.1923 Edith Schroeder (1890-    )
5.6.4.Friedrich Franz (1896-1918)
6.Charlotte (1798-1860); m.1817 Emperor Nicholas I of Russia (d.1855)
7.Friederike (1799-1800)
8.Alexandrine (1803-1892); m.1822 Gr Duke Paul Friedrich of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (d.1842)
9.Luise (1808-1870); m.1825 Pr Frederik of the Netherlands (d.1881)

End of Part 4

Part 5
Ct Friedrich IV von Zollern, Burggrave of Nürnberg (see Part 1) had issue:
1.Ct Friedrich V von Zollern, d.1289; m.before 13 Jan 1258 Udilhild von Dillingen (d.after 1289)
1.1.Ct Friedrich VI, 1289; m.before 20 Dec 1281 Kunigunde of Baden (d.1310)
1.1.1.Ct Friedrich VII, d.before 1309; m.before 13 Aug 1298 Eufemie von Zollern-Hohenberg
(d.1333), d.after 10 Apr 1313, d.after 22 Dec 1320; m.Guta von Helfenstein, living 1368
1.1.2.Ct Friedrich VII, d.1333; m.NN Fritzli II, d.before 16 Mar 1339 Friedrich IX, d.before 1 Mar 1379; 1341 Adelheid von Hohenberg (d.after 1385) Friedrich X, d.1412; m.Css Anna von Hohenberg (d.1421) Ostertag I, d.1407/10, d.after 16 Dec 1415; m.Johann von Strahlenberg (d.1408) Ostertag II, Grand Prior of the Order of St.John in Germany, 1400, d.after 1364; 1343 Css Margarete vonHohenberg XI, d.1401; m.before 12 Jan 1377 Css Adelheid von Fuerstenberg (d.1413) Friedrich XII, d.1443; 1407 Css Anna von Sulz (d.after 13 Nov 1438) Eitel Friedrich I, d.1439; m. 1432 Bss Ursula von Razuns (d.1477) Jost Nikolaus I von Hohenzollern, d.1488; m.1448 Css Agnes von Werdenberg-
Heiligenberg (1434-1467), Bp of Augsburg (1450-1505) Eitel Friedrich II (1452-1512); m.1482 Magdalene of Brandenburg (1460-1496) Franz (1483/4-1517); m.1501/2 Rosine of Baden (1487-1554) Christoph Friedrich (1510-1536); m.1530 Anna Rehlingen von Haltenberg, d.1565; 1531 Ct Christof von Nellenburg (d.1539), 1558; m.1532 (div) Baron Ulrich Philipp von Hohensax (d.1585), d.1573; m.1540 Giovanni della Scala (d.1544), a nun at Nellenburg, d.after 1583 Joachim (1485/6-1538); m.1513 Bss Anastasia von Stoeffeln (d.1530) Jost Nikolaus II (1514-1558); m.1531/2 Bss Anna von Zimmern (1513-
1570) Eitel Friedrich III (1494-1525); m.1515 Johanna van Witthem (d.1536) Karl I (1516-1576); m.1537 Anna of Baden-Durlach (1512-after 1579) (1538-1556), b.and d.1539, b.and d.1543 Eitel Friedrich von  Hohenzollern-Hechingen (1545-1605); m.1st 1568
Css Veronika von Ortenburg (d.1573); m.2d 1574 Css Sibylle von Zimmern (1558-1599); m.3d
1601 Css Johanna von Eberstein (d.1633); for his descendants see Part 6 Karl II von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1547-1606); m.1st 1569 Css
Euphrosyne von Oettingen-Wallerstein (1552-1590); m.2d 1591 Css Elisabeth von Cuylenburg
(d.1620); for his descendants, see Part 7 Christof von Hohenzollern-Haigerloch (1552-1592); m.1577 Bss
Katharina von Welsperg (d.after 1608) Johann Christoph von H-H (1586-1620);m.1608 Css Marie Elisabeth
von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1592-after 12 Mar 1658) Karl von H-H (1588-1634); m.Css Rosamunde von Ortenburg (d.after
1664) Salome, a nun at Inzigkofen (1578-1647) Dorothea, Prioress in Inzigkofen, d.1647 Sidonia, a nun at Soeflingen nr Ulm (1554-1587); m.1578 Css Anna von Hohnstein (d.after 1607) Georg (1580-1622); m.1st 1606 Bss Eleonore von Promnitz
(1576-1611); m.2d 1613 Katharina von Berka, Bss von Duba und Leipa (d.1633) Seifried, b.and d.1609 Friedrich (1610-1616), b.and d.1617 Ursula (1607-after 2 Mar 1640); m.Baron Johann Bernhard von
Maltzahn (d.1667) Dorothea (1608-1609) Barbara, b.and d.1613 (1615-    ); m.Ct Johann Karl von Fuenfkirchen Elisabeth (1616-    ) Katharina (1618-1670); m.1st 1640 Baron Moritz August von
Rochow (d.1653); m.2d 1659 Ct Christof von Hochberg-Rohnstock (d.1675) (1620-    ) (1544-1611); m.1561/2 Ct Schweikhart von Helfenstein (d.1591) (1548-1604); m.1564 Ct Wilhelm von Oettingen (d.1602) Jakobe (1549-1578); m.1563 Ct Leonhard von Harrach (d.1597) (1551-after 11 Oct 1598); m.1572 Karl Truchsess, Baron von
Waldburg (d.1593), a nun in Holz, nr Dillingen (1553-after 11 Jun 1571), b.1555, d.young, a nun in Inzigkofen (1557-1603), a nun in Inzigkofen (1558-1595), d.young Friedrich, k.a.1544 Friedrich, d.1550, d.after 3 Nov 1544, d.young, d.after 1550; m.1539 Jakob III Truchsess. Baron von Waldburg-
Trauchburg (d.1542), b.1484/5, d.after 1551; m.1507 Ct Albrecht III von Hohenlohe-
Weikersheim (d.1551) (1488-1548); m.1507 Ct Ludwig XV von Oettingen (d.1557), a nun (1496-1530) Eitel, k.a.1490 Albrecht, k.a.1483 Friedrich, k.a.1484, 1514; m.1484 Johann Truchsess, Baron von Waldburg (d.1511), a canon in Strassburg, d.1458, Abbess in Oberstenfeld, d.1502, a canon in Strassburg, Bp of Constance, d.1436, a monk in Einsiedeln, d.before 26 Jul 1413, a nun in Stetten, 1417 Ostertag IV, d.1399, a canon in Strassburg, d.1408/10, d.after 1 Dec 1433; m.1st Gebhard I von Rechberg (d.1395); m.2d 1397/8
Albrecht von Abensberg (d.1407); m.3d after 13 May 1424 Wilhelm von Puchberg (d.1426); m.Albrecht III von Rechberg (d.1403)
1.1.3.Friedrich, d.1356/61
1.1.4.Kunigunde, Abbess of Lichtenthal, d.1381/3
1.1.5.Sofie, a nun in Stettin, d.after 1300
1.2.Friedrich, a canon in Augsburg, d.after 24 Feb 1306
1.3.Ct Friedrich I von Hohenzollern-Schalksburg, d.1302/3; m.before 1282 Udilhild von
Merkenberg (d.after 1304)
1.3.1.Ct Friedrich II, d.1315/9; m.Agnes vonNellenburg Friedrich III, d.after 20 Dec 1378; m.Sofie von Schluesselberg (d.after 1360) IV, k.a.1377; m.Mechtild von Vaihingen (d.1381) Friedrich V, d.1408; m.before 1 Aug 1385 Css Verena von Kyburg (d.after 12 Sep
1411), d.1403, d.after 30 Aug 1435; m.Kaspar von Frohnhofen, d.after1416, Abbot of Reichenau, d.1427, a mon in St.Gallen, d.after 10 May 1383,aa nun in Stettin, a nun in Stetten, d.after 1386, d.1398; m.Swigger von Gundelfingen (d.1382/4), d.after 1427; m.1370/2 Ct Heinrich IV von Fuerstenberg (d.1408), a canon in Augsburg, d.1372/6, a nun in Stettin, d.after 1355, d.after 1368; m.before 1340 Ct Heinrich IV von Veringen (d.1366)
1.3.2.Udilhild, d.after 14 Jul 1349; m.before 1304 Ct Albrecht IV von Hals (d.1334)
1.4.Adelheid, d.after 31 Mar 1302; m.Heinrich von Geroldseck (d.1300)
1.5.Wilburg, a nun in Stettin, d.after 1300
2.Sofie, d.1260/70; m.1248 Ct Konrad von Urach und Freiburg (d.1271)

End of Part 5

Part 6 - (Here, some of Paul Thereoff's dates have been updated with new information supplied
by Eric von Ehrenberg, who's family is listed under 

Ct Eitel Friedrich I von Hohenzollern-Hechingen (see Part 5) had issue:
1.Ernst, b.1575, d.young
2.Johann Georg, Fuerst von Hohenzollern-Hechingen (1577-1623); m.1598 Franziska, Wild- und
Rheingraefin von Salm-Neufville (d.1619)
2.1.Karl, b.and d.1599
2.2.Fst Eitel Friedrich (1601-1661); m.1630 Css Elisabeth von Bergen (d.1671)
2.2.1.Franziska (1642-1698); m.1662 Frederic Maurice de La Tour, Cte d'Auvergne (1642-1707)
2.3.Georg Friedrich, k.a.1633
2.4.Leopold Friedrich, a canon in Cologne, d.1659
2.5.Fst Philipp (1601-1671); m.1662 Marie Sidonie of Baden-Baden (1635-1686)
2.5.1.Fst Friedrich Wilhelm (1663-1735); m.1st 1687 Css Luise von Sinzendorf (1666-1709);
m.2d 1710 Bss Maximiliane Magdalene von Luetzau (1690-1755) Ludwig (1688-1750) Karl, b.and d.1697 (1711-1726) (1690-1720); m.1713 Fst Franz von Lamberg (1678-1759), b.and d.1692, Abbess of Muensterpilsen (1695-1754) (1698-after 1740) (1713-1743); m.1741 Ct Innozenz Karl August von Kuenigl (1714-1764)
2.5.2.Hermann Friedrich (1665-1733); m.1st 1704 Eleonore Magdalene of Brandenburg-
Bayreuth (1673-1711); m.2d 1714 Css Josefa von Oettingen-Spielberg (1694-1738) Josef Wilhelm (1717-1798); m.1st 1750 Pss Therese von Cardona (1732-1750); m.2d
1751 Css Therese von Waldburg-Zeil-Wurzach (1732-1802) (1751-1752) (1752-1754) Karl (1758-1759) Kreszentia, b.and d.1754 Theresia, b.and d.1756 Antonie (1760-1797); m.1778 Fst Josef von Fuerstenberg (1758-1796) Xaver (1719-1765); m.1748 Css Anna von Hoensbroech (1729-1798) Hermann (1748-1810); m.1st 1773 Css Luise von Merode (1747-1774); m.2d 1775
Pss Maximiliane von Gavre (1753-1778); m.3d 1779 Css Antonie von Waldburg-Zeil-Wurzach
(1753-1814) Friedrich (1776-1838); m.1800 Pss Pauline of Courland (1782-1845) Friedrich Wilhelm (1801-1869); m.1st 1826 Pss Eugenie Hortense de Beauharnais
(1808-1847); m.2d, morganatically, 1850 (div 1863) Bss Amalie Schenk von Geyern, 
cr Css von Rothenburg (1832-1897); his issue by the 2d marriage were Counts von Rothenburg Friedrich (1856-1912); m.1st 1877 (div 1884) Dorothea Schirmer (1852-1898);
m.2d 1885 (div 1892) Bss Elfriede von Krane (1861-1943); m.3d 1892 Katharina Billig (1869-
1934) Friedrich Wilhelm (1886-1916), died unmarried Albrecht Joachim (1887-1903), died unmarried Friedrich(1897-1932); m.1918 (div 1930) Margarethe Herhudt von Rohden (1894-) Eitel-Friedrich (1919-1944); m.1942 Maridore Niebuhr (1920-    ) Johann Georg (1921-1943), died unmarried Barbara (1893-1965); m.1st 1918 (div ) Siegfried Moench; m.2d 1920
Baron Paul von La Valette St.George (1890-1970) Ursula (1896-    ); m.1924 (div 1930) Ferdinand Paphazy Katharina (1900-1975); m.1920 Baron Hans-Herbert von Ohlen u. Adlerscron
(1895-1958) Wilhelm (1861-1929); m.1894 Css Frede-Marie von Dohna-Schlodien (1873-
1959) Friedrich Wilhelm (1895-1961); m.1935 Ellinor Geller (1908-1975) Stefan Adolf (1940-1997), m. 1970 Hella Eisentraut (1946-   ) Vera, b.1977 Carolin, b.1979 Victor Wilhelm Josef, b.1945; m. 1966 Angelika Madeja (1949-   ) Angela, b.1950; m.1st 1968 (div) Manfred Schubert (1949-   ) Joachim-Albrecht (1897-1978); m.1st 1932 (div 1934) Adelheid Chmielewski;
(1910-   ); m.2d 1942 (div.?) Charlotte Hetzer (1893-1959)- adopted Css Felicitas von Loesch 
(1908-199?) Armin, b.1933; m.1st 1955 (div 1958) Edith Friedrich; m.2d 1964 (div 1983)
Oda Liecker (1935-   ); m. 3rd 199? Ursula Kremp (1942-   ) Andreas, b. 1966 Christian, b. 1965 Karl-Heinz, b.1934 Elisabeth (1852-1914); m.1st 1869 (div) Arthur von Rosen; m.2d 1879 Julius
von Lübtow (d.1905) von Lübtow (1881-1929) von Lübtow (1880-1965); m.1902 August von Hirschfeld (1866-1917)[illegitimate by Sophia Scherer] Ludowika Sophia Scherer (1824-1884); m.1842
Rudolf Gfrörer von Ehrenberg (1820-1899; see GHdA, vol. 108)

Fürst Friedrich Wilhelm Constantin Hermann Tassilo von Hohenzollern-Hechingen 1801-1869
Fürst Constantin's natural family by Sophia Scherer 18??-18??; their issue:

Ludowika (Luise) Sophia Scherer 1824-1884; m. 1842 Rudolf Gfrörer von Ehrenberg 1820-1899; their issue:

1.   Hermine 1843-1890; died unmarried
2.   Berta 1844-1845
3.   Friedrich 1845-1903; died unmarried
4.   Paula Sophia 1848-1924; m. 1867 Jean Baptiste von Soist 18??-1896; div; their issue:

      1) Lia 18??-1924; died unmarried

5.   Adolf 1849-1908; m. 1877 Sara Elizabeth Persch 1851-1943; their issue:

      Eugene Victor 1878-1961; m. 1913 Adrienne Carolina Stark 1882-1930; their issue:

      Eugene Henry 1914-; m. 1935 Theda Eileen Warsing 1917-; their issue:

      1) Adrienne Elizabeth 1939-; m. 1959 Grant Richard Boroff 1936-; their issue:

		1) Grant Richard 1964-; m. 1997 Endia Renee Hazard 1969-
		2) Stacey Eileen 1965-
		3) Sondra Ann 1974-	

      2) Eric Eugene 1941-; m. 1980 Aveline Ann Hargraves 1946-

6.   Karl Oscar Constantin 1854-1901; m. 1893 Luise Koch 1864-1935; died without issue
7.   Karl Maximilian 1857-1913; m. 1894 Marie von Oppeln-Bronikowski 1859-????; their issue:

      Walburg 1896-1974; died unmarried
---------------------------------------------- (1774-1846); m.1806 Baron Ludwig Heer von der Burg (d.1833) (1781-1831); m.1803 Ct Friedrich Ludwig von Waldburg-Capustigall
(d.1844), b.and d.1784 (1786-1810) (1787-1865); m.1st 1811 Ct Eberhard von Waldburg-Zeil-Wurzach
(d.1814); m.2d 1817 Ct Klemens Josef von Lodron (d.1861) (1790-1856); m.1811 Ct Ladislaus Festetics von Tolna (d.1846) Franz (1757-1844); m.1787 Css Therese von Wildenstein (1763-1835) (1790-1847); m.1839 Pss Karoline von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1810-
1885) (1793-1818) (1792-1864) (1795-1878); m.1826 Ct Felix Vetter von der Lilien (d.1853) (1763-1834); 1782 Ct Maximilian von Hoen-Neufchateau (d.1823), a canon in Cologne (1724-1753) (1726-1812); m.1774 Css Ernestine von Sobeck (1753-1825), Prince-Bishop of Ermeland (1776-1836) (1777-1827); m.1805 Bss Karoline von Weiher (1789-1860), b.and d.1807 (1808-1888), b.and d.1779 (1782-1829) (1778-1780), a canon in Constance (1730-1823) Karl, Pr-Bp of Ermeland (1732-1803) (1705-1762) (1715-1749); m.1733 Ct Josef von Thun und Hohenstein (d.1788) Anna (1722-1806) (1728-1801); m. 1747 Fst Franz von Clary (d.1788) (1729-1815); m.1749 Fst Franz Kinsky (d.1792)
2.5.3.Leopold (1666-1684)
2.5.4.Philipp, b.and d.1667
2.5.5.Karl, b.and d.1667
2.5.6.Marie (1670-1687)
2.6.Johann Friedrich, b.and d.1602
2.7.Sybille, d.1621; m.after 25 May 1615 Ct Ernst von der Mark (d.1653)
2.8.Anna Marie, d.1652; m.1619 Ct Egon VIII von Fuerstenberg (d.1635)
2.9.Maria Domina, d.young
2.10.Katharina Ursula, d.1640; m.1624 Mgve Wilhelm of Baden-Baden (d.1677)
2.11.Franziska; m.1619 Ct Jakob Hannibal II von Hohenems (d.1646)
2.12.Marie Renate, d.1637; m.1625 Ct Hugo von Hoenigsegg-Rothenfels (d.1666)
2.13.Maximiliane, d.1639; m.1630 Ct Johann Franz von Trautson (d.1663)
2.14.Marie Anna (1614-1670); m.1st 1636 Ct Ernst von Isenburg-Grenzau (d.1664); m.2d Baron
N von Massaube
3.Maximiliane (1580-1633)
4.Johanna (1581-1634); m.1602 Fst Johann von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (d.1638)

End of Part 6

Part 7.
Ct Karl II von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (see Part 5) had issue:
1.Ferdinand, b.and d.1571
2.Johann, Fuerst von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1578-1638); m.1602 Css Johanna von
Hohenzollern-Hechingen (1581-1634)
2.1.Fst Meinrad I (1605-1681); m.1635 Css Marie von Toerring-Seefeld (1603-1682)
2.1.1.Fst Maximilian I (1636-1689); m.1666 Marie Klara of Berg (1635-1715) Meinrad II (1673-1715); m.1700 Css Johanna von Montfort (1678-1759) Josef (1702-1769); m.1st 1722 Pss Marie von Oettingen-Spielberg (1703-1737);
m.2d 1738 Css Judith von Closen (1718-1743); m.3d 1743 Css Theresia von Waldburg-
Trauchburg (1696-1761) Karl Friedrich (1724-1785); m.1749 Css Johanna von Hohenzollern-Berg (below);
for their descendants see Part 8 (1732-1733) Albert, b.and d.1741 Johanna (1726-1793) (1729-1730) Anna Theresia, b.1734, d.young, b.and d.1742, b.and d.1743 Franz von Hohenzollern-Berg (1704-1737); m.1724 Css Marie Katharina von
Waldburg-Zeil (1702-1739) Baptist (1728-1781); m.1747 Css Marie von Lodron (d.1758) (1727-1787); m.1749 Fst Karl Friedrich von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen
(above) (1730-1800) (1708-109) Anna (1707-1783), a canon in Cologne (1676-1748) Heinrich, a canon in Cologne (1678-1731) Anton (1679-1784) (1681-1719) (1683-    ); m.1712 Bss Maria von Lichtenhaag (1685-1734) (1687-1689) Maria, b.1666, d.young, a nun, b.1668, d.after 1722 (1669-1731) (1688-1745); m.1718 Ct Sebastian von Montfort-Tettnang (d.1724)
2.1.2.Johann Karl, b.and d.1637
2.1.3.Ferdinand Franz (1639-1662)
2.1.4.Meinrad (1641-1642)
2.1.5.Christof, b.and d.1642
2.1.6.Ignaz, b.and d.1643
2.1.7.Johann Meinrid, b.and d.1648
2.1.8.Johann Felix, b.and d.1651
2.1.9.Ct Franz Anton von Hohenzollern-Haigerloch (1657-1702); m.1687 Css Maria Anna
Eusebia von Koenigsegg-Aulendorf (1670-1716), a canon in Cologne (1692-1750), a canon in Cologne (1699-1767) (1694-1732); m.1714 Ct Ludwig Xaver Fugger zu Stettenfels (d.1746) (1697-1767); m.1720 Ct Franz Hugo von Koenigsegg-Rothenfels (d.1772)
2.1.10.Marie Anna, b.and d.1638
2.1.11.Marie Johanna, Prioress in Inzigkofen (1640-1707)
2.1.12.Marie Magdalene (1643-1663)
2.1.13.Marie Menodora, a nun (1644-1664)
2.1.14.Marie Katharina, b.and d.1645
2.1.15.Maria Theresia, b.and d.1647
2.1.16.Marie Franziska, Prioress in Inzigkofen (1649-1712)
2.1.17.Anna Marie (1654-1678); m.1672 Ct Anton Eusebius von Koenigsegg-Aulendorf (d.1692)
2.2.Marie (1606-1674); m.1st 1625 Baron Paul Andreas von Wolkenstein (d.1635); m.2d Baron
Georg Rudolf von Hasslang
2.3.Euphrosyne Sibylle (1606-1636); m.1st 1622 Ct Georg Wilhelm von Helfenstein (d.1626);
m.2d 1631 Ct Ernst Benno von Wartenberg
3.Karl (1579-1585)
4.Eitel Friedrich, Cardinal, Bp of Osnabrueck (1582-1625)
5.Ernst Georg (1585-1625); m.1611 Bss Marie Jakobe von Raitenau
5.1.Marie Renate (1612-    ); m.Hans Christof von Schellenberg
5.2.Polyxena, d.1635
6.Jakob Friedrich, b.and d.1589
7.Georg Friedrich, b.and d.1593
8.Philipp Eusebius (1597-1601)
9.Christian, b.and d.1598
10.Anna Marie (1573-1598); m.1589 Ct Markus Fugger zu Kirchberg (d.1614)
11.Marie Magdalene (1574-1582)
12.Barbara (1575-1577)
13.Marie Jakobe (1577-1650); m.1595 Baron Heinrich von Waldburg-Wolfegg (d.1637)
14.Euphrosyne (1580-1582)
15.Marie Maximiliane (1583-1649); m.1st 1598 BaronJoachim Ulrich von Neuhaus (d.1604);
m.2d 1605 Ct Adam von Sternberg
16.Marie Eleonore (1586-after 1617); m.1605 Ct Johann IV Fugger von Babenhausen (d.1633)
17.Marie Sabine (1587-1590)
18.Marie, b.1590, d.young
19.Elisabeth, b.1592, d.after 12 Mar 1658; m.1st 1608 Ct Johann Christof von Hohenzollern-
Haigerloch (d.1620); m.2d 1624 Ct Karl Ludwig von Sulz (d.1648)
20.Marie Salome, b.and d.1595
21.Marie Juliane (1596-1669)
22.Marie Cleopha (1599-1685); m.1st 1618 Ct Johann Jakob von Bronckhorst (d.1630); m.2d ca
1637 Pr Philipp von Arenberg (d.1640)
23.Marie Christiane (1600-1634)
24.Marie Katharina (1601-1602)
25.Marie Amalie (1603-    )

End of Part 7

Part 8
Karl Friedrich, Fuerst von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (see Part 7) had issue:
1.Friedrich, b.and d.1750
2.Johann, b.and d.175`
3.Fidelis (1753-1754)
4.Joachim (1755-1756)
5.Josef (1708-1709)
6.Franz (1761-1762)
7.Fst Anton Alois (1762-1831); m.1782 Pss Amalie zu Salm-Kyrburg (1760-1841)
7.1.Fst Karl (1785-1853); m.1st 1808 Pss Antoinette Murat (1793-1847); m.2d 1848 Pss
Katharina zu Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfuerst (1817-1893)
7.1.1.Fst Karl Anton (1811-1885); m.1834 Pss Josefine of Baden (1813-1900) Leopold (1835-1905); m.1861 Infanta Antonia of Portugal (1845-1913) Wilhelm (1864-1927); m.1st 1889 Pss Maria Theresa of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
(1867-1909); m.2d 1915 Pss Adelgunde of Bavaria (1870-1958) Friedrich (1891-1965); m.1920 Pss Margarete of Saxony (1900-1962) Friedrich Wilhelm, b.1924; m.1951 Pss Margarita von Leiningen (1932-1996) Friedrich, b.1952; m.1985 Alexandra Schenk, Css von Stauffenberg, b.1987, b.1988, b.9 Jan 1992, b.1954, b.1960 Joseph (1926-13 Mar 1996); m.1st 1950 (div 1951) Pss Marie Ferdinande
von Thurn und Taxis; m.2d 1955 (div 1961) Pss Diana of Bourbon-Parma, b.1957; he was apparently actually fathered by his mother's second
husband, and is often referred to as Alexander Oehmichen Georg, b.1932; m.1961 Pss Birgitta of Sweden (b.1937) Christian, b.1962, b.1966, b.1963; m.Ct Heinrich zu Ortenburg, b.1943; m.1968 (div) Angela von Morgen; m.2d 1977 Eliane Etter, b.1980 Alexandra, b.1969; m.1993 Peter Brenske, b.1971, b.1978 Antonia, b.1921; m.1942 Ct Heinrich von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee Adelgunda, b.1921; m.1st 1942 (div 1948) Pr Konstantin of Bavaria; m.2d
1950 (div 1962) Werner Hess; m.3d 1973 Hans Huber Hess, b.1953 Hess, b.1955 Theresia, b.1922 Joseph (1891-1964); m.1921 Pss Maria Alix of Saxony (1901-1990) Anton, b.1922, d.1993; m.1950 Alexandra de Afif-Gessaph (b.1919), b.1925; m.1971 Bss Edina von Kapp-Herr (b.1938), b.1974, b.1929; m.1968 Pss Katharina of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (b.1943) Alexander, b.Hechingen 26 Oct 1970; m.1991 Angela Stölzle, b.1969; m.1991 Alexander Sautter Margarete, b.1928; m.1965 Duke Carl Gregor of Mecklenburg Viktoria (1890-1966); m.1st 1913 King Manoel II of Portugal (d.1932); m.2d
1939 Ct Robert Douglas (d.1955) Ferdinand of Romania (1865-1927); m.1893 Pss Marie of Great Britain (1875-
1938) Carol II of Romania (1893-1953); m.1st 1918 (annulled 1919) Zizi Lambrino
(1898-1953); m.2d 1921 (div 1928) Pss Helena of Greece and Denmark (1896-1982); m.3d 1947
Elena Lupescu, cr Pss von Hohenzollern (1902-    ) Lambrino, b.1920; m.1st 1944 (div 1960) Helene Navagitzine; m.2d 1960
Jeanne Williams (b.1930) Philippe, b.1948, b.1961 Michael of Romania, b.1921; m.1948 Pss Anne of Bourbon-Parma (b.1923), b.1949, b.1950; m.Robin Medforth-Mills, b.1953; m.John Kreuger, b.1957, b.1964; m.1995 Casimir Mystkowski (b.Las-Poczylowo, Poland 13 Sep
1958) (1903-1983); m.1st 1931 Joanna Dumitrescu (1907-1963); m.2dThereza de
Avellar Figueira de Mello (b.1913) (1913-1916) (1894-1956); m.1921 King George II of the Hellenes (d.1947) (1900-1961); m.1922 King Alexander of Yugoslavia (d.1934) (1909-1991); m.1st 1931 (div 1954) Archduke Anton of Austria; m.2d 1954 (div
1965) Stefan Issarescu Anton (1868-1919); m.1894 Pss Josephine of Belgium (1872-1958) (1898-1977); m.1921 Ilse Margot von Friedeburg (1901-1988), b.1939; m.1971 Heide Hansen, b.1978, b.1983 Wilhelmina, b.1922; m.1967 Ct Harald von Posadowsky-Wehner
(d.1990) (1924-1988); m.1947 Ct Egbert von Plettenberg Gf von Plettenberg, b.1948; m.1977 Christiane Klasen (b.1955) Gf von Plettenberg, b.1978 Gf von Plettenberg, b.1949; m.1981 Verena Luithlen (b.Bonn 1959; see Thun) Gf von Plettenberg, b.1951; m.1980 Patricia Frn von Loe (b.1956) Gf von Plettenberg, b.1982 Gfn von Plettenberg, b.1983 Gf von Plettenberg, b.1952; m.1979 Harriet Gfn von Lambsdorff (b.1954) Gf von Plettenberg, b.1980 Gf von Plettenberg, b.1953; m.1982 Diana Gartner (b.1955) Gf von Plettenberg, b.1959 Gfn von Plettenberg, b.1957, b.1930; m.1955 Edgar Pfersdorf Friedrich Pfersdorf, b.1956 Pfersdorf, b.1958 Pfersdorf, b.1960 Pfersdorf, b.1962 (1895-1975); m.1920 (div 1943) Fst Joseph Ernst Fugger von Gloett (1896-1965); m.1924 Baron Egon Eyrl von und zu Waldgries und
Liebenaich (d.1981) Frhr Eyrl von und zu Waldgries und Liebenaich, b.1935; m.1975 Isabelle Css Ceschi a Santa Croce
(b.1949); for their issue see g_1 Frn Eyrl von und zu Waldgries und Liebenaich, b.1926, d.1942 Frn Eyrl von und zu Waldgries und Liebenaich, b.1928; m.1950 Josef Zallinger von Stillendorf
(b.1920) Zallinger von Stillendorf, b.1954 Zallinger von Stillendorf, b.1956 Zallinger von Stillendorf, b.1959 Zallinger von Stillendorf, b.1961 Frn Eyrl von und zu Waldgries und Liebenaich, b.1932; m.1954 Bernhard Frhr von Hohenbühel gt
Heufler zu Rasen (b.1922) Frn von Hohenbühel gt Heufler zu Rasen, b.1956 Frhr von Hohenbühel gt Heufler zu Rasen, b.1957 Frn von Hohenbühel gt Heufler zu Rasen, b.1958 Frhr von Hohenbühel gt Heufler zu Rasen, b.1961 Frhr von Hohenbühel gt Heufler zu Rasen, b.1964 Frhr von Hohenbühel gt Heufler zu Rasen, b.1972, b.and d.1907 Carol I of Romania (1839-1914); m.1869 Pss Elisabeth zu Wied (1843-1916) (1870-1874) (1841-1866) (1843-1904); m.1879 Pss Louisa von Thurn und Taxis (1859-1948) (1837-1859); m.1858 King Pedro V of Portugal (d.1861) (1845-1912); m.1867 Pr Philip of Belgium, Ct of Flanders (d.1905)
7.1.2.Karoline (1810-1885); m.1st 1837 Pr Friedrich von Hohenzollern-Hechingen (d.1847); m.2d
1850 Johann Staeger von Waldburg (d.1882)
7.1.3.Amalie (1815-1841); m.1835 Pr Eduard of Saxe-Altenburg (d.1852)
7.1.4.Friederike (1820-1906); m.1844 Gioacchino Napoleone, Marchese Pepoli (d.1881; see
8.Marie (1754-1755)
9.Karoline, b.and d.1763
10.Johanna Franziska (1765-1790); m.1781 Fst Friedrich zu Salm-Kyrburg (d.1794)
11.Kreszentia (1766-1844); m.1807 Ct Franz von Fischler-Treuberg (d.1835)

End of Part 8

Part 9
Pr August of Prussia (see Part 3) had illegitimate issue (surnamed "von Waldenburg"):
1.Eduard (1807-1882); m.1834 Orlinda von Klitzing (1817-1902)
1.1.Eduard (1836-1899); m.1st 1860 (div 1871) Amalie Thien; m.2d 1871 (div 1892) Selina
Greig; m.3d Dorothea Siecke (1846-1917)
1.1.1.Alexander (1870-1944); m.1st (div) Bertha Lange; m.2d 1918 (div 1920) Mathilde Traeger;
m.3d 1920 (div 1933) Elisabeth Bergmann, b.1902; m.1920 (div 1932) Werner von Bychelberg
1.1.2.Lothar (1876-1945); m.1st 1902 (div 1904) Css Vitkoria von Wartensleben; m.2d 1921
Charlotte Ganzauge (1903-1973) (1922-1923), b.1924; m.1st 1944 (div 1950) Everhard Botje; m.2d 1954 Jakob von Zwanten
1.1.3.Greville (1878-1886)
1.1.4.Roland, b.and d.1881
1.1.5.Eduard (1884-1935); m.1st 1917 Erna Rieck; m.2d 1921 Maria Johanna Marx; m.3d Martha
1.1.6.Flora (1871-1952); m.1909 (div 1910) Tassilo von Krakewitz
1.1.7.Selina (1873-1958); m.1903 Alfred von Drigalski (d.1906)
1.1.8.May (1874-1953); m.1905 Paul Adamantow (d.1960)
1.1.9.Orlinda (1883-1884)
1.1.10.Orla (1886-1943); m.1912 Hermann Kalkmann
1.2.Alfred (1847-1915); m.1st 1873 Johanna Bertram (1847-1888); m.2d 1889 Helene Eberhard
(1865-1893); m.3d 1894 Elisa von Krohn (1864-1942)
1.2.1.Friedrich (1872-1925); m.1st 1895 Marie von Kessel (1876-1917); m.2d 1918 Charlotte von
Kessel (1880-1942) (1896-1946); m.1919 Felicitas Braemer (1901-1951), b.1920; m.1942 Dora Neumann (b.1922), b.1954 (1944-1945), b.1949; m.1970 Dieter Aufderhaar (1924-1943), b.1921 August (1898-1945); m.1932 Sibylle von Bethmann-Hollweg (1906-1969) (1898-1973); m.1924 Jutta von Alten (1905-    ), b.1925; m.1st 1944 (div 1952) Kurt von Wallenberg Pacahly; m.2d 1953
(div 1956) Baron Rudolf von Gersdorff, b.1928; m.1st 1953 Baron Egon von Fuerstenberg (d.1973); m.2d 1978 Harald
van Leesen (d.1980), b.1934; m.1957 Gert Schoppa, b.1920 (1904-    ); m.1923 Baron Rochus von Luettwitz (d.1963) (1909-    ); m.1934 Baron Wolf von Engelhardt (d.1951)
1.2.2.Eduard (1874-1919); m.1910 Wilhelmine Schmidt, b.1911; m.Myra N Marie, b.1956, b.1914, b.1918; m.N Lawrence
1.2.3.Johannes (1881-1949); m.1915 Therese Mettenheimer (1895-    ), b.1919; m.1949 Marie-Luise Methner (1923-   ) Wilhelm, b.1956, b.1952; m.1975 Baron Peter Roeder von Diersburg, b.1930; m.1st 1951 (div 1960) Erika Guenther; m.2d 1961 Maria-Lusia
Voelz, b.1952; m.1972 Herbert Gudera, b.1959, b.1962, b.1916; m.1st 1934 (div 1955) Alfred Hartlieb; m.2d Manfred Rippchen, b.1918; m.1939 (div 1940) Karl Grosser, b.1927; m.1949 Claus Schmehl
1.2.4.Martin (1885-1951); m.1943 Erna Fietzek (1892-    )
1.2.5.Eberhard (1891-    ); m.1st 1920 (div 1929) Alma-Mia Madlowski; m.2d 1933 (div 1939/40)
Erna von Brase; m.3d 1945 (div 1948) Dorothea Laugsch, b.1933, b.1947
1.2.6.Georg-Wilhelm, b.1901; m.1st 1927 (div 1932) Anna-Eleonore von Taysen; m.2d 1933 (div
1935) Bss Ingeborg von Steinaecker; m.3d 1948 Anna Doering (1891-    )
1.2.7.Elise (1870-1955); m.1888 Kurd von Leutsch (d.1914)
1.2.8.Orlinda (1876-1950);m.1894 Paul von Mellenthin (d.1918)
1.2.9.Dorothee (1877-1907) m.1900 Rudolf von Cramer (d.1943)
1.2.10.Elfe (1880-    ); m.1905 Joachim Friedrich von Owstien (d.1970)
1.2.11.Johanna (1883-1972); m.1906 Bernhard Grund (d.1950)
1.2.12.Erna (1890-1939); m.1st 1910 (div 1920) Franz Behrens; m.2d 1922 Viktor Gottl
1.2.13.Helene, b.1892, d.young
1.2.14.Elsa, b.1899; m.1st 1920 (div 1932) Baron Siegfreid von Richthofen; m.2d 1937 Erhard
Glahn (d.1939)
1.3.Marie (1849-1929); m.1871 Georg von Klitzing (d.1922)
1.4.Orla (1856-1927); m.1879 Baron Alexander von Rosenberg (d.1892)
2.Eveline, d.1848
3.Emilie (1815-1893)
4.Mathilde (1817-1884)

End of Part 9

Part 10
Margrave Carl Wilhelm of  Brandenburg-Ansbach (see Part 3) had illegitimate issue (the Barons
von Falkenhausen):
1.Baron Friedrich Karl von Falkenhausen (1734-1796); m.1st 1755 Bss Caroline von Beust
(1731-1767); m.2d Bss Florentine von Beust (1748-    )
1.1.Carl Christian (1760-1835); m.1st 1783 Css Caroline von Mardefeldt (1759-1784);m.2d 1785
Wilhelmine von Carlowitz (1764-1840)
1.1.1.Friedrich (1795-1875); m.1st 1819 (div 1842) Emilie von Hedemann; m.2d Emilie
Benckendorff (1818-1891) (1821-1889); m.1843 Katharina von Rouanet (1825-1907) (1844-1936); m.1st 1868 Helene von Waldow (1847-1886); m.2d 1902 Alice
Petzoldt (1863-1947) (1869-1946); m.1896 Charlotte von der Marwitz (1872-1968) (1899-   ); m.1926 Anne-Marie Koerte (1903-    ), b.1927; m.1958 Bss Bettina von Biedermann (1932-    ), b.1959, b.1961, b.1963, b.1965, b.1932; m.1965 Css Sitta von Pfeil (b.1940), b.1967, b.1969, b.1928; m.1956 Baron Adrian von der Borch, b.1935 (1902-1971); m.1st 1936 Udi von Buch (1899-1945); m.2d 1948 Elisabeth
von Oppen (1923-    ), b.1949, b.1951 (1942-1945), b.1956 (1913-1982); m.1942 Gabriele von Taysen (1918-    ), b.1943; m.1974 Catherine Jaeger (b.1946) Georg, b.and d.1947, b.1945; m.1968 Baron Alexander von Bethmann, b.1951, b.1954 (1900-    ); m.1931 Harald von Koenigswald (d.1971) (1872-1949); m.1898 Adolf, Ritter von Deines (d.1911) (1843-1870) (1820-1889)
1.1.2.Ludwig Ferdinand (1799-1880)
1.1.3.Julius Friedrich (1804-1847); m.1st 1836 Pauline Dressler (1810-1840); m.2d 1842 Ottilie
Erbrich (1816-1893) (1847-1896); m.1874 Elisabeth Guenther (1854-1930) (1875-1940); m.1908 Elli Lipinski (1885-    ) (1908-    ); m.1st 1941 (div 1959) Liese-Lotte von Sebald; m.2d 1959
Ingrid Calwin (b.1934), b.1945; m.1968 Peter-Jurgen Horak (1919-1940), b.1909; m.1st 1933 Walter Heise; m.2d 1944 Ernst Gunther Burmeister, b.1920; m.1951 Francois Kerveillant (1879-1964); m.1927 Elisabeth Strach (1901-    ) Friedrich, b.1929 Heinrich, b.1930; m.1964 Heide-Marie Spiess (b.1941), b.1967, b.1966 Alexander, b.1932; m.1964 Isabella Monica von Hobe (b.1939), b.1965, b.1967, b.1971, b.1939 Anne, b.1928; m.1956 Walter Kern, b.1935 (1877-1966) (1836-1912); m.1854 Hermann Baron (1837-1920) (1839-1934) (1844-1916); m.1868 Karl von Stutterheim (d.1915)
1.1.4.Charlotte (1788-    )
1.1.5.Henriette (1797-1884); m.1818 Ct Eduard von Hoverden (d.1872)
1.1.6.Wilhelmine (1800-1893)
1.2.Ferdinand (1763-1846); m.N von Saar
1.3.Carl Wilhelm Friedrich (1771-1825); m.1st 1798 (div 1805) Css Louise Folliot de Crenneville;
m.2d 1809 Bss Lisette von Schaumberg (1786-1861)
1.3.1.Edmund (1803-1872); m.1850 Clotilde Pickl, Edle von Witkenberg (1828-1863) (1851-1890); m.1881 Css Helene Apraxin (1849-1924) (1881-1939); m.1908 Frieda von Goertz (1884-    ), b.1918; m.1st 1943 Ivo Lubich (d.1944); m.2d 1947 Eugen Dogany, Edler
von Cseb (1882-1947); m.1st 1918 Maria de Sarra (1891-1923); m.2d 1924 Ida Pollitzer
(1893-1937) (1853-1917); m.1896 Marie von Baumann
1.3.2.Ludwig (1805-1848)
1.3.3.Franz (1810-1881)
1.3.4.Friedrich (1822-1894); m.1866 Anna Maria Fischer gt Riedler (1831-1902) (1868-1929); m.1899 Babette Assum (1876-1956), b.1907; m.1st 1936 Luise Hauch (1905-1961); m.2d 1966 Gerda Heibel
(b.1918), b.1939; m.1966 (div 1970) Ute Peters, b.1967 (1900-1968); m.1928 Siegfried Leffler Margareta, b.1902; m.1st 1927 Gerhard Haensel (d.1931); m.2d 1937 (div 1957)
Josef Reck, b.1903; m.1928 Julius Leutheuser (d.1942), b.1905; m.1st 1937 (div 1940) Thomas Stoeckl; m.2d 1948 Martin
Schindelin, b.1917
1.3.5.Adeline (1800-1817)
1.3.6.Auguste (1802-1855); m.N von Banaston
1.3.7.Sophia (1812-1893); m.1840 Baron Karl von Gagern (d.1862)
1.3.8.Florentine (1815-1845); m.Baron N von Egloffstein
1.3.9.Therese (1815-1834)
1.3.10.Franziska (1821-1879)
1.3.11.Juliane (1825-1893); m.Baron Ernst von Egloffstein (d.1882)
1.4.Friedrich Wilhelm (1781-1840); m.Css Charlotte von Magnis (1791-1867)
1.4.1.Luise (1813-1839); m.1835 Baron Wilhelm von Zedlitz (d.1880)
1.4.2.Florentine (1816-1854); m.1840 Baron Theodor von Zedlitz (d.1885)
1.4.3.Charlotte (1817-1897); m.1839 Baron Konstantin von Zedlitz (d.1889)
1.4.4.[illegitimate by Bss Benigna von Welczeck]Baron Friedrich von Falkenhausen (1802-1881);
m.1839 Elisabeth von Kameke (1817-1890) (1841-1893) (1843-1898) (1844-1909); m.1875 Bss Elisabeth Schuler von Senden (1853-1936) (1877-1904); m.1899 Helene Nitze (1873-1945) (1900-1974); m.1930 Irene Pfotenhauer (1902-    ), b.1930, b.1931; m.1955 Ann Bruce, b.1957 (1904-1963) (1878-1966); m.1st 1904 Paula von Wedderkop (1879-1950); m.2d 1960
Cecile Vent (1906-    ) (1880-1944); m.1907 Toni Engelbrecht (1887-1932) (1908-1976); m.1932 Christiane Holst (b.1912), b.1919; m.1st 1940 Ulrich Weiss (d.1941); m.2d 1950 Heinz Kiene (1885-1960); m.1st 1920 Hertha von Gaertner (1895-1928); m.2d 1931 Dagmar
von Gaertner (1901-1968), b.1921; m.1953 Charlotte Arnold (b.1927), b.1954; m.1981 Bernadette Mehling, b.and d.1956, b.1958, b.1955, b.1957, b.1933; m.1961 Lieselotte Walter (b.1928), b.1962, b.1965 Friederike, b.1964 (1936-1945), b.1923; m.1954 Eberhard Nies, b.1940; m.1966 Peter Barth (1892-1949); m.1st 1916 (dov 1949) Marie Therese von Schickfus; m.2d 1949
Luise Busch, b.1918; m.1950 Ingeborg Zorn (b.1922) (1919-1943) (1897-1934) (1882-1964); m.1901 Baron Max Schuler von Senden (d.1912) (1884-1966); m.1906 Richard Moeller (1887-1914) (1846-1897); m.1883 Elisabeth Friedenthal (1864-1897) Carl (1884-1963); m.1914 Css Maria Margareta Schaffgotsch (1889-1969), b.1915; m.1947 Olga Hildebrand (b.1922), b.1955, b.1916; m.1945 Christa Beyerhaus (b.1922), b.1945, b.1950, b.1957, b.1959, b.1946; m.1971 Joachim Riesenkampff, b.1920; m.1951 Renate Zutt (b.1925) (1962-1981) (1886-1918) (1891-1940); m.1925 Olga Guidotti (b.1905), b.1926; m.1969 Anneliese Reuber (b.1934), b.1970 (1934-1956) (1938-1946) (1929-1946) (1885-1923); m.1921 Ernst Kleinschmidt (d.1932) (1889-1918); m.1912 Mark-Wolfram von Schickfus (d.1945) (1893-1958); m.1918 Walther von Scotti (d.1945) (1897-1935); m.1918 Heinrich von Schroeter (d.1963) (1840-1888); m.1860 Bernhard von Berge und Herrendorff (d.1900) (1847-1873); m.1872 Baron Hugo von Richthofen (d.1895) (1848-1881); m.1866 Leopold von Schickfus (d.1903) (1856-1915); m.1877 Paul von Wittenburg (d.1907)
1.5.Ernst (1785-1813)
1.6.Friederike (1756-1823); m.Baron Wilhelm von Diemar
1.7.Wilhelmine (1757-1793); m.Baron N von Gemmingen
1.8.Florentine (1773-1834); m.1798 Leopold von Stutterheim (d.1827)
1.9.Wilhelmine (1775-    ); m.1st Baron Max von Crailsheim; m.2d Ct N Minucci
1.10.Julie (1777-1839); m.1st 1797 Baron Julius von Crailsheim (d.1812); m.2d Baron Karl
August Schirndinger von Schirnding (d.1846)
1.11.Therese (1783-1840); m.1805 Baron Franz Ludwig von Kuensberg (d.1860)
2.Baron Friedrich Ferdinand Ludwig von Falkenhausen (1748-1811); m. Sophia Dorothea
Ebenauer (1753-1790)
2.1.Julius (1777-1841); m.1805 Css Julie von Platen-Hallermund (1781-1838)
2.1.1.Friedrich (1807-1880); m.1843 Caroline Fronmueller (1818-1887) (1845-1899); m.1872 Alice Hagnauer (1851-1937) (1873-1947); m.1903 Marie Schoen (1879-    ) (1904-    ); m.1930 (div 1941) Klaus Wieland (1908-    ) (1851-1900); m.1884 Wilhelmine Mertz von Quirnheim (1858-1895) (1848-1884)
2.1.2.Adolf (1808-1860); m.1845 Magdalene Sues (1816-1896) (1853-    ); m.1876 Otto Poehlmann
2.1.3.Eduard (1812-1867); m.1846 Marie von Le Suire (1827-1851) (1847-1901); m.1873 Helene Neuper (1852-1917) (1875-1941); m.1905 Elfride Pohl (1876-1959) (1906-1943) (1909-    ); m.1935 Stefan Foerster (1876-1918) (1880-1958); m.1901 Julius Zarest (d.1939) (1896-    ) (1848-1909); m.1873 Mathilde Roehring (1851-1891) (1876-1918); m.1906 Css Juliane von der Muehle-Eckart (1883-1943), b.1907; m.1934 Css Katharina von der Muehle-Eckart (1909-    ), b.1937, b.1942;  m.1969 Gerd Dengler, b.1945; m.1966 Dieter Quester, b.1916; m.1st 1939 (div 1940) Eleonore Schmid; m.2d 1944 (div 1952)
Hedwig Vogl (1878-1915) (1873-1960)
2.1.4.Ludwig (1816-1889); m.1854 Babette Heubeck (1824-1912) (1853-1917); m.1883 Anna Lindner (1863-1951); m.1891 Henriette Wagner (1872-1958) (1893-    ); m.1931 Anna Reingruber (1895-1973) (1905-    ); m.1932 Anna Jaekkel (1905-1974), b.1937; m.1965 Monika Seifert (b.1943), b.1970, b.1934; m.1961 Siegfried Hagen (1906-    ); m.1933 Ida Koydl (1906-    ), b.1935; m.1961 Christel Kartmann (b.1941), b.1962, b.1963, b.1938; m.1966 Karin Huettinger (b.1945) (1891-1972) (1892-1952); m.1924 Josef Aschenbrenner (d.1969) (1846-1916) (1849-1943); m.1881 Karl Friedrich von Tscharner (d.1895) (1855-1929); m.1879 Karl Schapper (d.1917) (1856-1937); m.1880 Max Hirz (d.1919)
2.1.5.Lucie (1806-1880); m.1834 Julius Kessler (d.1869)
2.1.6.Alexandrine (1810-1899)
2.1.7.Adelheid (1820-1883)
2.2.Wilhelm (1782-1830); he had issue of whom I have no details
3.Wilhelmine (1743-1768); m.N von Nostitz
4.Louise Charlotte (1746-1747)

End of Part 10
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